SOP Queen Episode 27 Recap

Finally, like, finally! They are finally together! Whoop, whoop! That has been what I wanted to see all along. (: At long last they can be together! Or can they? I will just enjoy their sweet moment while I can. (: Ahahahaha, they are so sweet! Their previous essence are back!


Zi Qi asks her why and she replies that he is indeed a good other half. She won’t use the subject of Bai Ji Qing to deny that he is a good person. It doesn’t matter it is the appearance, working abilities or family background, he is still the best. Most important is that she thinks that they are suitable so at that time she really liked him. So even if she could rewind back the clock, she thinks that she would still be attracted to be with him. He asks her what about now? They still get along well with each other and understand each other. She tells him that she doesn’t know, it is very complicated. 

She informs him that she is going to return to Shanghai tomorrow and he tells her that he will take her out for the last dinner. She declines him by telling him that there is no need; this industry is so small she is certain that they will meet again and then when they do, he can take her out for dinner. When she leaves he tells himself that he wanted to invite her for dinner not because she is leaving but because he really needs someone to accompany him tonight. Just in time too because Ji Qing calls him to invite him out for dinner to celebrate his birthday. (Ommggg, Xiao Jie, he was only your ex a few months ago and you have forgotten when his birthday is!?)

Jia Yi is curious as to why Xiao Jie is so eager to return to Shanghai. Is is for work or a particular someone? Jia Yi asks Peter Rabbit who says that particular someone is in fact Tang Jun. Xiao Jie admits that she doesn’t know what the situation is. She explains that a lot of things occurred in Shanghai and Tang Jun was always there by her side. She admits that that she also likes him being by her side and really relies on this feeling but once the time grew, she doesn’t know whether this dependence is because of work or other factors. She and Tang Jun are missing that one step yet none of them are willing to take that step because if they do, their relationship will be over so right now is their safest distance. Jia Yi advises her to take a deep breath and take that step. Xiao Jie tells her that Tang Jun has been cold to her recently and wonders what has happened between them. Jia Yi tells her to take out her work’s determination because this is about her life’s happiness here.


Tang Jun calls her and initially it was work related by it gradually evolves deeper than that. He tells her that both him and the company need her. She tells her that although she doesn’t know what happened but no matter what she will always accompany him all the way, ahahahaha but then she quickly adds that she mean the entire development team. He will wait for her return.

Zi Qi tells Ji Qing to stop drinking because she is well, drunk. She tells him that it doesn’t matter because it is to celebrate his birthday. He tells her that in the past she never remembers and important dates of his and now, as friends, she remembers it all. She tells him that it’s because she doesn’t plan to give up. In the past they cared too much about themselves and neglected each other’s feelings. She tells him that from now on, she wants him to know that he will always be her number one. He asks her if they really can’t just be friends? She tells him that in her dictionary there is no definition for friends, only boyfriend and stranger and she doesn’t want him to be a stranger.


He sends a drunken Ji Qing home and is about to leave when she takes hold of his hand telling him not to leave and stay here with her instead. (LOL, Xiao Jie-Tang Jun re-enactment?) He goes to leave but she pulls him in a kiss. He pushes her back and in the process also knocks over her jewellery box. Zi Qi sees the ring and confronts her about why she has it. She tells him that the ring was originally hers. He tells her it was but she didn’t want it. He asks her what she told Xiao Jie and she uneasily says that she only told the truth. He asks her when and she tells him before he went to Shanghai. She only wanted them to return to the original point. What original point? He tells her that they are already at point zero after she lied to him time after time again. Did she think stealing Xiao Jie’s ring could change his heart? She tells him that she had no choice. Oh she did, he tells her it’s just in her choices there was never him. He leaves telling her that they are better off as strangers. She explains that if he really got married with Xiao Jie then she really would have had no chance. She already has no chance. She tells him that she only did it because she loves him. He tells her that all along, she was the one who threw their happiness away because she never had faith in him. He leaves Ji Qing in tears.


Zi Qi arrives at the hotel asking Xiao Jie to meet him and his pouring birthday. While he waits, he recalls their public and official break-up. He takes hold of her hand and tells her that the ending shouldn’t have been like this. He presents her the ring and she recalls discovering the truth. He tells her that now he finally knows why she declined his proposal at the press conference. He tells her that they shouldn’t have broken up. This ring belongs to her. She tells him no, it belongs to Ji Qing. He tells her that initially it was but in the end it wasn’t; in the end he really fell in love with her. He tells her that he used to think that intense heartbeat feeling was love but in the end after getting along with her, he discovered that he liked to talk work with her, relying on her to keep him company, share his feelings with her.

She looks at him and recalls how Tang Jun told her that because of her he became unhappy, responsible for his work and changed his entire life goal. Because of her, he can do anything and how he said he became dependent of her.


