Tiger Cubs Episode 4 Overview

Gaaaahhh, why do I always cry in TVB dramas? LOL, I am such a sucker for moving scenes. I’m actually glad with this episode with how well everything flows, especially on Hok Lai’s behalf. So all his training actually does have an impact on him. Ahahaha, this episode flows well with how it deals with three-ish, actually four-ish storylines as one and how it all intersects to link to further episodes.

  • Hok Lai moves out of the way before the car can run him over but he has injured his arm.
  • Hok Yun arrives, worried that her brother is injured but she is even more worried when he tries to call the police. She tells him that she knows that kidnappers do not want the police involved and is adamant that they do not call the police because she can’t take this risk.
  • His mother is worried sick and tells him that the kidnappers said that Hok Yan wasn’t here so they will call back later.
  • And call they do. They request for $1,000,000 in a day.
  • Hok Lai calls Chun Hun at tells him to meet “Dai Bo Lam” Village.  Hon To drives Chun Hin there as he has to go to a temple any way and his suspicion arises as he spots something.
  • He asks Chun Hin for help which he agrees to. He also tells him not to tell anyone. They stalk his sister and sees her chatting up to the kidnappers. He tells Chun Hin to follow one of the kidnappers while he follows his sister.
  • After his temple visit, Hon To notices a sneaky Chun Hin and decides to stalk him. He calls Chun Hin and asks him about Lai but he pushes it away and then he goes up to Chun Hin asking why he is lying. Chun Hin has no choice but to spill the beans and Hon To quickly joins the stalking.
  • Hok Lai overhears his sister telling the kidnappers that the money is here and asking where is her father and Michael. Wow, wow, wow, the kidnappers request for another $1,000,000.
  • Hon To tells Chun Hin that he has already called for back up while Hok Lai is shocked to discover that his sister taught the kidnappers to kidnap their very own father. The other kidnapper comes back and exposes Hok Lai’s presence. Hon Ton quickly pins him down and the head kidnapper holds a gun to Hok Yan. The police has no choice but to abide by the kidnapper’s request to ensure her safety.
  • So the kidnappers kidnap Hok Yan too. Her father is not even a bit shocked to discover that his daughter was under the planning of all this.
  • Cheuk Yuen tells Hon To that they have been following the head kidnapper, Wong Guai, for high interest loans and illegal weapon trafficking.
  • Hok Lai is furious that Chun Hin bought Hon To alone. He blames it on him that if it wasn’t because of him, his sister wouldn’t get kidnapped too and goes to punch him when Hon To intervenes. Hon To tells him he should have known better than to go in there without informing the police and fires him from SDU. Chun Hin tries to put in good words for him but get kicked back by Hok Lai.
  • Hok Lai goes home and discovers that his mother isn’t very well and has been suffering from high blood pressure because she is worried about him since he entered SDU and also the pressures that his father blames his mother for unable to persuade him to work at the company. He tells his mother that his father and sister will be fine and that he has requested for leave.
  • Hok Lai comes to work and actually requests to resign. Hon To doesn’t stop him but tells him he requires an appropriate reason. He tells him that it’s because he can’t stand him and his family needs him. Hon To asks him if it is because he needs a place where no one will force him to face reality. Hmm, what? Hon To tells him that all along he has been doing what he wants on the outside and never thought about returning home to help and now that the family is in trouble, he has decided to return home. Hon To tells him that his problem is that with everything he thinks from his point and that if he continues like this, no matter if it is at home or the SDU, there will only be one outcome – failure. He tells him that his resignation starts tomorrow but as for today he is still part of the SDU and orders him to clean the cars without a spick or speck of dusk.
  • As he is cleaning, he recalls his determination to enter the SDU because the SDU is the police’s best of the best and with everything he does, it is always the best. He also recalls his friendship with Chun Hin. What are friends for? Chun Hin comes down to help him out and the two are friends again. The team then comes down to help him and the commander-in-chief has to tell him that Hon To actually wants to give him a second chance because it is just not obvious enough for Hok Lai to read.
  • Cheuk Yuen and Hon To are up above watching them clean the cars. Cheuk Yuen tells him that he is sure that Hok Lai understands that he changed him to the sniper team to teach him how to be calm and to control his moods. Once he changes his all his shortcomings, he will become an outstanding SDU member. Hon To tells Cheuk Yuen that Hok Lai is too about himself. No matter if it is work or other matters, he doesn’t understand how to think on another’s point-of-view. No matter how fit or smart he is, it doesn’t work. Cheuk Yuen objects saying that although Hok Lai did wrong, he only did it for his family which means his training is working.
  • The SDU has a mission to rescue Hok Lai’s father and sister and yes, Hok Lai is accepted back to the team.
  • The SDU and OCTB are working together on this rescue mission. Chun Hin and Cheuk Yuen are given sniper position while Hok Lai gets to be on the assault team. Hok Lai has to crawl through the roof air conditioning tunnel using a sky camera to watch over the kidnapping place while the rest of the team plan to bomb the overly secured place.
  • The kidnappers are waiting over the security system on the company which really is a fake image put by Man Keung.
  • Hok Lai’s father blames her daughter for all this, if it wasn’t because of her then none of this would happen. She blames her father for being sexist. She tells him that she doesn’t want the company, she only wants to hear praise from him. He just tells her that she is just afraid that she won’t get the company.
  • Boy, is Hok Lai sweating. Boom, and one of the kidnappers shoot the air conditioning injuring Hok Lai but he doesn’t complain.
