SOP Queen Episode 33 Recap

What a sweet ride this has been! I am going to miss Tang Jun and Xiao Jie so much! But at least it ended well. (: At last they get to be together free of any mishaps. Ahahaha, this was such a romantic ending! Though there was quite a lot of loose ends that weren’t tied up…

She asks him if he remembers their first encounter in England? At that time he didn’t know her but yet he still helped her. She tells him that he is always this good of a person. Actually, she is very happy to be able to experience all this because even with all these events, they will not give up on each other. She thanks him for letting her know what it is to truly love a person which is wanting to see them happy. She tells Mr. Tom that she thinks in her future all of her paintings will have her in it. She really feels blessed right now. They hang up and he walks over to wipe her tears away.


Dinner is served. She opens the cloche and sees a scroll. She unravels it and he tells her that this is one of things that he did in England. he got Peter Rabbit Asia’s Museum to be apart of Golden Imperial Sea. It will be like Peter Rabbit is right by their side. He tells her he hopes the female owner of this museum will be her. She gives him a hug which he greatly embraces. (Omgggg, is this a proposal!?)

Chu Chu’s father apologises to her for not giving her what she wants. She apologises saying that she was the one being immature and tells him that she is giving up Tang Jun. She just wants him to be well. He tells her that even if he risks his life, he won’t let them go. He will not let Tang Jun and Xiao Jie go. He makes a call requesting for a favour.

Tang Jun and Xiao Jie come to the Zeng household asking Chu Chu to buy back his family home. He will do anything for it. She tells him to kneel and beg her. Against the advice of Xiao Jie, he goes to kneel but Chu Chu stops him in time. She tells him the truth – the real buyer is not them but Zi Qi. (Knew it!) But after the board meeting, he left. Chu Chu leaves, but he stops her in her path only to say one word to her “thank you”.

So Zi Qi was right, they would come back to find him. Tang Jun wastes no time and gets down to business asking him if he is going to sell it or not. He says he will but tells him not to be happy too quickly. If it is just to help Xiao Jie then it is no problem but to him business is business. If he wants to buy the house he can for an extra $1,000 000 of the market price which is like custodial fees. He can’t return to Taipei empty handed right? Tang Jun agrees and deal is quickly done.

Before Zi Qi leaves, he reminds Tang Jun (and Xiao Jie) that he has not given up pursuing Xiao Jie. He directs to Xiao Jie that he will give her calls of concern. (: Tang Jun tells him that he will take good care of Xiao Jie and gives Zi Qi a brotherly touch on the arm which I will say is bromance!


Tang Jun goes to get the car leaving Xiao Jie alone on the road. Suddenly a car comes heading towards her but Zi Qi pushes her out of the way and gets injured instead.

Xiao Jie is crying as she is waiting anxiously for the surgery to be over and Zi Qi to be well. Tang Jun can only give her a comforting hug.


Tang Min and her mother come to the hospital to tell Tang Jun and Xiao Jie that the person behind this is Uncle and has already been taken in by the police. Surgery is over and lucky Zi Qi has no internal injuries just a light concussion. He only needs to rest for a few days and will recover soon. Tang Min tells Xiao Jie to stay and look after Zi Qi. Tang Jun offers to stay with her but he can’t since he has the Peter Rabbit Museum issues to deal with. Tang Jun doesn’t want to leave and his mother and sister has to literally drag him away.

Tang Lan tells Tang Min to contact a lawyer to help board member Zeng. She tells Tang Min that she knows that he has no way to accept that he sent someone to kill Xiao Jie but as a mother she knows the pain of losing a daughter and plus, Chu Chu is his only daughter. Furthermore, Chu Chu worked for them since she graduated and she should know the relation that she has with Tang Jun. She is understanding and so is Tang Jun.

Zi Qi wakes and sees Xiao Jie’s burdened face. He tells her that he promised that he will protect her. And now he has done it. He tells her  that he once asked Chu Chu how she could risk her life for love and never thought he too would be this stupid. She tells him not to do so much for her. He tells her that at that moment, all that was in his mind was to protect her. Life to him is not important. He just hopes that she will be safe and well. She tells him not to do so much for her, he doesn’t owe her. In the past he really let her get hurt with the Bai Ji Qing issue but she just wants to let him know that she no longer blames him because now she really understands that when you fall in love with somebody, you cannot control yourself.

