SOP Queen Episode 31 Recap

Naaaaws, the Tang family crisis has only bought the OTP closer than they ever were. They have trust that just cannot be spoken by words. Ahahahhaa, as ever, their cute little interactions with each other are just cute!

Zi Qi tells Xiao Jie that luckily they are still able to catch up to today’s sunrise. Xiao Jie recalls Zi Qi telling that he doesn’t lack anything but a girlfriend who is able to watch the sunrise with him and then him falling asleep during the ‘watch sunrise’ adventure. He tells her that in the past he missed out watching the sunrise with her and today he finally has the chance to fix this. She tells him that there is a sunrise everyday so this is ‘no big deal’. He tells her that this ‘no big deal’ has been missed time and time again and thus causing today’s regret. He hands her his jacket and tells her he missed out the chance of watching the sunrise in Taipei with her, finding her when she left for Shanghai and wiping her tears away when she was hurt in England. He tells her he doesn’t want to miss out any more. He promises that in the future when she needs him he will be by her side. He doesn’t want to miss out anything to do with her.

She tells him he doesn’t need to be this good to her. He should know that she already has Tang Jun. He tells her he knows. She once asked him what what his purpose for coming to Shanghai right? He tells her that his purpose is that he hopes she will return by his side. This thinking might be overboard but he hopes that one day maybe Tang Jun will hurt her just like he once hurt her and she will leave Tang Jun and he will be by her side with her willing to return to him.


She turns and comments that the sunrise is really beautiful which he agrees to, it’s just ashame it will be gone soon. He tells her he no longer wants to miss out his side’s beautifulness. He takes her hand and puts it to her and apologises because this time he will not let go.


After some intense work, Zi Qi goes to find that Xiao Jie has fallen asleep. He tells himself that didn’t she say she came here to do some unfinished work, why is she alseep? He pulls the jacket on her up closer and she moves so he quickly jerks away pretending to look at his document. Tang Jun comes and witnesses this scene. For once the boys mutally agree on something – Zi Qi motions to Tang Jun to be quiet and that they can talk outside which he obeys.


First words from Zi Qi to Tang Jun ‘What are you doing here?’ He isn’t a worker of the company any more. Tang Jun comes back saying that he is still a shareholder of the company. Can he not come to pick up his girlfriend? Zi Qi tells him not to emphasise about his relationship with Xiao Jie, he already knows. The question is has he fulfilled the duty of being her boyfriend? When Xiao Jie was being gossiped about by her colleagues, where was he? Tang Jun asks him if he thought that he understood her? That’s because he trusts that she won’t allow these gossip to affect her. Zi Qi tells him not to find excuses for his inability. It’s not like he doesn’t know the awkward position that Xiao Jie has in the company. Only he can help her, he is her superior and also the person that CEO Zeng believes in. He tells him that only he can protect Xiao Jie.

Xiao Jie wakes and the first person she finds is Tang Jun. Tang Jun purposely directs to Zi Qi that Xiao Jie said that she is going to come to his house for lunch. Xiao Jie tells him that she has forgotten because she has been so busy recently. Zi Qi lets her leave and Tang Jun immediately drags her out. Oh, but she does manage to return Zi Qi his jacket.


Tang Jun and Xiao Jie go to his car. He thinks about Zi Qi words about how only he can protect Xiao Jie. He then comments that who does this dead light bulb (bastard) think he is. (LOLOLOL, Tang Jun just cracks me up!) She leans in wondering what he is talking about. He brushes the answer aside and asks he why must she wear somebody else’s clothing. He tells her that he will get the company back, he can’t let her be there alone. Uh-oh, jealousy! Xiao Jie tells him that a lot of things cannot be rushed.

Xiao Jie tells the Tang family that CEO Zeng has been making some people movement causing havoc inside each of the workers. There hasn’t been much progress so the work hours are especially longer. Tang Lan comments that the more havoc that the company is in, the more beneficial it will be for them to regain the company. Tang Jun tells them that after the submission of the house, they will get their first payment. He has also contacted some investors and when they receive their second payment, they can purchase some new stocks. Then that will be able to increase their stock holdings. With a sigh, Tang Lan tells them to eat; they have to prepare to move in a few days.


Chu Chu and her father come crashing their lunch to announce that they are the new owners of their house. Chu Chu tells them that this house is no longer the Tang’s but the Zeng’s industry. So the people who has to leave is them. Her father gives them a week to move out or else the matter will go to the court’s hand causing Tang Lan a breakdown. Tang Jun invites the Zeng father and daughter to first leave which Chu Chu does obediently.

