Tiger Cubs Episode 8 Overview

Yay! This one is not family related or has any SDU connections! Yay! (: I missed these type of episodes. The action here was definitely more than the last ep. There was so intense shooting and some of life taking actions from Cheuk Wah. And hey, there were some pretty good looking guys here. (:

  • The entire SDU team (absent the commanders) is on a gym session including the ever so strong Man Keung. Hok Lai who is riding on the cycle beside her decides to have a race with her. LOL! Kai Kwong mentions that he wants to take over this place and become a boss and fitness instructor. He only applied to be apart of the SDU to earn some fast money. Hok Lai mentions that “someone knows that they are incapable yet they practice all night” which agitates Man Keung.
  • Well, well, another kidnapping case on the way. Of course the SDU and OCTB will be working together on this one to protect some richies.
  • Man Keung hands the team a survey which they have to complete in 15 minutes. Kai Kwong has a smirk on his face. Ahahahaha! The survey is to organise the team for the upcoming mission to see who will protect the second generation richies. Well, it’s Hok Lai for sure because he is literally one and Kai Kwong because apart from Hok Lai he answered the survey closest to reality.
  • One of the richies, Jacob, gives Wai Wai kiss which Cheuk Yuen does not like the sight of. Ahahaa.
  • The richies are driven back to the hotel to participate in an event that the bank organised. They don’t appear to be very interested in this one until the SDU richies arrive. Shu Zi Lai (Grace Wong) develops a mini crush on Hok Lai. She also doesn’t appear to have a very close relationship with her brother Jacob. She invites Hok Lai on a party held later this night.
  • Some of Jacob’s girlfriends arrive at the party and Chun Hin and Cheuk Yuen who are acting as the bodyguards decided to inspect the girls’ bags but Jacob intervenes making their life hard.
  • The richies throws food around which angers Kai Kwong because it is a waste of food so he leaves.
  • Jacob is in his room with one of his girlfriends when he screams out help. So of course Kai Kwong and the other polices come with revealing their police identity.
  • The richies are definitely not happy especially Zi Lai who points to them that they know that they are being targeted yet they still continue on with their case. Hon To explains that the two SDU richies will continue to be the riches which garners a smirk from Zi Lai. One of the richies, Matthew (hhmmm, is this Nathan Ngai or Daniel Chau?) isn’t about this but Jacob tells him that the police will protect them and plus, they can do what they want right? Jacob orders the door to be opened which Kar Sing and Cheuk Yuen has to obey to.
  • The richies are out looking at a private antique viewing. Jacob sees a vase and invites Kai Kwong to take a look. He them “accidentally” drops the vase. Hok Lai offers to pay for it agitating Jacob but luckily, Zi Lai stands on his side stopping her brother from making the matter worse.
  • Jacob is heading off somewhere when a comes with a bucket of red paint and splashes it at him but Kai Kwong manages to be his shield.
  • Jacob insists on leaving the hotel which Hon To allows leaving Chuek Yuen and Ka Sing to follow him.
  • Zi Lai comes knocking at Hok Lai’s door and invites herself in thanking him and offering him some wine which he rejects. She tells him that she is not going to leave unless he drinks with her though his is adamant. Though when she lets out her sex appeal, he does drink and requests her to leave. However, it is not easy to kick her out when she decides to use the bathroom. While Hok lai waits, he sees a glass of water and drinks it. Obviously it has been drugged. She then toys with him and strips him of his clothing before kicking him of the hotel room out naked. His buddies quickly comes to his aid and she does end up returning his clothing.
  • While following Jacob, Cheuk Yuen sees that he is out with Wai Wai. Their dinner is over and Jacob is taking Wai Wai home. Knowing that the police are following him, Jacob quickly rids them and takes Wai Wai to enjoy some stars. He goes to give her a kiss but before he can do so Cheuk Yuen arrives saving her. Of course she is over the moon to see him  here. Cheuk Yuen takes hold of Wai Wai’s hand and takes her away while telling her not to drink so much next time. Jacob is not happy and tells Kar Sing that he is going to report him. He tells her that he can do so after he returns to the hotel and tells him that no matter where he goes, they can track him because they have installed a tracking device on his car.
  • The richies are going to some jewellery exhibition. When they make a stop, shooting occurs. One of police tells the bus driver to take them to a safe destination but it is actually not so safe and the SDU team lose contact with the team. When one of the police realise that the bus driver is the culprit, he goes to shoot him and instead gets shot himself. Other culprits hop on the bus and shoot everyone but the richies holding them hostage.
  • The SDU surround the bus and when Hon To finally gets on, he is shocked sees none of the richies but the dead police and jewellery exhibition leader.  He also finds Hok Lai and Kai Kwong’s guns there.
  • The culprits brings the richies to a far away and isolated container and ties their hands together. Hok Lai has to quieten them all down and tells them that before the back up arrives they must follow the orders of the culprits. Hok Lai tells Kai Kwong that what he worries is that the culprits is going to discover that he is not richie but Kai Kwong tells him not to worry as long as everyone is safe.
  • The culprits are going to call the richies’ parents and make a demand for money.
  • Ben and Ka Mei reports to Cheuk Wah that some of the parents have already agreed to the ransom but they worry if the culprits discover that Hok Lai and Kai Kwong are not richies they will be in danger. They question the bus company and discover that the driver is a part of this ransom.
  • The biggest problem is is that the family who has decided to pay the ransom do not want police intervention and it will be very hard to trace because the exchange is by the sea. What Cheuk Wah is worried about the most is Hok Lai and Kai Kwong but Hon To assures her that they have made arrangements with their families. Apart from Hok Lai and Kai Kwong, it is just the Shu sibling’s family who have not agreed to make the ransom payment because they are not the family’s biological children. News come that some of the richies have been released after the ransom payment was made. The only information is that all of the culprits wear masks and all have guns with them.  Hok Lai’s family has received a call from the culprit asking for the ransom payment.
  • So everyone is freed except for the SDU richies and the Shu siblings. Hok Lai gets freed and is made fainted by the culprits, or not. He is very much aware of his surroundings and overhears two of the culprits saying they will kill the remaining three. Hok Lai quickly knocks out both of the culprits and quickly alert the police.
  • Hok Lai goes back the the scene and sees the culprits and quickly works his magic. The head tells his crew to kill them all. One of the culprits shoots Kai Kwong in the chest. The culprits go to the container but is stopped in their path by a car on fire courtesy of Hok Lai. Hok Lai quickly arrives at the container and shoots the culprit.
  • Hok Lai quickly escape with Kai Kwong who has less damage than I expected along with the siblings.
  • The OCTB arrive on scene to find it empty. The SDU split into three and is on their search.
  • The culprits see where the four escapees are hiding and go to to shoot them but the police quickly arrive on scene. The escapees quickly run. One of the other culprits go to shoot but are quickly stopped by Hon To’s precise aiming.
  • The head culprit make a run with the bus driver and the make their escape on a bus with Cheuk Wah chasing after it. She hopes on the bus and the head culprit makes a shoot but Hon To is faster than him. She tries to out the bus driver when the head culprit  tries to knock her out but she knocks him out instead. She then goes to fiercely knock out the bus driver commanding him to stop the bus. She pushes him to the side and steps on his foot driving the bus. The driver says that he gives up but Cheuk Wah still doesn’t let go. Hon To has to hop on the bus and pry her away from the wheel.
  • Kai Kwong is in hospital but all fine. The Shu siblings who are on better terms come to pay him a visit thanking them. Kai Kwong decides that he isn’t going to become a gym owner any time soon.
  • Hon To comes to pay Cheuk Wah a visit asking her that during the time on the bus, did she wanted to kill herself. She answers that at that moment all she thought about was that she couldn’t let the culprits go and nothing else. He tells her that he heard the culprit said he wanted to give up but she still didn’t let him go. He suggests she goes to see a psychologist to open the heart’s knot.
  • She walks away recalling the bus scene and seeing her fiancée at the end waiting for her.


