SOP Queen Episode 16 Recap

Not exactly the most tense episode but it really helps to build up the path that everyone is going to have to take in the upcoming episodes. (: And finally, the turning point – Xiao Jie is working in Shanghai! And Tang Jun is maturing by the eye. (:


Each one of the colleagues conveniently gets phone calls or a task at hand. Everyone isn’t caring about Tang Jun because firstly, it will affect their work and secondly, if they do, Tang Mi won’t be very happy about it. Some of the colleagues aren’t very sure why CEO Tang Mi is treating her brother this way so one of the workers has to teach them a lesson. Tang Mi has a different mother to Tang Jun and technically speaking, Tang Mi is of a higher position than Tang Jun. Furthermore, Tang Jun’s mother married his father, she discovered that her husband already had an illegitimate daughter with his secretary. That year, the director (Tang Jun and Tang Mi’s father)… But before he could finish, they notice Tang Jun and immediately scramble back to work.


Tang Mi is is two mist over her bouquet of flowers. Chu Chu comes and gives her the report on the company’s fees and it’s a big amount. Chu Chu tells her that she shouldn’t over work herself and plus now Tang Jun is back he should be able to help her to reduce her work load. She also mentions that Tang Jun has been very hard working. She then asks her why the company isn’t focusing on their funding problems while the board members want to cut people for their funding…

After Chu Chu leaves, Tang Mi tells her secretary that they want to cut people not to save on their funding but they want the workers to lose trust in her and then use the worker’s uneasiness to make her unsuitable for the position of CEO. She is definitely not going to let that happen and says that if they want to cut people off then go ahead but no one said she has to be the one to cut people. The secretary asks who else can do it then? Tang Mi reads a letter and it is from Lin Xiao Jie that says that in the letter there is a two hundred thousand check for the WIP night and the rest she will slowly repay it. Looks like she will be hiring someone…


From Adam, Xiao Jie’s discovers that Tang Jun has already returned to Golden Imperial Sea. Her face says all as she tells Adam that she never thought he would leave so soon; she thought she could see him soon. Adam tries to console her telling that Tang Jun might have never thought aunty would be this serious and there was probably too much things going on so he didn’t tell her. She then gets a call from…Tang Mi. Tang Mi informs her that Zi Qi has already paid it off for her and says that she thinks this $1,000,000 is her break-up fee but to the Gao family it is nothing so she doesn’t have to care about. Xiao Jie doesn’t want Zi Qi’s help and would rather pay off herself. So Tang Mi invites her to come work at Golden Imperial Sea saying that it would be very difficult for her to work in Taiwan’s department stores considering her break out with Zi Qi.

Xiao Jie tells Adam that she knows that it would be difficult in Taiwan, but it is her home where her friends and family are. Adam advises her that it would be better for her at Shanghai and plus her “Tom” is there.

Tang Jun visits his unconscious mother and tells her that for these few days he hasn’t been able to visit her because he has returned to Golden Imperial Sea. He even announces the good news that he is in charge of the anniversary event though he has a lot of pressures because he is afraid he will ruin her name. He really misses his mother.

Xiao Jie has decided to suddenly go to Shanghai. Adam asks her why the sudden decision; Shanghai is better than Taiwan but England is better than Taiwan. They share a special friendship bond as tries to ‘persuade’ her to stay in England with him. Ahahahhaaha! She tells him that she will call Tang Jun to inform him about her return but Adam tells her that her sudden return is to give him a surprise because the reaction on Tang Jun’s face will definitely be worth it. Or will it?


Tang Jun are busily working away when Uncle Zhao brings him a cup of herbal tea. Meanwhile the shareholders are having a meeting how Tang Mi as the CEO doesn’t even put them in her eyes. They are worried that Tang Mi might mess up the anniversary event but surprisingly, the uncle supports Tang Mi saying that Tang Jun will be there to help.

So Tang Mi is a caring sister. She was the one who sent Tang Jun the tea and reminds Uncle Zhao to make Tang Jun more of the food he likes so he can take care of his health.

Tang Jun is pushing his colleagues to take risks for the anniversary event; he wants it to be better than the other stores. One of the colleagues tells Tang Jun that it is better that they run on the safe side. Nope, Tang Jun has to take responsibility and risks. He tells his colleagues that the should borrow of the US department store’s ideas. Suddenly the colleagues turn on a bright light and really like his idea. One of the colleagues tell Tang Jun the news that their development department are flying in a manager… (this is a higher position than Tang Jun’. Tang Jun is actually a supervisor.) (Hmmm, who might this be?) They let him know that his sister doesn’t support him but that’s okay, because they all do.

Obviously Tang Jun is upset recalling his time with Xiao Jie. He comments how good it would be if she was not his side right now. (Ohh, it might happen sooner than you think.)

Xiao Jie comes to work as a new and confident woman. She is to help the development team create an attracting proposal and what she owes will be deducted from her pay each month. Oh, and she gets a special mission from Tang Mi – to cut off any unqualified workers. In front of her is a list of all the workers is shocked to see Tang Jun’s name on it. However, she is professional and whatever relationship they have won’t affect her decision.

Tang Jun is neutrally shocked to see Xiao Jie. Maintaining the professionalism, she formally introduces herself to him which he formally does the same.


My Opinion:

If any of you thought that Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En will lose chemistry with the downfall of the drama well you are wrong. Ahahaha, their chemistry is as spark as ever. (: I found it so cute how Adam was like to her ‘stay with me’. Ahahahahas! They was pure chemistry there.

Nawwws, my Tang Jun is so down. 😦 But this is necessary for his character change and development. He really needs to take this step to determine that he is much more mature than what everyone thinks. He really showed his mature side as he stepped up for the challenge. At the start when Tang Jun overheard the workers gossiping about his family, I really thought he was going to throw some punches. Ahahahaah. At the meeting when Tang Jun pushed his team mates to come up with a better proposal really showed his leadership. He didn’t just give in to his colleagues’ advice but instead he pushed forward with his plan.

Xiao Jie, you better fix Tang Jun’s broken heart. He really needs to her explain the hug. It is forever going to paint a misunderstanding with him.

Oh, and speaking of misunderstandings, I wonder what they will be for Xiao Jie and Tang Jun. Everyone couple needs some misunderstanding here and there. (: And I do wonder what Chu Chu is going to do. I haven’t seen her playing much of a role…

I am really having difficulty understand Tang Mi. One minute she is nice and the next it feels like she is turning on her brother. Her character is really interesting because you don’t know what she wants. Part of me thinks that she is doing all this for the company but then another part of me thinks more than that; that she truly wants to help her brother.

How powering was the last scene!? Xiao Jie and Tang Jun had to be professional with each other! It hurt Tang Jun to be this way, and I think the surprise did shock him a little… Ahahahhas!

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5 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 16 Recap

  1. nina July 23, 2012 at 6:44 pm Reply

    thank you for the recaps but when will you post the recap for 17-18?
    i cant wait to read it 🙂

    • misscupcakees July 23, 2012 at 6:47 pm Reply

      No worries!
      Ahahahha, be patient sweetie! (: It should be up soon.

  2. S July 23, 2012 at 8:21 pm Reply

    Thanks for the recaps! I’m really enjoying the series and reading your comments! 🙂

    • misscupcakees July 23, 2012 at 8:26 pm Reply

      No worries! I’m glad you are liking the series. Keep watching and reading. (:

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