SOP Queen Episode 28 Recap

For Tang Jun and Xiao Jie being with the one they love is a difficult job. They have barely been together for a day when crisis number one comes hitting them. Crisis after crisis will soon follow putting not only strain on them but their relationship on the line. What must these two do to just be together? And seriously, I have thought wrong of Tang Mi. She is the best sister, daughter and CEO. All the amount of effort she puts in is more than what anyone would do. If you were happy last ep, this ep just makes you sad. Can our OTP just be allowed to be together happily!?

Chu Chu’s father gives Zi Qi a call asking him for help. The Golden Imperial Sea’s second store investment preparation requires a project manager and he is the first person that came to his mind. Since its a chance to go to Shanghai, Zi Qi will not deny it.

Uncle Zeng is at the Tang household demanding to see Tang Jun who is currently not here. Tang Mi and Uncle Zhao are in disbelief and shock to hear that Chu Chu attempted suicide for Tang Jun. Tang Mi tells him that everything is just a misunderstanding  but he tells her that it was Xiao Jie who mesmerised Tang Jun which in turn caused Chu Chu to make such a decision. She admits that since Xiao Jie came to Shanghai there has indeed been a lot of things happening. Tang Mi says she will go to call Tang Jun to tell him to accompany Chu Chu but he tells her that Chu Chu can’t possibly face Tang Jun now.  Tang Mi suggests that she will temporarily stop Chu Chu’s work for now and agrees to not make a commotion out of it. It’s just that for this project, Chu Chu is the manager and her absence will mean that she requires a new manager for this. He tells her that he has got this al sorted and also warns Tang Mi that they better not visit Chu Chu now.

Tang Jun and Xiao Jie make their relationship ever so obvious as they head to work hand in hand. Their ever sweet moments must make discussing work matters really difficult. They are even oblivious to the fact that their colleagues are watching them share their sweet moments. The three girls suggest that Chu Chu can’t stand the fact to see the man she loves with another girl so she decided to stop work. Even when they do discover that their colleagues are watching them, they still continue with their sweet moments.


Tang Mi calls Xiao Jie and Tang Jun into her office. She tells them that Chu Chu attempted suicide which is a big blow to them both. She also tells them that there will be a new manager on board for this task but Tang Jun struggles to take this in blaming himself for Chu Chu’s near death.

Xiao Jie goes after him and suggests that he go visit Chu Chu. He can only thank her.

Chu Chu father tells the board members not to mention Tang Jun any more, it will affect Chu Chu. On serious matters, majority of Golden Imperial Sea’s funds has already been moved to the second store. Whether the second store can develop will accept Tang Mi’s CEO position. The members says that Tang Mi’s abilities are not that bad and she has resolved a lot of the company’s issues. Board member Zeng agrees but if they can make the problem on Xiao Jie and Tang Jun then that’s a different story. He tells them that he has a secret weapon that could split them up and put Tang Jun and Tang Mi in a turmoil dealing with their family matters, then they can overtake the CEO position.

Just in time too because his secret weapon, Zi Qi, arrives and will be taking over Chu Chu’s position. The board members realise that Zi Qi once had an engagement with Xiao Jie. Zi Qi promises to do well on this project.

Xiao Jie arrives with Tang Jun to Chu Chu’s house. She asks if she should go in with him but he tells her that she better wait for him out here.

Uncle Zeng is furious to see Tang Jun here, the man who hurt her daughter. He tells him to leave, he won’t let him see Chu Chu. Tang Jun tells him he must be really angry and disappointed in him right? He apologises for not treating this matter well but begs him to allow him to see Chu Chu because he has a lot to say to her which he eventually gives into for the sake of his daughter.

Chu Chu is unimpressed to see Tang Jun. He gives her her favourite roses but she throws it away telling him that she hasn’t died. But he’s right, Zeng Chu Chu did die once. He tells her that he really worried about her. Worried? She tells him that he came to see her out of guilt right? She tells him that she doesn’t need this sudden care. Because of his appearance it made her feel even more foolish and hurt. He tells her that he is indeed guilty, if he explained things earlier, then she would not have received this kind of hurt. She tells him that if he came here to tell her these nonsense then he is wasting his time because she doesn’t plan to forgive him. Does he think an apology would be able to exchange for her years of feelings? She tells him that ‘sorry’ these one or in the case of chinese, three words, is really honest and clean. He says that this is all his mistake. She tells him enough, she doesn’t want to hear these hateful words. Does he wish for her to forgive him and Xiao Jie and wish them all the best? She can’t do that. She tells him that the past Zeng Chu Chu is gone, the Chu Chu that he sees is the real Chu Chu. She cannot forgive him. When he doesn’t answer she asks if he is afraid. He tells her that he is not afraid because she changed to this person today because of him. She tells him that he doesn’t need to feel guilt because they owe each other nothing.


