Sergeant Tabloid Episodes 16-20 Overview

Oddly, I had twenty-one eps… LOL, maybe it was a special two hour broadcast? Anyway, I especially loved the ending with the two flying butterflies. Wasn’t that symbolic? The butterflies were  a beautiful reminder that people can change from bad to good. Yay! Yat Yat and Lui Hap got together in the end! But I was really disappointed with how they treated each other after they started dating. They were bickering before they started dating, now they are all too sweet with each other. I would have much prefered it if they still bickered with each other. Anyway, a nice drama with plenty of room for a sequel to develop. (: The characters all had their own ending which was a nice touch.


My Opinion:

Mini recap:

Yat Yat has decided to run a story on the police stalker. Gao Bo and Mei Ki are still yet to be friends. Mei Ki and Gao Bo are in the PTU training so her and her friends decide to join as well. After some strong persistence from Fei Hap he finally decided to box the box from his late father. Inside were stamps that Yat Yat never got to collect with his father. However, he was inclined to not accept it because he is still question why his father never made an appearance in all these years or at the very least, wrote some letters to him. Lui Hap decides to help till the very end. She goes to Yat Yat’s old house and discovers that Yat Yat’s father did write letters to him. It’s just that he never got to receive them because he moved houses. The letters are nearing the end of their life being in the rubbish collection. In order to prove that his father did write him letters, he goes to the rubbish to find the letters. Yat Yat comes right on time and they search through the letters together. He finally realises the reason his father left and finally accepts the stamps. Lui Hap tells his that if he can change his work ethics, there is a chance that they could be friends. She tells him that he is constantly stepping over the boundaries to create news. Yat Yat’s aunty finds that the way that his mother created that misunderstanding between him and his father was unfair. She managed to retrieve his stamp book that he threw away last time. Yat Yat explains to his mother that he is no longer angry at his father and that he has left go of everything. He tells her to do the same. Madam Kiu’s father is still against her daughter dating Tze Tseun. The stalker guy died because of the article that Yat Yat wrote. Instead of feeling grief, Yat Yat decided to use the guy’s death to create news. Madam Kiu’s father got badly injured and crippled because Delay Gor was not there to help Oi Oi to stop the attacker. However, inside Yat Yat’s heart his feels guilty for what he did so he is having a difficult time getting the words on paper. Yat Yat drank himself drunk but luckily Lui Hap came to his rescue. He tells Lui Hap that he can’t forgive himself because he caused the death of the stalker guy. On that day of his suicide he received a text from the stalker guy and rushed back to the report centre but it was too late but the stalker guy had died. Madam Kiu’s father is still opposing her going out with Tze Tseun and issn’t accepting therapy. For her father, Madam Kiu broke up with Tze Tseun. Delay Gor explained to Oi Oi his reason for not being on site during that incident with the attacker. Yat Yat decided to quit his job at the Boom Daily because he can’t get over his conscience. Lui Hap is glad that he is finally learning the correct work ethics, to not cross the line for news. He has decided to open his news centre to report real news. Guess they are friends hey? Yat Yat tells Tze Tseun that he must persist if he really loves Madam Kiu. Ga Bo realises that her husband isn’t the right man for her and she never loved him so they divorce. Madam Kiu gets advice to do things that she wants and likes and to not always obey her father. Her father finally accepted this and allowed her to be together with Tze Tseun. He even agreed to undergo therapy. Yat Yat and Lui Hap turn from friends a couple. Ga Bo and Mei Ki are friends again. Lui Hap and Yat Yat broke up because he supposedly ‘cheated’ on her with Charlie. Back to square one. Long Leg is dating too. (: A mentally unstable person attempted arson on Lui Hap. But she is stronger than that and survives of course. The mentally unstable person dies and Yat Yat reported on this heartedly as real news. Yat Yat’s mother, grandmother and aunty has all gotten their other halves. He is getting married to Charlie. It is revealed that Siu Leung is an undercover police. He realises that he never cheated on Lui Hap and they reconcile. Happy ending!

Wow, I enjoyed the ending. I really like the symbolism of the two butterflies at the very end. It was symbolic and a very nice touch. It shows that people can change from bad to good and that the of them complete each other. I really like this ending.

I found that Lui Hap and Yat Yat’s relationship was too sudden and didn’t really flow. I wanted them together, they matched but…it wasn’t how I would have liked. Their relationship progressed really quickly. I accepted it when they were finally friends. That part flowed on well but…when they grew to become girlfriend/boyfriend…well…that just didn’t work that well. Initially, they are quite are bickering pair but as soon as they become a couple all their bickering subdued. I expected them to still keep their bickerness…

Niki Chow portrayed her role brilliantly. She does so well emotionally. Especially when she cries. I have praised her so much, just brilliant acting from her.

Michael Tse also did a brilliant job. I never would have expected him to handle this comedic and emotional role really well.

What I really enjoyed about this drama was how each of Lui Hap’s friends had their own individual story. They aren’t put aside like a lot of side characters are but they are there to make the leads stand out. However, they are also given their own individuality. They aren’t just left around to be side characters. They are allowed to mark a sense of individuality for themselves. They aren’t just thrown around in the crowd to be part of the crowd.

Oceane Zhu has really improved on her speaking. It is much less filled with accent and you can understand her words more clearly. This makes her execution of her lines much more plausible. Her acting has also improved. Yay!

I really like how Madam Kiu were changed by her role model and her friends. She learnt to do things that she wants and enjoys. He allowed them to change her. She really loves her father and would do anything to please him even at the sacrifice of her own happiness.  All she wants is to make her father happy. However, throughout the drama she grew. She grew from a unhappy person to happy person. I think that Mandy Wong really suits this role. She is able to transit from many different roles from a girly girl to a bossy wife to a doctor with high aims to a strong policewoman. This role really allowed Mandy to shine, to show that she can portray any role.

This was a good drama. The plot was quite good, however, I think it showed more of the reporter’s side than the policewoman’s side. I would have preferred it if there was more of the role of a policewoman. However, it did showed the weak sides of the role that a policewoman has in society but it also shows that they are strong people who has to handle two worlds.

Nice drama, I can’t wait for the sequel. (:

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