Gloves Come Off Episodes 21-25 Overview

Boxing. I realise the extremity of it and how much damage that it can do to someone’s life. I am no longer amazed with how much can happen in 5 episodes, instead how much the characters can change in five episodes. The transit from good to evil then back to good. With five episodes, a lot can happen to all of the characters. The two female leads really caught me on, they have improved so much. I felt sorry for them both at different times. Also, I found Buddy’s change a bit rash. After everything that Sap Yat has done for him, could he really be that heartless and turn on him? I guess this is just the power of boxing.


My Opinion:

Episode 21:

  • Bo Bo and everyone else discovers Buddy’s adultery. After everything that has already happened, they have more of a reason to dislike him.
  • Vicky is causing tension between everyone that Buddy is related to, literally.
  • Sai Cheung aids with the fallout of The Champ. Betrayal stings.
  • Sap Yat can not go back to his former relationship with Ding Ding after discovering that he likes her. I mean, how can he?
  • Buddy and Bo Bo have both moved out, leading their own lives.
  • Donna is once again herself. Yay! That’s the Donna I know.
  • Buddy has changed dramatically, even with his boxing methods.
  • Ding Ding has decided not to box any more.
  • Sap Yat forgives Wai Ting. Yay! True friendship. (:
  • Sap Yat was going to leave everything behind and head to Canada but as a mentor he cannot leave his his students behind; he has to put them on the right track.

Episode 22:

  • It’s Buddy’s fahter’s birthday. Vicky can’t even allow them to allow a happy reunion.
  • Sap Yat isn’t giving up on Ding Ding yet, always waiting for her every morning for a morning run.
  • Sai Cheung still that he did not betray Ah Ting.
  • Buddy and Ah Lik has to box.
  • Buddy has something wrong with his stomach… and has to take a month’s break from boxing to recover.
  • Vicky’s child is not Buddy’s but her ex-boyfriend.
  • After everything that has happened, Bo Bo still cares for Buddy.
  • Buddy has the reluctance to divorce.
  • Ah Lik is continuously training while Buddy is continuously socialising.
  • Buddy is still training but his ability has declined dramatically.
  • Ah Lik got bashed up and so he can’t box any more.
  • Looks like Sai Cheung will never know his right from wrong. I can’t believe he actually got someone to break Ah Lik’s leg!
  • Wai Ting has decided to mentor Sap Yat who has decided to fight Buddy, to box him back to the right track.
  • Ding Ding has finally decided to join Sap Yat in his morning run.
  • It’s Sap Yat’s boxing round with Buddy and Bo Bo chooses this time to hand Buddy the divorce papers.

Episode 23:

  • Sap Yat wins.
  • Buddy recalls everything that Sap Yat has taught him. He realises that this is not how boxing should be.
  • Buddy comes to his conscience and requests for everyone at the hall to forgive him to which everyone does.
  • Polly tells Buddy the truth.
  • Vicky miscarries. Polly tries to talk some sense into her.
  • Buddy asks for forgiveness from Bo Bo but fails to do so.
  • Yong Yong has to go for a test to enter into kindergarten. Bo Bo and Buddy sort of have a reconciliation.
  • Donna and Sap Yat meet again and it is revealed she has dementia.
  • Now, now, finally he decides that he can be with her. He asks to marry her but she turns him away at first but finally agrees.
  • Buddy does all he can to pursue Bo Bo again but Vicky comes in his way. She even accused him of transferring drugs. She then even made it a media sensation.
  • Buddy even got dumped from his boxing hall (not the Dragon Fist Hall).
  • So now he realises the consequences of his past doings.
  • Bo Bo sees Sai Cheung and Vicky together and sense that there is something going on between them and confronts Sai Cheung.
  • Bo Bo is dead… (Probably by Sai Cheung)

Episode 24:

  • Unhealthy doings equal an unhealthy conscience. So it was Sai Cheung who killed Bo Bo.
  • Bo Bo’s father decided to close the hall.
  • Donna’s amnesia is really kicking in now.
  • Finally they get married. (:
  • Donna has to go to America to get treatment but he has a position up in Beijing. She tells him to go and do his thing while she does hers and they make a one year meeting. Corny?
  • Vicky threatens to post his murder video online if he doesn’t give her money. He attempts kill to save himself.
  • Buddy got freed of his drug crime.
  • Polly finds the phone with evidence to convict Sai Cheung and gets on a brawl with her sister. Vicky ran out into the road and got hit by a car. Oh, and the phone got picked up by a particular someone.
  • Buddy discovers this and attempts to kill Sai Cheung but he is luckily saved by Wai Ting and Sap Yat.
  • He tried to commit suicide.

