Tiger Cubs Episode 5 Overview

I really appreciated this episode because it didn’t hold that much of a personal connection. To an extent it did, but it wasn’t immediate personal connection which is good because I am sick of the personal connections. I am glad that Chun Hin over comes is lack of self-confidence. (: This was a really different episode. There was action but there was also a sense of closeness. 

  • The SDU team are on training again where the team are divided into two. The team mates, especially Ah Xing, are being quite vicious towards Cheuk Yuen for ‘stealing’ their leader’s ‘wife’.
  • The training causes the team to ruin the granny’s crops and forces them to volunteer to help her with some odd jobs. LOL, she just bosses them around.
  • LOL, the granny asks for their number so she can contact them in the future. Only Chun Hin offers his number while everyone is like, “Nahhh.” Ahahahahas The team mates then quires who Hon To plans to promote this year. He says Cheuk Yuen saying that  he chooses to promote whoever based on their ability.
  • Cheuk Yuen makes a very luxurious dinner to celebrate his upcoming promotion. She tells him that he would have need his superior’s recommendation for this opportunity… He tells her that Hon To is be separate about public and private affairs.
  • The bell rings and to the sibling’s surprise is Wai Wai asking to stay the night. She had been living at her friend’s place but then discovered that she caused an argument between the couple… She had decided to stay at a hotel but she forgot her purse when she checked in… And then she discovered she also lost her phone…
  • Wai Wai is about to leave… but Cheuk Yuen buys her pitifulness and offers to allow her to stay. Cheuk Wah tells him if that if his friends discover this, he will never be cleared of guilt.
  • Down at the bar, the Chin couple thanks Man Keung for installing the security camera at the bar so they will know who threw the rubbish out. Cheuk Yuen comes down to the bar but they aren’t very happy to see him there. He decides to shout everyone and formally tells them that them that he did not do anything that he isn’t supposed to do. Chun Hin and Hok Lai believes and most importantly, Hon To does too saying that feelings cannot be forced. He tells everybody not to use this against Cheuk Yuen, they are all buddies. This causes Ah Xing to have an even deeper misunderstanding between him and Cheuk Yuen.
  • Conveniently, Wai Wai comes to meet him at the bar telling him that she forgot the key. Yeahhh, the camera picks all this up Mummy Chun shows this to the crew. However, Chun Hin and Hok Lai believes him. Even so, no one else does, including Man Keung and Hon To. Nooo, no more bromance.
  • At work, this causes a fight between the team mates. However, the SDU commander sees this.
  • Hon To still insists to recommend Cheuk Yuen but the SDU commander tells him that he saw the fight and this shows that Cheuk Yuen is just not ready yet. Hon To reluctantly tells the commander that it is his choice.
  • Cheuk Yuen overseas that his did not get the promotion for some particular reason and in the end Hon To decided not to recommend him and the other guy instead. Man Keung tries to comfort Cheuk Yuen but he brushes it off as alright.
  • Cheuk Yuen confronts Hon To about this and Hon To tells him that it is because he can’t control his mood; the commander saw him fighting with the guys, what more could he have said?
  • Cheuk Yuen comes home to find her brother not there. Wai Wai explains that he didn’t get the promotion and wonders if she is the problem. (Ummm, yeah, partly?)
  • Cheuk Wah goes to find her brother running at the basketball court and they recall themselves both as little fat kids running to loss weight in order to be a police. Cheuk Yuen says “Some things are really miraculous, what I want they don’t give to me and what I don’t want they clearly shove it at me”. He tells Cheuk Wah that he believes Hon To is not a person with prejudice and that he didn’t do anything wrong so he believes that his team mates will soon come to understand him. The siblings then go run some more.
  • Chun Hin goes to help the granny from last time with two of his team mates. There they see the granny’s grandson there who comes back to visit his granny once a week. The team also learns that the grandson is the boss of a logistics company.
  • The team are curious as to why the village has so less people. The granny tells them that people just left one after another, just leaving the oldies behind. The granny and grandson also tells them that there used to be a soy sauce company here which had a lot of workers but it hasn’t been in business for ten years and now there is only an old man guarding there.
  • The grandson, Chung Wai Kai, gets a call and has to leave, but before he leaves he offers his granny some money.
  • It turns out that the grandson is no boss, but  just an ordinary taxi driver. He is on his taxi drive and decides to sniff some drugs. He then drives off.
  • The commander-in-chief, Yip Shu Fai, of SDU team A has decided to take his wife and daughter, Grace, to the aquarium and guess who’s taxi they go on? Duh! The commander-in-chief gets a call and has to get back to work leaving his daughter devastated, she had waited a long time for this.
  • The drugs start to have an affect on his and he crashes leaving her daughter with a head injury.
  • Shu Fai and Hon To rush to the hospital and boy is Shu Fai’s wife not happy. He apologises and she tells him that their daughter waited over half a year for him to take her to the aquarium and with one call he leaves. She tells him that she knows that he really likes working in SDU; from dating to marriage she knew that, but now he has a daughter. She tells him that every time he has a mission, she would worry for him, worried that he can’t come home alive. She, and Grace, begs him to not be a part of SDU any more.
  • Shu Fai tells Hon To it is the same old problem and Hon To tells him to solve it soon and even offers to type up his letter for him. He tells him that he has been apart of the SDU for so long, he only knows how to shoot a gun and rush in to save people and nothing else. Hon To sincerely apologises for not know that he had a family outing today but Shu Fai tells him that being a part of the SDU means you have to prepare to be on stand by 24/7.
  • Wai Kai gets questioned by the OCTB. He tells them that a few nights ago, he and his friends went to the disco and suddenly a guy out something in his bag and then a few days later he was driving his taxi and didn’t feel the energy and was curious and so he tried it out. Who knew it would get into an accident the first time? He requests to go to the toilet yet again.
  • Ben deduces that the guy has been taking drugs for a very long time because Wai Kai went to the toilet several times within an hour. He orders to have someone follow the guy 24/7 until they discover who is the person selling the drugs.
  • Chun Hin takes the worried granny to bail her grandson. She asks her grandson if he has been taking drugs however, Wai Kai gets Chun Hin to cover for him.
