Tiger Cubs Episode 9 Overview

At long last there is interaction between our OTP! Yay, finally, at long last! And the interaction is chemistry. The OTP connect in a way that just connect. They just mutally know what they want to say to each other. They aren’t cute for each other, they are mutally matching for each other. He understands her. (: And after 9 eps, Cheuk Wah’s heart knot is untied with the help of Hon To, of course. Ahahahaha. Action? Well, there wasn’t much this ep but the interaction between our OTP makes up for it.

  • The police are at the Gallant Garden honouring the death of the police from the last ep. Hok Lai mentions that seeing his own colleagues getting shot to death yet he couldn’t do anything… Hon To tells him if he needs if, he can organise for them to see a psychologist.
  • Hon To takes this opportunity to ask Cheuk Yuen how his sister was when her fiancée died. Cheuk Yuen says that at that time she was really sad but she was better after she immersed herself into her work. Hon To stops and thinks about the bus scene and Cheuk Yuen realises that something happened.
  • Chuek Yuen comes home to find Hon To knocking on her brother’s door. He explains that Cheuk Yuen locked himself in his room and won’t come out. He suspects that “he” might be suffering post traumatic stress disorder and if “he” doesn’t accept treatment, he if afraid “he” will suffer from autism or worse, have self mutilation tendency. “He” really should see a psychologist. Cheuk Yuen, from inside his room, says that he doesn’t want to go. What if people think he is crazy and kick him out of SDU? Chuek wah says that a lot of people with mood disorders see psychologist so why would that stereotype him? He comes out and asks her to go with him. She tells him that since his mood is so bad, staying in SDU would affect the other team members she will call for him to apply for leave. He immediately stops him. She confronts them, knowing what they are trying to do. She tells them that she is not sick and does not need to see the doctor.
  • She is in her room recalling that her brother said they are only doing this for her well-being, her hallucinations of her fiancée and risk taking behaviours. She gets out her box but she is too afraid to open it.
  • She finally decides to have a day out with her girlfriends where she finally sees her junior, Kary (Natalie Tong). Kary queries why she is drinking coffee now, she remembers in the past she doesn’t like to drink. Kary gives her her card and invites her to come up to her clinic. (Ohh, so she is a psychologist!)
  • Kary opens her up and asks her if her life just contains work, work and work. Kary mentions that when she just moved schools in form two, she had no friends and decided to have a cry. Suddenly a senior came up and opened her. Kary explains that it’s not that she doesn’t have troubles, it’s just that she doesn’t open up about it. Cheuk Wah says that her parents died early so how could she have let her brother worry about her? Kary explains to her that because of this pressure it keeps on building and building until one day it has to finally explode. She asks her to open up, she can help her. Cheuk Wah says that she can’t help her. It is her punishment and she shouldn’t even live in this world any more. If she went with her fiancée that day, that incident wouldn’t have happened. It was her who made him leave this world alone. She explains that she works so hard not just to numb herself but to hope that she can end her life then she can reunite with her fiancée. Kary explains that her fiancée wouldn’t have want her to be this way and this is not her fault. She can find some relaxing activities or talk to her.
  • While Kary goes to pour herself a cup of water, she recalls when she was in form two, she overheard Cheuk Wah’s friends telling her not to spend so much time with Kary. Cheuk Wah explains she helped her out of pity but now she is like glue, always sticking to her making her lose her privacy. In modern day, Kary comments that Cheuk Wah is not as good as she thinks.
  • A guy is in the grassland and finds an envelope that contains $5,000 and a letter that says that if you successfully reach the designated area, you will receive the remaining $95,000. The guy makes his way to the designated area but is shot by Kary and some of her friends. (Well, not actual gun shots but it’s fake gun shots). The guy makes his way to the designated area ready to retrieve his envelope of money when Kary appears and shoots him smack bang in the eye. That kills.
  • Kary is in her workshop converting her gun when her boyfriend appears. She tells him that when the real rifle parts arrive she can convert her gun. He tells her that he is afraid that if she keeps on obsessing towards it, she won’t be able to turn back. She tells him that even if she is playing, they should play it for real. Since they are already using humans as targets, how can they not make their weapons more lethal?
  • After coming out from their play field, Kary sees a man harassing money. The man spots the crew and them that he kept watch over their cars or else it will get scratched. He demands for money but Kary shots him. He runs, and the crew run after him shooting him. One shoot from Kary and he slips and rolls downhill hitting his head on a rock and dies. Kary orders them to bury the man.
  • A week later the skeleton is found and police suspects that it is vengeful killing. Kary comments that he deserved to die; they did nothing wrong. She asks him isn’t shooting human targets a lot of fun?
  • So Kary and her boyfriend are using online greed to find the worst scum to be their human target.
  • Cheuk Wah and her crew are investigating the case and discover some pellets with the first dead body. The guy is just a scum of the scum to say the least. Cheuk Wah explains that he was killed by a shot a close range and realise that it could only happen if the gun was converted.
  • The SDU are at Hon To’s house for hot pot. Cheuk Yuen arrives late happy to bring his sister along. Wai Wai is more than happy to see Cheuk Yuen.
