My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 16

As if Jae ha’s world has not been blown up already, it takes on another shocking blow. After the lost of his brother, he seriously cannot afford to any of his loved ones at risk. He is being pushed into the corner once again with his mother and Hang Ah being held by Bong Goo as hostage. He cannot risk losing his loved ones as much as cannot risk the nation. He can only hope for a plan that is perfect in both ways. Now everything is heating up. I actually don’t mind the shortage of the WOC as long as things are going the way they are.


My Opinion:

Can Jae Ha ever spend one peaceful and happy day together with Hang Ah? Sadly, it’s a no – not even during their engagement party. Bong Goo stuck by his words and allowed the engagement ceremony to go on without a hitch. However, as Hang Ah and Jae Ha go to toast each other, her glass shatters and breaks. A bad omen… But they managed the lovely – or as lovely as it can get for them – day with a kiss. ūüėÄ

Finally, Secretary Eun has come to conscience and admits to the king all his wrong doings. Sadly, Bong Goo is one step ahead of him and admits it for him. I would have much preferred it if Jae Ha heard this coming first from Secretary Eun. Trust, he totally abused that with Jae Ha. Not only with Jae Ha but with Jae Kang and the entire royal family but he abused it. I have discovered that Secretary Eun is not all for himself but also for his son. He begs for Jae Ha to not tell Shi Kyung and that he wants to be the one who informs Shi Kyung about this. How can Jae Ha refuse this simple request for the sake of the man who served his family for well over 30 years and the man who he considers as a friend?

Words spread like wild fire within the royal family and soon Shi Kyung is aware of the news Рthe news that his father got dismissed. For all this time that I thought that Shi Kyung was never really close with his father well, he showed his true self. He trusts his father but he knows better than to accuse the king. The king would not just innocently dismiss Secretary Eun without evidence. He speaks up for his father but he knows that his father must have done something really wrong to be dismissed. He tells Jae Ha that he will stick by his side until he finds out the truth. Oh Shi Kyung, he is such a tough guy but like his father said, he is inflexible. I wonder how he will react to the discovery of what his father has done. Will he crash and break down? Or will he be strong?

Gaaaaahhh, I really want some development between Jae Shin and Shi Kyung already. It’s going slow and steady. I am going to be so mad if they don’t end up together. I guess it’s because of the way that Shi Kyung is, always strong and ready to support the royal family that he isn’t ready to open his heart to someone yet. Jae Shin has opened her heart up to Shi Kyung but he is just not ready to accept it. He doesn’t want to be her toy. He wants to be he equal.

I really love the aspect that the side characters play in this, especially the queen mother. Even as she is being confronted by Bong Goo she is not afraid to let out her disgust towards him yet she shows her scardness. She is ready to defend her children, she can’t let anyone of them to suffer. She would sacrifice her life for theirs. As she sees Bong Goo in reality for the first time, she trembles with fear, but her fear builds up to become her power. She will do whatever it takes for her children. Every time I see the queen mother, she looks so weak to me, as if she is going to fall any minute. Even as she is facing Bong Goo you would think she is about to collapse but you can see the determination there. She really has toughen up considering the fact that he once told Jae Ha to let Bong Goo go. I guess she now realises that if they were to let Bong Goo go free, well, it’s not going to be a wonderful ending.

Bong Goo is doing great as Jae Ha’s¬†adversary, though I have no liking towards him whatsoever. He has taken away the only token in Jae Ha’s hand that allows him to be the person he is – his people. What is he without his people? This in turn takes away the valuable trust that Jae Ha relies on. Jae Ha told Hang Ah that she is the only person that he can trust (in the back of my mind I’m like what about your mother or Jae Shin. But they don’t count huh?) but now the only person is out of reach so they must have ¬†mutal trust within each other to get through this. They do have mutal trust within each other but will it be enough to save the nation and themselves?

Jae Ha’s emotions really went on a roller coaster in this episode. ¬†It’s brilliant to see the stages that his emotions went on. He was happy but that quickly turned to anger, disgust and heartbroken. No, no, that’s not enough for Jae Ha yet. It then turns into fear, desperation and despair.

What this drama gives is out of the normal rom-com. It’s political, tactics, trust, all combined with some romance. I really like how this all incorporates so well into a tightly packed drama with emotions.

I can’t wait to see how Shi Kyung is going to react to the discovery of what his father did. The next episode is going to be wonderful.

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