My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 17

Once again Jae Ha and Hang Ah are separated. This time more is on the line than ever. They have to not only have mutal trust within each other but confident. They must be strong to get passed this fight of theirs. For them, getting this fight means not only means their unity but the strengthening of Korea.

Distance, something that I have been eyeing over throughout this entire episode. I am so glad of the connection between the characters. The connection between each of the characters is very much on target. Everyone has this special distance between them, and we have watched them grow from a little baby to an adult. However, with some of them, it didn’t feel ‘there’…

At long last secrets are revealed. These secrets will either make or break our characters. With nothing more between our characters, there can only be so much that are left for this drama to run. So it’s time to blow out some mind-blowing secrets. 


My Opinion:

When Hang Ah suggested the face-to-face meeting I never once doubted that would follow Bong Goo’s orders. I was sure that no matter what she would never side with Bong Goo. So of course, she gave Jae Ha information on her whereabouts. Only Bong Goo would be that stupid to trust that she will persuade Jae Ha to step down. The force, trust, connection and love were all present through their short conversation. Never will their love and connection can be misjudged.

With Jae Ha’s over agitation during the previous episode and now knowing that Hang Ah is in China you would have thought he would do anything to ensure the safety of his mother and fiancée. But no, he is still that cool, calm and collected king that we have all watch grow. Yes, his mother and fiancée are on the line but his actions all affect his country so he has no choice but to get the best of both worlds. Without the aid of China, Jae Ha has no choice but to undergo the rescue himself – with the help of his WOC solider friends. 😀

Hang Ah is so strong that I know that she would do everything to ensure the queen mother’s safety. During their escape, Hang Ah got shot by a bullet in one of her shoulders. She and the queen mother managed to escape the cavern and see fresh sunlight since…forever…LOL But to escape they must cross over some water. This is really when their mother-daughter bond really kicks in. Of course Hang Ah would rather she be the one to cross over the water but queen mother is more than willing to go first. She doesn’t want to be the burden to Hang Ah and yet for Hang Ah she will do whatever it takes to bring the queen mother to safety. Not only that, but the queen mother has the guts and courage to face the fact – her family is being tortured by Bong Goo instead of hiding from it as she did. The common factor that ties them together is Jae Ha; they don’t want to be Jae Ha’s burden.

Bong Goo’s army is on Hang Ah’s tail. Hang Ah’s top priority is the queen mother’s safety. The queen mother is safe but Hang Ah has landed herself down a hillside. Oh, Hang Ah’s instructor skills is always in front of her. She would never ever allow Bong Goo to toy with her. She even threatened to committed suicide (which would not be a good result for Bong Goo) if he dares to hurt her. What I love about Hang Ah is her forwardness in any situation no matter how tense the situation is. She is always right at her feet.

Jae Ha is discussing what to do about Bong Goo with Shi Kyung. He tells him that their only option is to sue Bong Goo to the International Criminal Court so the Chinese government cannot assist Bong Goo any more. The only set back is that Jae Ha does not have the evidence to do so. So Shi Kyung suggests that he Secretary Eun but he refuses to do so because of his promise to Secretary Eun. Shi Kyung’s curiosity get the better of him so he decides to go do some investigating of his own. Shi Kyung is always alert. (:

And what Shi Kyung discovers is a big shock to him. He confronts his father and tells him that he taught him to never do anything that he is not afraid of and look at his own doings. His father tells him to look at him now to understand what shame means. Shi Kyung and his father is closer yet further than initally portrayed. They aren’t very close with each other but the things that they do allow the father-son to be close. This allows Shi Kyung to take in what his father has done and he decides to to ‘sacrifice’ himself but Jae Ha stops him before he does anything irrational. Gosh, how much do I love this brotherly love?

At long last Jae Ha is regaining her memory! I feel so terrible seeing her in such pain. It was such a horrific memory so I understand her hiding this until now. In order to regain her memory, she underwent hypnosis. Those Bong Goo’s minions forced her to place those coals in the fireplace. Knowing that this could cost the life of her brother and sister-in-law, she resists putting the coal in the fireplace. But what choice does she have?  No wonder why she decided to hide this memory away. This was so painful and saddening, I can’t believe the pain she went through yet she is still able to take a stand for herself. She knows that she can no longer hide away any more. She must face her fears.

Shi Kyung can no longer deny his affection towards Jae Shin any longer. He just cannot bear to see Jae Shin in pain any more. After Jae Shin’s treatment, he holds her hand and cries by her bedside. The distance between them alternates between them two. Jae Shin was close with Shi Kyung but love denial for her made her distant towards him while Shi Kyung kept on pushing her away creating distance between them and now he wants to be by her side now closing their distance. I really like how this couple pushes each other around and yet they both have love for each other. I am still longing to see them together.

Trust, something that applies for all of the characters, maybe except Bong Goo. I am more than ready to see him fall downnnnnnn. Let Jae Ha’s war begin!

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