  • Hon To knows that Cheuk Wah has seen a therapist and asks her how it’s going. He tells her it’s good to have someone to talk to. She then gets down to business and asks if he knows anyone who converts guns or sells rifle parts and he is ready to offer his aid.
  • Hon To leads her to Kary’s boyfriend and they realise that he is a pro gun converter. Though he denies knowing how to convert guns to such high power.
  • He warns Kary but she is adamant to continue her ways. She happily tells him that the real rifle parts have arrived and is ready for some action.
  • Cheuk Wah is at the therapist with Kary who is using her methods to make Cheuk Wah hear what she wants her to hear. She then prescribes her some medicine.
  • Cheuk Wah takes Kary to meet his brother’s team. She is one strong drinker and hypnotist. Cheuk Wah keeps getting these hallucinations and so she decides to leave. Hon To sees her leave and decides to go with her.
  • Whilst driving she gets a hallucination of her fiancée asking her why she left him that day casuing her to almost crash a couple but luckily Hon To was there. She decides she needs to take a break and gather herself.
  • Since she is on a break, Hon To invites her to watch the SDU train. They are having a hostage training and using live ammunition. And the person being held hostage is Cheuk Yuen. Cheuk Wah is watching with training and quickly rushes to see his brother well and alive. Hon To says that each mission of the SDU is life and death but that doesn’t mean that they don’t cherish their lives and because of this each training is as good as possible to ensure that when they go into action, they will make no mistakes. Cheuk Yuen tells his sister that they each have their story but they live on for their friends and family. She gives Hon To a look of gratitude.
  • Kary is off to show off her new gun now that there will be no Cheuk Wah intervention. Before the guy can even reach the designated destination he is shot dead by Kary.
  • Once again it is a killing of metal pellets. Cheuk Wah suspects that it is the same crew. Hon To says that to do this they must have converted their gun and had real rifle parts. He notices that Cheuk Wah is unwell but she strives on.
  • Hon To is at the shooting range and if he is pro, then the girl next to the the pro gun shooter, Eugene, is out of his world hitting a 10 with every shot. He realises that it is Kary and of course suspicion arises.
  • Hon To invites Cheuk Wah out to talk about his suspicion but she wavers them off. What a coincidence, Kary arrives with Eugene. He indirectly tells her that a criminal is up to the justice system to decide their fate not them. She tells him that leaving these people on earth is a waste of society.
  • Hon To is suspicious of Kary and is more curious about the medicine she is prescribing to Cheuk Wah. So secretly he decides to take some of her medicine for examination.
  • The OCTB are investigating on Eugene and thus Kary as well. But she rubs off Kary as a suspect and the drugs take a toll on her making her take out her stress on her colleagues.
  • Kary decides to take it a step further and finish off the two polices.
  • The OCTB are following Eugene and not getting much out of him.
  • Kary gives Cheuk Wah some new medication but she looks wearily at it before taking it. Kary decides to take her out today.
  • Hon To follows Kary and from Ben, he finds that Eugene is not in his office. Uh-oh!
  • The report has come in and it is revealed that the drug is an upper not an antidepressant.  This controlled substance that is not for ready sale can cause those who take it to become disorientated and unresponsive and long term use of it is detrimental to health. Yep, that is more than suspicion. After some investigation, Ben alerts Hon To that the rifle buyer is Kary.
  • Okay, time for SDU back up! (: Hon To arrives on site to see Kary’s car empty.
  • Kary takes her to the designated area and leaves pretending that she forgot her phone.
  • Cheuk Wah watches her surrounds and it is all greens and she doesn’t even have reception. She makes her way around the grassland looking for Kary and shooting begins. Run, is all Cheuk Wah can do.
  • She realises that it is Kary after all. Well, after all the drugs that she has been on, her aiming is not so good. She just runs…into Hon To’s arms. (Yay!)
  • He tries to delay time as they wait for the SDU team to come. So he starts a small fire causing a scenery of smoke masking Kary’s shooting aim. Hon To shoots precisely knocking out two of the crew.
  • Hon To runs with Cheuk Wah. He pushes her out of the way and gets shot himself in the leg. He throws her the gun while Kary tries to manipulate her mind by telling her that people who are with her will die and today another will too. Her fiancee is waiting for her so all she has to is walk out and she can be together with him. Meanwhile, Hon To tries to open up to her but it’s working, right? Cheuk Wah gives in and appears from her hiding spot and Eugene goes to shoot but before he can shoot, he is shot himself. Yeahhh, SDU to the rescue!
  • Now it’s Cheuk Wah who is persuading Kary to give up. She tells her that all life is precious and no matter what she will always be her junior. Kary’s gun is shot out of her hand and she has to give in.
  • Chuek Wah rushes to Hon To’s side and even in his near unconscious state he tells her that she must remember what she just said – all lives are precious.
  • Cheuk Yuen tells his sister that he was afraid when he found out that she had walked out. She explains that she really has to thank Hon To because at that time her mind was really confused but when he said that she couldn’t leave her brother behind, she really woke up and recalled his brother’s work. It was with her brother’s collaboration that this mission was successful. She says that she won’t think about giving up her life any more, she has let it all go. Hon To tells her that it is a relief that she has thought it all out, it was worth his injury. (:


