Gloves Come Off Episodes 16-20 Overview

I wanted Sap Yat to end up together with Donna. ūüė¶ I wanted desperately that kiss to mean something, to mean they would be together. Or maybe not with after everything that she has been through. It’s amazing how much can happen in just 5 episodes. Everything changes so dramatically. Sometimes this is what keeps me hooked in to TVB dramas, they fastness of how things are approached. ¬†Now I guess this is when thins are going to take a turn on its head with the introduction of Vicky.¬†


My Opinion:

Episode 16:

  • Irrationally, Donna and Sap Yat decide to leave Hong Kong. However, they can’t be together because they will always have Edward in between them. So Donna goes ahead with marrying the person that she doesn’t love.
  • For Buddy’s actions of fighting (not boxing, fighting) his opponent in the boxing ring, he is forbidden from competition boxing for one year. Even Sap Yat agrees to this because of his irrationality.
  • Even his wife has to teach him the consequences of his irrationality.
  • Sai Cheung is not satisfied with his break up with Ding Ding so tries to do his best to pursue her again.¬†He mortgaged the boxing hall in order to have money to create his own boxing competition. No wonder why she broke up with him! He thinks all that he does is the best when it is not.
  • Buddy and Sap Yat tries to talk some sense into Sai Cheung about his break up with Ding Ding and the boxing competition but he just doesn’t get it.
  • Looks like Sai Cheung got conned by his partner while creating this competition because it turns out that his partner fly high with the money. Looks like Sai Cheung finally learnt his lesson aye? I guess not.
  • Wai Ting helped solved their money issue so Wai Ting and Sap Yat are on speaking terms again.
  • Sai Cheung still can’t get over his break up with Ding Ding. He even told that she is nothing but mute and deaf. Man, he even tried to rape her! He really has no sense man! Mistakes after mistakes.
  • Their ‘si fu’ came back. Sai Cheung goes to explain and even denies that he did not do anything wrong. He still does not know his wrong doings. So he got kicked out of the club.
  • After all that happened, Ding Ding is still willing to be his friend and help him. ūüôā So kind-hearted!

Chapter 17:

  • Ding Ding continues her blog and has settled in Buddy’s place.
  • Bo Bo gave birth to a baby girl called Yung Yung. Bo Bo is the third-successor of the tofu shop. Her mother and father-in-law decided to retire.
  • Mun Jai woke up. Yay! (: But he can no longer do boxing any more.
  • No one has contacted Sai Cheung since he left.
  • Sap Yat is now the owner/instructor of dragon Fist Hall and it is¬†livelier¬†than ever.
  • There’s not much of contact with Donna any more since she married.
  • Ding Ding boxed in boxing competition but lost every round. However, she learnt a lot of new skills.
  • … One year later… what does this mean? Buddy can go back into competition boxing!
  • On Buddy’s first competition match since his comeback, he wins. (Of course)
  • Sai Chueng got injured and till this very day he still doesn’t know his right from wrong and is running from debt.
  • Sap Yat is very dedicated to training Ding Ding to box her best.
  • Ding Ding lost her hearing when she was five years old when she got sick. At last he figured a way to help with her boxing. Her heart flutters for him.
  • Wai Ting hires Sai Cheung to help with his debt.
  • Wai Ting and his ‘si fu’ are one speaking terms again.
  • Buddy got jealous that his opponent got to film his¬†commercial.
  • Edward got into a car accident. Finally he decided to give her a call.
  • Sap Yat¬†coincidentally¬†met Donna at the supermarket after a long time of no communication. It is so obvious he still has feelings for her.

Episode 18:

