Tiger Cubs Episode 6 Overview

Okay, I’ll admit that from all the action of the previous episodes, it has to drop somewhere right? Well, it dropped in this episode. There wasn’t much action and much involvement from the SDU team. Ohh, and this ep really starts to solve and delve deeper into some of our character’s personal issues. But you have got to at least be happy that the bromance is on. (:

  • The whole team is shocked that Man Keung and Cheuk Yuen ‘dating’. She tells them that it is all for show. Cheuk Yuen says that Wai Wai was so angry and even moved out. Hon To comes in a hears this and is worried.
  • It’s SDU training again where they have try and pin down the ‘criminal’ as soon as possible!  Shu Fai is responsible for pairing the team up. Everyone gets paired up and Cheuk Yuen’s partner is Hon To. And it gets really serious. Hon To blames him for causing disruption between the team and that Wai Wai is lost. Cheuk Yuen tells him that all he did was for him and Wai Wai. He tells him that he is a guy so he has to care about how Wai Wai feels. Cheuk Yuen says that he cares about Wai Wai feels so that’s why he wants her to not have feelings for him any more.
  • Shu Fai doesn’t stop the fight saying that it would be good for them to fight it out. Cheuk Yuen tells Hon To that if he really cares for Wai Wai he should pursue her back. He tells Cheuk Yuen that he only considers her as a friend. Cheuk Yuen asks if he considers Wai Wai as a friend then what about him? Relief occurs as he says that he considers him as a wife. (Ahahahahahaha!) Bromance again!
  • Ohhhh, so Benjamin Yuen is Ah Sing! Ahaahaha! One of the other team mates, Kwok Yiu Cho (Oscar Li) challenges Hon To to an attack move and Hon To breaks it of course, showing off his awesome skills.
  • Hon To decides to go with Yiu Cho to his kung fu practice. Even after Hon To taught him how to solve the attack move, he still loses out to his opponent. Hon To goes to congratulate the opponent, Ah Hung (Pierre Ngo). Turns out that they are long time friends.
  • Hon To goes with Ah Hung and Yiu Cho to see their karate place. Ah Hung’s girlfriend, Ah Ching, are getting married next month. It turns out that Hon To used to always walk beat in this neighbourhood so that’s why he is such close friends with him.
  • Ah Hung has to go down to his father’s fruit shop to see him in argument with Ah Koon. Ah Ching bring Hon To (and Yiu Cho) down to break up the fight. He advises Ah Hung to call the police if any else like this happens next time.
  • Hon To gets a call from a bar to come and pick up Wai Wai who has being drinking herself drunk everyday. He finds her by a public phone crying over why Cheuk Yuen doesn’t want her. He tells her not to worry, he is there.
  • He brings her home and puts her to bed. His mother thinks that he is too nice and he says that they are still friends even if they have broken up. His father is more understanding though. He even decides to house her in.
  • Cheuk Yuen is relieved to know that Wai Wai is staying at Hon To’s place. Though, he tells him not to tell Wai Wai that he and Man Keung are just putting on a show.
  • Wai Wai isn’t eating so Hon To decides to go buy her her favourite cake. On the way there, he sees Cheuk Wah questioning questioning an informat even on her break. There they witness a lady wanting to jump off a building (aka. committing suicide). Of course them two rush to help the woman. The woman explains that her husband left her and that they would not understand the feeling of being alone. This really hits home hard for Cheuk Wah. She says that it is not only her who is in pity. All men are like this – selfish and doesn’t keep their promise. She looks at Hon To and says that you [men] are the world’s most irresponsible creature, come and go as you please. You [men] never care about the one you leave behind, how hurt they would be. She walks towards the woman and says that he [her boyfriend] did leave her and sees a hallucination of her boyfriend asking her why she left him. She says that it really hurts being alone and there is no point anyway. She steps on the balcony with the woman and tells her that they should jump down together. The fire brigade is here with the protection mattress so even if they jump they won’t die. The woman retreats and Hon To has to drag her back to reality with worry filling his face.
  • Yiu Cho is continuously practising showing off his karate skills with Ah Sing. Hon To gets congratulated by his team mates for saving the woman. Cheuk Yuen tells him that the media is exaggerating that his sister wanted to jump down with the woman. Hon To lets him know that she really did and he thinks that there is something wrong with her. Cheuk Yuen mentions that it has already been a while since the incident. He explains that two years ago, when the incident occurred, she was devastated but soon immersed herself into her work and was fine. Hmmm, Hon To and Cheuk Yuen are both worried.
