SOP Queen Episode 29 Recap

Wow, I never thought Tang Mi would go to this extreme to save the company. She is willing to go as far as sacrificing her own happiness. This just shows that she truly willing to do anything for what she wants. But no, she cannot sacrifice her happiness! Poor Tang Mi. But luckily in dramaland, miracles do happen. (:

Tang Mi goes to meet the man, Cai Dong, who could solve all of the company’s problems. She doesn’t waste time and gets straight into the point. She tells him that if he can solve her problems, she is willing to marry him. He agrees and hands her a blank check. He tells her that they have drifted apart but they will regenerate their closeness. (Nawwwws, poor girl! What a big sacrifice!)


She goes to announce to her mother that she is going to be getting married.  She wonders what it would be like to wear a wedding dress but it’s just ashame that she can not be there to see her.  She asks that she will support her decision right? She tells her that the man she is going to marry is one she knows, Cai Dong, who has been pursuing her for a long time. But it doesn’t matter who she marries as long as it can save the family and the company because her love has died along with him.  (Ohhhh, so she left him for the company?) She tells her that the most important things to her right now is the family, company, Tang Jun, and her. She tells her that she really loves her. In her heart, she is the most important to her. Although she is not her biological daughter, she is distant from her but in her heart no one can replace her. She tells her to rest assure, she will protect Golden Imperial Sea in her place. She tells her that she doesn’t hope that when she wakes up she will see nothing and she doesn’t want it to be difficult on Tang Jun. She wants them to be happy. She tells her mother to wake up, she can’t support herself any more. This brings a tear from her mother.


Tang Jun can only say “sorry” to his sister as she tells him that she is going to get married to Cai Dong. She tells her that he has no need to be sorry. There is nothing wrong with falling in love and being with the person you love. She tells him he is her littler brother, she wants him to be happy and unlike her who has regrets. Everyday she regrets it, she regrets not leaving with him. Her life is just work but she has no other choice, only this way will numb her from missing him and wanting to return back to the impossible. She stayed for the family but she doesn’t hope that it is the same for him; she wants him to be happy. There family has one happy and blessful person right? She tells him that this is the only way.

He tells her to give him some time; he will fix this problem. He tells them that they can sell the house. She tells him that they definitely cannot, this is their home. So what? He just wants her to be happy. She tells him it doesn’t matter if she is not happy, she wants their home. They have already lost the company, they can’t loose their home as well. What if their mother wakes up? He asks her if she is angry? Is he too selfish just thinking of his own happiness, losing both their happiness and his mother’s life effort? He kneels down to her, apologising.


Tang Mi eases the colleagues’ worries telling them that everything is the past, the most important thing right now is to to recruit new workers for the second store. Cai Dong comes to gatecrash the meeting asking her why she didn’t respond to his message, making it difficult for Tang Mi. He tells her that starting from today his schedule is her schedule, wherever he goes she goes. She has no choice but to nod her head but he is not finished yet, he tells her that she is to announce their marriage at tomorrow’s press conference. Tang Jun gets up and literally screams it that the Tang family doesn’t need his money. Tang Mi has to agree to stop Tang Jun from making matters worse.

Tang Jun tells Xiao Jie that he will let his sister marry that scum. He will find a lump of funds and in the worst scenario, he will sell the family home.


Tang Mi is out golfing with her beloved Cai Dong who requests her to put his golf ball in position. What other choice does she have? So she goes to do so when her ever loving Uncle Zeng arrives so she jerks up. (See my sarcasm here? LOL) Uncle Zeng praise Cai Dong for being able to invite Tang Mi out for golf. Cai Dong says that she can make her own decisions when she is single but after marriage she must obey him. Cai Dong decides that he is going to gold with board member Zeng and commands Tang Mi to put the ball into position. After a long hesitation, she has no choice but to do so.

When Cai Dong goes to take a call, Uncle Zeng tells Tang Mi that she may survive through this round but where can she hide in the next ten, twenty years? He tells her that he can’t bear to see her so embarrassed, just her one word of letting go of the CEO position, he will replenish the company’s funds. She tells him that it is impossible for her to do so. He warns her that he is not going to give up.

Xiao Jie is waiting for Tang Jun’s good news but when he does, the news is not good. He asks why is it that none of the banks will loan money to them? She tells him that it is all board member Zeng’s doing of course. He gets agitated and is determined to find a solution. He apologises to her for being agitated. She tells him that it is alright; as long as you don’t give up there is always hope. They will find a solution together.

He calls his sister to tell her to give him some time; he will get the required funds. She tells him to give up, it is impossible.



Might everything be too late? It’s press conference time and Xiao Jie is giving Tang Jun a billion calls that he doesn’t pick up because he is too busy calling others to help him. Tang Mi is about to announce her all important news when Xiao Jie shuts off the microphones and instead does the announcing instead. Xiao Jie tells the media that the company is very firm and the stocks are stable. Cai Dong is about to go up and take the microphone off her when Suo Li spills tea on him (I hope it’s hot. Ahahahaha) delaying time. Xiao Jie says that Tang Mi has lead the company well and they believe she will continue to do so.