At that time he really fell in love with her and would do anything for her. She tells him that in love, in looking for his other half, he must have suffered a lot. She tells him that he really scared her. If anything happened to him, she will feel guilty and burdened for life. She thanks him for saving her life but doesn’t know to really thank him. He takes her hand and places it on his heart telling her if she wants to thank him, she should return to Taipei with him. She smiles and tells him what return, he has to stay hospitalised for a few days. He explains that he has already applied for sick leave from Haiyue and asks that she return with him. She stutters and tells him that this is too sudden… He strokes her hair telling her that he won’t force her to do anything. Only if she is willing to he will always be there.

Chu Chu thanks her maid for contacting her aunty in Hangzhou and the lawyer. The maid explains that it wasn’t her doing. The bell rings and it is Tang Min and her mother along with a lawyer. The lawyer explains that her father’s case will be handled by the company’s lawyers and that the both the Tang ladies are both very understanding that her father act out of rashness and are willing to plead to the judge. Tang Lan tells her that although she can’t be her daughter-in-law but she has always thought of her as a daughter.

Chu Chu apologises, she never thought her father would do such a thing. She apologises for treating the Tang family so bad yet they are willing to forgive her. It is because of her immaturity which lost their trust. Now even her beloved father has committed a crime because of her. Tang Lan tells her that everyone will make mistakes in their lives, what is important is that you have to remember it and not commit the same crime letting the people who love you be disappointed and hurt. She believes that Chu Chu can find herself and stand up again.

Tang Jun is at a meeting and thanks everybody, especially Miss. Lin. Xiao Jie voices over that in a week’s time, Zi Qi left Shanghai, Chu Chu went to Hangzhou and the company’s engaging team has started work. Her life has finally returned to peace.

When it’s lunch the team will make room just for her and Tang Jun to eat together. (Naaawwws!)

Tang Min calls Xiao Jie to her office and tells her that she doesn’t have to pay for the WIP night any more. She explains that her contribution to the company is well over the price of $1,000,000. So she is free now. Tang Min shows her some information of David’s College and tells her that the company is going to send some people to study in England and she is among the chosen people. Tang Min tells her that if she is worried about the company then she doesn’t need to be because it is very stable but it she is worried about Tang Jun, well, the distance won’t affect their relationship right? It can even be a test for their relationship.


Xiao Jie is having a very sweet time in England. She is wandering around a market and recalls her first encounter with Tang Jun where she promised to buy him something that he liked and her cooking him dinner. One night she can’t fall asleep and Tang Jun is there counting dogs for her. Xiao Jie is roaming England while Tang Jun is in Shanghai looking out for her motioning out to the night sky that she will see him tomorrow.

It’s been two years and today is a special day for Tang Jun. The bell rings and he is preparing to make a grand entrance only to find that it is the three girls leading the new lives. (I did not recognise them at first. Ahahahaa!)


Then the star arrives and no words needed, just a look from the two. The bell rings again and this time it is Zi Qi. Zi Qi tells Xiao Jie didn’t he tell her that he will give her a surprise when she came back from studying? Naaaaws, bromance as Zi Qi jokily says that because he didn’t have time to spend with Xiao Jie so he had to do in his place. Tang Min and her mother are happy to see Xiao Jie back. Tang Jun announces that his sister decided to give her the role of creative director when she comes back from studying. But wait for it, Zi Qi tells her that using the role of Haiyue’s CEO, he has decided to use twice the pay to request her to be Haiyue’s creative director. Everyone leaves, leaving the two boys to auction it out. (Ummm, is this bromance or what? Ahahahaha!)

Well, what a happy ending. (:


My Opinion:

I read online somewhere that Tang Jun and Xiao Jie would end up having children and I was disappointed to find out that this did not happen. 😦 I mean, how cute would it be if they had little kids together? Ahahaha, at least this ending gives a sufficient plot for season 2. I really do hope they would continue with a second season and follow the same plot. (:

What I found most interesting about this drama is that it is different from your usual rom-com. The leads may be from a different socioeconomic background but that doesn’t stop them from being together. Yes, that is the usual storyline but what is different about this drama is that the leads do not let their background affect them. Xiao Jie never once thought she was not fit for Tang Jun and Tang Jun never allowed his background affect his relationship with Xiao Jie.

