SOP Queen Episode 21 Recap

Where is the love!? Where? Where are the Tang Jun-Xiao Jie interactions? I am starting to dislike all the office politics now. I want some reactions from Xiao Jie and Tang Jun! I want to see them all cutesy with each other!

Xiao Jie sees Chu Chu embracing him in a hug that he cannot embrace back. He tells Chu Chu that he will see her when he has time and leaves, leaving her heartbroken.


Tang Jun goes to eat with his mother. He finally realises how much he wants to hear her nag about him during dinner. He tells her he wants her to wake up and that’s what happens – she wakes. She wants to eat so Tang Jun sweetly feeds his mother some soup. She tells him he must have received a lot of grievances recently. He apologises, telling her that he resigned and asks her if she is disappointed. She asks him if he regrets leaving with his team mates. He clearly tells her that he doesn’t. He was once a person without responsibility and wanted to leave the company to his mother and sister but now he understands what responsibility is so he will take responsibility for them. His mother reassures him that  they will understand him but what she hopes is that he won’t lose his confidence because of this. He agrees.

No, everything was just a sweet dream for him. He thanks his mother for his encouragement and promises that he won’t be defeated so easily. He gets a call from Zeng Uncle and has to leave, just to miss the movement of his mother’s eyes.

Tang Jun is out at golf with Zeng Uncle, not that he does any golfing because he is not good at it. Zeng Uncle tells him that for something you are not good at, after a few more practises you will be good at it. He tells him not to blame his sister for wanting to remove him from the company, she also has a lot of pressures. He tells him that his sister’s weak points and strong points is that she is stubborn and might. The point is that Zeng Uncle isn’t supportive of Tang Mi. Tang Jun mentions that he wants to venture out to other companies. Zeng Uncle gets a call saying that the task is completed at hand. Zeng Uncle then invites Tang Jun for breakfast.

Xiao Jie is making successful progress on the anniversary event.

An unhappy Chu Chu comes home and tells her father that she is Xiao Jie is the one who has got on her nerves. She has successfully signed with the Italian company and this is not good for Tang Jun. She asks her father for help, to help Tang Jun of course. Her father tells her that has things planned and there is this saying called ‘the higher you climb, the lower you drop’. He tells her to let Xiao Jie climb for now, he has things planned to make her fall. She has put all the effort into the communication area and has forgotten to consolidate the company. This basic mistake will make her fall.

Planning for the SSP event is successful and in fact, the SSP event is very successful. Tang Jun just shops…at his company. Even more good news is that more companies has expressed their interest with working with Golden Imperial Sea.

Tang Mi who is surveying the mall at SSP Week sees her brother. She tells him since is no longer part of the team, he doesn’t need to come to work so earlier each morning. He tells her that he did not make any contribution to planning of SSP Week but as a the company’s VIP member, he can make a contribution to SSP Week. So of course he is free to spend some money.

Tang Jun goes to buy two pairs of heels and when he sees Xiao Jie I think he genuinely gives her a thumbs up, and only a thumbs up. Not hi, bye or even a smile.

Tang Mi sees Tang Jun go down the escalator and comments that he really has disappointed her.

A customer, Ms. Chen, makes a large skin care purchase.

It turns out the shoes are for Suo Li and Zeng Fan. They are both well and have or are soon to have a job. Zeng Fan gives Suo Suo a gift – the hard-to-get skincare product. Tang Jun comments that SSP Week has just started but they are out of stock. Zeng Fan says that she heard that they placed an order outside of China too late so when Shanghai gets the products, the other stores have already taken it all leaving Golden Imperial Sea out of reach. He comments that they haven’t considered this point yet.

They look at the report and Xiao Jie mentions that the sales number for the skincare product is quite weird, it is a popular brand but the sales have stopped these recent days. Tang Mi takes a closer look and is not impressed. The manager for the skincare product admits that this has been an ongoing problem for the past few days. Xiao Jie is set on a way to fix this. All the pressure takes a toll on Tang Mi.

Hmmm, turns out that this was all Father Zeng’s doings. He explains to the other shareholders that he is doing this to defeat Tang Mi and Lin Xiao Jie. When he kicks them out, he will restore the products causing no harm to the company. And guess what, tomorrow the shareholders are going to create a big commotion about this and thus make Tang Mi give up her position.

