My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 15

I enjoyed the WOC. At the start of the drama, there was a lot of emphasis on the WOC. However, as the drama progressed, the emphasis was put elsewhere, especially towards Bong Goo. I expected the WOC to play a larger part in the drama, but my expectations was dulled away. I was really interested in the WOC. I would have liked it to be more extended but then that would take up the Bong Goo times… Trust, precisely mutal trust is what is required for both our couples if they are going to live it out in the long run. Jae Shin takes a big step and makes a confession that could make or break everything.


My Opinion:

So Jae Ha had this all planned, of course he would have had this all planned, but he had it planned to the extent where his life was on the line. Korea needed to win, badly. In a flashback he asks the South Korean commander in charge of the WOC to ask about the rules to determine what they can do to ensure that they have this in the bag. He is informed of various ways to ensure their win, which is basically anything – including destroying the opponent’s communication and supply facilities – with the exception of causing the injury to any of the opponent’s team mates that requires over four weeks of healing. So they decide to destroy the USA’s communication and supply facilities since that would give them the biggest chance of winning. How? By blowing it up! (by configuring mobile phones to do the blowing up) Who would be capable of doing this? Jae Ha! Hang Ah was strongly against this idea since it is too dangerous but this is their only chance of winning. Her reaction showed fear, fearful to lose her beloved man.

Plan, plan, plan. Everything goes to plan as the team puts it into action. That is until the last 10 minutes of the mission. Jae Ha and Hang Ah have great communication as they work together to execute this plan. Hang Ah manages to lure the team leader out of the supply centre but the other guy is still left in there to be a guard dog. With no time to spare, Jae Ha bombs in to install the explosives. Literally, because the communication centre got bombed. Jae Ha is busily installing his explosives while Hang Ah is luring the US to surrender. As the communication centre got bombed, the US team leader asks Hang Ah why they are taking this game so seriously. She tells him that it may be a game to the US but this win is crucial to them with everything that they have on the line. With minutes left till 8 communication has broken between her and Jae Ha. She is fearful yet determined to win as she activates the bomb as they have a mutal understanding and trust with each other. As soon as she activated the explosion, she drops everything and runs to the command centre fearful for Jae Ha’s life. Relief comes her way as she sees her soon-to-be fiancée (and the other guy too). She cries in his arm. I found this scene emotional one bit but not the other, probably because I know that they will win no matter what. I wanted to see more emotion within her. I want to see her bawling with tears. I want to see her cry with fear. There is a mutal trust between them. They are able to belief in each other yet they are able to believe in themselves. However, they are needed as a team for this mutal trust. They are able to free each other from their enclosed shells.

The WOC ends with the Korean team defeated during the semi-finals, coming in fourth place. That is fantastic, considering they defeated the USA. The USA and Korean teams made friends with each other as they depart the island. I really like this country friendship.

Jae Shin opens her heart up to Shi Kyung confessing to him and telling him that she will stand up (contextually and non-contextually) once again. She will undergo treatment to regain her memory. She tells him she will be the woman who can match him. I love her boldness and she is not afraid to make the first move. However, I am deeply devastated that he would be the one who can move her to be strong again. I thought that Club M (okay, maybe indirectly he is…) and her late brother’s death would be the motivations to make her strong once again… I don’t want her to be strong again because of Shi Kyung. I want her to be strong because of her brother or for her own self. I really don’t want Shi Kyung to be the one who makes her stand up. To me, it makes me feel that she is weak with Shi Kyung being her motivation. But Jae Shin is standing up. She is facing Bong Goo. She is facing her fears. She is not letting him get to her. At the press conference she manages to stand up with some crutches and mentions that as she requires her crutches to help her to stand, the country requires the people to help it to stand. There she is showing the presence of the strong woman that she once was. With Shi Kyung by her side, she is going to be the strong girl.

Yay? Should it be yay? Shi Kyung is soon going to find out the good deeds that his father has done. Tension, tension, tension. Shi Kyung is going to be heartbroken will he not? Now I am not so sure which side the secretary stands…

It’s engagement ceremony time. Everything is running smoothly but why do I sense that something is going to happen? Please not because I really want it to be a happy and successful engagement ceremony.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah have this mutal respect with each other. I think this is due to the fact that they are from different sides of Korea and they both understand the political tension between the two Koreas. However they do have this mutal connection with each other. They aren’t in sync with each other but they have each other. They understand each other.

There is just 5 eps to go. I really would like to see some fundamental development with Jae Shin and Shi Kyung already. Hug, kiss, or something. Just something…

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