SOP Queen Episode 32 Recap

Whoop, whoop! I love Tang Jun and Xiao Jie! How cute are their interactions! Finally, we get to see their there-but-not-there interactions again! Yippeee! I haven’t seen it in a while and I miss it. Ahahaha, but Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are as cute as ever. This time they get separated once again reminding me of the start of the drama where they had long distance communication.

Friend!? She says that she doesn’t want to be his friend and she doesn’t want to be his little sister either. She just isn’t willing to let Xiao Jie steal the feelings that she has had for over 20 something years. Zi Qi tells her that at least in Tang Jun’s heart there is still a place especially for her, even though that is not the place she wants but at least she still exists in his heart. 

Xiao Jie is selling the second store’s contract deals with some buyers who are concern that after the brand enters the market, it will be the same as the other brands. Xiao Jie assures them that the second store will have their own brand and that every counter will have its own customised service. Individuality is what they can find in Golden Imperial Sea. The potential buyers are very happy with the plan and asks for when they can sign the contract. Xiao Jie delays the signing by telling them that because they are extra concerned with the customised counter so she will have to add that into the contract.


Xiao Jie is looking through the things that Tang Jun gave her along with the taser and wonders where he gets all of this, which majority is photos of himself.

Meanwhile, Tang Jun who is in England, gives her a call. She tells him that she can’t sleep because she hasn’t heard his voice yet. (Naaaaws) She tells him that she is just looking through his stupid present. He tells her that his present is very efficacious and asks her if that stupid light bulb has been bothering her. She sweetly tells him that no he hasn’t, she is a very work related person so she and Mr. Gao are only closely related to work. On the serious note, she asks him how things are in England. He is really up himself when he tells her that of course it is successful because he personally came to England himself. He tells her when she opens her eyes tomorrow, Golden Imperial Sea will shudder. Even his shares analyst will be there to cooperate with their show.

She also tells him that she has successfully postpone the second store signing.  They will be able to see each other in a few hours so he tells her to get some rest. She tells him she can’t sleep because she is lonely and asks him to coax her to sleep. So he starts counting dogs. (LOL!) So then he starts to sing/hum to her and then he is there by her side but not there holding her to sleep.

Things could be worse for CEO Zeng. He gets a call to turn on the TV to see that the company’s stocks are dropping a lot because of insider news that the opening of the second store because the expected profits for the end of season will drop by 50%. Could it be that there is something wrong with the second store’s investment? CEO Zeng assures the board member that the second store’s investment is very successful. CEO Zeng wonders who could have the power to oppose him.

Tang Min and her mother are happily doing some flower arranging together. Uncle Zhao comments that Tang Lan used to be unable to eat and sleep when there was a little fall with the company but now there is a big fall and she is more than fine, happily arranging flowers. She comments that it is because she knows that this is all Tang Jun’s trap, furthermore, she wants to show them that the company’s share has been earned by the Tang mother and daughter brick by brick and can not easily be earned by them.


The board members are growing distrust towards CEO Zeng. CEO Zeng tells them that the second store is progressing very successfully. It must be someone putting out fake news. He asks Zi Qi how much confirmed designers they have. Zi Qi tells him that they are in talks but do not have even one confirmed designer. Yeahh, way to make the board members grow distrust! CEO Zeng asks Zi Qi if Xiao Jie is responsible for this but he does not answer. He can’t believe that he actually trusted them and Zi Qi actually lets out a small smile.

Tang Lan says that they are lucky that they sold their shares. All they have to do now is wait for this wave to come crashing down. Uncle Zhao asks when they will approach the situation and she says that they don’t need to rush, that is just the first wave. Tang Jun said that the shares will continue to fall for five consecutive days and then that will be the most suitable time for them to enter. Tang Min asks Uncle Zhao if he has put his life savings into the stocks. He says he certainly has because Tang Jun’s investment advice are always accurate. Tang Min offers to put his following half year payment into the pool as well but he declines the offer because he still needs some money to survive on. He says that she and Tang Mi are wild players.

The three girls wonder who will be elected as the new CEO. Zheng Fan wonders if the Tang family would come into play again. Su Li tells her that the shares that CEO Zeng has is much more than the Tang family. Furthermore, CEO Zeng will not let them win. They wonder what is with the company this year.

