Alice in Wonder City Episode 8 Recap

So there are feelings and emotions. Just a teeny bit that feels just right.


After looking through the photos, Alice makes a call to SJ telling him that the man from yesterday is not CJ (Chen Hai Jie…?). She also tells him that she has her own method and to give her more time.

Die Fei is anxiously waiting for Ting Yu to come home. She calls him but he doesn’t pick up. As she goes to play the piano, she gets a call. She goes to pick it up hoping that it is Ting Yu but it is just her sister who tells her to return to give her some information and clothes.

So Die Fei does what she does best – listen to others’ dictation. She tries to make amends with her father but he just ignores her. She explains that her sister is living with a friend and she is just here to bring her some clothes. She asks her father if he has anything to say to her sister but he keeps his silence. She then angrily says ‘No? Anyway, everything it is like this. When big sister does something wrong, I get punished for it. This isn’t fair!’

She enters her sister’s place and exclaims that this is too extravagant. Yu Shu lets it out that she is only going to be living here for a few days until her new house has been finished renovated, the house that Jin Cang bought her. Die Fei susses that every time their father is angry at Yu Shu, she would get pulled in as well. She says she is considered to have run away from home too. Her sister comes over and asks her how she can just leave their father alone. (Okay…so I keep wondering why Yu Shu’s dress is so short! Ahahahahahas!) ‘I left dad alone!? It’s you who left first.’ Yu Shu tells her that she is different from her; she got kicked out from home but Die Fei is different so she must return home. Die Fei tells her that she clearly knows that their father wasn’t serious yet she still left home. Yu Shu explains that she is going to live her life with Jin Cang and leaving would happen sooner or later.


Die Fei finally sees Ting Yu return home. She asks him where he went. He tells her that he went to find a friend. ‘You left for a whole night!’ He tells her to be careful of her words because it sounds like she is jealous. (Now, if this is the path that the director wants to head, that is the correct feeling and emotion).

Jin Cang tells Yu Shu to pass A++ to the director guy. He also tells her to find a singing teacher for Ting Yu. Yu Shu is shocked, might I say, about the request. Jin Cang tells her that he does not know the reason but her sister is not his personal assistant which means they live together.

Ting Yu is unsatisifed with the singing teacher and Die Fei. He makes Die Fei continuously repeating the same warm up over and over again yet he is still unsatisfied with it and even kicks the teacher out. He tells her not to allow him to think that she is not suitable for her own voice before stalking off. She comes up after him and asks him must he be this cruel. ‘What do you understand? You don’t understand anything. How can a genius like you experience the hurt that the general people feel?’


Hai Jie is out celebrating with A++ while Ting Yu is out sharing a drink with Alice. Well, he was alone when Alice decided to join him. He looks at her and says ‘truth’. She asks him if he sees if but he tells her no. Alice tells him maybe there is no truth or maybe he just doesn’t believe the truth he sees. (I like the latter, it suits them both. Yeahhh…but I don’t get how this conversation is supposed to relate…) She then asks him if they need to tell her mother about their thing. ‘Our thing?’ She accuses him of thinking about other women besides her. He tries to make a joke saying that lately everyone likes being jealous. So there is another women. With that she is reassured. He asks her how a pretty woman like her can be without a boyfriend. She starts to tell him her story – When she was little she met a boy near her house. That day her grandfather yelled at her causing her to cry. The boy started running up to her and then said something that she didn’t understand doing his best to comfort her. In her mind she recalls her time with Hai Jie.

He looks at her and asks if he can kiss her. They then embrace in an intense kiss. (Yeah, no feelings here…)

Hai Jie is out in the mountains and takes a picture while reciting ‘Dear Alice. When can we watch the sunrise in Taipei together? CJ’ He then takes out the letter that Alice left him. (I wonder what he would do if that letter flew out of his hands… Ahahahahaha!)


Ting Yu is making some music creations with Die Fei looking from behind. She asks him if he isn’t sleeping again. He answers yes and hands her his creation. He invites her to sing which she does. (I like her singing voice (: ) Meanwhile Jin Cang rings the bell but no one comes to open it so he enters himself in. He is happily impressed with her singing. So he realises that Ting Yu is training her and that they are not loves co-inhabiting. Ting Yu explains that he doesn’t know Die Fei’s progress so that’s why he didn’t tell him.


