SOP Queen Episode 26 Recap

Our OTP are so apart yet they are so close. The only things that limit them from being together at the right time is well, them. They are within each other’s grip but time and time again trouble comes their way and breaks their grip. Apart from that, I really admire Chu Chu’s dedication and her be able to finally take matters in her hold hands. Ohhh, and more sibling bonds. Ahahahahahaa!


Chu Chu and Tang Jun are a big drunk/high from the wine that they had. She sees the broken angel that she gave him and asks him how could he treat it like this? He tells her if it wasn’t because she gave it he would have thrown it out a long time ago. She tells him that gave him this angle because she wants him to think of her when he sees it. They lean closer into each other while Tang Jun thinks of his near kiss with Xiao Jie. They are only centimetres apart when Tang Jun pulls back thinking about everyone’s word which all has a direct link to Xiao Jie. He takes hold of the angel and tells Chu Chu that he will take good care of it.


Xiao Jie is holding a meeting and says that every girl wants to meet a perfect mysterious lover so this is the path that the photo shoot will follow. She gives Zi Qi the role of taking charge of this photo shoot which earns her an eyeing stare from him.

Board member Zeng goes to visit Tang Lan just as Tang Mi leaves. He tells CEO Tang that he told her to look after her health and look at her now. But luckily, she still has her two children to handle the company for her. He tells her that he admires them for the success of the anniversary event but that is only temporary. When Chu Chu and Tang Jun get married he will make Tang Jun give him the CEO position. Then it doesn’t matter what, Golden Imperial Sea will be his. Though, he tells her that he will let Tang Mi and Tang Jun will comfortably. He tells her that he has been waiting for her to fall for over twenty years.

Zi Qi is watching the photo shoot with a very distant reaction. After the photo shoot Ji Qing invites him for dinner but before she could even get answer, his department invites him for dinner which he agrees to. I guess he never heard her question.

Zi Qi arrives to the restaurant to find only Xiao Jie there. Apparently all the colleagues have work to do…  Looks like dinner is for two. He tells her that he actually cherishes spending quality time with her.

Xiao Jie can’t sleep and recalls herself watching the sunset with Zi Qi and her officially break up with him. Tang Jun can’t sleep either so he plays around with the Peter Rabbit keyring that Xiao Jie gave him while reminiscing each of their kisses together.

The colleagues are gossiping how Zi Hao always loses whenever there is Zi Qi around. One of the colleagues asks could it be that they have different fathers? That is the point. CEO Gao congratulates the team for the success of the project. Zi Hao thanks Xiao Jie on the behalf of his younger brother but Xiao Jie says that the success is because of Ji Qing. Oh, that’s right. Zi Hao targets his brother saying that the success is thanks to his gossip news with Ji Qing. Xiao Jie says that the success is due to the suitability of the ‘mysterious lover’ theme and the use of Ji Qing as their ambassador. Zi Hao is not happy as his father decides to give Zi Qi the company.

CEO Tang takes Xiao Jie on a walk to the place where he invited her to work for the development department. She will always remember this point because this was the day that changed her life. He tells her that from that day on he knew that she was always going to be a genius. She apologises for leaving without reason but he tells her he understands she must have received a lot of wronged to make this choice. He apologises on behalf of Zi Qi and tells her that Haiyue is open for her any time.

Board member Zeng has invited Tang Jun and Tang Mi over to discuss about Tang Jun’s marriage with Chu Chu. Chu Chu goes to get Tang Jun’s favourite wine leaving Tang Mi and Tang Jun with her father. Tang Jun tries to deny it by saying that he won’t have time because he has to deal with the opening of the second store. Uncle Zeng tells him that they are here to discuss private matters and not work. Tang Mi tells him that Tang Jun doesn’t have the mind to consider this with their mother sick in bed. Their mother only has Tang Jun as a son so she would want to see him get married with her own eyes. Tang Jun explains that  he thanks Chu Chu for her sacrifices but with his mother sick he really doesn’t have the mind to consider anything else. Chu Chu comes back and Tang Mi indirectly tells Uncle Zeng that he is rushing things halting any further conversation about marriage.

