Alice in Wonder City Episode 7 Recap

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, nooooooooooooooooooooo! No! This has got to the be the most mismatched episodes. No, no, no, no, no, no! It has got the wrong emotions by both the  actors and viewers scrawled on it. What was this episode!? I can’t even put the pieces together.

Ting Yu has called together a meeting to announce to them that he wants to make a change. He tells them that he has discovered a new voice; a heavenly voice and that he has decided to add in this voice in his upcoming project. Die Fei who is taking down notes is completely dreamy and is unaware of what is happening. Die Fei? Huh? He drags her over and tells her that he wants her to sing to everybody. He starts playing the piano and tells her to sing like last night but she just stands there wide-eyed and then runs away.

Hai Jie chases after her but Ting Yu stops him telling him that this is an issue between him and Die Fei.

Die Fei has hidden herself in the toilets so Ting Yu has no choice but to talk to a door. He tells her that a genius musician only requires two years to achieve what an ordinary musician achieves in 15 years and to stop wasting time. She might want to live an ordinary life; fine, that is not for him to dictate but will she be satisfied to be a music fan? (LOL, since when was she one? Ahahahahas!) He slams the door and tells her that he doesn’t want her to waste her talent. The door unlocks and a random lady leaves voicing that he was so agitated so she was afraid to leave. (LOLOLOLOLOL, this is so funny!)

Die Fei comes out and asks him to tell her if she can really sing. He tells her that she can. She tells him that she doesn’t want Hai Jie to know about this but she is willing to sing. (Why doesn’t she want Hai Jie to know? :/) She trails off saying that she doesn’t know how to sing and that she doesn’t sing to other people. He pushes her against the door and says ‘Die Fei, I am He Ting Yu. I promise that in a short amount of time you will become a mature singer. Is that okay?’ ‘Really?’ LOL, then he just walks off. (Is it me or does Die Fei suit this type of ponytail than the ones that she usually wears?’

Yu Shu has come back early from her ‘business’ trip. Die Fei is reading a magazine when Yu Shu snatches it out of her hands and is shocked – it’s her on the cover with Manager Jin Cang. Oh no! They can’t let their father know about this. (What is it with dramas and magazines? EVERYONE becomes magazine headlines!) Die Fei quickly thinks of a plan – to buy all of the magazines in the neighbourhood. (What a smart plan huh? Paper cannot cover up fire.) Die Fei tells her sister that the picture is blurry; no one will recognise her. Yu Shu tells her that from what she just said, their father probably won’t be able to recognise it. Die Fei tells her that they are family. If she could recognise it, their father will be able to too. (Ummm…Miss Die Fei, I don’t think you recognised it before Yu Shu pointed it out…) They donate the magazines to the paper collector. Yu Shu pulls her sister and tells her that she thinks that they can’t hide this. Die Fei reassures her that even if their father wants to buy it he can’t.

They rush home to see their father using the magazine (the one at home) as the coaster for the bowl of soup. Oh no! They rid their father and quickly swap the magazine for another one. Oh, sistership there!

Ting Yu makes a proposal – in order for him to fully concentrate on writing his music, he requires Die Fei to be his assistant to take care of his daily needs. Manager Jin Cang was going to find him someone else to be his assistant but Ting Yu’s request is unique; he needs his manager to live at his place 24/7 to look after him. 24/7? Alright, Die Fei, move to Ting Yu’s house starting from today.

Die Fei goes to talk out her issue of moving into Ting Yu’s place with her book store friend and sister but her book store friend seems much more immersed in Yu Shu’s issue than hers.

Die Fei is watching Hai Jie teaching some kids how to ride a bike when Ting Yu comes up from behind and tells her that she is too obvious. He tells her that he doesn’t really want to mind but reminds her that he hopes that before her comes to his place for lessons she can prepare herself. Lessons? Ohhh. (Ohhh!) She tells her not to tell him [Hai Jie] because she doesn’t want him to misunderstand.

Jin Cang goes out to clarify to his colleagues about the magazine but no need because the interviewer guy has already fixed it all up. (Why do I think he is going to do something fishy?)

