Alice in Wonder City Episode 9 Recap

Wow, so there are a lot of tension between Yu Shu and her father. Yeps, all for a guy. Actually, the sisters both have their guy problems.

Hai Jie tells Die Fei that Alice came to tell him that she really isn’t Alice.  Yep, he is depressed.

Yu Shu wakes up to find her father knocking at her door. He doesn’t yell at her but instead brings her breakfast and asks her of her well-being. He kindly tells her to go study in England but she tells him that she doesn’t want to any more. He tells her what that man can give her, he can also give her it. She explains that he loves and she loves him; that are in love. Her father asks her what she knows about love – he turned on his wife and he could turn on her. She talks back asking her father what he understands about love when he all he loves is guard the watch store and her mother’s memorial plague. He tells her even until death he will still love her mother. She asks him now that her mother is not here, what did he use to prove that he loves her mother? He tells her that she and Die Fei can receive happiness and that is proof right there. 

He pulls her trying to drag her home but she accidentally spills water on him. He tells that she is his daughter so he has the responsibility to take her home. She tells him she has grown up now and doesn’t need his responsibility. This leaves Father Lan aching.

Alice is packing to return to Japan to visit her granny who has fallen sick. Lisa asks her if she should go with her but Alice tells her there is no need because her grandparents might still be angry with her (Lisa doesn’t know her father-in-law is dead yet…). She tells her mother that when she returns to Japan she will tell her grandparents that she found her mother to let them be prepared for it. Lisa tells her that she has something to return to her grandmother. Alice asks if it is related to her father which her mother tells her it is. Lisa tells her to go retrieve it before she leaves. She then texts SJ that they have gotten their target.

It’s a box with photos of her father and a ring. Alice asks her mother if she needs to keep one of the photos for memory? Her mother tells her that she doesn’t need. It’s in her heart, she thinks about him every day so she won’t forget. Lisa explains that her father used the ring to propose to her and it wasn’t until later that she found out he stole the ring from his mother (that is, the ring is Alice’s granny). Alice asks if this is all and she is disappointed to find that it is.


Yeps, Hai Jie is depressed. Die Fei calls and he doesn’t pick up. He goes to ride his bike only to find that it has a flat tire. Just in the nick of time, Die Fei arrives and takes him out to cure his depressed state. An aeroplane flies past and Die Fei asks if he wants to make a wish. He declines and gives her the wish. They are at a cafe and Die Fei asks if he is sure she isn’t Alice. He tells him he is because he kissed her and she pulled back. He has hopes that although she is not Alice, Alice will return one day and he will wait for her. (Oh man, he is one long hearted guy). She asks her if she minds that Ito Seiko is invading her relationship with Ting Yu. (AAHAHAHAHAHAS!) She asks why she has to mind Ito Seiko, it’s all good if she doesn’t mind her living at Ting Yu’s place. He tells her that Ting Yu clearly likes her yet he has a girlfriend. (Woahh, what? When did you realise this?) She tells her that Ting Yu can’t possibly like her. She asks him if he minds that she is living with Ting Yu because if he does she can move out. He tells her that Ting Yu’s girlfriend hasn’t even said a word so when is it up to him to opinionate?

Yu Shu is depressed because Jin Cang just left, just like that. Die Fei tells her that she knows that she must be feeling really bad right now but since she chose this path she must sustain all the consequences. They decide to go visit their father the next day. (Oh, not good, not good).

Alice goes to hail a taxi but it drives pass her. Then a black car appears and two shoved her in the car and drove off. It’s SJ of course because she didn’t get what he wants. He ties her up and gets her to make a call to her grandmother. Her grandmother is undeniably upset when she tells her that she won’t be return but before she can say more, he cuts the call off.

Die Fei arrives home and realises that her mother’s birthday is today. She is taken back when she discovers that her father has bought a car. He hasn’t driven for over twenty years. He tells her that he has thought a lot of the past two days of her and Yu Shu singing. She recalls them singing in the car and how she threw a tantrum for her mother to drive.