Tang Lan gets looked at by a doctor and is advised to get lots of rest. (Okay, so how cute was it when Xiao Jie gave Tang Jun a poke?)

Tang Jun apologises saying that this was his mistake. If he was more careful, he wouldn’t have fallen into the trap. Tang Min tells him that no matter how careful he is, it won’t matter because Uncle Zeng has many methods to pin him down. It’s just, how can Chu Chu change to become this? She tells him not to blame himself. What is imperative is that they think of an opposing plan. Xiao Jie says that they need to carry on their plan early than expected. Tang Min tells them since Uncle has figured out that they will sell their house, he is sure to figure out their future plans so they must have an opposing plan.

The board members praise CEO Zeng for his work and mentions that they never liked Tang Lan anyway. Oh no, but they can’t celebrate yet. CEO Zeng tells them that the Tang family could have some opposing plan. You can never underestimate the power that the Tang family has.

Xiao Jie arrives to discuss private matters with him. She tells him that Tang Jun’s mother has fainted again and he is going to go to England to find her a doctor. She asks him not to make it hard for the Tang family since the one Chu Chu is angry about is her. He gives her a chance and she is lead to Chu Chu while the board members actually celebrate because the Tang family has finally fallen. (Or they say…)


Xiao Jie tells Chu Chu that the one she is angry with is her, can she bear the heart to see the Tang family with no way to go so can she forgive Tang Jun? Chu Chu tells her no, she can bear the heart to. She almost lost her life for Tang Jun and the company that they are losing is nothing compare to the pain she felt. Her twenty something years of feelings for Tang Jun cannot even to compare to Xiao Jie. Since Tang Jun ignored her feelings, why should she spare him? And her, Lin Xiao Jie, who knows that this trouble started with her yet she can still have the guts to stay by Tang Jun’s side. She tells her that feelings cannot be forced and that she and Tang Jun are truly in love. She tells her that if she is willing to let the Tang family go, she is willing to do anything except leave Tang Jun. She asks her what right does she have to beg her on behalf of the Tang family? Xiao Jie tells her that she doesn’t but what the family is facing right now started with her. She has no other paths to go, she can’t watch Tang Jun in this pain so she begs her to let them go.


Chu Chu splashes her vase of water at her and tells her that she is just trouble. For Tang Jun she can risk her life, what can she do? Chu Chu pushes her out and guess who comes to Xiao Jie’s rescue? Zi Qi!

Xiao Jie is about to leave but Zi Qi makes her stay. He gives her a robe and tells her change out of her wet clothes while Chu Chu captures this scene. (What, blackmail again?) He dries her hair and tells her that in his impression, she is the one looking after other people, why is it that she doesn’t take care of herself? She tells him that she can dry her own hair but he tells her that this is to thank her for treating his wounds last time. She tells him that it is strange for a man like him to dry her hair and decides that she should dry it herself. Zi Qi tells her that he hopes she will slowly get used to everything he does for her. As he said before, he will fix everything that they were missing. At least this time when she needs him he is there for her. He tells her that if is was him he would not let anyone bully her, he will protect her. As he said before, if Tang Jun doesn’t protect her well, he will steal her from him. She explains that this has nothing to do with Tang Jun; she just wanted to come here herself. She also doesn’t want him to know. He tells her that at least she could have asked him for help or is it because she doesn’t trust him? She tells him that she does trust him, it’s just that this issue has nothing to do with him so she doesn’t want him involved. And like Chu Chu said, this issue has already hurt Tang Jun, she doesn’t want to hurt him too. He tells her that even in this situation she is still saying good words for Tang Jun, what about herself? She clearly knows that Chu Chu will not let her off yet she came. She tells him that she wants to protect the one she love. When she came to Shanghai, the entire Tang family has treated her well. Although begging Chu Chu has no use, she still wanted to come because this is her sincerity and she wants to do something for the Tang family.

She thanks Zi Qi. Recently there has been a lot going with the Tang family and seeing Tang Jun so depressed, she doesn’t want to show her mood. She told herself to be strong because she is afraid they would worry. He pulls her into a hug and tells her to believe him, the issue will be solved. Well, here comes another snapshot from Chu Chu.

Tang Min tells Tang Jun that their mother can only rely on them to solve the Golden Imperial Sea issue. He tells her that starting from today, it is up to them to protect their mother which she nods her head to. When n leaves to go see their mother, Tang Jun receives an SMS from Chu Chu which is a picture of Zi Qi hugging Xiao Jie.