Hai Jie’s music friend has come to audition at an orchestra. (Is this bizarre or what? An orchestra!? Seriously, what are these people thinking?) Hai Jie is watching with great enthusiasm while Jin Cang is watching the girls, A++, with the complete opposite reactions. He asks for their demo CD before leaving for a meeting. Before he leaves, he tells Hai Jie to make an appointment with his friends so they can discuss it next time. A++ asks Hai Jie if this means is it a yes or no. He enthusiastically tells them that it is a yes and that they should go out and celebrate. Hai Jie sees Die Fei and invites her out to their celebration. She hesitates before accepting.

Jin Cang gets a call about the money transfer.

Ting Yu has just finished his violin practice while Die Fei is standing outside the restaurant. He calls her to tell her to go find him but she tells him that there is Chen Hai Jie… He tells her to give him the address and he will go find her.

Everyone is having such a fun time except for Die Fei who is depressed and Ting Yu who is watching her every move. Die Fei announces that she is going to leave but everyone tells her not to. Hai Jie tells her to play the rock, scissors, paper game with Ting Yu and if she loses, he will drink on her behalf.  Ting Yu announces that he will play with him instead. He loses on the first round, drinks and whisks Die Fei away. (Okay, he is not that manly. Ahahahahahahhas!)

He tells her the truth that she needed to hear a long time away. He tells her that she doesn’t have to tell Hai Jie anything. He treats her the same as he treats anyone else. (I don’t get why she is crying. She knows that Hai Jie only has eyes for Alice.)

Father Lan has seen the magazine. Oh no, not good. Die Fei arrives home to have her father barging her with questions so she immediately walks out and alerts her sister. Jin Cang who is with Yu Shu sees the text and tells her that they will face this together. He goes home to tell his wife that he wants a divorce but she just changes the subject.

Die Fei arrives home to be involved in her father’s scolding to her sister. Father Lan tells Yu Shu to quit work and break up with her boss. She tells her father that she can’t just not love because of his one word. He asks her about her dream to study aboard. She tells him that that is no longer her dream; her dream is to be together with Jin Cang. She tells him not to push her. He tells her to leave or make an end to this.

Die Fei tells her father that he should have stood in her sister’s place. Who they fall in love with in not up to them to decide. Die Fei stands by her sister’s side explaining that she only fell in love with someone who she shouldn’t have, why should he make her without a home? Father Lan tells her that he doesn’t know how youngsters think these days – one with her heart elsewhere and one —

Die Fei tells her not to change the subject to her. She is also his daughter, why does he always downgrade (?) her? She also has her difficulties. She says that her sister is correct – living under the same roof does not mean you are family, there are feelings involved. He goes to hit her and she tells him to do so and then afterwards tell her why is it her who gets hit. She says that even if he doesn’t say so, she knows the answer and then stalks off.

Yu Shu is out on the streets crying while Die Fei is in her room hugging her pillow recalling when she and her sister were at the hospital waiting to hear the news of their mother. (I don’t understand how this relates…) Jin Cang finds Yu Shu and proposes that they live together because he made her homeless. Die Fei arrives at Ting Yu’s place with her luggage.

Next morning, Father Lan finds a note from Die Fei saying that she is staying at a friend’s place for some time.


Ting Yu just either drinks coffee and alcohol but Die Fei who is living under his roof has decided to look after his health. He becomes her singing teacher training her each day.


Die Fei has just come out of her relaxing bubble bath and it’s Ting Yu’s turn. He asks her if bubble bath is relaxing. She tells her it is. He comes out and asks her for a favour – to stay outside to accompany him because he is afraid that during the bath, he might fall asleep.

LOL, it’s so fascinating! It’s like he has never seen bubbles before. She asks him why his house has no pictures, even of him, just like a sample house. He says that he is a sample and anyway, without music, he is nothing. She tells her even if he has no pictures or souvenirs, it doesn’t matter as long as his heart is warm.

Die Fei is half asleep and wakes/dream to find Ting Yu practising his violin and recalls the kiss.