I hoped and wished that this drama would not leave any untied ends but I was wrong. There was a whole heap that was left untied. I wanted to know what happened with Xiao Jie and Jia Yi. I wanted her to see her godchild. And then there was the whole scenario with Ji Qing. Considering she play such an important role at the start I am surprised with the ending she got – she was just left there to cry! And that wasn’t even in this episode. -.- Oh, and don’t mention Chu Chu. What, so Tang Jun who is her best friend did not even come to say a good bye or say something along the lines that he will forgive her!? Wait, what about Tang Min? Considering all that she has done she deserved a much better ending than this. Considering that they did hint that the Cai Dong guy was her former lover, they could have made them end up together.  The ending felt so un-ended. I wanted at least more of the pieces to be placed together.

I really didn’t expect Zi Qi to go out of his league to protect Xiao Jie. That really touched my heart. I never expected that he would do this for her. 😦 But let me get this straight, Zi Qi love her in character but as for chemistry it was not actually evident. In character he did all he could to show that he loved her but the chemistry, the connection wasn’t there as it was with Ji Qing. I could feel his love for Ji Qing but with Xiao Jie everything was for guilt. However, he did progress and open up as the drama progressed. But the near-end of the drama was some love there though by the end but it was more friendship then anything.

Still, after everything that has happened to Chu Chu I feel for her. I am glad that she has learnt to open up and let go. That was what happened in character but to me, I still felt like she could not let go of Tang Jun. He still has a strong desire for Tang Jun. But she is trying to give up on him. I guess she has learnt that love cannot be forced. I am just glad that she has learnt to open up and admit to her mistakes. But poor her, 20 something years of feelings just thrown out of the window just like that. Although she and Tang Jun cannot be lovers but I hoped that they could be friends.

Omgggg, Tang Jun is the worst best friend ever! (Well, considering everything that has happened with Chu Chu I guess he has the right to behave like this but still…!) Chu Chu is his childhood best friend and he just let her go without a word! Nope, no apology or a “I forgive you”. Within their friendship, Chu Chu was the only one putting any feelings into it. When she and Tang Jun was still friends she showed exactly that, friendship. But Tang Jun? He didn’t even show anything!

Whoop, whoop! I loved loved loved the last scene where Tang Jun and Zi Qi were bidding each other off. Ahahahha, bromance! I finally saw some bromance in this episode. (: Yippee! Ahahaha, they would make a good pair of friends. (:

Oh Zi Qi! Ahahaha, is it just me or has he aged a lot in the very last scene!? Ahahaas, I really liked his friendship-courtship towards Xiao Jie. It is very sweet knowing that he will always be there for her. (: But damn, I wished he would have had somebody in the end. I actually wouldn’t mind him getting together with Ji Qing or Chu Chu. But then if he did get together with Chu Chu the storyline would have developed differently.

How cute and adorable are Tang Jun and Xiao Jie together!? I love it how they would do anything for each other. Ahahaha, they are so cute together! I cannot and probably never get enough of seeing them together. From what the dramas that I have seen Chen Qiao En in, I think Han Zhang is one of her most compatible co-stars. Ahahaha, they are so cute together that you feel like you personally know them together as a couple. After the twists and turns, they still manage to still share cuteness between them. How romantic was it when Tang Jun got the Peter Rabbit Museum into their new store? This just signifies that they will never be apart. Their love will always remain high.

Was it just me or what? I felt that this drama had lost its momentum halfway throughout its run. The chemistry between Tang Jun and Xiao Jie dropped and got lost in the crowd. I felt that the who office attire just drew away its original enticement. Though I am just glad that everything managed to picked itself up though I still would have liked to see more Xiao Jie-Tang Jun rather than the whole office business.