Suddenly, Xiao Jie happily turns up. She tells them to believe in her and the company because the problems will soon be solved. The girls are wondering how they can have faith in this situation. Xiao Jie hints that they buy some shares and they are happily faithful in the company again.

CEO Zeng is not feeling well seeing the news.

Tang Min suggests that they best thing they get into the game is today when they vote for a new CEO. She praises her brother for his good work. He also praises her for using all their funds to lowly buy the shares. They share a high-five to see the face of their Uncle being thrown over. Their mother tells them not to be happy so early because until the last step, there is no guarantee who will win. Tang Jun confidently says that Uncle does not have a back-up plan. After the voting of the new CEO, he will announce the good news and allow their company’s stocks to rise and then the stocks they have on hold will have a big increase. Their mother says that whatever is their family’s cannot be out of their grasp. She also tells Tang Min when the problems with the company ends, she should marry. She asks her is she still keeps in contact with her uni friend which causes Tang Min uneasiness. Ahahahaaa, Tang Jun tells Tang Min that their mother is just caring about her.

CEO Zeng is shocked to discover all his board members have sold their shares. He says that he is also a victim, this is all a plan from Tang Jun so the shares will certainly rise. One of the board members tell him that as a CEO, he has done nothing to guard against them. And now look at what has happened, the stocks are just continually falling and they can only waver their shares. CEO Zeng tells them that they are too impatient. They must stand strong. The CEO voting is on soon, they must not let Tang Lan get what she wants. He says that including Zi Qi’s shares, they still have more than the Tang family. As long as he is still the CEO, he will make the shares rise.

Tang Lan faces CEO Zeng and tells him that he may be CEO now, but who knows what will happen after the meeting. He tells her that how long can the shares fall, as long as the second store opens the shares will be stabilised. She tells him she doesn’t know, it’s just that the shares fell under his watch. He tells her that Zi Qi has bought director Li’s shares. It doesn’t matter because over half of the people are on his side. She tells him that the results will only show in the voting.

After the voting, CEO Zeng has 41 and Tang Lan has 37. However, Zi Qi has the last votes. CEO Zeng gets to keep his position. Or so he thinks. Zi Qi bursts in and gives all his votes to Tang Lan which gives her the position of CEO. A furious “board member” Zeng asks him why he is helping the Tang family. He says that he is not helping the Tang family but Lin Xiao Jie.

No doubt that the entire development department is happy about this.

Xiao Jie finds Zi Qi and asks him why he did this. Isn’t he a board member Zeng person? He tells her he never said he was a board member Zeng person and furthermore, he came here to help her. He doesn’t want to see her this exhausted and to do this he has to resume Tang Lan and Tang Jun’s positions. She tells him that she just never thought… He tells her that he was also very accidental too. The moment of casting that vote he was immediately regretful. Why does he have to care so much for the Tang family? If they fall, she would come back to Taiwan with him.

Tang Jun comes announces that she announces that she will not return to Taipei with him. He thanks Zi Qi for helping him but it does not affect their relationship with Xiao Jie. (Maaannn, this is some bromance here!) Tang Jun pulls Xiao Jie close and says that she is his girlfriend, the person he will use his lifetime to protect. Zi Qi tells him that he has premonition that they will find him.

Board member Zeng gets a visit from Tang Lan who comes to tell him that he will fall with the way he rose. He tells her that they also used despicable means to get back the company. He will get back the company. She tells him that he used despicable means to pull Tang Min down but he is much more powerful than Tang Min so she had to spend more time on time. But luckily, she had Xiao Jie by her side. Considering they are friends, she won’t be that harsh and just strips him of any work related areas.

Tang Min and her mother return to work and contracts for the second store are quickly signed with more projects signed.

Tang Jun is happily welcomed back to work by his colleagues. Oh, and Xiao Jie too. She announces the good news that the second store  has already has a famous designer under contract. The second store will sure be a success and then they will have a celebratory party. But Tang Jun has other plans.

Xiao Jie asks Su Li how she is. The other two girls says that she is down because of the former team leader, Xue Shao. Xiao Jie gives Su Su a usb from Xue Shao. (Looks like they have created another love story.)

