Gloves Come Off Episodes 6-10 Overview

Finally, some key characters make an appearance and this is when things start to take 2 steps forward. I am very excited to see how Nancy will perform with her sign language and how she portrays this character. I was quite surprised with Edward’s appearance and how he and Donna got back together so quickly. I even more shocked with the rate that Buddy and Bo Bo’s relationship is going at. These days, it seems like all that TVB does with its recent dramas is make hasty relationship lines. I like to see relationships where the connection builds up because I find that this way it connects more to the viewers.


My Opinion:

Buddy and Bo Bo grew to become friends. Buddy is now a salesman. Edwin makes an appearance as Donna’s ex-boyfriend. He, Edward, is still in love with her. Nancy also makes an appearance as a girl who steals. She drops her phone and Sap Yat picks it up. Bo Bo and Buddy quickly grew into the more-than-friends stage as they spend a night together. Now, now, how shall he solve this ‘problem’? Spay Yat looks through the girl’s phone and discovers that her mother is seriously ill and really wants to see her daughter. He discovers her reasons for stealing – to buy medicine for her mother. Coincidentally, out on the streets, he sees the girl, Ah Ding, and takes her to see her mother for the very last time. He also discovers that she is mute, but can lip read and is in need of a place to stay so Sap Yat and his group of friends work together and allows her to stay at the Dragon Fist Hall. Bo Bo and Buddy becomes girlfriend/boyfriend. Wai Ting allows Buddy to go in the boxing ring to fight even though he knew that Buddy did not qualify. Buddy wants Sap Yat to go back into the boxing ring to mentor him. Buddy has decided to join the Dragon Fist Hall instead. Edward and Donna solve their previous misunderstandings and start anew. Sap Yat meets and old friend and goes to Thailand to discover the truth. Bo Bo discovers that she is pregnant. Buddy is scared with sweat. Sap yat discovers the truth and confronts Wai Ting. During the time when they were at Thailand, Wai Ting wanted Sap Yat to win the boxing match so he fed Sap Yat’s opponent some drugs and as a result Sap Yat killed his opponent. No longer are these two friends any more. Sap Yat regrets going to Thailand because if it is something that he can’t change, he would rather not know the truth. Bo Bo and Buddy are on the edge because he has been avoiding her. Ding Ding listens as Bo Bo empties her heart. Her irrationality causes Ding Ding to injure her foot. Sai Cheung is very caring towards Ding Ding. Bo Bo goes to get an abortion but Buddy comes in time to stop her doing so, reconciles and decides to get married. Bo Bo’s father found out about this but won’t let her daughter to marry him unless he can win the next boxing match. Buddy desperately wants Sap Yat to get back into boxing but he is resisting this temptation. Donna obviously really cares about Sap Yat. She would help him should he need so.  Gat Jai’s grandfather wants to take Gat Jai with him. Sap Yat refuses to let Gat Jai go. Even Gat Jai wants his father to get back into boxing. Donna is at the movies with Edward when she receives a phone call from Gat Jai saying that his father is sick but still working. She leaves her date to find Sap Yat. Donna wants him to go back to boxing as well and explains that if he isn’t happy, Gat Jai won’t be happy either. He discovers how much his son wants him to be happy. Baby steps to getting back into the boxing ring – training Buddy. Gat Jai’s grandfather is ill so Gat Jai is going to go to Canada with him.  Buddy is in the boxing ring… Who will be victorious?

Donna is so obviously in love with Sap Yat. She is definitely going to be the one to make the first move. Sap Yat just seems to hold back everything because he doesn’t want to lose what is important to him. Donna would leave her date to help Sap Yat. Although you can see that Sap Yat does seem to like Donna, he is hiding all this just like he is hiding his love for boxing. I think that Donna would suit Sap Yat well because has this ego-temper while he is the one with reasons. I can’t wait to see these two pair up!

I feel that Bo Bo and Buddy’s relationship is going way too fast. It’s like they haven’t even met each other for more than a year and they are in love with each other! It felt too fast to me. To me they are very much in the friends stage, no where near lovers yet. Their connection here is alright but I have seen better of them in A Watchdog’s Tale.

When I first saw Ding Ding in this, I wondered how she would link to the boxing world. I also thought that she is indeed ragged. But then when you see her entering the hall, you could tell that she was going to get into boxing no matter what. Maybe it’s just me? But I really felt the connection there. I really like how she is portraying this character. Her character may be mute, but that is not going to dull her life. She has determination in her eyes.

The theme of boxing is well linked within this drama. It is the central plot but it allows the other themes to stand out. It doesn’t overshadow them and it doesn’t let them shine. The boxing aspect is well balanced in this. I really want to see further on how boxing will tie Sap Yat to this world.

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