Ting Yu is practising with Siren when Die Fei comes out to look at some of his music creations. He asks her who gave her permission to look at it. (Ahahaha, Ting Yu!)

He asks her if she will go to tomorrow’s performance which she enthusiastically replies that she will, tomorrow is very important so of course she will. He tells her of course it is important – it is the first time that Hai Jie is going to perform. She tells him that tomorrow importance is that it is the annual performance and tells him to rest early. She asks him if he is going to use Siren to which he says that other that Siren he is not used to the others. Just before he leaves to practise in his room, he gives her permission to look at his creations.

“People have to escape from smiles and tears of excitement. Death is just the most direct export. But majority of people choose to dream.”

He talks about how a lot of people want to exchange dreams and once they enter the world (I don’t know the name 😥 ) they don’t want to leave because the outside world is too cruel.

“Although dreams aren’t real but at least it is warm.”

There is a guy who has never dreamed before and really wants to do so. So one day he arrived at the dreamland, the dream exchange centre. (I don’t get this…)


It’s performance day! As always, Ting Yu puts on a brilliant show. Die Fei tries to sneak in without seeing Hai Jie but sadly, that is unsuccessful. He asks her why she is not answering his texts or calls which she successfully dodges. It’s not his turn to go on stage. Die Fei runs after him and tells him not to be too nervous. It looks like she is the one who is nervous so he gives her a hug which Ting Yu oversees.

Hai Jie puts on a beautiful show thinking about Alice the entire time. Alice gets teary at his performance. When he finishes, he sees Alice so of course he chases after her. Luckily she gets away before he could get to her.

Die Fei is at home crying saying that everything is moved by Hai Jie’s music but himself. Whenever he sees Alice, he forgets everything. Ting Yu then pulls her over to the piano. He hands he a music sheet and he starts playing while she sings recalling all things related to Hai Jie. (This is her best singing yet.) He asks her why she sang. She tells him it’s because she feels hurt and if she doesn’t sing, she feels like her heart will explode. (Huh? Not a very good way to say your love for music…)

He then pulls her into a hug (which is very cute) and says that she wants to continue to hide, and asks her if she is singing because of hurt or for Hai Jie. She tells him she wants to sing to him.


Hai Jie goes to talk to Ting Yu about what happened yesterday. Ting Yu tells him that he recognised the wrong person. She is called Ito Seiko and not Alice. Ting Yu clarifies his point because he is currently dating her. This is a shock to Hai Jie, a big, big, big, shock and also a shock to Die Fei who is secretly overhearing all of this.

Die Fei comes out and tells him that he has made a mistake.  Hai Jie asks her why she is here. She explains that Ting Yu wants her to take care of his daily needs so that’s why she is living here. He is shocked to discover that he is living here. Ting Yu goes to explain why she is actually here but Hai Jie doesn’t want to hear this. He just wants Alice’s contact details but Ting Yu won’t give it so I guess it’s up to Hai Jie to solve this mystery himself.


Hai Jie goes to find Lisa to get down to the nitty gritty of this. Lisa explains that he really has recognised the wrong person. She has asked Seiko and she says that she doesn’t know him. He wants to see her face-to-face. Lisa tells him that Seiko said that she doesn’t want to add to his pain so that’s why she didn’t agree to see him. Hai Jie sees the coaster with the words ‘ Alice Cafe’ and asks Lisa how this could have nothing to do with Alice. Lisa tells him that she named it after ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

She tells him that she understands the pain of finding somebody. She lost her daughter and waited many years before she suddenly appeared. She tells him that to rest assure; if she wants to return she will return.

After Hai Jie leaves, Alice/Seiko has a talk with her mother. Lisa asks her if she remembers when she was little why she and her father called her Alice. She says she doesn’t remember but asks why. Lisa explains that her father said there is a plant called Alice and it would produce beautiful flowers and people who smell it would feel happy. Her father saw and felt this way that’s why they called her Alice. So this cafe is in fact named after her.