Tang Lan praises Tang Jun for his plan and now they have finally paid off all their owings. Tang Jun tells his mother that they didn’t only pay off their owings but he has also paid off all that he owes her. Free at last? Or so he thinks, his mother asks him the same old question about when he is going to takeover the CEO position again. Rest, nooo, his mother and sister should be resting so he will be the one taking over the company. Tang Min hints to Xiao Jie that she should get a boyfriend who is responsible. So after some convincing, he agrees to take the role. But before he assumes his position, he has to pay a visit to his Uncle first because the family home is very important to them. Xiao Jie offers to go with him. His mother almost reveals Tang Jun’s plan but he quickly hushes her and sends her and his sister away because he doesn’t want Xiao Jie to know. (Proposal!?)


It’s a surprise dinner. Tang Jun “calls” Xiao Jie and she “picks” up. He asks her if she is happy and of course she is. He tells her that only seeing her happy then he will be happy. He tells her that before meeting her there was nothing he wanted but since he met her, what he wants the most is seeing her blissful. Every time when he encounters a setback she will be by his hide supporting him. Having her, he will be happy.


My Opinion:

Ummm, how cute are Tang Jun and Xiao Jie together!? Seriously, what words can describe them two!? Well, my word for them is CUTE! I missed their long distance, there-but-not-there relationship and now I can finally see it again! Yay! I especially love their interaction when they have there-but-not-there and split screen communication. It brings out so much vibe and essence. It tells a whole different story on its own. And how adorable is Xiao Jie when she falls alseep on Tang Jun? She even has such a big smile when she falls asleep. And how sweet is Tang Jun holding her? He smiles as he holds her. (: Adorable!

I am loving the last scene where they have their telephone calls. That’s childish but the sweetest thing ever. Seriously, is he going to propose to her there!? Gahhh, they are so cute!

Isn’t Tang Jun the best boyfriend? He is so protective of her. (:

Oh, I found bromance between Zi Qi and Tang Jun when Tang Jun gave that smile when he tells Zi Qi that that he Xiao Jie will not leave with him. I hope they will have some bromance.

I love this episode how they manage to include some of the office politics in but not go overboard with it. I love how the colleagues are still included in this and not let out. They still have a role in all of this.

Oh, Zi Qi was saying that they will find him soon. Hmmmm, what is he hinting at?

I don’t think I have mentioned Tang Jun’s voice recently but yeahh, it’s still the best voice! It is still as sexy and has sweetness to it. (: I can never get enough of his voice.

Okay, one more episode to go. I hope that everything will end well and tie up and loose ends. (:

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2 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 32 Recap

  1. Maria August 1, 2012 at 1:06 am Reply

    Overall, I really enjoy this drama for what it is. Yeah, I also love that there-but-not-there interaction between the leads. But I guess the thing that I like the most about this drama is that it’s not as typical as other dramas, especially with the chu chu photo blackmail part. Of all dramas and movies I have seen, that plot have been recycled and used as the huge breakup cover, but I really like how the tang jun really showed his love and trust in xiao jie. I also like the fact that zi qi doesn’t play that typical crazy second male lead. My gosh, I just really like this drama, oh and what dramas put there actually have a rich family who will support their son with a non trust fund baby. Oh yeah, and I also love the fact that tang mi is the half sibling, but she is not considered differently and nor does she doubt her position, (not towards the end anyways) . Seriously, I just really like this drama… And props to the wardrobe department

    THANKYOU for reviewing all these because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be updated so quick

    • misscupcakees August 1, 2012 at 9:05 pm Reply

      This is one of the better dramas that I have seen. (: Ahahaha, how cute are they!? I find that they have more cutesy interaction during their there-but-not-there scenes.

      Ummm, well, blackmail are very common is dramas. Ahahhaha! But yeahh, this is very different from the usual dramas. And yes, as you mentioned, I like how Tang Jun really believes in Xiao Jie. If it was some other drama, there would be doubt.

      Yepps, I love the uniqueness of this drama. (: Ohh, yeahhh and the wardrobe is just beautiful!

      😀 Thanks for reading!

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