Tiger Cubs Episode 7 Overview

More personal connection!? Although it wasn’t directly connected to members, it still was personal with it relating to Hon To’s father. Ommggg, for the last 4 eps it has all been personal connection! These personal connection are really bugging me. I just want to see a case without family or personal connection. Is it that hard? Arrrghhh, and where’s the action? The action has dropped a lot since ep 1 and 3… I want more action!

  • It’s SDU training once again and all that Man Keung can do is watch and not participate. She stays back after training and engages it it herself. (I’m guessing this ep is all about her?)
  • A friend of Hon To’s dad asks him to hire her son, Cong Zai who has a criminal record. His wife isn’t very happy that he hired him; always being trouble up to himself. Hon To pulls his father away to talk to him about it. He tells his father that there is no problem helping out others but there is a problem when it brings on trouble to yourself. He tells him that his mother is afraid that he helps the wrong people that’s why she always nags him. He asks his father what’s the small problem that his mother has always been nagging him about all these years. People say that when he was still a police, he was supposed to catch the triad leader but because he had friendship with him, he let him off and thus gave him the chance to murder Cong Zai’s father. In a flashback that was what indeed did happen and he even resigned as a result of it.
  • Hon To’s parents really does not understand why he is allowing Wai Wai to live here. Wai Wai comes in and clearly tells him that she doesn’t have any more feelings for him and he tells her that they are just friends. Mummy Chin isn’t very happy about him or her husband. Wai Wai really has thought things through and tells Mummy Chin that she can invite Cheuk Yuen over for lunch. Ummm…I guess she doesn’t understand what it means that Cheuk Yuen doesn’t have any feelings for her… She tells him that nothing is impossible in this world, she can wait for him.
  • Father Chin is at work waiting Cong Zai to turn up which he does, late. Mummy Chin isn’t impressed at all. She has the right to be with him making up an excuse to leave early to go karaoke. Even Hon To is suspicious.
  • Man Keung turns up at the karaoke and meets Cong Zai and his friends. His friend, Gan Goork Man (Eric Li) gets on her nerves and she throws him a punch. Hon To and the rest of the gang turn up. Chun Hin actually recognises Goork Man as a criminal that he previously caught and solves the problem by warning him that if this continues, he will get this Sir to talk to his big bro. Hon To recognises Cong Zai but before he can get a word in, the gang leaves.
  • It’s actually Man Keung’s birthday today! She makes a wish wishing that she can successfully pass the selection to be on the practical part of the team.
  • More SDU training. After training Man Keung decides to stay back to have extra practice with the boys. Hok Lai challenges Man Keung to see who can climb up the building the highest. He even offers to give her a three second time bonus which she does not hesitate in accepting. Ahahahahas! Hok Lai actually wins but Man Keung wins with the three second time bonus.
  • Cong Zai finds time to sleep at work but Daddy Chin tells him to learn more from Sing Gor instead. Sing Gor actually has some pretty neat tricks up his sleeve and Cong Zai actually looks like he wants to learn.
  •  Hok Lai leaves a note on Man Keung’s table and sees her application note to transfer to the operational team of SDU. She confronts her about it telling her that she is fit but she doesn’t have the qualifications for it. (Woahh, nice way to put down your superior.) She makes him promise not to tell any one and he leaves with a smirk on his facing telling her that if he does tell, she will know it’s him.
  • Daddy Chin leaves for the toilets leaving the cash register unlocked. Just then Cong Zai’s gang enters asking him to lend him some money. They suggest that they take it from the cash register. Cong Zai still can differentiate what’s right and wrong and knows that they shouldn’t steal from the bar.  His gang convinces him to do so and Mummy Chin sees this just as the gang rush out. She threatens to call the police but Daddy Chin saves his butt saying that he used the money to pay off some bills. Both Cong Zai and his wife leaves.
  • Hon To comes home to see his mother all packed up and in a heated argument with his father telling him that even if he feels like he owes the couple, he has already paid them back throughout all these years. Even Hon To stands on his mother’s side.
  • Look at where Mummy Chin has ran off to? The Cong household! Oh? So the rumours are true? Cheuk Wah tells her that she wasn’t there so it might not happened like that.
