SOP Queen Episode 9 Recap

Wow, this ep really shows how much of a difference timing can make. It was just one step, just one and everything would have been different.

One step too late. Xiao Jie arrives at the scene but Tang Jun has already left. Coincidentally, Xiao Jie’s phone has died too.

CEO Tang has two requests for CEO Gao. One – to have Lin Xiao Jie to go to Shanghai and lead the VIP project. Two – to have Bai Ji Qing as endorse their event. CEO Gao agrees to request number two and as for number one…

Xiao Jie arrives at the restaurant and sees Tian Tian there. Tian Tian who is a very good assistant to his boss tries to delay time by ‘accidentally’ spilling a drink on Xiao Jie which leads to Zi Qi’s two ladies taking the lift in the opposite direction. Wow, Tian Tian is one busy assistant.

After some explaining and ‘persuading’ from CEO Tang and Tang Jun, CEO Gao agrees to consider it.


Ji Qing arrives and she is surprised at his precise planning. He asks her if she has thought of their future but she can’t answer it. He tells her that he has been thinking over the past few days about how she wants a person to always be waiting for her. He asks her if she will publicise their relationship. He tells her he doesn’t want her to retire from showbiz, for their future days he also doesn’t wish that she wait at home; actually he hopes that he can become the person who supports her strength. Of course if she is tired and wants to rest they can live an ordinary and peaceful lifestyle. He tells her that he wants to spend his future days with her.

Of course the paparazzi turns up and Zi Qi decides to pop to one knee and propose. (Ahh, sweet. A proposal is always sweet.) She happily accepts his ring and recalls their time together as well her career as a model. Her face soon turns sour and just as he is about to step outside to announce their relationship, she tells him ‘no’.


He lets the paparazzi into their dining room to show them that there is no Bai Ji Qing here. Turns out she is hiding under the table. One of the paparazzi goes to undercover the table cloth but Zi Qi stops him and at this moment Xiao Jie turns up. (Wow, sure to be media headlines!) Using Xiao Jie, he is able to shoo away the paparazzi.


Ji Qing drops the wedding ring – box included – and Xiao Jie goes to pick it up without spotting her. In a flashback, Ji Qing rejected Zi Qi. (Nawws, poor guy) Xiao Jie asks him that day at the restaurant if he wanted to talk to her about this. She asks him if he wants to propose to her. He tells her yes, that’s right, I want to propose to the lady in front of me – causing Ji Qing to tear up – and drops to his knee for the second time in the same night. (Wow, must be a new record, two proposals in one night.) He puts the ring on her and asks if she is willing to marry him. Xiao Jie ruins the mood by asking why the ring size is so big. (Ahahahahahs!) He tells her that it was his mistake; he didn’t make clear of the situation and blind-mindedly went to propose. (Clearly directed to Ji Qing.) He tells her that he doesn’t know what the other person is thinking and the end result is only embarrassment for himself.

She happily tells him that it is not as bad as he thinks. Actually he is the prince is every girl’s dream. And Ji Qing continues to cry. She tells him that every second being with him it feels like she is in a dream and unreal. She would constantly fantasise if they really have a future together how would their future be like? So the fool is her. Even though the ring doesn’t quite fit but she is happy for everything he has done for her.


So Tang Jun is constantly checking his phone to see nothing from Xiao Jie. 😦 WOAAHHH, WHAT A COINCIDENT! It turns out that Tang Jun is at the same restaurant as Xiao Jie and Zi Qi! CEO Gao invites CEO Tang to say hello to Zi Qi. What a hectic day for Tian Tian! Anyway, it just complicates matters further for Zi Qi.

Xiao Jie announces that she hasn’t accepted yet and Zi Qi’s father teaches him that he has to bend on one knee to show his sincerity. Nope, he doesn’t bend down on one knee. He steps forward and asks those present that if no one objects, he will officially propose to Lin Xiao Jie.

Well, guess who comes and objects? Tang Jun! He asks Zi Qi if he is sure about today’s decision, if he is sure he won’t leave her again not picking up his phone for the whole night, if he won’t lie to her again. Zi Qi asks him what he is trying to say. He tells him that he is a really lucky person. If he really wants to marry her he hopes that he can give her happiness, protect her and not let her drop another tear for him. He asks Zi Qi if he can guarantee this. (Nawws, it must pain Tang Jun to say this.) Zi Qi recalls Ji Qing rejection and guarantees it leaving Ji Qing in even more tears. Tang Jun takes back his objection and wishes them all the best. (Poor Tang Jun!)

Yep, Zi Qi breaks his record and drops down to his knee for the third time in one night and asks if she is willing to marry him which of course she agrees to.


It’s night and Xiao Jie is happy about her engagement. Tang Jun and Ji Qing are both drowning their sorrows. Ji Qing comments how it should be like this; this female lead is supposed to be together with the male lead. Zi Qi is also drowning his sorrows. Xiao Jie happily informs Tom that she is getting married.

Zi Qi arrives home on this rainy night to see Ji Qing there. She asks him if he really is going to get married with Xiao Jie. He tells her that this is also a good choice. (Wow, Xiao Jie is just a life jacket to you!) At least someone enjoys his proposal surprise. She tells him that this proposal is not funny at all and he tells her who would play with a proposal? Or maybe, she wants to tell him that her rejection was just a joke? She tells him that he knows of her situation, how can she agree to it. And he tells her not to give him hope. She tells him that she wants to be by his side and she loves him. He tells her that she loves him but they have different attitudes towards love. What he wants is a one to one love while she wants is everyone’s adoration.