  • The kidnappers finally realise that the image is a hoax and plan to go all out when the police enters.
  • Hok Lai jumps down from his position and shooting occurs everywhere.
  • Precise aiming from Cheuk Yuen shoots down one of the kidnappers before he could do any damage to the three hostages.
  • Boom, boom, boom, more shooting occurs. One of the kidnappers go to shoot Hok Yan’s father but she covers him using herself as a shield.
  • The SDU enters and the kidnappers are all down.
  • Hok Lai visits his sister in hospital (the ones of criminals) and tells his sister he doesn’t understand why she would kidnap their own father. She explains that she is wrong and never thought things would happen his way. She regrets what she has done and explains that she was really angry when she made that decision; her father thought everything she did was for the family money. She tells him that all these years, no matter if it is home problems or her problems, she will always solve it by herself. She thought she would hate her father forever but at the moment the kidnappers went to shoot him, she was really scared. She tells him to do as their father says because she might never have a chance to help him again.
  • Her father is really angry and won’t even want to hire a lawyer for his own daughter. Hok Lai comes to his sister’s aid telling his father that he is the bad one here, all this time he has only cared for himself and his sister has always cared for the family. He continues to tell him that everyone here has contributed to making her take this path. He explains that his sister really does care for him and asks for forgiveness on her sister’s behalf.
  • On the day of the trial, her father comes and indirectly tells her that he has forgiven him.
  • The team is happy at Hok Lai’s return, especially Hon To. Wow, Hok Lai truly has learnt not to just think for himself and tells Hon To that he will happily be a sniper and Hon To happily tells him by that he can be on the assault team. Looks like all the training paid off.
  • Chun Hin’s older brother is also a police too. He tells him that he never thought that he would get into SDU, his father told him to try out and he did. His brother asks him if he really likes being a police and neutrally says that he does and looks up to his police father and brother as role models.
  • Cheuk Yuen, Man Keung and Hon To are having lunch and Cheuk Yuen comments that he never knew Chun Hin had such an outstanding brother. Hon To keeps staring at his phone waiting for Wai Wai’s text. Cheuk Yuen advises him to fly to Singapore to rekindle their relationship and offers to help him with it. When Hon To leaves Man Keung tells that if he doesn’t tell Wai Wai about it, it is not going to end well.
  • Cheuk Yuen has got  everything booked and planned for Hon To. He writes a text explaining to Wai Wai that the past is the past and tells and advises her to get back together with Hon To. Whoops, he accidentally sends it to Hon To…
  • Cheuk Yuen later gets a text from Wai Wai saying that she misses him. Hon To then comes down to the bar and gets Cheuk Yuen out for a talk. Hon To shows him the text and confronts him if Wai Wai likes someone else, him? He explains and Hon To asks him why he didn’t tell him earlier. The entire team come out and starts punching Cheuk Yuen up for ‘stealing’ their leader’s ‘wife’. Hon To doesn’t stop the fight and just walks off.
  • At the station, Cheuk Wah meets a senior and advises him to control his behaviour. Ben happens to walk by when she tells the senior off. Oh, he controls it. He enters the gun room…
  • The SDU has a new mission now – to capture the senior police, Lam Shek Yong.
  • The OCTB uncover that Lam Shek Yong used to be on the same team as Cheuk Wah. One time, Lam Shek Yong lost a piece of evidence so they couldn’t convict the criminal so Cheuk Wah told on him and as a result he got switched to guarding the gun room. His life went downhill after that and his life even left for another man.
  • Cheuk Wah enters and admits that she did tell in Shek Yong. She goes out, worried for what Shek Yong might do.
  • Shek Yong goes to find his wife asking for forgiveness and points to his wife’s husband that he betrayed him.The man explains that he didn’t betray him, Madam Ching was also there. Shek Yong points a gun to the other man and instead if shooting him, he knocks him out instead.
  • Ben follows his madam and is in contact with someone else. Shek Yong knocks out Cheuk Wah and now it’s action time for the SDU.
  • Cheuk Wah tells him to surrender himself but he points a gun to her saying she caused this. She explains she did nothing wrong and that it was his wrongdoing, and without that piece of evidence, the criminal got away guilt free. He tells her that when her boyfriend died, she pressured them into work, work and more work so that’s why he gave the evidence to his friend. She tells him that he once said a good police doesn’t mean that they don’t commit crimes but they do not push the responsibility to other people. She tells him if he is going to be like this, then he can go shoot her. She bravely tells him that even if he didn’t leave, he still wouldn’t have been a good police, he can’t even open fire. She tells him to go ahead and shoot. He goes for it and holds back instead choosing to shoot himself. She stops him and the two are in a battle for the gun. She tries to stop him but he throws a grenade. Chun Hin gets the team to retreat before realising that the grenade is a fake and Shek Yong shoots himself in the cheek.
  • Chun Hin asks Cheuk Wah for the condition of Shek Yong and is devastated. He blames himself for causing this but Hon To explains to him that he made the right decision. If there is danger, they should retreat. Even the SDU aren’t superheros. He compares himself his brother and how his brother would have handled this much better than him. He explains that he joined the SDU to prove to his brother that he too can be as good as him. Hon To tells him that he lacks self confidence because he always compares himself to his brother and tells him if this continues on, he really should consider whether he should stay on the team but he tells him that him he thought he wasn’t fit enough he would have never kept him on the team.