Xiao Jie is trying her best to fix this problem while Tang Mi is in hospital.

Chu Chu goes to find her friends to lend them some stock but they all refuse to do so.

Things aren’t going well for the company as customers complain that they can’t get the products they want.


My Opinion:

The mother-son time was so cute! And informative. Tang Jun really has changed a lot of both his mother and Xiao Jie. He knows know that he can’t continue to be the Tang Jun he is. I’m glad, I’m glad that what has happened to his mother has given him an awaken call. He is growing both my his set back from Xiao Jie and what his mother has taught him.

I don’t understand Tang Jun’s relationship with his sister. Or rather, I don’t understand what Tang Mi is thinking. She is a mysterious character. I think her motive is to take the company but yet I feel that she is just trying to help her brother. I really don’t know what to think of her. She is indeed a mysterious character. I wonder what motive she has. What does she want? Is she doing all this to help Tang Jun or for her own benefit?

Where are the Tang Jun and Xiao Jie chemistry!? Yeahhh, I get that they need to have these scenes to move the plot up but today, I saw three eps all with nothing near the chemistry they had. Wow, I really do miss it. I want to see them together again. I don’t like them being distant and cold towards each other.

Oh Chu Chu! She is so pure and innocent. She really likes Tang Jun yet he cannot see this. Chu Chu really will go out on all limbs to help Tang Jun. Ahahaha, oh and her voice accent is so cute! Ahahahahas! Though it really gets me sometimes but I think it really suits her. (:

This episode and last episode had too much office politics. Enough said. There wasn’t much development between our OTP. 😦

Guess what!? Zi Qi is going to be back! I wonder what he will play now. Ahahahhaa, does he still have feelings for Xiao Jie?


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8 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 21 Recap

  1. Amanda July 25, 2012 at 12:06 am Reply

    Thanks so much for the recaps!! I am loving this show, but for the last few episodes the workplace drama has been a bit annoying! It is nice to read another’s take on the episodes!

    • utaj July 25, 2012 at 1:31 am Reply

      Agree to both of you. The office thingy is getting too bothersome to watch. Yay..for the returning of Zi Qi, finally a love conflict.

      I wonder though, will Chu Chu gonna ends up like the character of Anna in Fated to Loved You, who is a basically a nice person but made one evil step, which she actually regretted, for the sake of (her) love.

      I got this crazy idea of shipping Chu Chu with Adam in the end of the drama hahahaha…poor girl if she have to be left all by herself.

    • misscupcakees July 25, 2012 at 3:45 pm Reply

      No worries! Ahahaha, yeahh, too much office politics.

  2. Nicci July 25, 2012 at 2:12 am Reply

    Thank you so much for the recaps. I’m watching it on youtube but as I don’t speak Mandarin and the subtitlers are a bit behind this fills in my gaps. I hope we get forward progress on the relationship soon though I’m starting to get frustrated 🙂

  3. ajel July 25, 2012 at 2:37 am Reply

    Thank you for your super fast recaps! I’m not a fan of the office drama either and yay for Zi Qi to be back. I mean what a waste of Godfrey Gao if he doesn’t appear onscreen anymore.

    • misscupcakees July 25, 2012 at 3:46 pm Reply

      No worries! The office politics will play a big role on Xiao Jie and Tang Jun’s relationship but currently, it is drawing the drama away from it’s attractiveness. He will be back! (:

  4. coco July 25, 2012 at 1:31 pm Reply

    I feel like I watched entirely different drama. I don’t get it why the side characters are given so much screen time even more compare to our OTP . It seems that the drama try to make us care about them but it is really distracting and not interesting at all.
    Sometime I wish Xiao Jie didn’t know that Tang Jun is Tom. At least they can still be close to each other in the internet. Now it’s like there is really a large wall between them. They really lose all their cute interaction.
    Next episodes will be better though but still……

    Give me more Tang Jun and Xiao Jie!

    End of my rant 😦

    • misscupcakees July 25, 2012 at 3:49 pm Reply

      Same here! Ever since she came to Shanghai the drama has made a huge turn around. I really miss the previous interactions. Ahahha, yeahh, truees, even the office employees have larger screen time than our OTP or even what Chu Chu has!

      That’s true, they have lost a lot of their interaction because of this. I hope they will pick it up again soon, I mean, they have to right?

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