On the way home Tang Mi tells Tang Jun that on the feelings side she will always stand by him. Their family already has a person who lost their happiness for the company, she doesn’t want him to be the other person. She wants him to be happy. She tells him that happiness is in his hands. No one can choose for him. As long as the company has them, it will not fall.

The development are working on a new Christmas project and Tang Jun gets to handle the Christmas lovers’ dinner event.

Zeng Fan asks Tang Jun to recommend a restaurant to her. He looks through his cards and sees the Japanese restaurant one recalling the drunken state that Xiao Jie was in.

Chu Chu and Tang Jun are out at lunch trying a lover’s lunch. She mentions that this is a romantic place to propose and if he doesn’t believe it, he can try it. Try what? She tells him to try propose to her, since they are going to get married right? He tells Chu Chu that marriage is the most important agreement is one’s life so it requires the right place, time and person. She tells him that she understands and feels very blessed to meet the right person at first sight. She tells him that he is her first happiness that she identified. From that point, she wait for him.

She kisses him but he pushes her back telling that that he only considers her as a younger sister and the person he likes is Xiao Jie. She tells him that she can do anything. She can change for him. He apologises for not treating her well enough. She tells him not to apologise, this isn’t the outcome that she wanted or is it the person that he has always loved Xiao Jie? He can only apologise.

Uh-oh, a fight is about to happen! A drunken Zi Hao tells Zi Qi even if he is crazy, it is because of him. Zi Hao says that he wants to ruin him that’s why he entered the company. Zi Qi says he entered because his father said so. Zi Qi says if he doesn’t leave, he will call the security. Zi Hao tells him to go ahead and see who they will listen to; him or Zi Qi his second mother’s son. Uh-oh! Zi Qi and his brother get on a physical fight. Things get intense when his brother tells him that he is nothing, not even the company’s successor.

Seeing his bruised face, Xiao Jie goes to heal him up. He asks her why she didn’t ask him what happened. She tells him that if he wanted to tell he would. He tells her that she still understands him. She heals him yet he was the one who hurt him the most. She tells him that it’s alright. Her wound has already healed. He asks her if time could come again, would she be with him. After some hard thinking, she says she will.


My Opinion:

Chu Chu, Chu Chu, Chu Chu. How can I describe her? What should I describe her as? Innocent? Naive? From the very start she knows that Tang Jun likes Xiao Jie yet she still clings onto Tang Jun. I get that she thinks that maybe she could change Tang Jun’s decision but ever since Xiao Jie came to Shanghai, she clearly could see that Tang Jun only has eyes for Xiao Jie. But she still clings onto Tang Jun trying to drag him away from Xiao Jie. Is she just too naive to think that she could change Tang Jun’s love?

Honestly, Chu Chu does like Tang Jun. She really shows it in terms of her acting. Meng Zhang has really done a excellent job to showing this. Every time when she sees Tang Jun with Xiao Jie her eyes will dart to him showing both pain and sadness. Pain, sadness, disappointment are all evident with Chu Chu. Meng Zhang has really done a brilliant job in expressing these feelings and more. You can really see her emotions and they aren’t fake either. They appear to be really smooth and natural.

Separately, Tang Jun and Chu Chu look cute together but when they are actually with each other, you cannot feel the chemistry there. It’s hardly even what you would call childhood best friends. The sparks just isn’t there. If you said they were friends, then their chemistry is believable but as childhood friends, they lack the connection and spark. Even when Tang Jun tries to act brotherly towards her, the closeness just isn’t there. They don’t appear to be close.

I am really liking the Tang Jun-Tang Mi siblings relationship. I’m actually amazed at the big turnaround. They were literally at each other’s end but now, they are a pair of close siblings. They are sweet together. Tang Mi just wants to protect him while Tang Jun wants to care for his sister. (: Team work! Ahahahaha, they are growing closer and closer as siblings. I really like this relationship. (:

Oh, I am really curious to delve deeper into Zi Qi’s relationship with his brother. Actually, for some reason with this drama I feel like I really have to want to know the background story with every character. Ahahahahs!

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