Oh, and she also admits that she made the blackmail. He asks her why and she tells him that she doesn’t want to feel hurt everyday while he and Xiao Jie feel happy. Have they ever thought of how she feels when they are happy or smiling? She asks why she is so humble in their relationship, why, because she loves him. He tells her that she is thinking too much, and the more she does, the more complicated the issue will become. He tells her that although he has no love for her but they have friendship and family; he has always thought of her as a little sister. She tells him he can give friendship and family to Xiao Jie, she doesn’t want it. She tells him that it’s okay that he doesn’t love her, she will use her own methods to make sure he will always remember her. He picks up the flowers before leaving.

He tells Xiao Jie that Chu Chu is fine. She tells him that body wounds can be easily treated but heart’s pain is hard to heal. He tells her that in this time he will be by Chu Chu’s side but by saying those words he can’t help her much. She needs to leave this myth herself. Xiao Jie says that relationships cannot be forced and she understands that you can’t just accept it suddenly. He assures her that he won’t let her get hurt. (Umm, okay, as much as I like you and Xiao Jie together, but seriously, you say these words when your best friend is in this state to her rival?) She asks if there is anything she can do to help. He tells her to hold his hand and give him some energy.


Seeing Chu Chu in this state, Zi Qi decides to talk some sense into her. He tells her that it was unexpected of her to use this method to tie Tang Jun to her because during the WIP event, he always thought she was a smart girl. She tells her that you can use your smarts for work and life but for relationships, you will just fall lower. She asks him isn’t he the same, coming to Shanghai for Xiao Jie? Ahhh, so she is smart and gets his point in one guess. She tells him he can smile with self-confidence now but in time he will understand why she became like this. He tells her that he is different from her, at least his relationship with Xiao Jie is on a foothold unlike her relationship with Tang Jun where they never had love. She tells him even so, but it is the past. How are they different now, they are both not loved by the ones they love. He agrees and says that he would try anything but he won’t be like her using such a stupid method because loving a person is not worth using such a stupid method. She admits that she is stupid but doesn’t need him to tell her. He tells her that she is a smart girl so she doesn’t need to use her own mouth to say she is stupid. They are both failures in love so he doesn’t have the right to say that she is stupid. She says she has had enough of being a failure, now she wants Xiao Jie and Tang Jun to pay for the hurt they have caused her. He says that the hurt that love brings changes them a lot.


Even during this time Tang Jun can make things seem much more livelier. Tang Mi praises Xiao Jie for her ‘secret lover’ project in Taiwan and Tang Jun is curious as to who this ‘secret lover’ might be. (LOL, how does Tang Mi put up with this!?) Tang Mi tells them that they will have to remove something from the christmas project but what’s more importantly is that they have to attract outside investment into the second store so they have to make the proposal brilliant for an intense publicity campaign.

Aren’t Xiao Jie and Tang Jun surprised to see Zi Qi as the new project manager? However, they are professionals so they are going to handle this professionally. Zi Qi and Tang Jun even have a handshake. (Wow, I finally realised that Godfrey Gao is tall, really tall!)


At the meeting Zi Qi says that he thinks that for the managing pattern of this new store they should incorporate the company’s style using superior quality goods route to make Shanghai the fashion landmark. Tang Jun agrees with his point but during Shanghai’s shopping festival, the youth has their own brand which is very popular to mark the company’s uniqueness. At the same time, the sales has already surpassed the WIP clients. Tang Jun feels that the second and first store should have a difference. The second store should be targeting youngsters and thus give their customers more variety. Zi Qi tells him that his suggestion shows that he doesn’t understand the company. Changing from a boutique is not the public’s taste and will make the company lose its current competitive strength. He says that this is what the stupid risks that stupid people thing of. Tang Jun smiles and says that all investments have their hazards but as long as there is a turn for the better then that would be beneficial so that’s why he feels that they should take this risk.