  • Once back at the village Chun Hin decides to get down to the bottom of this. Wai Kai tells him that his parents died when he was young and it was his granny who raised him. Because of this he wanted to get a good job to treat her well but once out in society, he couldn’t fight with the others so in the end he got into driving. He admits that he has been on drugs for some time because of pressure. Chun Hin advises him to cut off his drug addiction and he promises that he will try.
  • Wai Kai is out in the alley and goes to buy his drugs not knowing that Ben and another person is following him while the other member, Fung Ka Mei (Kayi Cheung) is following the drug dealer.
  • Action! The OCTB rush in but the drug dealers quickly rush to dispose of the drugs. The drugs are only one of the ‘weaker’ drugs so they can’t do much.
  • Chun Hin goes to visit granny who is still very much worried her grandson. It turns out that she already knows that he is a taxi driver. She tells Chun Hin that taxi is a very normal job, why give yourself so much pressure which hits home hard for Chun Hin. She notices that Chun Hin doesn’t want to disappoint his family either.
  • A man comes to Wai Kai and she shoos him away because the man is a bad guy and a druggie. The granny asks Chun Hin to take a look at her electricity which is a staggering $11, 380! He then takes a closer look and realises that it is the soy sauce factory’s. He tells her that didn’t she say the factory doesn’t work any more which she says in true.
  • Suspicion arises for Chun Hin. He goes to the factory to return the bill and begins to ask why the bill is so high when he quickly gets closed out. Upon some closer inspection, he notices some security cameras, gauge wire and many dogs and recalls the druggie who came to look for Wai Kai. Chun Hin goes to the back and takes a water sample.
  • The report comes out and the water is not neutral. Chun Hin tells Hon To that he suspects that it is a drug factory.
  • Ben and Ka Mei go to the factory to seek it out. At night, the team also makes a closer inspection.
  • The OCTB deduce that the factory could very well be a drug factory. But because they cannot go any closer to investigate the factory, the require the SDU for help. Hon To plans to station some of his members afar from the factory to keep an eye on the factory. (Oh, is this where our OTP start to communicate?) She asks him who he plans to send and he tells her their snipers and her face turns unreadable.
  • Cheuk Wah is really starting to suspect that Hon To is targeting her brother when he sends the snipers to their destination three hours away from the site. He explains that this is for safety and then he asks her he doesn’t think he is doing this for revenge right? She tells him that she never said that and he tells her that he thought about it. (Oh, cheeky! And it’s funny how the snipers are dressed in the army suits. Ahahahhas!)
  • The image is sent in and Hon To wonders why there are two extra people at the factory. They have spies everywhere, if someone went in, it would have been reported.
  • Night falls and rain falls. The guys decide to dine but Cheuk Yuen has dropped his power bar. Hok Lai offers to share his. (What? I thought Hok Lai was back to assault…) Cheuk Yuen is worried for his brother (how could she not be? It’s freezing and the guys only have one power bar to share between them) and asks Hon Ton if they should send back up. Hon To tells her to avoid them being discovered, they can’t send any one, they have already survived tougher situations. She just eyes him with an intense stare and tells her that a professional police will not use work to avenge for private matters. She tells him that she is a professional police too and would never add in private feelings so if he feels that Cheuk Yuen is suitable for it then so be it.
  • They discover that more and more people have entered the factory unnoticed. Cheuk Wah discovers that there could be a secret entrance nearby.
  • The two snipers get a request to move so they can see the factory better. Cheuk Yuen goes to move and rolls down the hill. Their cover is done over and the vicious dogs come chasing. The only request is RUN!!! Hon To tells Cheuk Yuen to jump in the stinky lake which he does. Wow, a week’s shower should fix this.
  • Chun Hin comes to take over and granny calls for help. Hon Ton tells him that there is other coming going to take granny but Chun Hin obeys orders and goes there any way to find Wai Kai being stabbed.
  • Someone’s in trouble… Chun Hin stands up for himself saying that he didn’t do anything wrong. A citizen requested for his help and that’s what he did as a police. Hon To tells him that he had another mission on hand and he was already sending other people there. If it was he disobedience, their entire plan could have got exposed. He tells him that although the plan didn’t get exposed, it doesn’t mean his is not wrong. Chun Hin admits that he was wrong for not listening to his order but if the plan got exposed, they could plan it again; if the criminal got away they can catch them again but if a person is dead there is no second chance. He tells him that if he didn’t go before, granny and Wai Kai would have been dead so he is not wrong. Shu Fai steps in with good words for Chun Hin. Hon To tells him he appreciates his determination but he will still get punished. Hon To and Shu Fai are both amazed by his determination. Looks like Hon To’s training really work.
  • Cheuk Wah says that she is sure the factory is a drug factory and wants to bust in there as soon as possible before it is too late. Ben goes to divert the dogs’ attention by giving them food
  • Wai Kai wakes up and says that he wants to call the police because the factory has bombs, if the police enter the will be bombed to death and that was the reason that they wanted to kill him.
  • The OCTB race in before Chun Hin gets the warning. The SDU team tries to alert Cheuk Wah but there is no reception. So the SDU has to join the raid as well.
  • Boom, boom, boom, shooting everywhere. A gun gets aimed at Cheuk Wah but her saviour, Hon To, comes to save her. Hon To and Cheuk Wah are both in the secret passage chasing down the criminal when the criminal chucks a grenade injuring Cheuk Wah. The criminal goes to shoot Cheuk Wah but Hon To shoots him head first.
  • Granny discovers  that Chun Hin is a part of the SDU and he is there to witness the granny-grandson reunion.
  • Chun Hin tells his subconsciously brother that he really likes being a part of the SDU and promises not to pressure himself because of him and his dad.
  • Hon To goes to visit Cheuk Wah with a bouquet of flowers and she thanks him for saving her life. He tells her that she clearly knew the criminals had grenades yet she still chased after them. He tells her that she is more than just for work; she was risking her life. He suggests that she go see a mental doctor…
  • Wai Wai comes to visit her calling her ‘big sister’. She mentions that she was about to visit her with Cheuk Yuen but when she called him she never picked up. The Cheuk Yuen arrives with Man Keung hand-in-hand.