He tells her that he loves her but they cannot return to the past. He gives her a lasting goodbye kiss and ends the relationship.

Zi Qi has fallen sick from the rain. His assistant gives him his honest opinion and tells him that he thinks Xiao Jie is better for him.

Xiao Jie gets switched to helping out the WIP function while Tang Jun packs to leave while wishing her all the best.


Ji Qing watches as Zi Qi publicly announces that he is getting married with leaves Ji Qing in tears as she recalls her time with him drowning herself in some delicious pizza junk food and coke that I would love to have now. Ahahahahas!

Yeahh, Xiao Jie is very happy thinking she is in a dream.

In Shanghai, Tang Jun and CEO Tang are greeted by childhood best friend Zhen Chu Chu (Meng Zheng, you know, the lead in The Magic Blade?) (Oh, and I just noticed that the car doors opening weirdly. Ahahahahs!) Yeahh, Tang Jun is depressed. Tang Jun’s older sister, Tang Min (Du Ruo Xi) enters the meeting late as she is feeling unwell and gets a lashing from her mother for her proposal for the VIP event. That’s where CEO Tang adds Tang Jun into the VIP event.

Ji Qing comes to Zi Qi’s place and tries to coax him back into the relationship by suggesting they go on a holiday trip to Paris (I want to go there!). She tells him that she knows that their relationship has ended but she doesn’t want to give up on him. He tells her that he really wants to forgive her but everything the feeling of abandon really hurts and he can’t continue on. She asks him if he can really easily let go of their relationship. He tells her yes, but he still loves her.


My Opinion:

I just want to say something about the fashion before I forget. Hehehehe. I really like it. I especially really like the maxi dresses that Ji Qing and Xiao Jie sports. It’s really pretty and I like it. The clothes that Xiao Jie wears makes her appear professional, like she knows what she is doing and is full of confidence. Ahahaha, I just realise how short Chen Qiao En is. She is about a head shorter than Zi Qi which is quite short considering she also wears heels. Hehehehe, but what she wears makes her appear taller. (:

Tang Jun is so sweet! I can just see it in him that he will be ready to bash up Zi Qi if he dare harms Xiao Jie. You can see the power and rage in him. But he really is sweet. He is willingly going to let Xiao Jie go if she can be happy. (: You know the saying, “If they are happy then I will be happy?” Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Tang Jun. Poor guy. First meeting and he falls in love with her and now he has to give her away just like that.

Ji Qing wants Zi Qi yet she is unwilling to make sacrifices for him. She wants things two ways, for her own benefit. I hope she will think things through and make sacrifices for him because he sure made a lot of her. Serves her right for breaking up with him. Hmph.

The scene where Zi Qi ended his relationship with Ji Qing was cold yet it had warmth to it. I think that really showcased his acting skills. That was the best from him yet. He shows that he can be handsome and cool too. He really shows that he likes her yet it was cold and terrifying.

So, that was not the most warmest or sweetest proposal ever but I liked it. It shows that he really cares and likes Ji Qing. Just the ways he said those words indirectly to Ji Qing shows that he has lost faith in her. He still loves her but she ruined what was a perfect proposal. Nawwws, now I feel bad of Xiao Jie because she is just a stepping stone. Yet she can still be so happy about this. Chen Qiao En seems to always be happy.

Oh yay! Finally, I get to see Zhen Chu Chu! I wonder how she will affect the Tang Jun-Xiao Jie relationship. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

And even more yay, next ep things finally make a move. Yippee! Yeah, head off to Shanghai and be with your prince charming. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 9 Recap

  1. anne July 19, 2012 at 1:07 am Reply

    they aired 10-12 tiday right? youre so quick with ep 8 n 9. i appreciate you for doimg so!!
    i like TJ N XJ chemistry better than XJ n ZQ. i just dont feel it between xj n zq. or maybe it’s because TJ N XJ’s chemistry is so great that it overshadowed xj n zq???? it’s just the way she smiled when she looked at TJ….it is much sweeter than the one she gave zq. 🙂

    • misscupcakees July 19, 2012 at 3:50 pm Reply

      Yepps. (: Thanks beautiful! I’m glad you enjoy reading it.

      Ahahahaha, me too. But then again, I do think I am a bit biased towards them. 😉 Hehehehhe Yeahhh, she gives Tang Jun really sweet smiles.

  2. coco July 20, 2012 at 12:52 am Reply

    I am starting to had Ji Qing in this episode. She is just too selfish and greedy. But I don’t think Xiao Jie is that short. It’s just Zi Qi is too high. With more than 1.9m height almost everybody will look short except for the models. I notice that in every scenes when except for when he is with Ji Qing, he needs to look down to talk to people. He is that high.

    • misscupcakees July 20, 2012 at 4:01 pm Reply

      Yyyeah, Ji Qing does grow to be selfish. I did like her, but now, she is starting to transform into a selfish person.

      No, Xiao Jie is short. Ahahahahas. And Zi Qi is tall. That’s why they don’t look compatible together; he is too tall for her. For height, Ji Qing and Zi Qi look compatible together while Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are also of a similar height.

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