I am so glad that I watched this drama. Finally we get to see CQE in a different role. I feel like for the past dramas that I have seen her in she has played the same character over and over again. It is always the weak careerless girl who has to rely on her prince to stand up. Here she is strong and relies on herself. CQE has managed to break into a different character but you can still see her bubbliness which is just a characterisation of who she is as an actress. She has done a brilliant job here as Xiao Jie. She has done a good portrayal and had great chemistry with both her male leads. (:

Do you want to know why else I am so glad to have seen this drama? Han Zhang’s voice! Okay, well that was part of the reason. He was also handsome and a great co-star for Xiao Jie. I guess he managed to bring out the chemistry between out OTP. I haven’t seen much dramas with him (well, I have only seen one and that is definitely not much) and from what I remember, he has improved a lot! He has much more natural expressions and his voice and handsomeness makes up for any flaws.

Ahahaha, now what about Godfrey? He did a good job on his portrayal though I did feel that his character did not have much of a turning point. Well, yeahh… Godfrey always has this cold and blunt expression that always erks me. Ahahaha, I don’t know what’s with it. Ahahhaa. I still felt that Zi Qi’s love for Ji Qing is still there, just frozen. I still can’t get over how tall he is!

I felt that Meng Zheng was really underused here as an actress. She had much lesser screentime than what she should have had. Her role even fell below Coco Jiang’s. Chu Chu was an important character to all this but she was really underused in the plot. Aside from that, Meng Zheng also did an excellent portrayal of her character. All of her feelings and tears were so intense. I especially loved that her expressions were really smooth and natural. (:

I liked Coco Jiang’s portrayal though I did think her character was very selfish. She has managed to hit cold and selfish well. (: Yeahh, she is very pretty and tall! Ahahahas! But still selfish. I can’t believe that she would do this to Zi Qi. And after the fail proposal, she broke down which really got me. Her tears weren’t natural but the feelings there were quite touching. (:

This drama was amazing and probably one of the best that I have seen this year. I really enjoyed it and I do look forward to the second season. I hope that they will use the same characters and follow on the same plot though. Ahhaha, maybe add some of their little children here and there and then it will be complete. (:

Oh and ps. I want to mention just how much I love the ending theme. (: I love it much more than the opening theme probably because Han Zhang sang it. Ahahahahahaa! ❤

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23 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 33 Recap

  1. utaj August 1, 2012 at 8:11 pm Reply

    Thank youuuu…for the lovely journey. Your fresh new recaps of SOP Queen always make my day ;D

    It’s a sweet drama, with its light conflict. I doubt it they’ll have a sequal on it (I was half wishing the had a sequel for The Girl in Blue but they didnt hikcs…)

    i agree the OTP made a cute couple, yet I wish they had more intense conflict and of course more romance hehehe….

    Is there any chance you will recap Miss Rose? I love Roy Qiu and would like to see him on this new drama with Megan Lai.

    • misscupcakees August 1, 2012 at 9:09 pm Reply

      Thank you! I really appreciate it. 😀 ❤

      Yepps, ahahahha, but from what I heard, season two is in talks.

      LOL, I missed their interaction from the first half of the drama. They just lost it during the second half.

      Hmmm, I probably won't. I have Alice in Wonder City on my hands and a few other overviews. Sorry sweetie!

  2. Ayesha August 2, 2012 at 2:03 am Reply

    Thanks for your excellent recaps!!! Im gonna miss this OTP a lot…I also loved the ending…I want a Tang Ju and Zi Qi in my life, both actors are so handsome. The bromance was “heaven sent”, I hope they make a sequel!!!!

    • misscupcakees August 3, 2012 at 4:15 pm Reply

      No worries! Ahahha, me too! ❤

      The ending was satisfactory for me. (: LOL, well I only found the bromance in the last few eps.

  3. sleepyheadsparadise August 2, 2012 at 2:44 am Reply

    Thank you for the recaps. There is only 1site that hosts english subbed videos for.this series and it’s not yet complete. Thank you really. I’m am really satisfied with the light and fresh feel this drama had though there are.lots ot.loose ends. I agree with the godfrey and coco chemistry. It’s off the roof especially in kissing scenea. If.i were ji qing i wouldnt let go of a guy like him. Haha..
    But i certainly wish for zi qi to end up with tang min in the eend. They’ll.make a cute couple. A lot will agree that they ae alike in many ways. I was hoping for that.
    Who knows there will be a sequel for this. And maybe next time it will be about tang min and ziqi.