Alice seriously has all three guys over her. She is looking at Hai Jie’s picture then at Ting Yu and then gets a message from SJ.

Ting Yu is getting annoyed with Die Fei with inability to read the music notation. He tells her that he is going to get her a music teacher; she can’t just plainly sing. He tells her that a good violin requires a good teacher and that he is the violin stick.

Ting Yu goes to visit Alice and Lisa. He goes to help Alice with the food. She hands him the plate of food and their hands touched causing some sensation between the two. At dinner, Alice and Ting Yu look through a photo album as if they are a loving couple. Ting Yu gives Lisa some tickets for his upcoming concert inviting her and Alice to come along. Lisa asks him if he is not sleeping well these days, seeing sunrise each day? Alice tells him that normal people feel really happy to see sunrise but for insomniac people, they will feel very dispirited. They have an agreement.

Ting Yu tells them that his secret weapon is a person called Chen Hai Jie who is a very outstanding violinist though his style is very different from his. Lisa says that the Chen guy is very familiar but she cannot pinpoint it. Alice asks Ting Yu whyHai Jie is his secret weapon. He tells them that the feeling that Hai Jie gives is very vital. It doesn’t matter what complex problem happens to Hai Jie he always makes it seem very simple.


Lisa has to go do something so Ting Yu decides to walk her out. Meanwhile, Alice calls SJ.

After sending Lisa off, a sudden bright car light blinds Ting Yu. It comes and hits him causing him to topple over and injure his arm. Alice nurses him and cleans his shirt. As she is buttoning his shirt for him, he touches her face and asks her could it be that none of her memories are real? He kisses and she pulls him closer telling him to tell her if this real. (No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! During this whole time, my only words were NO!) Immersed in her intimate time with Ting Yu, she misses a message from SJ.


During this intimate time, she recalls herself doing it with Hai Jie and thinks that Ting Yu is Hai Jie. Meanwhile, Ting Yu thinks that he is doing it with Die Fei.

Alice wakes to find a message from SJ. It’s pictures of the mini accident that happened to Ting Yu yesterday.


My Opinion:

No, no, no, no, no, no, noooooooooooooooooo! Nooooo! No, no, no, no, non! This is such a disappointing episode for me! Arghhhhh! Nothing seems to click in with this episode. Everything is so out of place and they just had to make it worse by putting in the bed scene. The emotions aren’t even a roller coaster, it is a puzzle with mismatched pieces.

What the heck, Die Fei clearly knows that Hai Jie does not have any feelings for her and yet she still likes him. Fine, I’ll take it as unrequited love. But Die Fei still doesn’t show any feelings towards Hai Jie. It’s like she just has to like him. I just can’t feel any feelings whatsoever. You wouldn’t even know that she likes Hai Jie if it weren’t for her words.

OMG, Ting Yu likes Die Fei!? What. The. Heck!? They would have to get together one way or another because it’s just meant to be but I want feelings. You seriously would have never know that Ting Yu likes Die Fei if it weren’t for the mished up bed scene. Since when did he like her? And seriously, why did he kiss Alice? s

Alice is better of the three of evoking feelings. You can tell that she likes and still does like Hai Jie. But with Ting Yu? Since when have they had feelings? What, from the touch? She likes Hai Jie, I get that but then she goes and kisses Ting Yu asking if this is real. And then she goes to reminisce her time with Hai Jie.

I’m not even going to mention Hai Jie because everyone should know by now that he is crazy over Alice.

I can’t and do not even know how to comment on this weird relationship square. It is all very stuffed up. People like each but do not evoke feelings. This is new, very new.

The only true emotion relationship is between Yu Shu and Jin Cang. That is what you call feelings of love. They show it, they care about each other. They have feelings. Although they are only a side couple but I find their relationship much more powering and enticing than any of the others. They have some chemistry. (: (Oh, I just realised that the actor playing Jin Cang is the Tin Gor in the Hong Kong drama, EU. No wonder I thought he was familiar looking when I first saw him!)

