My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 18

A nice way to end the episode – with a cliff hanger at a cliff. I sincerely hope that all of this is just a plan of Eun Shi Kyung. My heart would shatter if he really changed sides. I can’t handle this any more after everything that has happened in this episode. My heart literally stopped beating the moment the arrow shot. They made it seem like she got shot through the head, oh am I glad that she is alive. Sparks really do fly in this episode. Relationships are heating up. šŸ˜‰ I loved the bromance.Ā 


My Opinion:

Hang Ah is strong and in my mind I know that there is no way that she would die but with the music and the dramatic scene, I thought so otherwise. šŸ˜¦ Ā Even in jail Hang Ah would not give up, she would just train and train all day looking for her chance to escape. Her trust with Jae Ha is really superb. Even apart, they have thisĀ unbelievable trust and connection with each other. He knows that she is under the hands of Bong Goo but he is not going to rush into things irrationally. He needed to be sure that he has Hang Ah within his grip. That moment when he thought that Hang Ah was dying/dead just broke my heart. Just then, just that moment nothing mattered except him and her. The intensity that their eyes seem to message each other is mind blowing. They just have this faultless connection.

Shi Kyung really has grown hasn’t he? He and his father had some fatherly-son bonding time to which he has forgiven him andĀ himself. He tells his father that there was always something expected of him but he knows that he could not work under his father’s expectations; because of his own insecurity. Now, he can finally let that go and be independent of him. This must be one of the most forgiving scenes ever… Ahahahahas, but I am glad that Shi Kyung is finally able to live his own path and run under his own expectations. His father is his father and he is himself. He has decided to become the bait to luring Bong Goo. He is not doing this because he feels guilt from his father but because this is what he wants to do. He truly has grown. He is no longer working under his father’s expectation but himself. I feel like Eun Shi Kyung has grown in a day. And so I will refuse to believe that he teamed with Bong Goo. No matter how harsh his sufferings are I know that he is not one to break promises, especially to the king and the princess. He is still on the king’s side. Right…?

There was definitely some bromance going on between Jae Ha and Shi Kyung. There is no denial of that. Jae Ha did not want Ski Kyung to risk himself because he does not want to lose him. Whether these two want to admit it or not, they are friends. Oh, and Eun Shi Kyung finally calls him ‘Lee Jae Ha’ and not ‘Your Majesty.’ This bromance is on fire. I am swooning over these two. Hehehehehe.

At long last Shi Kyung has finally come to face his feelings. He decides to follow his heart and face Jae Shin who is still struggling to overcome her memories. He tells her that she is not wrong, the person who is wrong is Bong Goo. They have a sweet moment together, piggy backing her and then he tells her that he is going to go on a vacation. While he is on vacation, she has to complete her homework and then he will be back. He tells her to do various things to forgive herself. He piggy back her back to her wheelchair. She gives him a peck which leads him to do the same. šŸ˜‰ I deeply wanted it to be a deep kiss but he pulls back, shocked at what he has done. But…but…but I thought you were following your heart… Nawwww, Shi Kyung is such a cutie!

Jae Shin is still agonising over her painful memories but she is slowly overcoming them. I am glad that she has Shi Kyung to help her stand up again. I hope that she will be able to forgive herself.

‘Are you happy?’ The password that Jae Ha chose to trigger the video recorder. I like this and I think this is very meaningful to him because he is not going to be happy unless Bong Goo is jail.

Next week is finale week! I can’t wait to see how this all ties up. Hopefully I will beĀ satisfied. šŸ™‚

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