    • misscupcakees August 3, 2012 at 4:19 pm Reply

      No worries! I’m glad that you enjoy reading it. (:

      Yeahh, there were a lot of loose ends. 😦 Ahahaha, IMO, Godfrey had more chemistry with Coco than CQE. Yeah, she just made the wrong choice.

      Tang Min? Ahahhaa, I never thought of her as a suitable other half of Zi Qi but you are right, they would be perfect for each other. They match each other in so many ways.

      Who knows, but if there is a sequel/season 2, I would hope that it continues with the Tang Jun-xiao Jie plot. I want to see more of them!

  4. ajel August 2, 2012 at 11:26 am Reply

    Oh wow what an ending. Looks like they’re leaving it open-ended since there’s talks of season 2. I think that Zi Qi does have chemistry with Xiao Jie but his storyline only revolves around the office/business. If there is a 2nd season and Zi Qi is there, I hope to see him and Xiao Jie interacting without the pretense of business.
    But I guess I’ll settle for a bromance. =P Maybe in the 2nd season, another female character can be introduced.

    Thanks for recapping this drama from start to finish. It was definitely a joy to read and I was pleasantly surprised how you can do 3 recaps in a day.

    • misscupcakees August 3, 2012 at 4:22 pm Reply

      Yepp, very open-ended but who knows where that will take you to!

      Zi Qi and Xiao Jie’s chemistry is there but not on the romance ladder. Ahahaha, yeahh, I would have loved to see more bromance but well, that was enough. (Y)

      No problems! it has been one hectic ride! Ahahaha, even I surprised myself! 3 recaps in one day is a lot of writing. Ahahaha!

  5. JL August 2, 2012 at 12:16 pm Reply

    I also heard that they were going to have babies at the end, but I wasn’t anticipating any such thing since it looked like Zhang Han was only cracking a joke at the press conference. Plus, I think it would’ve been too fast-paced and a bit unsuitable to the drama’s “gist,” so to speak. (I mean, for example, Fated to Love You was all about one-night stands and babies so it only made sense for a kid to pop up in the end, but The Queen of SOP runs on a completely unrelated theme.)

    At first, I wanted Zi Qi to end up with someone, but then I realized that neither Ji Qing nor Chu Chu are deserving of his awesomeness. ♥ I’ve never thought about it, but after reading sleepyheadsparadise’s comment, yeah, Tang Min and Zi Qi would make a pretty good couple! They’re both wonderful people, so if they hit it off in the second season, why not? (; Oh, another major loose end that you didn’t cover – the relationship between Zi Hao and Zi Qi is never resolved, and Zi Qi’s status as an illegitimate son is never expanded upon. Normally, I would dislike that there are so many unresolved issues, but I feel a little more reassured knowing that there may be a second season to tie those ends up.

    Cai Dong? Are you referring to Chairman Cai? When was it hinted that Tang Min was formerly in a relationship with him?! I’m pretty sure he was just some creepy rich dude who had everything he needed and was just missing a beautiful, respectable woman – hence his ceaseless attempts to pursue her (sending her those flowers she never particularly cared for, calling her, etc.). I always postulated that Tang Min could no longer be with her former lover such that he’s probably elsewhere in another relationship or perhaps already married. Not once did I think she was previously romantically affiliated with that creepy chairman. 😥

    I, too, liked that the drama didn’t pull age-old tricks like making social background an obstacle. I loved that Tang Lan and Tang Min not only accepted Xiao Jie but also saw her potential even when she was just a small fry, unlike the overused upper-class superciliousness that we see in a lot of dramas nowadays. I rather liked the usage of 公私分明 as an obstacle to their relationship, because it didn’t feel like it was thrown in as a random plot arc. It really came in at a critical moment because Xiao Jie and Tang Jun were already on shaky grounds; when what they needed most between one another was honesty, Xiao Jie was forced to tell lies in order to maintain professionalism. Those episodes were extremely angsty and difficult to watch, but it was all worth it, seeing them overcome that obstacle and ultimately grow from it as well. I agree that the drama began to take a different momentum throughout the second half or so; it was a strange transition, but overall I was alright with it. (:

    I praise Zhang Meng for her excellent performance! She captured every emotion perfectly and really settled into her character. To me, Coco’s acting was a bit over the top in certain areas, especially in that vociferous kitchen scene with Zi Qi, but her under-the-table scene and her breakdown binge scene were absolutely spot-on.