  • Donna almost got caught shoplifting but Sap Yat came to her aid.
  • Edward is very abusive towards Donna. Poor, poor Donna.
  • Sap Yat is worried about Donna because he isn’t replying to her. So Ding Ding decides to help him by contacting Donna herself.
  • Donna comes to realise that Ding Ding likes Sap Yat.
  • Buddy meets the mysterious girl, Vicky, again. She keeps on trying to keep him in. Uh-oh. Turns out that Vicky is Polly’s sister. Uh-oh…something is going to happen.
  • Wai Ting is actually doing something¬†beneficial¬†to the boxing world by denying the use of boxers to film a movie.
  • Buddy gets conned so easily. He gets carried away talking about an upcoming film project, drank alcohol so he had to forfeit.
  • Ding Ding makes her first win.
  • So Buddy had a fallout with Sap Yat and went out for a breather where Vicky came to give Buddy an abrupt kiss.
  • Ding Ding saw what Edward’s abusiveness.
  • Edward is jealous of Donna and Sap Yat thinking that there is something between them.
  • Sap Yat tried to help, but because of Edward’s jealousness, Donna tries to stay away from Sap Yat as much as possible.
Episode 19:
  • Donna’s father wants her to divorce Edward but she won’t because she truly loves him and marriage is for life.
  • Edward fell off his wheelchair, Donna tried to help him up but he knocked her head to a wall.
  • Donna left the hospital and went walking in the sea and is not herself.
  • Vicky is using her methods to seduce Buddy.
  • Buddy wants to opening a boxing hall with the guy who kicked Bo Bo’s father out of the boxing association.
  • Vicky even lies to Buddy telling him that her brother-in-law wants to take advantage of her. Gosh, how vain and vixen of her!
  • Sai Cheung pissed off some rich-paying lady at the hall.
  • Vicky then went to pour water at the lady causing the problem to lie on Sai Cheung.
  • Sai Cheung discovers the truth and why Wai Ting hired him.
  • Sai Cheung comes to apologise to Ding Ding.
  • Vicky even comes up to Buddy’s place. Goshh, can she get any more clingy-er?
  • Buddy has decided to open his own boxing hall.
  • Sap Yat reminds him not to ‘cheat’ or else his family will break.
  • Donna won’t sign the divorce papers.
  • Edward died.
Episode 20:
  • Flashback – Edward got into the car accident because he discovered her heart belongs to Sap Yat.
  • At the awards ceremony, Buddy thanks his partner and not Sap Yat. His wife couldn’t come so guess who else came instead? Vicky!
  • He decides to celebrate this winning day with Vicky.
  • Looks like he cheated on his wife.
  • Sai Cheung comes to realise that in the past he was selfish and only thought of himself and he wants another chance but she only thinks of him as a friend.
  • Donna feels guilty for Edward’s death.
  • Sai Cheung discovers that Ding Ding likes Sap Yat so he goes to confront him. Ding Ding sees this and tries to deny it.
  • Sai Cheung ruins Ding Ding’s life once again.
  • Once again Sap Yat is shocked (?) that another person loves him.
  • Donna leaves Sap Yat a (death) letter from Donna thanking him. She thought that she can start anew with Edward but that’s not possible. She tells him that she has no way to forgive herself and that if everything can return to the starting point Edward would still be alive.
  • Luckily Sap Yat finds her in time and stops her from doing anything rash.
  • Donna receives a present from Edward before he committed suicide. He also gives her a letter saying that he no longer suspects her love for him and that he decided to leave her because of his forever aching back pain. He wishes her happiness. So has finally learnt to think on the right side.
  • Well, Vicky is pregnant and she goes to find Bo Bo who accidentally pushes her down the stairs…

Why does Katy Kung always get all those third-party, bitchy, childish roles? Why does she always have to ruin a happy family? So many times I felt like slapping her in the face. I also wanted to punch Buddy in the face. If it isn’t because of his rashness, he would not have hit it off with Vicky. I wanted Buddy ‘s personality to change after he started boxing but dramas never work in my favour. Ahahahaa.

Throughout this drama we have watched Buddy transit from the child-ish  man to the one who is irrational and does things that he wants to do, never thinking about what the others might think.

I don’t get how Donna’s feelings can change so quickly. She loves Sap Yat, you can really sense that whereas her love for Edward is very dilute. She loves Sap Yat so how could she marry Edward after she has finally worked out her feelings? Why did she marry Edward against her heart? Is it because she felt¬†guilty¬†for doing¬†this¬†to Edward? This just doesn’t convince me. I would have preferred it if she cancelled the wedding and stayed alone. Even after her marriage her love for Edward wasn’t there. I felt that she was just with him because she felt obliged to.

Just why, oh why can’t Sap Yat have someone he loves by his side? Everything would have worked out should he have followed his heart with Donna. Like the other side of his heart? Ahahaha.

I just don’t understand Sai Cheung. How can he change so much after everything, after all those years that he had worked for the Dragon Fist Hall. How can he just betray it and his ‘si fu’?

Now that is something that I don’t like about how fast things progress – everything happens to quickly and doesn’t flow.

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3 thoughts on “Gloves Come Off Episodes 16-20 Overview

  1. iv May 21, 2012 at 3:47 am Reply

    I’m a strong supporter to Sap Yat and Donna and regret that Donna has not spent her ‘last moments’ with Sap Yat while she could still remember him. I have left my comments in, may be you would like to consider leaving your comments too.

    • misscupcakees May 21, 2012 at 7:43 pm Reply

      Me too, I like them together. She has more chemistry with Kevin than she does with Edwin.

  2. PSF May 24, 2012 at 8:08 pm Reply

    Status and family background sets Sap Yat and Donna apart.
    Donna seems to be borned in a rich family but no family warmth (implied as the background of Donna was not founded int he story). Hence, it explains why she has broken relationships. Her workacholisim is the only way she can live. Sap Yat does not have a good family background but knows what is family warmth. Buddy has a good family unit, but his parents spoilt him in some way.

    There are also elements of the struggle of keeping the traditional ways of handling business vs. modernising. Hence, led to various conflicts.

    The story is very simple, in my opinion, it needs good acting to make it interesting which is a big challenge. Thanks to strong leads like Kevin Cheng and the few experience actors and actress.

    I personally feel the story should be beefed up a little more like extend another 5 more episode so it can tie up even more nicely. Otherwise, 3 1/2 thumbs up from me for this drama.

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