Her father died because he went to find Alice the plant and when her mother decided to open this cafe, she used the name Alice.

Die Fei asks Ting Yu why he didn’t tell her that he is dating Alice. He tells her that he has no need to reason to report to her. She tells him that she wants to move but her doesn’t allow her to saying that she is afraid that Hai Jie would be unhappy right? It’s because he is unhappy that’s why she is unhappy. He tells her that she is really simple. He then asks her what happens if Seiko is Alice? She tells him that he should be the one looking for the answer to this. He then tells her that she is Seiko and not Alice and that she still has a chance.


Alice tries to call Ting Yu but he doesn’t pick up. Instead a car turns up with SJ. She asks him if he really did cause the accident. He tells her that the company has more that just her on business. He tells her that the company needs her to get close to Lisa to get the x-seed. He then hands her photos of her enjoying her time in Taiwan. He warns her to do her business well or else things aren’t going to end well for her or her grandmother.

As she gets off he hands her postcards from Hai Jie. She then heads over to Hai Jie’s place.

She sees his wall plastered with pictures of their memories. She turns around and as she turns back, he pulls her into a kiss. She resists to know kiss him back. She pushes him away and explains her reason for coming here. She tells him that she really isn’t Alice. She proves it to him by showing him her passport which clearly says Iko Seiko. As she goes to leave, he pulls her into a hug and pleads for her not to go while she kinda resists in the hug. As she leaves she tells him if she is Alice, she would tell him to look forward and not let the past tie him.


Die Fei gets a text from her sister asking her to come help her out but she just deletes the message while Ting Yu calls Alice but she doesn’t pick up.

Father Lan gets a text message from Die Fei informing him where her sister is.

Yu Shu and Jin Cang are out dining. Jin Cang doesn’t seem interested in their new house (or their relationship for that matter). She asks him to return home with her to let her father know that they are serious but he just postpones it. She asks how long they have to last in this condition. He tells her that they require time.

Hai Jie and Die Fei are communicating through MSN. (Ahahahaa, how cute! Or maybe I just find everything cute…) He tells her that Alice came to find him today to tell him that she isn’t Alice. She tells him not to be too disappointed.


My Opinion:

I held moderate hope that this puzzle would fit together but once again it remains jumbled. Oh well, at least it is better than the last episode which I am greatly happy for. The puzzle is slowly getting together. Hopefully by the end of this drama, the puzzle will be solved.

Jin Cang and Yu Shu’s relationship seem to be weakening as the story progresses. I think it’s from Jin Cang’s behalf. Though what I don’t get is that Jin Cang was all lovey dovey to her in the last episode and now he seems a bit distant from her. I can’t see his love for her any more. I can just see Yu Shu’s love for him. I think that her feelings are the strongest out of everyone in this drama.

I can see that the directors want viewers to see Die Fei falling for Ting Yu. I can see that, only sometimes. The feelings are very mixed. At times, I think that Die Fei is falling for Ting Yu but at others it is very mixed. She shows feelings for Ting Yu, definitely, but it’s more friendship. Ting Yu’s feelings for her aren’t friendship nor are they love. It is just very mixed between them.

I do not get Ting Yu and Alice’s relationship at all. Who loves who? Ting Yu loves Die Fei right? Then why is he just showing no love or feelings towards her? Though I can see a tinge of jealously whenever Hai Ji is around Die Fei. And Alice? What does she want with Ting Yu? Why is she throwing herself at Ting Yu? She clearly doesn’t love him in that way…

Hai Jie is really long winded in his love life. Alice is his life to him. Alice, Alice and only Alice. Everything else comes second to him. His world is just Alice. I agree with Alice – he should not let the past tie him to his future.

I really don’t understand Die Fei. She knows that Hai Jie does not like her yet she still likes him. Though I can’t see her love for him, her feelings for him is still very sudden and forced. I want to see her actually fall in love with him. I just want to see feelings.

I am still curious as to what Alice wants with Lisa. What is she going to do with Lisa? Is she going to ruin Lisa? What does she have planned up her sleeve? I think this is the most interesting part of the plot that actually makes the story interesting. (: She still loves Hai Jie but why is she pushing him away?