    I agree that, emotionally speaking, it did seem like Zi Qi’s love for Xiao Jie wasn’t as strong as his love for Ji Qing. I think it really has a lot to do with the fact that, as Zi Qi learned, true love isn’t about fiery, exciting love but rather the everyday sincerity and kindness that two people exhibit for one another. I know that Godfrey isn’t the best actor, but I do think that this definition of “true love” justifies the lack of chemistry on his part, if only by a bit! On another note, Zi Qi and Ji Qing’s love was really heartfelt and I would’ve rooted for them the entire way if Ji Qing hadn’t become so selfishly indecisive.

    Sorry for rambling so much! I usually don’t reflect on dramas that much, but this one can keep me talkin’ for days on end. ♥ After finishing this drama, I initially had a so-so impression. Now that I think back on it, I realize that it’s easily one of the best dramas I’ve watched in awhile, so thank you for giving me an outlet to pour my thoughts out and letting me reach this epiphany! (:

    • misscupcakees August 3, 2012 at 4:33 pm Reply

      I wanted Zi Qi to end up with someone. I wouldn’t have minded if he went back with Ji Qing or went with Chu Chu because they do share a lot of similarities in the romance department. Ahahaha. Yeahh, I never considered Tang Min and Zi Qi until sleepyparadise mentioned it. I guess they would be suitable for each other.

      Ohh yeah, thanks for pointing that out! I was going to write about it but I guess it slipped my mind. Yeahh, I don’t understand why his father decided to favour Zi Qi. That is a major loose end that needs to be tied up. Ahaha, hopefully in the second season it will continue off this plot.

      Seriously!? You did not pick that up!? When Tang Min went to meet him offering her marriage for him to save the company he told her that they are distant now but after some time they will ignite their former flame. I want to know what happened between them.

      I liked that Tang Lan actually came to accept Tang Min as her daughter. 0:) That was beautiful.

      Honesty, belief, trust, faith. Tang Jun and Xiao Jie completely mastered this. They believed in each other. They didn’t let the other mishaps in their life affect who they are as a person, instead they let it make them stronger.

      I guess the problem with Zi Qi’s love is that it came to suddenly. Yeahh, I too would have shipped Zi Qi and Ji Qing all the way. She loved him but she was unworthy of him. She was too selfish. Ahahaha, and that’s what she gets for being selfish.

      No worries beautiful. It’s good to get your feelings out. (: I’m glad it is one of the best dramas you have seen in a while. 😀

      • JL August 4, 2012 at 2:30 am

        I rewatched parts of Episode 29 and still couldn’t find anything that indicated she was with Chairman Cai. In her dinner meeting with him, he does say 一回生,兩回熟, but that means they are strangers now and have never been close before. In the hospital scene, Tang Min tells her mom that he’s been chasing her for awhile, which implies she’s never accepted him. Oh, I read your Episode 29 recap as well, and I think we differ in the interpretation of one of her lines: 我的愛早就死了,跟著那個人一起離開了。I don’t think “that person” refers to Chairman Cai. I feel like her former lover is referred to as “that person” and is left unnamed because he has been long gone from her life. She also says: 其實嫁給誰都無所謂, meaning that Chairman Cai is just one of many (honestly, if he really was her former lover, I don’t think she would’ve tossed out a line like that). But, for the sake of juxtaposition, let’s say Chairman Cai IS her former lover. If that were the case, there would be so many discrepancies:
        – As she said, her ability to love left with “that man.” From a literal point of view, now that he’s physically back, shouldn’t her love be back as well?
        – She missed the opportunity accept her former lover, but she could’ve accepted the chairman anytime she wanted, because if he’s been chasing her all along, then he never truly left her side.
        – She left him for business, but she didn’t really need to give him up because he would’ve made an excellent business partner.
        When it comes down to it though, why would she have loved him in the first place?! He belittles her, treats her badly, and he’s creepy. 😥 So, I still don’t think that he was her former love interest.