My Opinion:

I am impressed with Him Law’s acting here, though it does remind me too much of his character in THC. I find that his acting here is much better than that of THC. His intensity and determination was really there. You could really see that he wants to save his father and sister. When he discovered that his sister is involved in the kidnapping, he was shocked but everything got overturned when his sister also got kidnapped, he just needed to save them. I am amazed at his determination to save them. It was just…powerful.

I’m glad that Hok Lai finally comes to realise that he needs to learn how to think for other people too. So Hon To’s training wasn’t a waste at all. (: Yay for Hok Lai for finally realising that Hon To was never targeting him, it was just to teach him.

I can’t say that Chun Hin and Hok Lai’s friendship is bromance but it is a solid friendship. Chun Hin is such a good friend for Hok Lai and I kind of feel bad for him when Hok Lai ‘leads’ him. It makes Chun Hin innocent and weak. 😦

There was definitely bromance between Cheuk Yuen and Hon To when they were talking while watching the others clean. I am going to be so devastated at their bromance break up all for a woman. Noooooooo! Noooooo! Just, no! I don’t want it to be like this. I want them to continue their bromance.

Ommggg, the conversation between Man Keung and Cheuk Yuen was so cuteeeee! ❤ Ahahahaha, she is much better for him here than in L’Escargot. I don’t like her being the overbearing wife. I like her here as a mature lady. Ahahahahas. Now I don’t know who to ship – Cheuk Yuen with her or Wai Wai.

& just amazing, two hostage cases in this ep. I guess TVB just like kidnapping and holding people hostage. And why is it in every procedural drama, the cases always has a family member linked to the characters? I am really starting to get annoyed at this. Gahhh!

Hello, like where is our OTP development? Can they ignite their fire already?

Anyway, get ready for Chun Hin to become confident. (:

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6 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 4 Overview

  1. heisui July 21, 2012 at 4:39 pm Reply

    I also wish that not all the cases were personal. They would still be just as interesting even if the SDU members didn’t have a personal connection with the victims.

    I loved the scene when Hok Lai remembers all of his training and moments with Chun Hin. AWW.

    • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 4:54 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, I’m kind of getting annoyed because ALL TVB dramas have cases with a personal connection. It really drives me nutts!

      Now I’m starting to think Chun Hin’s brother is going to be involved in a case.

      Yeahh, ahahahahas, true friendship there.

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 4:57 pm

        Oooo nice call, now that you mention it that would be sorta awesome if his bro got involved.

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 4:59 pm

        No, not really. Too much personal cases and I am going to get really annoyed. Ahahahaha

      • heisui July 21, 2012 at 5:03 pm

        I’d prefer it if they had some sort of link between the different cases that lead to a bigger case.

      • misscupcakees July 21, 2012 at 5:50 pm

        Hmmm, that would be interesting too. I just don’t want too much personal cases. It takes away some of the excitement.

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