SOP Queen Episode 24 Recap

Yay! Another kiss! Ahahahaha, Xiao Jie is just giving free kisses to Tang Jun! But I have to admit, other than the kiss there wasn’t much chemistry there this ep. ūüė¶ There was too much of a focus on the board member Zeng’s work.

Xiao Jie goes around asking other companies if they sent her the delivery with no such luck.

Suo Li hands Tang Mi the report and tells her that other than the brand ‘Ray’ that board member Zeng recommended without information, she recognises the other brands. Tang Jun then comes to ask her if she has any leads. Tang Mi tells her that Xiao Jie must be very important to him. He tells her that Xiao Jie isn’t just important to him but to her and the company. From the company’s point-of-view, aren’t those people who have ability valuable to the company? How can a unfathomable delivery just appear and make them lose a valuable manager? She tells him it is not only him who is in a rush for this to be solved, she is too. She explains that all of the board members received the blackmail too. He tells her he doesn’t care; no one can fire Xiao Jie because other than here she has no where else to go. She tells him that she doesn’t want to fire Xiao Jie either but to get to the bottom of this they must find out the reason why the blackmailer keeps on targeting Xiao Jie. If Xiao Jie can not pass through the blackmail crisis then she will never be able to exist in the department store world.


Tang Jun comes home to find Chu Chu there. She tells him that she knows he must be worried about Xiao Jie’s issue. She only found out through her father and sincerely hopes that she can prove her innocence. She tells him they should go take a stroll and he can also send her home.


Her phone rings so she goes to take it while Uncle Zhao tells Tang Jun he is going to deliver some food to his sister. He sees the cans of coffee and discovers that it was her who left him the can of coffee after he had a nose bleed. He realises that she is secretly caring for him. Uncle Zhao tells him that his sister certainly cares of him, she knows everything, it’s just that she keeps everything in her heart. Uncle Zhao tells him that when he went to visit his mother, he saw secretly praising Tang Jun to her mother. He also tells Tang Jun that he just came back so there is a lot of things he does know. Actually board member Zeng has really has an ambition. He once wanted to take the company as his own. Tang Jun cannot believe that his uncle is this type of person. Uncle Zhao tells him that he didn’t believe it either but luckily his mother wasn’t sick then so the problem was solved but now it is different, there is only his sister who has to look after the company and handle Uncle Zeng.

The board members are proud of board member Zeng’s plan because they are sure this will kick the two diligent girls out. The company will soon be in his hands.

Tang Mi decides to question her suspect. She tells him that her secretary told her that the blackmail suddenly appeared on her desk. She has thought about it and in Golden Imperial Sea, there is only one person who can secretly the blackmail on her CEO’s desk and every other board member’s house. She tells him she is very curious, Xiao Jie hasn’t entered the company for long and she is neither a friend or family to them and has done nothing wrong to them but there is someone who is constantly working on ways to remove her. He tells her that although he doesn’t know who the person is but neither friend or family is a systematic learning. Xiao Jie may have created enemies without knowing it. (Technically, this is true…) He tells her since Xiao Jie came the company has turned into a foul atmosphere, especially his daughter Chu Chu who has received Xiao Jie’s pressure and indirectly admits that he was the one behind all of this. Xiao Jie was on unfriendly terms with her colleagues. Tang Mi explains that was¬†initially¬†the case but that has already been resolved and furthermore, Xiao Jie has benefited the company a lot. He indirectly tells her that he wants to see Chu Chu and Tang Jun get married then all issues will be solved. He offers to fix this crisis in turn for a favour. She understands right?

Tang Jun sends Chu Chu home and sees Tang Mi there. Her father tells her to address her ‘older sister’ since they are family. Tang Jun recalls Uncle Zhao’s words and goes to ask Chu Chu’s father about the blackmail issue but his sister stops him.

On the drive home Tang Jun asks his sister if the blackmail issue was caused by Uncle Zeng. She tells him how it originated is not what matters, what is important is why they want to set the blackmail to Xiao Jie. She explains that it is for Chu Chu. In order for him and Chu Chu to be together, he needs to remove Xiao Jie from the company because his heart only contains Xiao Jie. He asks her if it is because of this that she agreed to Uncle’s conditions. She explains she has no choice, it’s either that or Xiao Jie has to leave the company. Their company cannot be without Xiao Jie and furthermore, Xiao Jie has no place else to go. She tells him that if he wants Xiao Jie to stay at the company, he only has two paths – keep his distance from Xiao Jie or leave the company together with her. She tells him that sometimes life has a lot of choices. She tells him that he wants to love a person and protect her and sometimes giving up is the best choice. Tomorrow Uncle Zeng will clear Xiao Jie’s guilt. She tells that she can deal with this blackmail but next time she really doesn’t know how to help Xiao Jie with all the tricks that Uncle Zeng has up his sleeves. He asks her that for Xiao Jie to stay he must give up his feelings? She tells him that there are many ways to love a person and maybe leaving is the best protection.