Zi Qi tells her that from now he will always hold her hand and not let her get hurt. He pulls her into a hug and she tells him that he was right, love is not just having intense heartbeat. The love that she wants is to be able to share, to depend on, when she is helpless and in difficulty he will be by her side. She pulls back from the hug and tells him that he [Tang Jun] will be by her side when she is helpless. What she wants is not just barely protection but a person who will face her future with her, a person who will always be by her and solve her problems if they ever encounter any difficulties. She tells him that the person is not him but Tang Jun. She gives him the umbrella and leaves but turns back to tell him to find his happiness. He looks at the empty ring without an owner.

Back at the hotel, she tells Jia Yi that after walking through the rain she discovered that her mind has been cleared. What she needs and wants is not a person who will let her hide and fight in her place but a person who will hold her hand and face her opponent with her. She tells Jia Yi that she likes Tang Jun. Like, finally! She finally figured out her heart. She says that she doesn’t care whether he wants to be her friend or colleague, as love as he doesn’t say he doesn’t like her she will not give up. She will return to Shanghai and find him to talk this out. Jia Yi supports her to chase her happiness of course. (:

Tang Jun sees his sister working so diligently so he brings her a cup of coffee. He tells her that it is good that she came back. Well, that’s not the point of this conversation. He tells her that he talked things out with Chu Chu. She completely stands by his side. He tells her that it is just like he said, he doesn’t want to have regrets in his life. She tells him that making a decision is easy but there will be lots of consequences. First is the Uncle and then there is Chu Chu. She tells him that it is enough for the Tang family have her to loose her love for the company so he must be happy with the person he likes.

Xiao Jie tells her Peter Rabbit that in a few hours she will return to Shanghai. If he hasn’t said that he doesn’t like her she will definitely not give up. Meanwhile, Tang Jun gives his Peter Rabbit cup a kiss citing that he misses her.


Touchdown in Shanghai! And look who is here to pick her up? Tang Jun! He takes her out to the riverside and she is reminded of their time in England. It’s just that the wind is strong today. So what better way to make good use of it than to fly some kites? She tells him that she hasn’t flown a kite in a long time. He smiles and admits that this is his first time flying a kite. He tells her that he is a person who likes to be free so that’s why he chose to go to England hoping to live his own life. She tells him that she is different from him, freedom is in her hands. He smiles yet again and tells her that this is his first time flying a kite with the girl he likes. (Whoop, whoop! Celebration time!) She gives him an equally beautiful smile and nods her head. It’s time to draw the kites in and it is difficult drawing them in so she gives him her string. He lets go and says that since they [the kites] do not want to separate, then they should let them fly freely.

He tells her that they are free so what about them? He asks her to be his girlfriend. (Omgggg, this is way better than Zi Qi’s proposal!) She asks him if he is sure and he confirms it by kissing her!!! No drawbacks there!

They go to a Japanese restaurant hand in hand and I swear, they will be full just staring at each other all day. The boss comes and tells them that their meet is burnt but he just says that they like to eat burnt meat (LOLOLOLOL!) which Xiao Jie gives him a smile for. The boss remembers them – she is his ex-girlfriend who became her girlfriend again. The boss wishes them all the best. Hmm, ex-girlfriend? Who? He tells her that he once had an ex-girlfriend who especially likes to eat grilled meat and getting drunk alone. Every tme she gets drunk she would forget everything and he would have to come pay her bills. Ahahahha! It’s closing time and these two are still hand in hand staring at each other.

Chu Chu is drinking wine to drown her sorrows. She asks herself/Tang Jun where is she not good enough? For him she can change. It’s just that she has waited for twenty odd years and this is her outcome. Why, why does he not like her or accept her? Why did he let her become a fool? She then looks at her photos with Tang Jun and tears them all up. She promises that she will not let them [Tang Jun and Xiao Jie] to be happy. She then drowns herself in a whole bottle of medication.

Chu Chu’s father returns home to find that her daughter has attempted suicide. In all good news, she is well. She asks her father why does Tang Jun’s heart only have Xiao Jie? She tells her father that she is very tired and doesn’t want to live life any more. Her father promises her that he will definitely not let Tang Jun and Xiao Jie live happily.


My Opinion:

As far as I am concerned, nothing in this ep matter except for when Tang Jun and Xiao Jie were together. I watched 27 eps waiting for this to occur and now it finally did. How beautiful was that!? Just the way he asked ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ was so beautifully sweet! It was filled with love and sweetness. (: Omggggg, and how much more sweeter was the kiss!? It was not intense or anything of the like but it was filled with passion and love. Whoop, whoop! Finally their chemistry is back! I missed it so much and I was sure that when they rekindled, the chemistry would not be as strong but I am ever so wrong! Their chemistry is as strong as ever, no, actually it is stronger than ever. 😀 How loving sweet was their stare at each other!? Ahahahahahaha, their stare said, ‘I love you. let’s never let go of each other’s hands.’

I haven’t seen them this cute and sweet with each other. I hope to see more of them, just them being together. But no, the preview just ruined my mood. More rivals!

