Gloves Come Off Episodes 11-15 Overview

The boxing element is really going to start to kick in now. I would have liked it if it happened earlier because this is only a twenty-five episode drama and I feel that there is not enough room for development. Especially now with the love lines, revenge and boxing. I think it would quite a struggle for everything to flow smoothly and not feel rushed. Not only does Sap Yat has to train Buddy and Ding Ding, but he also has to face the on-coming revenge and deal with his love life.  He sure has a packed time in front of him. Sap Yat is the same old as usual – tackle things as they come not before it is yet to happen. LOL. I didn’t think that I would really like Natalie in this role but I think this barbaric role suits her. Selena’s role is perfect for her. From the start I knew she was going to be the one to take the initial step. May round 1 start!


My Opinion:

This time I have episode recaps. Yay! (: Tell me if you like my mini recaps to be written this way. I am open for suggestions!

Episode 11:

  • Sap Yat officially got back into the boxing world. He is now working at the Dragon Fist Hall.
  • Sap Yat is training Buddy.
  • Edward is jealous of Donna’s relationship with Sap Yat.
  • Buddy won the boxing match and got married to Bo Bo. LOL, Bo Bo was so eager to get married. Though it was kind of expected of her since she is pregnant.
  • Tong Gat went to Canada with his grandfather. Sap Yat agreed to this because Tong Gat’s grandfather is quite ill.
  • Edward proposed to Donna. However, she didn’t accept it.

Episode 12:

  • Donna grew really emotional and worried when she thought that Sap Yat got into a car accident. She even cried for him. I am sure that Edward knows where her heart belongs but he doesn’t want to let her go.
  • Donna finally realises that she has feelings for Sap Yat but she doesn’t want to leave Edward because he really loves her and she doesn’t want to hurt him.
  • Ding Ding became Sai Cheung’s girlfriend.
  • Donna finally realises that she can no longer be together with Edward if her heart belongs somewhere else so she decides to break up with him. (Yay! Sorry Edward! I like Donna better with Sap Yat. Ahahahahas.)
  • Donna admitted her feelings to Sap Yat but is strongly reluctant to accepting it because he feels that there is a huge gap between them two.
  • She is not going to let his denial stop her from gaining what she wants because she can totally see through his heart and knows that he does like her.
  • Donna decides to take things into her own hands. She is on a mission: mission to pursue him. However, he continues to push her away.
  • A member of Dragon Fist Hall, Mun Jai,  betrayed his own hall to allow Ah Lik of The Champ win in order to achieve money to help pay off his father’s debts. (He was offered the deal from Polly, Wai Ting’s wife) However, he was felt remorse for what he did when his ‘master’ (how do you say si fu in english?) found out about it so he decided that it was better to run than to admit. As a result, he got hit by a car and is in a coma.

Episode 13:

  • Buddy decides to quit work so he can spend his full time on boxing.
  • Ding Ding secretly takes boxing lesson because Sai Cheung opposes her of boxing.
  • Sap Yat continues to push Donna away.
  • In a flashback, it is discovered that Sap Yat knew of everything that Donna did for him but he chose to push her away because he can’t give her the happiness that she deserves.
  • Even Ding Ding knows that he likes Donna.
  • Wai Ting banished his ‘si fu’s’ idea at the conference.
  • Mun Jai finally made some improvement. His ‘si fu’ decides to take him up to China for treatment. This leaves Sai Cheung in charge of the hall.

Episode 14:

  • Ah Lik discovers that he didn’t win the boxing round fair and square. He got upset and decides to drink himself drunk. As a result he didn’t know what he did and he got accused of rape.
  • Ah Lik got kicked out of The Champ for his accusation.
  • Ding Ding continues to take secret boxing lessons, now with Sap Yat.
  • Sai Cheung finds out about his girlfriend’s secret boxing training and is very unhappy. He gives her an ultimation. It’s either him or boxing.
  • Finally, Bo Bo decides to actually do some work instead of sitting around as a lazy duck.
  • Wai Ting is angry with Polly because he thinks that she caused Ah Lik to get accused of rape. (Wai Ting actually has some conscience)

Episode 15:

  • Ah Lik is proven innocent of rape because of some help from Polly.
  • Bo Bo and her mother-in-law are no longer at each other’s ends.
  • Sai Cheung is too conservative of Ding Ding. He even decided to install a camera at her house. (Now he is crossing the boundary of conservative. It’s stalking!) He is also too bossy. Yeahhh, I get that he is doing all this for Ding Ding because he cares about her but he is giving her no room to be herself. She can’t even choose what she wants to do!
  • There is huge tension between Dragon Fist Hall and The Champ.
  • Donna is going to get married but her heart is still with Sap Yat.
  • Ding Ding wants to break up but Sai Cheung because he is invading her life but they don’t.
  • Ding Ding told Donna how Sap Yat really feels about her.
  • On the night before her wedding, Donna goes to look for Sap Yat to confirm this. And confirm it was because they ended it with a passionate kiss. Yay, yay! 😀

Gat Jai! I miss him already! Ahahahaaa, he only a kid but he knows so much. I hope they would bring him back. I am going to miss him. And I am already missing Kevin as a father. This role is well tailored to him. He is a father, a man who has regrets for what he once did so he is unable to open himself to the world. The way that he handles the role of being a father and a man is very balanced. He doesn’t want to let his life affect the way his treats his son. He wants the very best for his son so it doesn’t matter about what he wants in life, it is about what is best for his son. The way that Kevin has portrayed this character is quite real. He shows his angry side, yet within him there is this compassionate side.

Is it just me who has something with the way Selena talks? I don’t have anything against her voice, actually I find it very cute and beautiful. To me, she speaks fine, the only problem that I have with her is her breathing. Almost every time she finishes with a line or when she is in tears, you can really really hear her breathing. It doesn’t really sense with me explaining it like this, you really have to listening for it. However, she really has improved a lot with that from when she first started. I remember when she was in Survivor’s Laws 2, her breathing was so strong and heavy. After every line she says all you could hear is *breatheeeeeee*. It’s just her speaking that annoys me. I have nothing against her acting. She is growing much more natural and real with her acting as time passes. I am really liking the way she does her hand actions, it’s…nice. Oh, heels suit her really well. 🙂 It makes her seem more elegant, more taller and more beautiful.

I can’t wait to see Donna and Sap Yat together. They are adorable together. I would have never thought that they are compatible for each other. But somehow they are. 😉

Oh Buddy! I can’t say that he acts irrationally because he doesn’t really, but he is quite impulsive and childish. However, I am glad he that he realises the direction in life that he wants to head towards. I like his attitude how he strives for what he wants in life.

Yay! Natalie has sure improved in her acting. When she speaks, her voice isn’t as squeaky any more. LOL. Yeahhhh, her acting has improved a lot. She is much more natural with here acting now.

I was so looking forward to Natalie pairing with Raymond once again but I must say I am disappointed. They had the chemistry before they were married but now, I don’t connect any more. But that’s just me. She doesn’t have that connection to her hubby.

I can’t wait to see the Sap Yat and Donna development. 🙂 And I can’t wait to see everything fall downhill between the two friends.

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