He asks her if she has ever loved before. She says she has but for the company, she gave up on him. (Ohhh, is that the flower senders?) Everyday she regrets that she spent over this but if she had another chance she would still choose to give up. He apologises and tells her that he doesn’t want to have any regrets in his life. He will bravely chase after his happiness. He thanks her for the family’s sacrifice and her sacrifice for him while holding onto the can of coffee. They happily enjoy some coffee.


Tang Jun invites Xiao Jie out to tell her that the blackmail issue has been resolved. She apologises for unable to help but he tells her that she is a fool and should learn to rely on him. She tells him that she feels really happy because she has him and her work. Although the development team weren’t too friendly to her at first but they grew closer as they worked together. He asks her if she really likes her job then? She tells him she does; this job gave her a price again. He recalls the two paths that his sister gave him and I guess he has made his choice already. He thanks Xiao Jie for the success of the event and she indirectly tells him that they should be together. He recalls his sister telling him that sometimes giving up is the best protection but instead of directly answering her, he tells her to leave since it is late. Before she leaves though, she gives him a thank you kiss.

Tang Jun is leave thinking, thinking about how he reminded her to face reality, their first meeting at the company, the colleague dinner, the lift scenario where she told him that he can’t protect anyone and she hopes that he won’t put feelings into his work, how a drunken Xiao Jie took hold of his hand, the Japanese restaurant where she told him she is unhappy because he is not there and how she likes her current life which includes him.


At the meeting, Xiao Jie’s name is cleared and the blame is shuffled to one of the workers, Zhong Kai, who explains that he did this to receive small advantages under the guidance of someone. Board member shareholder apologises (well, um, not even close to apologising) to Xiao Jie and mentions that luckily this problem was discovered soon to allow the board members to resolve his issue or else they would have lost a¬†valuable¬†worker. He then indirectly reminds Tang Mi what her favour was. She tells Tang Jun and Xiao Jie to know what their positions are. He evens commend Xiao Jie and Tang Jun for their efforts.

CEO Gao calls Tang Mi to ask well of her mother’s help and hope for another collaboration. In a few weeks time, international famous jewellery chain will enter. Last time, CEO Tang mentioned the plan cannot be used because of Zi Qi’s commotion, it cannot be used. She tells him that as she is the¬†temporary¬†CEO, she cannot leave but she will send someone who knows Haiyue very well (Xiao Jie of course!) to have a look at it.

CEO Gao has decided to give this jewellery project to Zi Qi to handle much to the unpleasant dislike of his brother. Zi Hao mentions that since Ji Qing will likely be the ambassador for this, Zi Qi might not be the suitable person to handle this project. But that’s okay, Zi Qi happily accepts this.

Zi Qi holds this meeting and has decided on three points for the project. Point 1 Рbrand positioning. During the meeting, his colleagues are gossiping about how silly Xiao Jie was to turn down the proposal. Now, since Ji Qing is here, she will never have a chance. Point 2 РConsolidate their targeted customers. When all is going well, Ji Qing decides to decline the ambassador position. Uh-oh! The jewellery company specifically wanted Ji Qing as the ambassador. He got dumped and now he has to satisfy his ex ex-girlfriend.

Zi Qi is out on a miserable date. Ahahahahah!


My Opinion:

Nooooooooo! Noooooo! Noooooooo! As much as I don’t want it to happen, it is. Zi Qi is going to pursue after Xiao Jie. This is sure going to be some complication to Xiao Jie and Tang Jun’s relationship. ¬†And what? Chu Chu is going to force Tang Jun to marry her? Omg, is this supposed to help Tang Jun in his choice? -.-

Okay, I’ll admit that Zi Qi does have feelings for Ji Qing. I thought they would have gotten back together but they didn’t. Okay, I can understand that but I really don’t believe that he could let Ji Qing go that easily. They did have a very long relationship and he just let it go just like that. Thinking back, Zi Qi just changed dramatically when Ji Qing gave up on him. He does love Xiao Jie but it’s just can he really let Ji Qing go like that?

I loved the sister-brother bond! That is their best bonding time since he returned to Shanghai. They have a pretty neutral and yet a very close relationship. Tang Mi didn’t have to directly tell him about what she was going to say; he just knew. It’s like they share a physic bond. LOL, I think this is my first time seeing Tang Mi with such a sweet smile. (:

Tang Mi does care for Tang Jun and I think she is helping him. It’s just that I don’t get why, why she is doing this.

Now there is something else that I am even more curious about – what is behind Tang Mi’s love story?

Naaawwws, now Xiao Jie is admitting her feelings and Tang Jun is drawing back his. Bad timing, just bad timing.

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