Tang Jun goes to confront Xiao Jie of the picture. When she starts to explain, he immediately pulls her into a hug and tells her that there is no way that he won’t trust her. (Naaaws, Chu Chu’s plan failed.) She apologises anyway for making him worry. She tells him that she should have told him earlier, it’s just that with everything that has been with his family, she feels like she is of no help so she decided to go find Chu Chu hoping there would be a miracle. He smiles – ish – and jokingly tells her not to let him see these type of photos again. He tells her to wait for him,  he will be heading to England tomorrow. She tells him to just treat the England matters, she will do her best to delay the signage of the second store. He tells her that no matter what happens, she is to not hide it from him.


Tang Min gives Tang Jun a cute send-off. He is waiting for Xiao Jie and just when he thinks she isn’t going to come, she does prepared with all the essentials that she thinks he will need. He has prepared something for her too – a taser for her just in case Zi Qi plans to do something to her. (Ahahahahaa, LOL!) He tells her to wait for him and tells the others to take good care of his girlfriend while she tells him not to come back if he has not solved the issue. The siblings part with a high-five while our OTP part with a kiss.


Chu Chu is looking through the photos of her and Tang Jun that she ripped and re-glued together when Zi Qi comes in asking her if she still misses him. He tells her that she is a smart person and if she chose to tear apart, she wouldn’t be hurt over her relationship with Tang Jun. Just like the photos that she glued together there will always be a crack between two people. She tells him she won’t regret it. The foolish her is already gone. Right now she will use her own methods to make him always remember her and what’s more is that she won’t allow him and Xiao Jie to live well. He asks her if this will make her feel better. Revenge will only hurt those important by her sides. He tells her not to hurt other people because in the end, she will be the one hurt. Sometimes attachment is a burden and and giving up is a relief. For another point-of-view, they can still be friends. Friends!?


My Opinion:

Compared to Chu Chu, Zi Qi is much more rational than her. Unlike Chu Chu, he knows that love cannot be forced. He is not purposely forcing Xiao Jie to be with him but rather he is giving her a chance in case she does want to be with him. He will be there for her. He will not give up on her but he is not going to force her to be with him. Someone really has to drill in Chu Chu’s head that love cannot be forced! Her theory is that if she can’t be happy she cannot let those around her be happy either.

The look in Chu Chu’s eyes are scary. They are cold and distant. When speaking to Xiao Jie you can really feel her intensity there. She has rage. She still wants Tang Jun and no matter what she is going to get that with any method. Not only that but you could also feel how much hate and dislike she has towards Xiao Jie.

Ahahaha, even in this crisis Tang Jun and Xiao Jie still manage to have the cutest interactions. The poke, hand hold, stares, hair brushes and hugs all give off a little spark. And then when they kiss, it’s like they have set the world on fire! They are just so cute together and share such a wonderful spark. They can make even the most intense situation soft and sweet.

Okay, I’ll admit that when I saw Tang Jun receive the SMS, I would have thought he would have gone through a full rage at Xiao Jie asking to know why she was with Zi Qi. But to my surprise, he just hugged her. Wow, Tang Jun has changed a lot. He would have just punched Zi Qi by now or give Xiao Jie a lecture but now he trusts her. No words or explanation required. If they are together everything automatically explains itself.

How handsome was it when Zi Qi dried Xiao Jie’s hair? Ahahahaha, he was so manly and handsome there! That was so sweet of him. (: Every time that he is around Xiao Jie now, he just softens around her.

I hope that this will all end well with everyone happy and satisfied.

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3 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 31 Recap

  1. ajel August 1, 2012 at 12:59 am Reply

    Yay the one scene I was waiting for finally happened. Can you guess which one? =P haha jK! But yes I was waiting for Zi Qi’s hair drying scene with Xiao Jie that I always saw in the opening credits. I was wondering how that scene would play out.
    *Sigh* I should be happy that at least Zi Qi and Xiao Jie are in good terms and I’m definitely happy that Zi Qi isn’t forcing himself on Xiao Jie. Makes me like him even more even though I know he won’t get the girl.
    Only 2 more episodes left? Again thanks for the quick recap.

    • misscupcakees August 1, 2012 at 8:56 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, really? I was always wondering when the water splash scene would happen.

      Yeahh, I’m glad that Xiao Jie and Zi Qi are on good terms. Initially they were very awkward together but now they can even talk their hearts out to each other. (:

      No worries!

  2. Winny August 4, 2012 at 11:03 pm Reply

    Ugh, I just want to strangle Chu Chu, she’s insane! You’re right, she needs to be told that love cannot be forced – so what’s the point in all this revenge and plotting? It’ll only push Tang Jun further away from her forever, and as Zi Qi said, cause her harm in the end. Why can’t she accept that things don’t always have to go her way?

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