My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 19

This drama just continues to bring on the unexpected. Since it is nearing the end you would think that everything would be smooth-sailing here on out but something else just appears to bring on a crisis for our characters, especially Jae Ha and Hang Ah. My emotions truly went on a roller coaster. I cried, then got angry and then grew pissed off. My hopes also went on a roller coaster. TK2H really knows how to get someone’s hopes up doesn’t it? I don’t recalling myself crying so much with any Korean drama in a while. This episode has got to be the saddest, yet…


My Opinion:

When an episode starts off with a scene completely unrelated to the previous episode you know that something suspicious is bound to happen. This was no exception. This episode starts off with Jae Shin comming in with a present to celebrate one of her head maids’ birthday, completely having no correlation to the previous episode. Okay, I lied, maybe it does have some correlation with Jae Shin recalling the homework that Shi Kyung set of her. It was completely off topic that I had to go and check a recap to remember what occurred at the end of episode 18! Jae Shin is so immersed into celebrating the birthday, in a world totally opposite to her other half. Oh boy, this is when something terrible is going to happen. ):

Shi Kyung! What has happened to you sweetie? I refuse to believe that Shi Kyung would ever turn on Jae Ha. I just can’t believe this. Luckily, he didn’t turn on the king because if he did I could have been so disappointed in this drama. With the gun pointed a Jae Ha and his powerful yet poker face he says:

What is there to like about a powerless king? There was a time I was shaken – when you said you’d resign, when you said you couldn’t send me here. But that was all. You didn’t blame anyone else or lie down in defeat. When it was a 99% improbable reality, you plotted and schemed to find that remaining one percent. I didn’t serve you because you were the king. I served you because even in the pit of despair, you did not give up.


That is my Shi Kyung there! I am so proud of him! I was actually gleaming when he said that because this is true friendship and unexplainable brothership. It turns out that Shi Kyung never turned on Jae Ha after all. They had a secret language and Shi Kyung only pretended to be convert to Bong Goo’s side. Then that ICC people came and for 5 seconds I thought this would be the end of Bong Goo but no, Bong Goo throws on another unexpected twist. He shoots Shi Kyung! He shoots Shi Kyung.

Poor poor Shi Kyung. I need tissues even writing this. ): Nooooooooooo, no, no! Not Shi Kyung! Noooooo, don’t die! Jae Ha immediately comes to Shi Kyung’s side. This is true brothership and great acting from both our male leads. Jae Ha looks over at Bong Goo with a look that could kill but then at Shi Kyung his only look is saying please don’t die. Just don’t die. Omgggggg, tears are balling out like a waterfall. D; I think this is the best scene from Shi Kyung. He holds expression and isn’t his cold self that we know. Jae Ha blames himself for what has happened to Shi Kyung but being the guy that Shi Kyung is, he uses his last breathe to tell Jae Ha to never give up. Noooooooo, noooooo, noooooooooooo! Don’t die! ): Shi Kyung flashback and he sings Jae Shin’s song. His acting there was unquestionable, it was amazing, his best to say the least. It just makes this that much more saddening. He is brilliant with his poker face reactions but he is superb with his emotions. Jae Ha is wonderful too, not that you would expect anything less nowadays. This just shows how much he has progressed from the beginning of the drama not only with his acting but with his character. He is no longer that childish person but a leader, a king a man.

I really held onto the thought that some miracle would occur and that Shi Kyung would not die. But they just have to kill him off didn’t they? I saw no purpose for Shi Kyung to die but I guess this helps to enrage Jae Ha’s purpose for making Bong Goo lead the rest of his life in misery and for Jae Ha to tie the ties together with Secretary Eun.

Seriously, couldn’t they just prosecute Bong Goo earlier on so Shi Kyung would still live?

Oh poor Jae Shin. How much more can she take from this? Crisis after crisis just hits her just when she thinks she is going to on the right path. *Cries again* Her crying skills are beyond my expectations. Somehow from this I can sense the love she feels for Shi Kyung, it’s all there. And Jae Ha being the friend and gentlemen he is promises to look after Shi Kyung’s father as his own.

I’ll pretend that there is a time between all of this because everything seems to take a turnaround and I have yet gotten over Shi Kyung’s death. Hang Ah and Jae Ha decide to embark on an ordinary date but they had to cancel at the last minute because Bong Goo is ubiquitous even though he is far far away at the ICC. There is a possible chance that Bong Goo might be granted bail. I don’t care whether he gets granted bail or not, I just want want him to deserve what he gets. Justice needs to be served to Shi Kyung and the late king and queen. She suggests to go to the ICC to testify herself but Jae Ha does not approve because he does not want her to get hurt again. I can understand him after all that has happened. But she manages to go anyway, with the approval from Jae Ha. It turns out that Bong Goo really has his ways because he managed to get himself bail before Hang Ah even arrived. Nooooooo! All this effort for his to get free again.

Jae Shin finds a video (ever heard of DVD?) from Shi Kyung. It’s his last message to her. ): *Cries, yet again* I miss him already! He says that he promises to come back in person to tell her that he loves her. Really? You muster up the courage to confess to her but not in real life? Oh poor Jae Shin. *Huggles*

I am ready to tackle ep 20 soon. I am eager to see how this all ends. This ending better satisfy me! I will still miss Shi Kyung though. Too bad Jae Shin can’t get a happy ending too. If Bong Goo doesn’t get treated properly, I am seriously going to be disappointed! Hmph.

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One thought on “My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 19

  1. gaby March 4, 2013 at 12:18 pm Reply

    I’m so sad that I can’t finish the drama, I don’t know if is just me but I can even finish the scene where Eun Shi Kyung died…..I really loved this drama but I can’t finish watching it! heheh I’m a little sensitive.

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