  • Cheuk Yuen takes his sister out to high tea at a really posh place and meets the chef, Jason. (LOL, matchmaking?) Of course she leaves. Cheuk Yuen then asks her if she wants to use work to numb herself from the incident, he worries about her. But she just tells him off.
  • Cheuk Wah stands in front of the suicidal building again is once again hallucinating her former boyfriend asking her why she left him on that day.
  • There is a huge stack of fruit deliveries in front of the store that is not there. Ah Hung decides to move it when Ah Koon comes and warns them not to touch the deliveries. Ah Hung’s father tells are Ah Koon that he is not afraid of him. Ah Koon gives Ah Hung’s father a lecture-sort-of-thing causing him to have a near heart attack. This causes commotion between Ah Koon’s side and Ah Hung’s side. Ah Koon sees a metal hook and heads towards Ah Hung. Luckily Yiu Cho and Hon To come in time to break up the fight before it gets any worse.
  • Ah Hung is agitated and Hon To has to try to coax him. Hon To advises him to install a camera at the stall and tells him that whatever he does, he has think about the consequences first.
  • The SDU team are out barbecuing so Wai Wai decides to visit. Jealously arises as she sees Cheuk Yuen and Man Keung together. Ahahahaha! Hok Lai decides to help them out by saying that Cheuk Yuen has no taste to fall in love with Man Keung. Ahahahahas!
  • Man Keung pulls Hok Lai over to talk and he tells her that she is pretending to date Cheuk Yuen so that Hon To and Wai Wai can reunite. Wai Wai overhears this and confronts Cheuk Yuen. He clearly tells her that he doesn’t like her. Hon To tells a crying Wai Wai that love cannot be forced. He even manages to make her smile. (:
  • Ah Koon and his crew are out by the fruit store playing majong when they see Ah Ching in a short dress. They go to harass her so she quickly runs to the store. However, she drops her key and Ah Koon picks it up and when she goes to get the key, he pulls her harassing her. Ah Hung comes and commotion starts, bashing up one of Ah Koon’s member. Not happy with his member’s performance, Ah Koon pushed him back stomach first to the pole with the combined pain, he dies.
  • Hon To comes to visit Ah Koon and advises him to call the police and hand in the camera footage. When Ah Hung arrives at the scene, the shop had been set on fire. Police then come and accuse him of murder and he goes to fight them all, knocking them all and taking a gun with him.
  • The police goes to inform Ah Hung’s girlfriend and mother of both the accused murder and what just happened. Ah Hung is a wanted criminal now. Ah Koon then comes to take over the fruit shop.
  • Ah Ching get kidnapped by Ah Koon. Ah Hung gets a parting-suicide text from Ah Ching.
  • Ah Hung is devastated and fury builds over him. He contacts Hon To telling him that he is innocent clearly stating that he will find Ah Koon for revenge.
  • Hon To immediately contacts the police informing them where Ah Hung could be.
  • One of Ah Koon’s members decided to take a toilet break while more commotion start at the site. Another member goes to find that the toilet break guy has been bashed to death and he too, gets bashed up by Ah Hung. Ah Koon goes to check on them and decides to run because Ah Koon is after him.
  • The SDU and Hon To arrive at the scene which is an illegal petrol site. They can’t enter as it is blocked up by commotion nor can they use guns or grenades. Their only point of entrance is a pair of windows. Umm, clearly that’s not the case as Hon To somehow makes his way into the factory to find the two men fighting each other Ah Hung bashing Ah Koon up.
  • Hon To arrives telling Ah Hung that he is here to save him. While Ah Hung argues with Hon To, Ah Koon makes his escape.
  • Ah Hung turns on Hon To and even fights him meanwhile the SDU manage to take down all of the ‘protesters’. Ah Hung is dragging Ah Koon with a gun aimed at his head. Hon To tells him that killing him will be letting him off too easily and Ah Koon does admit to all his crimes in this desperate time. Meanwhile Hon To sends a secret code message to Shu Fai.
  • Hon To tells Ah Hung that if he kills Ah Koon, he will be the one in jail then who will look after his parents? The SDU come in and you know… Even as Ah Koon gets dragged out, he refutes his crimes. The Ah Hung’s friends come to kick him all bruised up. Oh, and the police find recover the DVD wreckage which proves that he did commit the crimes.