Xiao Jie comes to solve this dilemma but suggesting that they could package trendy and superior quality to make it become a a curent brand. This means the new store will be a superior store target youths. Since everyone is happy with the idea, she is going to shout everyone dinner but it’s Tang Jun who is paying. Ahahaha, well, our Zi Qi gets jealous seeing the two of them all lovey-dovey.

The three girls comment that the meeting was really wonderful. Suo Suo compares Zi Qi to being a sharp spear and Tang Jun to being a solid shield. Zeng Fan mentions that she thought Tang Jun and Xiao Jie’s love story was a happy ending but suddenly there appears a side story (hmmm, Chu Chu?) and an ex-fiancée who it is unsure of who will win. Suo Suo and Zeng Fan suggest that they should help Tang Jun but Suo Li tells them to let thinks be, they are outsiders after all.


Oh man, Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are so cute! They are at a lift and Xiao Jie fake calls him asking why is he angry, is it because she spoke up for Zi Qi. He tells her that he is not that petty, he is just wondering what’s Uncle Zeng’s plan for switching Zi Qi here. Yeps, that’s a worry there. He tells her that it doesn’t matter who, no one can separate them. She tells him that he still sounds angry… Oh, so Tang Jun takes advantage of this telling her to kiss him, then he won’t be angry.

Then Zi Qi walks in on them. Tang Jun lets out a big and exasperated obvious sigh while holding his girlfriend close. Zi Qi’s destination has arrived and just before he steps out, he strokes Xiao Jie’s hair. (Ohhhh, competition!) When he leaves, Tang Jun ruffles her hair.

Tang Mi’s secretary hands her the month’s sales report and also informs her that the bank called and said the CEO used the company’s name as a guarantee to borrow a large amount of money. Tang Mi says that this is impossible, their CEO is still sick in bed. Her secretary shows her proof that it was indeed the CEO who requested this. The bank was fine with them using Golden Imperial Sea as a guarantee but after some sudden movements with their shares, the bank thinks that their is something wrong with the company’s funds so they called to pressure them to returning all the funds. How could this have happened? Tang Mi goes to find her signage stamp gone.

Why, why, why, it was board member Zeng who used his own daughter to steal the stamp which now leaves the company in a huge amount of debt. He also tells the other board members to turn on their TV tomorrow and watch the story unfold. He will make them [Tang Jun, Tang Mi etc.] be caught by surprise.

Sou Sou and Suo Li arrives to work happily when Suo Li breaks the news to them that the Tang family are suspected to have emptied out the company. Sou Sou shows them the news of board member Zeng be interviewed about how he feels about the company being hollowed out. He strongly says that due to their friendship he does not believe that they will do such a thing but as a large shareholder, he will get to the bottom of this. The girls do not believe that the Tang family will do such a thing and wonder who has such power to ruin them?

Tang Mi can not even get out of the house with the amount of reporters and people chasing up their money. She apologises for causing such trouble to the public but she guarantees that Golden Imperial Sea did not empty the company. She will solve this and get to the bottom of this matter.

They have investigated and the secretary lets them know that the shareholders are maintaining a large margin increase which is unusual for their situation. Tang Mi’s suspicion was right, it was Uncle Zeng who stole her stamp. The why is not important now, why is important is for them to find a way to return the money to the bank. They can sell the family home to pay back the bank. Tang Jun is for this but Tang Mi strongly opposes it because it is a very important asset to their mother.

Board member Zeng gatecrashes the meeting to tell Tang Mi how can she still sit in the CEO position in this time? Tang Jun asks him that as a shareholder, why would he use such a method to empty the company? He directly tells him that it is because of what he did to Chu Chu. Since they are ruthless, he will be ruthless too. Board member Zeng asks is it worth it for Xiao Jie? He tells them that emptying the company is just the start, he will show the world the sibling’s inability.

Tang Mi returns to her office to find a bouquet of flowers. She then gets a call asking her out for dinner. Recalling that that only selling the house can save the company and that emptying the company is only the start, she agrees.

Tang Jun tells Xiao Jie not to put Uncle’s words in her heart. She apologises because this is her fault but he tells her that it is not; they need to face this together. As long as they are together, they can solve all problems.