What is with Die Fei and her singing? She doesn’t love singing, she doesn’t even like it. Where is her soul when she sings? Where is the life? Where is her love for music? At least in the last ep you could feel it there, but now, it has just disappeared.

Emotions, emotions, emotions; what our characters all lack. Where are their emotions!?

I just want to point out that the little comedy effects aren’t really working for me… Yeah, they can get me to laugh sometimes, or maybe once during this ep, but it just doesn’t work. Ting Yu is such a serious character that the humour side to this drama just ruins it. It’s better if they just kept it with the drama.

Nothing, literally, works in this ep. None of the scenes flows on well with one another. None of it work nor do they make sense. Everything is all over the place. -.-

This episode is a huge downfall from the previous episodes. It is really really disappointing. Where has all the curiosity and suspense build-up gone? Next ep is bromance gone and where Hai Jie meets Alice again. It better be better than this episode. I can only hope.

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14 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 7 Recap

  1. heisui July 3, 2012 at 10:48 am Reply

    I agree this episode felt like a whole bunch of random scenes put together. It didn’t flow well and there wasn’t a consistent tone. AHAHA like the bathroom scene, I didn’t get why Ting Yu was being so dramatic. I think there have already been some clues that Ting Yu is falling for Die Fei, but nothing really concrete. I don’t even think he’s aware of his own feelings at this point.

    But OMG I was so confused when he made his move on Alice!! What?? I wasn’t expecting that at all! Also I doubt Alice really likes Ting Yu..she’s probably using him to get closer to her mom.

    On a side note though, I would totally want Ting Yu to be my singing teacher. 😉

    • misscupcakees July 3, 2012 at 3:47 pm Reply

      Yeaahh, nothing flowed in this ep. I was really disappointed with it. I felt that each of the scenes were just randomly put together.

      Ahahaha, yeah, I don’t get why Ting Yu was so dramatic either, but I guess that is just his character.Yeah, I agree, I guess if you have to, you can tell that Ting Yu likes Die Fei but there was absolutely no feelings that he likes Die Fei.

      This episode contained all the wrong emotions from the characters and literally had no feelings at all.

      I know! During that whole scene, my only words were no, no and no.

      Ahahahaha, I’d be haooy to just live under his roof!

      • heisui July 4, 2012 at 9:07 am

        Lucky Die Fei!!! I think they could’ve done more cute OTP scenes with Ting Yu & Die Fei living together..they could’ve showed how they bond over time but they just skipped over that part. T_T

      • misscupcakees July 4, 2012 at 11:51 am

        Yeaahhh, they could have. Even though they are living together, you still can’t feel the bond between them. They feel so distant to me… I want to see some feelings between those two!

      • heisui July 4, 2012 at 11:52 am

        I think they’re so cute together!! *totally on Die Fei & Ting Yu’s ship* But true, they haven’t really connected on a deeper level the way Alice & Ting Yu have. Alice & Ting Yu get to have more serious conversations, so Alice knows Ting Yu better than Die Fei does. I want Die Fei to see Ting Yu’s true side.

      • misscupcakees July 4, 2012 at 11:58 am

        Ahahahahas! Personally, for me, I don’t think they have even connected on the basic level. The feelings just isn’t there. Alice and Ting Yu have a deeper connection, maybe it’s because Ting Yu treats Alice as an equal.

        I just want to see feelings between everyone. Where are the feelings!?

  2. chocolate布丁 July 3, 2012 at 11:03 pm Reply

    YEAH I KNOW OMG I can’t tell Ting Yu had feelings for Alice at all! Until I read someone else’s reviews then I was a little bit convinced. Apparently Ting Yu had liked her for very long, but only when Hai Jie then he started to express cause Die Fei fell for Hai Jie. It was because he liked her so he kissed her in Japan, and also why he’s so sour when talking to Die Fei about Hai Jie.

    I think Alice and Ting Yu acted like that cause they were both lonely? I guess, like, they are so close to the two people they love yet they can’t say anything about it.