Hopefully the next episode will be better. (:

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17 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 8 Recap

  1. fallcolors July 11, 2012 at 6:32 am Reply

    Thanks for the recap! I honestly want DieFei and Tingyu’s relationship to progress faster bc I think they’re so cute together. I guess the purpose of them living together now would try to progress towards that? It’s really too bad episodes only air once a week 😦

    • misscupcakees July 11, 2012 at 12:28 pm Reply

      No worries! (:

      Ahahaha, yeps. I honestly want their relationship to progress faster as well. It’s already half way through the drama and there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry between our OTP. I really want to see some reaction and chemistry between them!

  2. heisui July 11, 2012 at 11:02 am Reply

    I think getting together with Ting Yu is all part of Alice’s plan–like she said, she has her on way of fulfilling her ‘mission’. At this point I don’t think Die Fei and Ting Yu have romantic feelings for each other which is why you don’t see any such emotions there.

    • misscupcakees July 11, 2012 at 12:32 pm Reply

      Ahahahaha, but we never know with Alice. She is too mysterious. Maybe he just happened to be an obstacle that she never expected… Ahahahhas

      Yeaahh, trues. Well, if you say it that way, then the bed scene doesn’t make any sense then… Well, at times you can see feelings there, like when Die Fei got ‘jealous’ that Ting Yu came home late and when Ting Yu gave that jealous look when Hai Jie hugged her.

      I want to see some interations and emotions with our couples already!

      • heisui July 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm

        I think Die Fei is just starting to care more about Ting Yu, but she wasn’t exactly jealous.

        On the other hand, Ting Yu’s look when Hai Jie hugged her was definitely jealous!!!!! AHHH it was so intense!!

      • misscupcakees July 11, 2012 at 8:45 pm

        Yeaah, I guess we both have different ways of interpreting it. Well, I can agree that Ting Yu was definitely jealous! Ahhahahas.

        I wonder what is Alice’s ‘mission’. What does she want with Lisa?

      • heisui July 12, 2012 at 5:58 am

        I think it’s some sort of document?

      • misscupcakees July 13, 2012 at 12:36 pm

        Hmmm… I’m not sure. But I think it has something related to her father…

  3. chocolate布丁 July 13, 2012 at 12:16 am Reply

    Okay, I actually haven’t watched this episode so I can’t comment much on it. If you’re looking for an explanation about Ting Yu’s and Alice’s relationship, I got some pretty good insight from this website:

    Basically Ting Yu and Alice have a really weird relationship. Ting Yu trusts Alice enough to pour out his sorrows to her, but he has his suspicions and he did whatever he did to play along with her game and see what she’s up to or something.

    I’m sad that Yu Shu’s and Jin Cang’s relationship are progressing like this. I love their interaction so much usually. And I’m disappointed with the lack of role of Siren. I didn’t think Siren would play such a small part in the show. 😦

    Otherwise, I’m actually quite liking it. I wish Lara could act better, It would make the show so much better. If she did, perhaps we’ll have more insight on her feelings Ting Yu. As far as I know, she’s subconsciously falling for him even though she thinks she likes Hai Jie. She wants to sing, but rather than singing to get closer to Hai Jie, she wants to please Ting Yu, I think.

    • misscupcakees July 13, 2012 at 12:42 pm Reply

      Hmmm, yeah. Ting Yu and Alice has a very weird relationship. At first they were at each other’s ends and now what have they become? I’m not sure but it doesn’t seem like he is playing along with her game. I’m not sure he even knows what she wants.

      I know. I liked them. Their relationship is cute! I missed their previous connections. 😦

      Oh, I kind of forgot about the existence of Siren until you mentioned it! Ahahahhas, yeah, they made it seem like it had a very important role in ep 3 but it has hardly had an appearance since then.

      Mmm, yeah. Lara’s acting does have a big factor to all this. I want to see her evoke more emotions. You can’t even tell who she is falling for. Ahh, I guess that is it then? But you can’t tell from her emotions.

      And Aaron needs to have some emotions too! I really can’t tell that he is falling for Die Fei aside from a few jealous looks.