I love the words that Xiao Jie said about Tang Jun to Zi Qi. They were her heart’s words that was filled with passion and her true feelings. It is exactly how she feels about Tang Jun. Each words she said about him was filled with her true desire. Each of her cries made the process that much more beautiful. I really felt her true feelings and that was really true because it made me shed some tears. 😥 Her acting is just superb! Chen Qiao En is able to portray anything just hits her with any emotions. Just beautiful acting!

Ahahahhaa, I am still loving the friendship between Xiao Jie and Jia Yi. Jia Yi is so cute and adorable! She gives Xiao Jie the best advice and support ever! Jia Yi is always there for her. (: They share such a cute bond together!

Naaaaawws, Zi Qi does love Xiao Jie. I find his love for her not love but rather intense desire to gain her. I just still cannot accept that he had let go of his love for Ji Qing that easily. He loved her so dearly, I just struggle to believe that he suddenly decided that he loves Xiao Jie. I can only believe it if you tell me that he loves Xiao Jie after their official break-up. And vice versa with Ji Qing. She only discovered her love for Zi Qi after their break-up.

Oh Chu Chu! Must she do that? I feel for her, I do, but really? Poor Chu Chu! She loved him for twenty something years and this is her end result.

People must learn to understand that love cannot be forced! Let love go on its own journey.

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5 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 27 Recap

  1. coco July 27, 2012 at 11:18 pm Reply

    Yes.Finally! They are so sweet. I really like how their story develops. Although they have that spark in the first place, and I really want them to date right from the start but this way is not bad also. Xiao Jie realizes the love that she really wants is different to what she think she wants. Remember how the first time she want a prince in white horse that can protect the princess?And Tang Jun learn to be more responsible and mature. They really change, do they?

    With the way things develop previously, I was really afraid that Tang Jun will go for the noble idiocy why by agree to marrying to Chu Chu. Luckily he doesn’t. Or we will see our OTP separated for God knows how many more episodes. And I think we have to thank Tang Mi for that. I see that Tang Jun almost go for that way if not for Tang Mi supports. Tang Mi rocks. 🙂

    And Chu Chu…poor her. 20 years. That’s a long waiting. I can understand that she is really desperate. And I agree with you, Meng Zhang really does a good job potraying Chu Chu.

    Zi Qi is just bleh for me though. Haha. I can’t believe that he loves Xiao Jie. I think he just want somebody that adore him. And I don’t see any chemistry at all between Xiao Jie and Zi Qi. Xiao Jie is right. He is nice and all but well just not the right person. And I find that Godfrey’s accent and speech are weird? Or is it just me? When he has a long line, he tends to stop at weird places. Not flowing at all. Or it is because he’s not that fluent in Mandarin?

    • misscupcakees July 29, 2012 at 2:44 pm Reply

      I know, like finally. Ahahahhaha! Yeahh, but I liked their internet communication with each other. (: I am actually glad that it turned out this way because they now know that they truly love each other and will always support each other. Yepps, Xiao Jie has changed a lot. She know longer needs a prince charming in her life; she needs the man who will be able to support through thick and thin. And Tang Jun too. Through the help of Xiao Jie, he is no longer that irresponsible guy who just comes and goes as he pleases. There are other matters for him to consider too..

      Tang Mi is actually a brilliant sister. I love her support towards the family, company and Tang Jun. 🙂 Even she has changed greatly.

      Yeahh, poor Chu Chu. She has to watch the man of her dreams go for someone else. Poor her. But really, she should have know that Tang Jun never liked her anyway… But on a side note, Meng Zhang does a great portrayal of Chu Chu. The emotions are really understandable.

      Ahahahaha, I don’t think he loves Xiao Jie. From the way I see it, he loves her because of guilt. They just don’t have the chemistry that Xiao Jie has with Tang Jun. & LOL, nopes. I find his accent very neutral. Well, honestly I never noticed his voice because my attention is always on Tang Jun’s. Ahahahahaah!

  2. Crystal July 27, 2012 at 11:41 pm Reply

    Hi!! I’ve refrained from reading your posts, because I knew if I did, I would not watch the real show, because your recaps are so good. xD
    Truth be told, I am still just skimming your newer posts so I still have some surprises left 😛 I tend to just read your comments at the end of each post, because I like hearing your thoughts per episode (like what I have to look forward to!)

    But I read this entire post through, because you said you were happy they finally got together, and I was confused that there was a pic of Xiao Jie and Zi Qi–yet I know you’re a Tang Jun fan. I just couldn’t help myself.

    So woo hoo! THEY are finally together!! I am only on ep.15 so I have a long way to go before I see them fly those kites, but I will persevere.

    At any rate, thank you so much! I am still so surprised whenever I come back and see so many new recaps each day! The amount of hard work you put in each day really astounds me–you’re amazing!

    • misscupcakees July 29, 2012 at 2:36 pm Reply

      Ahahahhaha, thanks! 😀

      What I have been looking forward to, them bring together. At long last they are together. (:

      No, thank you for popping by and reading. (: Keep reading and watching!

  3. Janis Rittenhouse August 11, 2020 at 7:34 am Reply

    How can tang jun be with someone else in queen of sop 2??

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