The board members are celebrating their successfully plan. They wonder why Zi Qi isn’t here to celebrate. He says he arranged for Zi Qi to talk to some fuddy-duddy to convince them to share sell their shares to him. The fuddy-duddies are good friends to CEO Tang so they don’t want to sell it to him but selling it to Zi Qi is a different story. And then when they [the board members] get those shares, they will have over half and can overthrow the company.


My Opinion:

What a big big big turnaround for Chu Chu. She was nice and innocent but now she is fierce and ready to go avenge on the one she loves. Okay, this makes no sense, even if they are lovers, they are at least friends. Must Chu Chu go to this extreme and ruin their lifetime of friendship? Someone really needs to tell her that love cannot be FORCED!

I blame Tang Jun for this. He knew all along that Chu Chu likes him but his heart was clearly with Xiao Jie. He should have told Chu Chu earlier instead of leading her on. Now look at what he has caused – a heartbroken Chu Chu who is determined to ruin him and Xiao Jie and he has lost his childhood best friend.

Chu Chu is fierce! Her fierceness is so so scary. I much prefer her as the old Chu Chu. But in all honestly, Meng Zhang has done a great job portraying Chu Chu to make me feel this way. Wow, just wow. Rage and heartbreak were all evident during her talk with Tang Jun. Each word she forced out all contained the hurt that he gave her. She loved and still loves him but she wants him to be with her. And if he can’t she would rather see him alone. The emotions there were just splendid. I could feel everything during their intense explanation.

For a moment during their intense argument, I felt sorry and guilt from Tang Jun. But then a moment later all that disappeared and he was off being his cheery self again. I just don’t but this, can he really be this heartless and guiltless for what he has done to Chu Chu? Does he even care about her? For all their years of friendship he is willing to just throw it away.

Chu Chu may have made a 360 turnaround but she is still dependent on others. The thing that is stopping from Chu Chu from facing reality is herself. She is unable to take that step, always hiding behind other people that’s why she is so isolated. She is using her father as a barrier from reality. I want to see Chu Chu take the step forward and discover reality. Hopefully she will soon realise that reality has many doors open especially for her.

In the mist of all this crisis Tang Jun and Xiao Jie still manage to share their bursting chemistry with each other. (: Just how cute are they with their little touches here and there? Ahahahaha, I just love it when they look at each other and gives each other the cute, sweet smiles and stares. Why must crisis be in their path when they have finally discovered that it is them that they love?

I was ever so wrong about Tang Mi for being an evil, scheming sister (okay, well I never thought of her as that bad…). She is such a good and sweet sister. She is always looking out for Tang Jun and the company. If anyone thought she was evil, they are just so wrong. Tang Mi has changed so much but that still doesn’t explain why she wanted Tang Jun out of the company in the first place. She was all against him and now they are siblings who cannot be torn apart.

Nooooo! Tang Jun better save his sister’s happiness because she has helped him to achieve his happiness. This is such a big sacrifice for Tang Mi.


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4 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 28 Recap

  1. Julia July 28, 2012 at 10:52 pm Reply

    thank you for your great recaps:) looking forward to ep 30 yayayya!

  2. jen July 29, 2012 at 11:18 am Reply

    I agree with what you said about Tang Jun! He cares for Xiao Jie so much, but he doesn’t seem to care much about Chu Chu, his supposedly ‘best friend’. It seemed like the whole time, she was the one trying to help him and make him feel better when he was down, but when she gets hurt he doesn’t really dwell on it. I don’t like Chu Chu, I’m just a bit surprised at how little she seems to matter to him.
    Also, I think Tang Mi is a good sister, but she feels threatened by Tang Jun’s presence in the business. I think that’s why she didn’t want him there- since he’s the actual child of their mom, she might think he will eventually be in charge of the business instead of her.

    • misscupcakees July 29, 2012 at 2:50 pm Reply

      They were best friends for their entire lives yet he doesn’t even show a little care to her. -.- In this relationship, Chu Chu is the only one putting in effort while Tang Jun is just standing there waiting for things to unfold themselves. Yeahh, I mean, look at everything she has done for Tang Jun yet he doesn’t even care about her!

      Yeahhh, well I don’t understand why she wanted to kick Tang Jun out in the first place. I understand what you are saying but why the sudden change now?

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