Yu Shu goes to store only to find that it is not open for business. She has called both her sister and father and they aren’t picking up. She gets worried and calls Hai Jie for help. She is worried that her father might do something regretful so Hai Jie goes to call the locksmith.


So Mother Lan goes to open the door to the driver side but a car comes and crashes her. Die Fei tells her father that she always thought that she caused the death of her mother. If she wasn’t that immature, her mother wouldn’t have died. Her father tells her that he always thought that it was him who caused them to be without a parent. How good would it be if they can speak to her mother? He tells her that he cares for both her and Yu Shu. She tells her father who she has been staying with.

They open the store but Yu Shu is worried that there is no one home. Finally, they return and Yu Shu apologises. So everything is all solved.


Die Fei and Hai Jie are having some drink time. She tells him that today she has finally discovered a truth – she didn’t cause her mother’s death. He tells her that he thinks that she is a warm person, actually her whole family is. She then goes to confess but can’t get pass the word ‘I’ when Ting Yu interrupts and calls but she doesn’t pick up. After like a lot of calls, she picks up. He asks her where she is and she tells him that she is at Hai Jie’s place. She asks him what he wants. He tells her he is hungry and that she is responsible for his three meals. He gives her an hour to return home.

He sends Die Fei home and recalls Ito Seiko telling him to move on.

Ting Yu is jealous that all Die Fei does is for Hai Jie. She comes home and brings him food but he just walks off and drowns his depression with Alice. But what he doesn’t know is that one of SJ’s men is watching. Anyway, they start talking about violins and lovers and she doesn’t understand it. She takes leave but he stops her asking if she is Alice. She tells him that she isn’t.

Alice sneaks her way out of the hotel and returns home to visit her grandmother. She finds out that SJ’s people hasn’t been giving her a  hard time which is a relief. She shows her grandmother the ring but she doesn’t recognise it as her own right. However, she does sees similarity in it.


Jin Cang has returned. Yu Shu tells him that she really doesn’t know how to face her father. He tells her that they will face this together. She asks him to go meet her with father with her just when his wife arrives. She gives him something that he wants. Coincidentally, his two ladies wear the same headband… She asks Yu Shu to send her out which she does. She kindly ‘gives away’ her husband.

Yu Shu arrives home to tell her father that Jin Cang has divorced with his wife. She apologises for her words leaves. Meanwhile Jin Cang’s wife is at the airport when she calls Jin Cang. She tells him that she is going to go to the place that he promise to take her and look ahead in life.

Hai Jie packs away his Alice.

Father Lan has finally fixed his wife’s broken watch. He tells Die Fei to find a time to give it to Yu Shu and to tell her that no matter what they will always be there for her.

Hai Jie leaves a note to Jin Cang saying that he isn’t feeling well and can’t play the violin any more. He says that he might not come back. Die Fei comes in and Yu Shu quickly throws away the note.

The sisters are out at lunch and Yu Shu tells her that she would be better off to put her time else where, like on the stage singing.

Hai Jie is back at his hometown and his parents tell him to be productive.

Ting Yu isn’t happy with the plan to debut Die Fei. He tells her that he knows that she sings for one person but he isn’t going to come back. He tells her that she and Hai Jie is alike. Hai Jie isn’t playing the violin for a girl and she can’t go on stage to express her own feelings. (Oh, Ting Yu was cool there! Ahahahahs) What is music to you guys!?


My Opinion:

Screen time in this drama is all over the place. This ep there was barely two minutes from Ting Yu and there wasn’t much from Die Fei either if you compare it to her sister. I think her sister is overshadowing her both with acting and screen time. Lara’s acting seems bland and emotionless when you compare it to her sister. I’m not sure but I think Yu Shu’s acting is much more smoother and natural than hers.