  • The OCTB raid the karaoke bar and meeds Cong Zai and Goork Man.
  • Cong Zai solves Sing Gor’s trick. Cheuk Wah comes to find him to ask him about Goork Man’s big bro, Uncle Heung. He tells her that there is nothing he can give and she tells him that he doesn’t need to live to her. Daddy Chin comes to stand by Cong Zai. Cheuk Wah tells him that she knows that he wants to protect Cong Zai but there is no need to do so to the point where his wife and son aren’t communicating with him.
  • Goork Man comes to Cong Zai asking for more money and Cong Zai actually says that the old man isn’t that bad. Daddy Chin comes out and separates Cong Zai from them saying that he won’t let Cong Zai be bad but Cong Zai supports his friends telling him not to talk about his friends. They bash Daddy Chin up but Hon To arrives in time to stop the fight. He tells his father to call the police but he won’t do so saying Cong Zai isn’t actually that bad.
  • Cong Zai is actually a part of Uncle Heeung’s society now. (Noooo, don’t address Cong Zai as ‘Onion’!)
  • Mummy Chin cooks and cleans the Chong house. She tells her that girls can’t just care about their careers, in the end they need to marry and have their own family. Hon To comes to persuade his mother home but she isn’t going to unless her husband changes and the Chong siblings are more than happy to accept her.
  • Hon To queries why she has to go back to the police office this late in time and she tells him there are some words that weren’t appropriate to speak in front of Mummy Chin.  She tells him that Cong Zai has joined Uncle Heeung’s society and Cong Zai is going to take part in an upcoming mission.
  • Daddy Chin is talking everybody asking where Cong Zai might be. Hon To comes home and tells him that Cong Zai has joined the triad society which Daddy Chin refuses to believe.
  • Cong Zai’s mother comes to visit and is starting to suspect her son has headed in the wrong direction again. Father Chin continues his cover up act.
  • Daddy Chin calls Cong Zai and advises him not to head in the wrong direction but it’s no use.
  • It’s time for Cong Zai to shine and he is really nervous. Daddy Chin comes to physically find Cong Zai and tries to persuade him that this is the wrong direction but Cong Zai’s friends are much more persuasive.
  • Daddy Chin calls Hon To to tell him that Cong Zai is about to kill someone but before he could tell his whereabouts, he gets knocked out by Goork Man. Hon To immediately informs Cheuk Wah.
  • Cong Zai is nervous about where his big bro has gone and is furious with what he has done to Daddy Chin. Daddy Chin is thrown away in a rubbish bin. Goork Man manages to persuade him that this is the best.
  • The guy that Cong Zai is to kill is out at a restaurant with his daughter and it’s time for Cong Zai to move. The OCTB and Hon To arrive at the scene to find nothing. The guy is outside the toilets waiting for his daughter when Cong Zai makes his move. A gun shoots and soon there is blood on the floor.
  • Hon To asks Cong Zai where his father is but before the is an answer, Goork Man shoots and commotion breaks out. Time for some SDU back up. Ahahahhas. Goork Man holds a group of people hostages. What a better time to take drugs huh?
  • Hon To asks his commander for some more time so he can find out where his father is but his commander is unwilling to risk what Goork Man might do in this state and even tells him not to participate in this mission. However, everyone, including Cheuk Wah thinks Hon To is suitable for this mission and he gets charge of this mission.
  • Snipers everywhere. The restaurant is fully decked out while Cheuk Wah tries her best to buy time and boom a shooting occurs. Goork Man tells Cong Zai to kill everyone in the room but he is unwilling to do so. Hon To tells Cheuk Yuen to shoot Cong Zai… Cheuk Wah then discovers that the guy that Cong Zai was supposed to kill isn’t actually dead. Hon To commands Chuek Yuen to hold off the shoot and makes him aim at Goork Man instead.
  • Cong Zai discovers where his conscience lies and tells him where Daddy Chin is. Though they may be too late, the bins are already emptied. Or not, they stop the bins just in time to find his father still conscious.
  • Mummy Chin comes running to the hospital and it is clear she is not angry any more. Hon To tells his mother that it was a good thing that his father gave Cong Zai another chance. He believes that he really will change for the better. He tells his mother that no matter what his father did that year was real or fake, he will still be his father. In a flashback, Daddy Chin did let the guy go but the guy only killed Cong Zai’s father on self-defence as he threatened the guy.
  • So all’s good between Mummy and Daddy Chin.