Tang Mi gives Xiao Jie a lashing telling that she has cut off the company’s only way out. Xiao Jie tell

s her that she did so because Tang Jun can’t watch her helplessly marry Cai Dong. Tang Mi asks her with what right does she have to decide for her. She tells him that she can’t sacrifice her for her and Tang Jun. She tells him that it is not for her but for the company and the Tang family. She apologises but explains that this does has a relation to her; if it wasn’t because of her, Chu Chu and her father would not create such a huge commotion. She can’t let her sacrifice her own happiness. Tang Mi tells her that she doesn’t need anyone to take responsibility for her; she can do whatever she likes with her own happiness. Xiao Jie tells her that it might not relate to her but it does relate to Tang Jun and CEO Tang. If CEO Tang wakes and discovers that she sacrificed herself for the company, how hurt would she be? She can’t watch Tang Jun and CEO Tang get hurt; she can’t watch her be the sacrifice either. She tells her that there are other ways out of this.

<– How cute? They are in matching blazers!

No words, no nothing. Tang Jun just pulls Xiao Jie into a hug. He thanks her for stopping his sister which she tells him it is her duty to do so. He asks her if he is useless, he can’t even protect the one he loves. She calmly tells him that for her first job in Taipei, the Valentine’s Day showcase, she had no clue whatsoever with everyone waiting to see her embarrass herself.  But it was only him who told her the meaning of Valentine’s Day. She tells him he is a special person. So what if you fail once in life? If he gets defeated like this, then he is not the Mr. Tom she knows. She believes in him, he can do it. She pulls him into a hug and he tells her that he will take Golden Imperial Sea back. His phone rings and it’s Uncle Zhao. Looks like miracles do happen.


Tang Jun apologises to his mother for the state that the company is in while Xiao Jie tries to pitch in a few good words for Tang Mi. CEO Tang says that she doesn’t care about the state of the company, what she is angry about is why Tang Mi agreed to marry Cai Dong. Tang Mi tells her that if she doesn’t, he won’t fund their company and she will lose the company. CEO Tang tells her that she want bear to sacrifice her own daughter’s happiness. Tang Mi is impressed that she called her daughter. 🙂 Her mother tells her that she has been working hard these past few years, now it is her turn to protect her. Yay! Family reunion!

Tang Jun’s mother praises him for his improvement – for coming back to the company even when his sister kicked him out and for solving the anniversary event problem. She also thanks Xiao Jie for her contribution. Now she has another matter on her hands – the issue of the company. But luckily she has a plan. Since board member Zeng wants the company, he can have it. She is going to tel him that her son and daughter’s happiness is much more important compared to anything else.

Board member Zeng gets invited to the Tang house thinking that they are here to give him the CEO position but is shocked to see CEO Tang alive and awake.


My Opinion:

Ruo Xi’s portrayal of Tang Mi was so touching. As she spoke to her mother and brother, they were touching words. Included the emotions she evoked, it really just touches your heart. Just beautiful and real acting from her. I love the way how she looks at people. It’s like she looks at them and you understand what she feels. You can see that she is trying to be strong for herself and those around her. You can really see her effort into her character, just brilliant portrayal. Just one fault though, when her mother called her daughter her reaction seem delayed and not as real as the others.

Poor poor Tang Mi. She has to lower herself for the company. Just pain and hurt for her as she has to lower herself to Cai Dong. Seriously, I can’t believe she once loved him. What does she see in him? It’s a good choice that she chose not to marry him. She is distant from him, not showing and connection at all. She doesn’t even want to look at him in the eye. It’s just hurt we see as she has to literally beg for his help. Poor girl.

Naaaaaws, Tang Jun and Xiao Jie! Ahahahahaa, it is always going to be them! They are adorable together, always supporting each other. Tang Jun has supported her all the way and now it’s Xiao Jie’s turn. These two are incomplete as two individuals but together they are as one continually giving each other courage and energy. They need each other. How cute are they!? I just loves the way he looks at her. Each time there is fire and love. 😀

Good on Xiao Jie for stepping up and stopping the press conference. Love can really make people courageous? Xiao Jie has changed so much from the beginning. She would have stood up but she would have never done this. Now she is more braver and courageous than ever. 🙂

I am so glad to see CEO Tang wake up. Now all she has to do is stamp of board member Zeng and bring him down.

Naawwws, it’s all going to end soon. I’m going to miss this a lot. I hope that everyone will have their happy ending. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 29 Recap

  1. Annie August 29, 2012 at 7:24 am Reply

    my favorite character and actress have to be Tang Mi. I never got the vibe that she was a scheming sister. She was just giving some tough love to her irresponsible younger brother.
    And the actress who play her role is fantastic. I love how elegant and refined she portrayed Tang Mi, suitable for a strong and independent career woman. She looks like she is in charge, professional, but smart. I hate how others have portrayed career woman so ruthlessly.
    And I agree with you how she look at people. She does not say much, throw tantrum, or act all expressive, but with one look, we know how she feel about people and situations. She acts so naturally, that makes me feel that if i was in her position, i might react the same.

    • misscupcakees August 29, 2012 at 6:22 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, Tang Mi was a really strong character. It actually showed the character in depth. I love how she handles her role as both a private person and a professional.

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