Oh, what? Excuse me? Hai Jie read that Ting Yu likes Die Fei? Since when was this the case? You can see more of Ting Yu’s feelings here but I think its because the director really wants to get the point across he likes Die Fei. However, even with the feeling in place you can’t really tell that he likes Die Fei. He doesn’t show it that way. All he shows is jealously. I want to see some love and urge for her.

I think the last scene where Ting Yu yelled at Die Fei is his best scene of the show yet. There was power and control over it. That is my favourite scene. It shows Aaron’s ability to be forceful and there it shows that he can act. Oh, and he was very cool there. Hehehehhe.

What does Alice want!? I really want to know! What does she have planned up her sleeve? I don’t think she is a baddie, I don’t think she even wants to do this if it wasn’t for protecting her grandmother. But what does she want? What’s her plan?

Yay! Die Fei is singing next ep! Yay! I look forward to it. Oh, and she looks better with her hair down.


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26 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 9 Recap

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) July 18, 2012 at 1:39 pm Reply

    good read.i enjoyed it.

  2. heisui July 19, 2012 at 1:22 pm Reply

    I think it’s really funny that Hai Jie deduces that Ting Yu likes Die Fei, but he can’t even take the hint that Die Fei likes HIM. Ahahaha! Hai Jie is so dense that I highly doubt he can read into Ting Yu that much.

    • misscupcakees July 19, 2012 at 3:52 pm Reply

      Ahahahahaha, yeahhh! That’s true! Now I wonder too… ahahahahs

      • heisui July 20, 2012 at 6:35 am

        Ugh I might end up dropping this drama…I really want to find out what’s gonna happen in the love square but so far the pace has just been ok.

      • misscupcakees July 20, 2012 at 4:12 pm

        I was going to drop it because it got to neutral and boring but since I’m recapping it I decided not too… Ahahahha, but it’s getting quite boring. I’m in it for Aaron. 🙂 I don’t like the pace, it’s too slow.

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 3:40 pm

        Yeah I didn’t even bother watching this episode………..I think I might just drop it since I’m gonna be busy with SOP Queen and TIGER CUBS!

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 3:52 pm

        Ahahaahaha, Alice in Wonder City is just boring. I don’t even get the whole ‘Wonder City’ part. Urrrghh, just 7 ish more episodes to go.

        Ahahahaahha, yeahhh, they are two of my fave dramas that I am currently catching.

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 3:54 pm

        I KNOW I thought the concept would be different!!!! Maybe if they had gone for a better concept AIWC would be more put together. So far it’s all over the place. I really liked Yu Shu’s (I think that’s her name) storyline though.

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 3:58 pm

        Urghh, I don’t even know why I watched it. Where is the wonder city in this? And what about the Alice in Wonderland relation? The first episode was a glimmer of hope then they just ruined the plot.

        Yeahh, that was my fave storyline. I can’t believe I would like Yu Shu’s storyline over the overs. Usually I am always swooning over one of the lead storylines…

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 4:03 pm

        Yeah I don’t know why I didn’t drop it earlier. I guess I thought it might get better and there might be progress with the OTP’s but so far…NONE. *sigh* I like Yu Shu’s storyline better because it’s more realistic and mature. Plus it’s not confusing like the love square T_T

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 4:15 pm

        Ahahahahaha, let me tell you something, I never drop anything. If I start it, I have to finish it even if it is boring. Ahahahahs

        Honestly, the OTP doesn’t even match. None of them match each other.

        And what is with Aaron’s hair in this!?

        Ahahahahahs, yeahh, her relationship is normal. Everyone else’s is so confusing. Like what the heck? When this occur?

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 4:34 pm

        Wow that’s impressive. I drop so many dramas T_T Or I start posting about a drama but never finish covering the rest of the episodes.

        Yeah I hoped that Ting Yu x Die Fei would have more chemistry but so far the OTP’s chemistry isn’t what it should be. I think AIWC is trying too hard to be serious and grown up.