My Opinion:

Firstly, whoop whoop! Cheuk Yuen and Man Keung are holding handsssssss! Okay, I know that their relationship is a hoax but I want to hold hope that they will be together. But that’s my problem; I don’t know who to ship Cheuk Yuen with any more. I want him with Wai Wai but then I like him with Man Keung. Even choosing who to ship is difficult!

Yay! At long last we get to see some talk between our OTP. I must admit though they were bland to say the least. Nope, no sparks there…as of yet… Ahahahahas, I would really want to see some chemistry between them because after all, they are the OTP. Ahahaha. Their connection wasn’t cold but it was bland. Hmmm, I guess it’s because of both of their tough personalities…

I am glad that granny got to change Chun Hin to a guy full of confidence. What I liked about this was that the episode didn’t go overboard with his change compared to Hok Lai’s change in the previous episode. Here, Chun Hin actually feels like his is going through a small change, slow and steady. Chun Hin is a guy who is capable of doing great things. It’s just that he is being held back from the pressures of his brother and father. He really discovered that with this case. He didn’t need a change, he just needed to discover that he is being tied up by family pressures.

Yeaaahh, I like Chun Hin! He is sweet, especially with everything that he does for granny. How sweet!

I couldn’t believe how quickly the SDU team turned towards Cheuk Yeun. They really do respect their leader but the turn towards Cheuk Yuen was too sudden for me. At the bar even Man Keung looks like she turned towards Cheuk Yuen.

Cheuk Yuen is such a gullible and justice guy. He believes that everything will settle by itself. (: I really couldn’t believe  he would by into Wai Wai’s pitifulness. He should have kicked her out but he is just too nice. And what you get is disbelief from your colleagues.

Oh, they left the question of Shu Fai unanswered. I have a feeling this is going to link to another episode…

I find Hon To to be a very professional guy and I never once thought that he would use work to avenge private matters. (Actually, I know that he is very understanding and has forgive Cheuk Yuen.) He was professional until the point where he tried to stop Chun Hin from going to find granny. I thought he would let Chun Hin go because this is a life and matter at hand but maybe his professionalism doesn’t involve life and death scenarios. I seriously thought and hoped that he would handle the matter differently.

This drama handles love, work and action really well. It is balanced in a way where love does not interfere with the action or work. It just seems to fall neatly at all the appropriate places. I don’t think I have seen a TVB drama that has handled love in this way before. This is really good. I like it. (:

Supposedly, Benjamin Yeun is here… I think I must be blind because I don’t see him…

So, dating next episode!?

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 5 Overview

  1. heisui July 23, 2012 at 11:09 am Reply

    I agree, Chuk Yeun is way too nice to Wai Wai! It was so obvious she was making excuses just to stay at his place!

    • misscupcakees July 23, 2012 at 5:41 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, Cheuk Yuen is just really kind-heart, gullible and innocent.

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