Episode 25:

  • … but Bo Bo’s presence manage to talk some sense into him and he survives.
  • Buddy decides to take over the hall instead.
  • Sai Cheung wants to put on a fake boxing fight to earn some money.
  • Sap Yat is very worried about Donna and hasn’t heard from her for a week.
  • He receives a DVD from her telling him that she has decided to leave him because she doesn’t want to be his burden.
  • Ding Ding goes to see Sai Cheung hoping she can get some sense into him but it doesn’t even reach him. He still thinks that he is right.
  • Sap Yat is boxing the new ambassador of Sai Cheung’s hall.
  • However, Sap Yat conned Sai Cheung all along, allowing Sai Cheung to fall into his trap by betting his entire estate on Sap Yat losing.
  • Vicky woke up, came to her conscience and became the witness to Sai Cheung’s wrongdoings.
  • Sai Cheung got chased by his boss’ (the guy who he owes a lot of money to) and tried to run away. Ding Ding came to his rescue and got stabbed instead.
  • Sai Cheung came to his conscience and admitted his guilt. He is sentenced to 10 years in jail.
  • Vicky finally learnt that it is better off being a good person than a bad.
  • Other than the hall, Buddy is also looking after the new tofu shop, completing Bo Bo’s wish.
  • Ding Ding and Ah Lik went to training in Thailand and they both won their respective competitions.
  • It’s Sap Yat and Donna’s one year anniversary and they meet again. However, she has forgotten about him. But he has not lost hope because he believes that if two people are destined to be together, then they will be.

The ending was okay, just not sufficient enough for my likings. I understand that this is a more manly drama mainly focusing on the theme of boxing. They did try to incorporate the romance theme, but it just seemed out of character. If Buddy really loved Bo Bo, how could he cheat on her? Even after that, when she left, he did nothing to chase after her. It is all very abnormal for me. He could have at least shown some love but he didn’t. Same with Sap Yat. Yeah, she loves Donna but he decided to give her away for her good. Fine, I get that. And then when he finally got to be together with her, he decided to let her go once again. How can he do that? Knowing that he can’t be with her for a year, he let her go anyway. That’s just makes no sense. If her truly loved her, he would have went after her. I don’t like how the romance element was incorporated, it seemed like it was there for the sake of giving the female leads a role. But then this is kind of contradictory, considering the fact that it ended romantically.

Donna just showed that she didn’t love Edward. She could just fling herself towards Sap Yat. This tells me that she never loved Edward as much as she will ever love Sap Yat. See, I don’t get why she decided to marry Edward. That just makes no sense to me. It would have been more believable if she just left Edward. Selena’s acting has really improved a lot. When she executes her lines, they are much more believable. You can really tell that her love for Sap Yat is really different from hers to Edward. Towards Sap Yat, she shows her real emotions, her real self. I just don’t get why she did not go after Sap Yat in the first place.

Sap Yat’s character really suits Kevin Cheng. I really liked his acting throughout the drama. It was very believable and real. His character is very persistent and would do anything in his power to help those who he cares about. His exterior showed that he is a very strong person who helps others to get their very best but always pushes himself to second place. That’s why he could allow himself to love Donna. He has very strong emotions and I kind of think that because of his past he uses this to shield himself to the rest of the world. I like that no matter what his ‘students’ are experiencing, he would not give up on them.

I have trouble comprehending the immense change with Buddy. I don’t understand his change and betrayal to Sap Yat, the Dragon Fist Hall and most of all, his wife. How can he do that? How? I never thought that he would be this type of person and it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Maybe I get the adultery part, but the betrayal part? That makes no sense whatsoever. How could he do that after everything that everybody has done for him? This change is really drastic, even for him. However, I found that when he changed back to the good Buddy, that was more believable. I guess he found out where his heart and conscience belongs to, and partially because of the effect that Bo Bo has on him.

Nancy’s character was probably one of my favourite characters in this. She may be mute, but she is not going to let that stop her from doing what she wants, nor will she let that stop her from differentiating between what is right and what is wrong. She is a strong character both inside and out. Like Sap Yat, she would always put herself as second priority and everyone else above. I also really enjoyed the narratives from her. She is mute but she does know what is going on. šŸ™‚ I’m glad she did not allow anything to get in her way of boxing.

Overall, this was a very interesting and different drama. This boxing element was executed really nicely, however, the side themes were only so-so.

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2 thoughts on “Gloves Come Off Episodes 21-25 Overview

  1. Lee June 15, 2012 at 11:25 pm Reply

    in episode 23, Donna has dementia, not amnesia

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