My Opinion:

I really like the ‘prologue’ in every episode. It’s really smart and actually acts as a break between the rest of the episode. It makes you feel like the episode is actually starting but then when the theme music starts, you realise that it is actually just a prologue. Ahahahaaass! I love how the prologue manages to throw it some parts of the drama that doesn’t fit well into the rest of the episode. But then, it does make sense if you relate it to the entire drama.

Finally, we delve deeper into Cheuk Wah’s personal story. That traumatic incident did affect her greatly. She can’t seem to let it go and that is understandable but more importantly is that she blames herself for this. That incident had hurt her greatly and she still loves him, loves him so much that it hurts her to realise that he couldn’t save him.

I love that Cheuk Wah is a strong woman. Jessica Hsuan always get these professional roles and she delivers it perfectly every time, no exception. However, this time it is different from her previous roles as she is tied down because of her previous trauma. She wants to be strong because she was weak before. Maybe if she is strong now nothing bad will ever come across again.

Ohhh, OTP chemistry? No, not yet, though at least they are growing to be friends. That’s got to say something right? I really want to see some chemistry between them. They haven’t had much interaction…

This ep really lacked action. And speaking realistically, I really didn’t think the SDU would have been required here. I’m sure there are other police units that are much more suitable to take on this case but since it’s all about the SDU they need to make an appearance.

Once again, the personal connection annoys me. Arrrghhhh! There is just too much personal ties. I want to see cases that have no personal ties whatsoever. This would definitely make things much more interesting. Arrrghhh, personal connections just drive the story differently. It would have been a lot more unbiased if it wasn’t so personal based. This wasn’t the most action based nor was it my favourite episode.

Ommggg, Christine Kuo cannot cry! Was there even any tears coming out from her? It sounds like she is screaming with a coarse voice. Though she is improving with her acting and cantonese. I still ship her with Cheuk Yuen though I would still want Cheuk Yuen to be with Man Keung. LOL, I am unsure who I want Man Keung to end up with more – Hok Lai or Cheuk Yuen.

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5 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 6 Overview

  1. heisui July 23, 2012 at 11:13 am Reply

    Wai Wai REALLY annoyed me when she showed up at the BBQ. It is sorta Chuk Yeun’s fault for not being more firm in rejecting Wai Wai. But Wai Wai acts so hurt and betrayed that it’s like she thinks Chuk Yeun is already her boyfriend or something.

    • misscupcakees July 23, 2012 at 5:43 pm Reply

      I know righttt! Arrrghh, like she explained to Hon To the same thing but she doesn’t understand that love cannot be forced herself. Ahahaha, but Cheuk Yuen is just too soft.

  2. heisui August 4, 2012 at 10:06 am Reply

    I really like Shu Fai’s (2nd in command) character because he’s also like a big bro to the other members. Maybe he’s even sort of a big bro to Hon Tou, haha.

    • misscupcakees August 4, 2012 at 6:30 pm Reply

      Yeahh, he is like a big bro to the other members like Hon To is. Yep, ahahaha, Hon To needs a big bro too!

  3. vannie October 22, 2012 at 1:16 pm Reply

    Can you tell me the song that is played in the parking lot where Christine Kuo and Oscar Leung was talking? Thanks:)

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