My Opinion:

I want OTP chemistry! When are Hon To and Cheuk Wah going to have some interaction? It’s been 9 eps and they are still less than friends. I am struggling to see how they will end up as a couple unless there are some serious development. I really want to see Hon To enter into her life and open up her heart’s knot. Each time with every case she is more than devoted into her work, she is literally putting her life on the line. She feels guilt for her fiancée’s death. She really needs Hon To to open her up. If they are going to have smooth chemistry, they really have to start sharing some interactions with each other.

Naaaaws, Cheuk Yuen is so sweet! When he saw Wai Wai with Jacob both time he hurt and had jealousy in his eyes. The second time he saw Wai Wai with Jacob he hurt a lot. There was pain in his eyes, like he wanted to go and just drag her away. He still does like her, you can just see it. Omggg, how sweet was he when he took Wai Wai’s hand and took her away. There was softness and gentleness in the way he just pulled her away. And Wai Wai, well she just tried to look like she melted to see him but she didn’t.

Okay, so whoever plays Jacob is hot and has really really good english! (: I think I have seen this guy somewhere before but I’m not sure where… But yeahhh, really good english!

LOLOL, what was with the car that was on fire? It just burned half way and just stopped. LOL, I don’t know I just find that so funny. And it was also hilarious how each of the police just ran past a firing car! Ahahahahas!

I really like how each of these eps focuses on one of the SDU members. I find it unique and it has its own story line. I am waiting to see one on Man Keung and maybe one on Kar Sing would be good. I wouldn’t mind if he ended with Man Keung. (:

I find that this ep really picked up from the last ep. There is some action and more intensity. I guess this was better for me because it was personally related to any of the SDU members. I find that cases without personal connections develop more.

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 8 Overview

  1. heisui August 6, 2012 at 1:25 pm Reply

    Man Keung’s episode is ep11!! I’m so happy!

    Anyways, it was such a relief to FINALLY have an episode where the case wasn’t personal to the SDU. Plus it was genius to have them dress up in suits *_*

    • misscupcakees August 7, 2012 at 7:00 pm Reply

      Really? Well, that’s a long wait, 11 eps then it is finally her turn. Aahahaha. LOL, I remember that there was one ep that gave me false hope that it was going to be able Man Keung. Ahahaha

      LOOL, yepps! I got sick of all the personal cases. Ahahaha. Yeahh, and they had pretty cute looking guys there. Ahahaha. LOL, how sleek were they in the suits!?

      • heisui August 8, 2012 at 1:49 pm

        It was so smart to have them dress up in suits. *swoons* Plus like you said, I always like the openings because they’re really cool *-*

      • misscupcakees August 8, 2012 at 6:07 pm

        LOL, who would have thought they could be so cool? Yeahh, makes it movie like!

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