My Opinion:

I also really like the previews on top of the epilogues. The epilogues are cool, no doubt about it but the previews holds a different story on its own. It gives an insight on what the ep is going to be about taking scenes from previous eps. It also eases nicely with the rest of the ep. (: I really like how they play it with the ep, giving an open view to the ep.

What I am disappointed is the amount of screen time that Jessica Hsuan gets. Considering she is the lead actress she doesn’t have enough. The SDU team gets much more screening in contrast. I want to see more of her, especially her interacting with Hon To. I want to see their development. So far they are only just friends. I want to see more of them together on screen. I need to see them together because they are the OTP. Ahahahahahas!

Actually, I am surprised with how Hon To handled the break up so easily. I guess he really understands the concept of love cannot be forced unlike Wai Wai…

Oh, Wai Wai. Just when she explains to Hon To she thinks she can force Cheuk Yuen to like her…

I thought and hoped that this was going to be a Man Keung ep. I really want to see her join the operational SDU team. I guess that just has to come so that Hok Lai can help her and make his way to be her prince. Ahahahaha. I seriously don’t know who to ship Man Keung with – Hok Lai or Cheuk Yuen. Frankly, I would be happy with either one. (: I’m glad for her determination but it sure does remind me of her in THC…

Cong Zai was never as bad as people thought. He actually had a conscience and I held trust throughout the ep that he would be a good guy and I was just pleased with how it ended. (: I really didn’t believe that he could turn but when he shot fire I really thought he shot the guy. I am so glad that he didn’t. He had his reluctance to do as Goork Man said and good on him for doing so. He wasn’t bad after all. Ommggg, and they called him Onion!? No, that is only reserved for Him Law in THC!

Action, action, action! I need more action! This is not enough! Where did the action from ep 1 and 3 head off to?

I really hope that all these episodes will lead to a big case at the very end (:

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5 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 7 Overview

  1. heisui July 23, 2012 at 11:16 am Reply

    Ugh I just can’t ship Hok Lai & Man Keung yet. I feel like Man Keung is more mature than Hok Lai is. It almost feels like she’s his older sister or something.

    I think Hon Tou should’ve had a harder time getting over Wai Wai. I mean, he was considering MARRIAGE with her, surely he would be more devastated over the breakup! I just can’t buy that he’s gotten over it in such a short amount of time.

    • misscupcakees July 23, 2012 at 5:45 pm Reply

      I shipped them together in THC but they didn’t end up together so I ship them now. Ahahaha, though I am glad she ended up with Ben in THC. I don’t know who I want her to be with more – Hok Lai or Cheuk Yuen.

      I agree that it does feel like she is much more mature than Hok lai but I guess but still is holding Hok Lai back is his strong personality.

      Ssaammme! I couldn’t believe Hon To just let go so easily. He LOVED her! Urghhh and he seems so…normal about it.

  2. Jenny July 23, 2012 at 5:37 pm Reply

    Totally agree with you. Sences between jessica & Joe are too few 😦 need more development for both

  3. heisui August 4, 2012 at 10:04 am Reply

    OK I finally saw the full ep7 and UGHHHH. It dragged way too much with Hon Tou’s dad issues! The actual SDU operation at the end felt really anticlimatic because I was already so drained by the slow “build up” of the story. T_T

    On the other hand I loved the scene with the SDU celebrating Man Keung’s bday! So cute!

    • misscupcakees August 4, 2012 at 6:31 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, that’s why it lacked action and intensity. That’s why I don’t like personal connections.

      Ahahaha, yeppps, that is one bonded team. (:

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