My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 20

After a long and sightful 10 weeks, this drama has come to a conclusion. Oh boy, there was suspense and then there was relief. One minute you would be off your chair screaming for it to not happen and the next you will be calming yourself of just what has occurred.

TK2H really ended with two hearts. This drama wasn’t just about the North and South Korean tension but the hearts between each of the characters. There was power, strength and persistence. If it weren’t for these factors, TK2H would not be TK2H. Unity is the most important aspect of this drama not just for North and South Korea but the unity for two hearts – Hang Ah and Jae Ha.

Overall, this drama ended as I would expect it to, actually it was better than that. Of course Bong Goo would get locked up forever, Korea will unite as one as would Hang Ah and Jae Ha.


My Opinion:

A war. A war is declared between North and South Korea. Daddy literally drags Hang Ah to the border to bring her back to North Korea. Her father desperately wants her to come back to North Korea, even using his time as a bargaining chip. But how can she part from her king? With a to-be war at place the situation would make the decision much easier right? Nope, this is harder than ever. While the king and future queen were away visiting other countries, North and South Korea decided to put up a fight. Hang Ah takes a call from Jae Ha, probably the last time that she will be able to hear Jae Ha in a long time. She cries, telling him with her heart and soul that she will be returning back to North Korea to prevent this war and he too, would do the same. That was true acting there. With the emotional scene, it managed to bring out the realness in them. Sometimes it seems like they aren’t actors but apart of the characters themselves.

So Hang Ah is back at the North trying her best to terminate this oncoming war. She meets with the prime minister who tries to coax her into revealing what she has learnt and discovered during her time at the South. However, she would not do such a thing. She tries to convince the prime minister to cancel the war but that is impossible as he believes that it was the South who ignited the fire in the initial place. However, Hang Ah has a little bomb up her sleeve – the US plans to attack on the 24th of May. The prime minister has no choice but to agree to allow her to be the North Korean representative in the secret North-South Korea meeting.

At last Hang Ah gets to see Jae Ha since their nth time of separation. Jae Ha immediately lights up at the sight of her but Hang Ah is distant and formal. Even though she is quite formal and distant but she is in fact very close and wants to be  by his side but she can’t. She has duties for the North and business is business, no personal feelings allowed right? Hang Ah’s expressions and body language represents a whole lot. Her body language is distant but her expression says so otherwise. Two hearts…this has just taken on a new meaning.

Jae Ha is still that cheeky and brilliant guy, even with the presence of a crisis. Ha! He has discovered a way to resolve this tension, back to square one where marriage will unite North and South Korea. Since they had planned to get married, they might as well do it on the 24th of May. This way, the US will NOT attack and North and South Korea will unite as one. How smart! Their expressions really correlates with the situation representing that they aren’t just actors but professionals.

The wedding ceremony is historical  once again. They walk to face each other at the yellow line. He steps across the line and together they bow to the South then they step over once again and together they bow to North. Short, sweet, snappy and brilliant. This not only marks the unity of two countries as one but the unity of two hearts.

Bong Goo gets locked up for life. Yeahhh, he deserved that. No, he deserved more than that for all the damage that he has caused. Okay, after the conclusion of this, Bong Goo was a useless character in all this. What is really the point of his character? To be a villain? North and South Korea are already at a tension without the need of him. I guess his only real purpose is to torture Jae Shin and kill Jae Kang (which would make Jae Ha king).

I really like how they allow Jae Shin to still have a place for Shi Kyung in her heart. It’s really cute. (: But what I am most unimpressed in this drama is the limited amount of screen time that she has. I would have liked to see her more screen time to express herself some more. Her amount of screen time really did not allow her to show herself enough. Other than that, I still can’t get over Shi Kyung’s death. There was really no need to kill him. Shi Kyung will always be a part of this wonderful journey. Throughout the whole episode I held the hope that he was on some secret mission and that he would come out alive. But no, my hope failed. ): I felt that this episode who have been more complete with Shi Kyung but that’s just my opinion.

The ending was sweet. I loved that they introduced the little boy and how he said mummy. This shows that although North and South will always have a thin line between them. I also really enjoyed that they walked out together hand in hand.

The transformation with Jae Ha is just phenomenal. He was the little, childish boy who wanted nothing to do with leading the country. Now his is a true leader with power. He overthrew Bong Goo which by his standards does not even justify for Jae Kang and Shi Kyung’s

I finally understand the two hearts in this. Jae Ha’s heart belongs to both his nation and Hang Ah while Hang Ah’s heart belongs to her two sides – the North and the South.

This is a brilliant drama, most probably the best Korean drama that I have seen in a long while. I have not seen such good acting and emotional skills in a while. 😀 The King 2 Hearts, ❤

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 20

  1. reglest May 31, 2012 at 12:49 pm Reply

    I love how you convey the 2 hearts for Hang Ah, it’s not just belong to Jae Ha, but also Hang Ah 😀

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