        ANYWAY, yeah, I’m really looking forward to the second season since there’s a lot of mumbo jumbo that needs to be cleared up. Should I just send a message to the actress on Weibo so that she can clarify? (LOL, like she’ll respond.)
        I guess we should just agree to disagree for now? (:

  6. NeeNee August 2, 2012 at 10:16 pm Reply

    Thank you for all of your recaps! I really enjoyed them since I haven’t had time to watch all the episodes yet ^_^

    • misscupcakees August 3, 2012 at 4:22 pm Reply

      Thank you and no worries. I’m glad you enjoy reading them. 😀

  7. Winny August 5, 2012 at 6:42 am Reply

    omg i’m dying, I just finished the last episode and feel like crying because there’s no more Tang Jun for me to see 😦 I’ve been obsessed with this drama for more than a week and now it’s all over, I’m going to miss it so much. Thank you for the recaps as I don’t understand the business-ey part of the show because of my Chinese skills, so coming here really clears up the story.

    I don’t know if this has been said yet, but I’m so angry that the OTP didn’t even share a final kiss before the drama finished! Although I like that they didn’t need words to convey how they were feeling when Xiao Jie came back from England, just a look, but still… I was holding out for a kiss.

    • misscupcakees August 5, 2012 at 4:48 pm Reply

      Naaaws, hopefully there will be a second season. (:

      No worries, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

      Ahahaha, well, they did share a kiss, when she agreed to be his girlfriend and their parting kiss. Yeahh, a kiss would have been nice. (:

  8. ROYLOVE August 17, 2012 at 3:00 am Reply

    I do agree with you that that momentum dropped halfway through the series! The tang jun and xiao jie chemistry was so good the first half of the series and then they ruined it with all the corporate issues 😦 ! Even though they picked up in later episodes I still think their chemistry in the first half of the drama was the best!!

    • misscupcakees August 18, 2012 at 5:02 pm Reply

      Yeahh, it was best during the first half. The best best was when Xiao Jie did not know Tom and Tang Jun was the same person.

  9. Emily August 21, 2012 at 4:48 pm Reply

    I miss Tang Jun and Xiao Jie verymuch ~i love this series very much!!:D but i dont want to see season 2 but i want to see one more ep special ending!!>.< and perfect ending!!

  10. Annie August 29, 2012 at 9:58 am Reply

    There are goods and bads about this drama, but overall I quite enjoy it. I wish it was 20 episodes instead of 33, because we could really do without the 10 episodes in the middle.

    The first 10 episodes were amazing. Sparks were flying so much you thought a forest fire was coming. Single and vulnerable people trying to find love and success in the cities, and struggle to have one or the other. Each character has something about them that makes you care, that makes you think of them as human, and not character.

    Xiao Jie – talented and creative, eager to fly but buried by the bureaucracy of the office dynamics
    Zi Qi – a wounded illegitimate son of a big company trying to find love and prove his capabilities
    Zi Jing – a successful model who can’t decide between love and success
    Tan Jung – a carefree guy who have yet find his true calling

    Each of these people of have something unique about them. Their reactions are natural and believable. Each of them has good and their vulnerable side. Everyone acted selfishly for themselves,without knowing better, but they live and learn.

    I really love everything of the first 10-15 episodes. And then things got really boring when the office politics roll around. And only the last 5 episodes semi-salvage our OTP. But overall, i quite like the drama and its premise. I wish it was handle better.

    • misscupcakees August 29, 2012 at 6:25 pm Reply

      Yeahh, the fire just died down during the middle. I found that office politics just ruined the mood… Ahahahas, I really really really missed the Xiao Jie-Tang Jun chemistry during that time.

      && really? I actually wanted more episodes. Ahahahas! I love the OTP!

      You basically summed up all the characters in perfect words. (:

  11. cdroms May 23, 2013 at 7:03 pm Reply

    thank you for making a recap of all the episodes!! It’s very much appreciated=) I also wanted tang min and zi qi to end up together:))

  12. Mariam January 6, 2020 at 5:19 am Reply

    I was rooting for Zi Qi and Xiao Jie together ! I really like Zi Qi for his love and devotion.

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