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 4:53 pm

        Ahahahaha, yeah, so I don’t start dramas that I know I wouldn’t enjoy. Ahahahaha, at least you actually go to post about it so that’s all good. (:

        Ahahaha, I just see them together. They don’t match. Urghhh, they don’t even have chemistry. I don’t even see them as friends.

        Yeah, that’s true. It’s too mature and grown up.

        The title of this drama is very misleading. Isn’t is all supposed to be about Alice?

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm

        Maybe if Alice were the main character instead, the drama would’ve gone in a better direction.

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 5:00 pm

        Yeahh, Ting Yu and Alice look compatible together. (: But it’s not. Maybe the title of this drama should be ‘Die Fei in Wonder City’ instead.

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 5:02 pm

        Yeah they’re pushing the Alice theme too much. Urgh or maybe if they would just show us that Hai Jie is more of a complex character than we think he is, and Die Fei sucked it up and changed for the better, I’d be more satisfied.

    • wormsoup July 21, 2012 at 12:23 am Reply

      Hmm. Actually, from this episode, I think they’re telling us that Hai Jie isn’t as dense as he seems. The scene where Die Fei was trying to confess to him? He seemed to be finding excuses to give her a way out so as to spare her the hurt of being rejected. In fact, on hindsight it seems that he was just acting dense to spare her feelings (eg he asked why she would wanna be Alice when it was blatantly obvious to everyone why exactly. )

      The question is why does Ting Yu keep urging Die Fei to confess even when he knows that she has no chance with Hai Jie. So that she would give up hope once and for all? Possibly…

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 1:41 pm

        That’s the problem. It’s not clear how the director wants the viewers to interpret the characters. I guess Hai Jie does know that Die Fei likes him, it’s just that he only loves Alice.

        Ahahahah, maybe he wants Die Fei to be hurt and he can step in and be the one to comfort her. (: Aahahahahas, who knows?

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 3:38 pm

        HMM that might be true too. Hai Jie is so kindhearted maybe he can’t bear to directly reject Die Fei? Ugh if so, I know he’s trying to spare her dignity or something but in the long run it’s just gonna hurt her more.

  3. chocolate布丁 July 21, 2012 at 6:38 pm Reply


    Sigh, I really cannot find time to continue watching for now, so I shall just be content with reading your recaps. I’ll probably only watch in Dec or something T_T

    Haha, I do not drop Aaron’s dramas. Well, except for Love Buffet, but trust, it is far more boring than this. Plus, I do like the music theme in here, and Ting Yu draws me in. 🙂 Hehe. And yeah, I agree Aaron and Lara do not really look that good together, but oh man, I don’t know if you’ve seen them singing Someone Like You together on a 100% Entertainment. It was freaking awesome. They’re better off having a duet.

    And I never really had hopes for Hai Jie. Haha, he is soooo dense and blind. But there’s this saying 旁观者清, so I guess Hai Jie is something like that?

    Yeah, the show is really messy. I really loved the concept of the show though, and I wish they could have done a better job of presenting the whole thing. But I would definitely credit the crew and actors for putting an incredible amount of effort. Oh yeah, one reason for the messiness might be that, the show has changed directors twice, so there are like, 3 directors? And every director has a different style and interpretation :/

    Ah, omg, I really wanna see the scene where Ting Yu screams at them for treating music so lightly. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH HIM. Die Fei has such an amazing voice, and she claims that she loves music, but she would just throw away her talent because of her stupid problems that stems from her lack of courage.

    And you’re right, Alice isn’t a baddie. 🙂 And I don’t know if this is considered a spoiler, but it’s pretty obvious anyway: Siren doesn’t do anything. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. I had such high hopes that Siren would bring in a different dimension of the show!