    And yes, I love Yu Shu’s and Jin Cang’s relationship. I think it’s pretty real, but some reviews online said that Jin Cang once described Yu Shu as a mere toy. I do not remember that line at all.

    • misscupcakees July 4, 2012 at 11:50 am Reply

      Urrrghhh! I know. The feelings and emotions in this ep are just all over the place and makes no sense at all. Ahahahha, apparently. LOL, I don’t want apparently; I want concrete feelings. I guess you can say that they acted the way they did because they can’t be with the person they love but then that just match the feelings at all.

      Same here! I think that is the truest relationship here. I’m not sure but I think that Jin Cang really does love Yu Shu. That’s how I see it. (:

      • chocolate布丁 July 4, 2012 at 9:45 pm

        Haha yes, apparently, because I haven’t witness those feelings for myself. I wonder if it’s because of Aaron’s acting not showing it, or if it’s because the drama doesn’t give enough air time to them, or is it just too subtle because of Ting Yu’s character (since Ting Yu keeps everything to himself)? Well, of course I wouldn’t like to believe it is Aaron’s acting, especially since he displayed such memorable acting in the scene when he went to retrieve Siren.

        I always thought that the penetrating stare Ting Yu gives Die Fei when asking her about Hai Jie was because he has that much passion for something/someone in the past or something like that? But some people read it as jealousy, concern, heartache, etcetce. Haha I don’t know.

        I guess I would explain Ting Yu’s and Alice’s bed scene as loneliness. I think it’s partly because Alice is so willing to listen to Ting Yu speak about the events that changed his whole life, and is touched by them and feels bad/sad for him, so in that instance, Ting Yu probably felt like he has found uh, I don’t know, a partner? Someone who looks at everything in the same way as he does.

        Ting Yu and Die Fei are not progressing because Die Fei is being so adamant about Hai Jie. She needs to do something about her relationship with Hai Jie. And I still can’t see Lara as Die Fei. When I think of Die Fei, I think of Lara. I mean I just don’t see Lara as Die Fei. :/

      • misscupcakees July 5, 2012 at 1:23 pm

        Ahahahaaha, I’m not sure but I think it is a mixture of all three and the storyline. It just doesn’t flow well which I guess adds into the emotions and feelings. Ahahaha, Aaron is only the best of the best. (Y)

        LOL, there is just something about Ting Yu’s stare. Ahahhahas. I don’t know but when he stares at Die Fei like that I only feel forcefulness, like he wants her to listen to him because his choice is the correct choice. Ahahahahs.

        I’m just not sure what is going between Alice and Ting Yu any more… It’s just wrong in every way.

        Yeaahh, I agree. But then none of the relationships are progressing either. It’s all very stuffed up now. I swear, if the next episode does not do something to fix this, I’m going throw a bomb at it!

  3. […] miscupcakees from A Fairytale World said in her ep7 recap, at this point we haven’t been getting any romantic vibes from Die Fei and Ting Yu.  Maybe […]

  4. Leigh July 17, 2012 at 9:56 pm Reply

    Why did we hate this episode? Basically, they spoiled the story with pairing TY and Alice…duh? Maybe DF seems young and immature, but she seems to be more normal than all characters, and while she is the younger sister, they haven’t made her look stylish…perhaps her singing will change her…at least she is a singer in real life and can sing…Jay Chou loved her voice…he should do a cameo in this drama, singing with DF and doing a piano battle with TY. lol. That should get everyone’s attention…

  5. goldengravitation October 10, 2012 at 12:17 am Reply

    I think the plot is kinda ridiculous, if Ting Yu likes Die Fei why is there a bed scene of Ting Yu with Alice? Wouldn’t a stubborn person like Ting Yu always stick to the person they like as they are very stubborn……Just don’t like plots like this……..and there should be more awareness of Ting Yu liking Die Fei…….and Die Fei should like Ting Yu more, instead of Hai Jie……..there should be more romantic scenes…..

    • misscupcakees October 10, 2012 at 6:22 pm Reply

      Don’t worry, that’s what I thought too. It was just really all over the place.

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