      • chocolate布丁 July 13, 2012 at 10:40 pm

        Yesss I know. I think the show is too subtle. Hahaha. I guess the director wanted all the feelings to be brought across by the little actions – eyes, looks, small gestures, but the actors are not doing a good enough job of bringing it across.

        Ting Yu and Alice. Ah. I don’t know. I have to say I actually really felt emotions from their bed scene. Not that they loved each other, but, more like, it was so painful to watch them, because they were venting all their suppressed feelings on each other. I actually don’t really mind their relationship, they just seem to be a little more than friends. But I think they’re both putting on a front in front of each other.

        I don’t think Ting Yu knows anything about Alice’s purpose, but I’m sure he is suspicious. He is quite a smart guy and definitely will not be blind. I mean, Alice popped out of nowhere, and keeps asking him about Lisa’s secrets. He can’t be that stupid.

      • misscupcakees July 13, 2012 at 11:08 pm

        Hmmm, I guess. I would rather like to see bigger actions though. I want to see big emotions. I can hardly even recognise or see the little gestures.

        I still don’t get their relationship. It seems really bizarre and out of there. I mean when Alice asked him if this was real, he could have pulled back but instead he pushed for it like they were in love. Friends, I’m not sure. Well, they were hardly friends at first… Their relationship has a weird progress…

        I’m sorry to admit this, but I don’t think he is even aware of her intentions. Ahahahaha, at least it seems that way. He doesn’t show it or anything…

    • chocolate布丁 July 14, 2012 at 6:06 pm Reply

      Hahaha, nah, I’m sure he isn’t that daft. I mean, he has absolutely no reason to get involved with Alice, because I’m very sure he doesn’t like her, so I think their relationship is kinda related to that?

      I can’t wait for Die Fei to fall in love with Ting Yu and realize how long he has (well, supposedly) been in love with her. Alice and Ting Yu have really good chemistry though, and I hope when Ting Yu and Die Fei do finally get romantically involved their chemistry will match up.

      Ting Yu is so not gentle with Die Fei though. >< I'll admit this isn't my favourite role of Aaron's. I still prefer him being gentle and sweet and all to the girl 😛

      • misscupcakees July 14, 2012 at 6:21 pm

        Yeah, I’m not so sure. Well, he isn’t being rash for sure. I mean he went on to admit that he is dating Alice so that ought to be saying something… Hmm? Related to getting together with Alice because he doesn’t like her?

        Ahahahhaha, I want to see progress between them. (: Hopefully we can witness it soon.

        Ahahahah, yeah. He seems very rough with her. Whereas with Alice it’s like the total opposite. I wonder what type of couple they will turn out to be…

    • Choc-olatepudding July 15, 2012 at 10:52 am Reply

      Yeah! Do you also realize he isn’t like, “shy” at all with Alice? Whereas with Die Fei (the previous episode when he was outside the bathroom with her) he’s like so awkward? Omg so cute ❤

      Oh yeah I suddenly noticed something. Alice's phone cover is a rabbit! That has to be a symbol right? Can't really figure it out though, since SJ isn't exactly very like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

      Nah, I mean Ting Yu gets close to Alice because he's suspicious of her. I think at the start of this episode he probably watched Alice take the call and after that for some time. Plus I think that Lisa knows Alice has a purpose in coming except she doesn't want to know why and she just wants to pretend that nothing is up with Alice.

      And I'm sad that they ended the brotherhood before it barely started.

      • misscupcakees July 15, 2012 at 9:22 pm

        Oh, yeah! That’s true! She seems much more open around Alice.

        Really? That could be a symbol. You never know. I just thought that she uses it because it’s cute…

        That is something I am not sure about. It doesn’t really hint that Ting Yu is suspicious of her… Though I am sure Lisa wonders why Alice is actually here but she doesn’t seem to doubt her sincerity…

        Yeaaahhh! I know. 😥

      • Shanny July 23, 2012 at 5:18 am

        Alice phone cover was with these rabbit-ears from the start, it is a symbol of the connection to alice-in-wonderland, as it is the most mystrious part of the drama (dreams, the helmet, little alice in the theatre) (:

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