    I wish Aaron would film a drama that focused on brotherhood. That would be so awesome. Something like Hot Shot. The whole Fahrenheit should do it, hahaha. Before they officially disband or something. Oh yeah, Wuzun’s gonna film a new movie! 🙂

    • Lola July 22, 2012 at 7:24 pm Reply

      Unlike a typical taiwanese drama, “Love Buffet” actually requires a second chance and must be watched twice in order to fully understand and see the beauty of the story. Even though the story may be very simple, it is quite realistic since it focus on the challenges and difficulty that individuals have to face on a day-to-day basis in their decision-making process. Also, it shows that our current life is based on the past decisions that we have made . . . hard to believe, but true. There are times in which I wonder what my life would have been life if I had made a different decision. However, whatever is done is done, and there is no turning back nor any regrets.

      The first time I watched “Love Buffet,” I actually stopped watching it halfway. However, due to my impatience in waiting to watch Alice in Wonder City one episode per week, I finally decided to give “Love Buffet” a second chance just to allow myself to see more of Aaron on screen, and fortunately, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the drama a second time through even though the ending was quite disappointed and left me with a bitter-sweet type of feeling. However, sometimes, life itself is unexpected. Therefore, whenever you are bored or have time to kill, give “Love Buffet” a second chance and you won’t be disappointed. Simple and realistic are the reasons that makes “Love Buffet” such a wonderful and memorable drama since it allows it viewer to relate to it on multiple levels.

      At this moment, I am quite disappointed in the way Alice in Wonder City is progressing. It makes me feel as though this drama is leading to an empty ending. However, I will continue to watch it and see where it lead us. Once again, I am also disappointed that “Siren” didn’t played a major role in this story since I believe that a story about how a cursed violin drove his musician(s) into madness would be quite an intriguing story to watch and has more depth, compared to the current plot.

      • chocolate布丁 July 22, 2012 at 10:14 pm

        “I believe that a story about how a cursed violin drove his musician(s) into madness would be quite an intriguing story to watch and has more depth, compared to the current plot.”

        ^ THIS. I would LOVE to see that.

        The simplistic plot wasn’t the main reason why I stopped Love Buffet. It was simplistic, and not the most interesting, but it was the main girl that turned me off. I cannot stand how fast she seems to get over the previous guy so quickly. It’s like she didn’t really liked them in the first place! I cannot see her feelings. 😦

        I don’t like the plot of Love Buffet though. It doesn’t have depth, and it was draggy. And the characters frustrated me because they made so many stupid decisions. I did watch the ending though. I don’t like it. They should have had a clear cut ending, and show that Calvin ended up with Reen in the romantic sense more clearly instead of make it seem like the three of them ended up together (okay this might be exaggerated).

        I might give it a second chance if I do have the time. But Love Buffet wouldn’t be at the top of my list of things to do when I am bored, if you get what I mean.

        In my free time I’m going to write a story about a cursed violin who drove a violinist into madness.

  4. Shanny July 25, 2012 at 3:09 pm Reply

    It looks like all the characters getting into a turning point exept ting yu and die fei. It is really dissapointing because they are the most intersting…..It just more obvious every ep that ting yu likes die fei but they are not doing anything about it so it just make it boring…
    How much time are they planning to drag it??
    Do you know btw how many episodes is this drama?

    • misscupcakees July 29, 2012 at 9:39 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, well Alice is you know in her mysterious job while Hai Jie has lost his passion for violin because of Alice. Ting Yu and Die Fei is just neutral!

      Supposedly there is 16 eps…

  5. Leigh July 27, 2012 at 7:24 pm Reply

    3 different directors…maybe that’s why the drama seems so mixed up…this is just my guess, there are two Alices…what else could it be with the personality change? and DF is going to get a makeover and experience heartache so she can emote in her singing, TY will learn how to truly love, HJ will mature. The bad guy must like Alice and is prob rejected by her, and Alice is in survival mode, hence the personality change. It seems to me that she really like HJ, but why did she and TY hook up. I hope they can all remain friends in the end. The music is very nice, and I think they all can act…Aaron, of course, makes you believe his character, more than the others. I don’t how and if he and Lara will hook up…he’s always scolding her and she’s always upset. It’s nice to see someone else’s viewpoint on dramas…as a writer, I love to see a story progress. Thanks.

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