My Opinion:

Whoop, whoop! Interaction between our OTP! And last ep I thought that they wouldn’t be able to develop. Ahahahahahas, I thought that their development would actually require some eps to get going but I was wrong. It was always there, it’s just they were distant from each other. But it is there with sparks. They just fit together with each other. He understands her and is always by her side helping her.

How manly was Hon To when he pulled her aside in the forest? Ahahahah, it was so beautiful and she just found herself in his arms. And then when he held her hand as they ran through the forest. He showed leadership and powerfulness. He is so tentative, always on the look out for other people. The little things that he notices about Cheuk Wah is really sweet. It makes me wonder if he just notices her. Ahahahahha! He just helps her even though he knows that she doesn’t want her. She is really starting to grow in his heart.

They just fit together perfectly. They don’t need to exchange words to understand each other. At the very last scene he gave her a smile that meant a lot and she gave one back which means just as much. She didn’t have to tell him what she meant, he just knew.

I love how the last ep leads perfectly into this ep. I also love how the prologue and review plays nicely into this ep. It allowed us to know what this ep is going to be about. (: I just love how the the prologue enters the ep like a movie. This is really one of the best cinematography of TVB drama in well, a long time.

Natalie, ah, Natalie. Cunning, evil, demanding? Does she tick these boxes? No. Her character just wasn’t convincing in this. I liked her role in Forensic Heroes III better. There she was cunning and evil. Here she tries to lie on the line of middle ground but sadly, that just seems to weaken her character.

Naaaaws, poor Cheuk Wah. After what has happened with her fiancée, her junior comes back into her life and she has to discover that she is a criminal, one who is ready to kill her. Ahahahaa!

But that’s okay because she knows she has a brother who is supportive of her and always ready to help her where needs be.

Well, there was a lack of action here but I guess they wanted to focus more on Cheuk Wah’s heart knot and finally untying it and her development with Hon To. But overall, I was satisfied because the chemistry makes up for it.

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7 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 9 Overview

  1. Nancy August 5, 2012 at 12:21 pm Reply

    Very good writing. I agree with you. This is best eps in this drama. I just watched eps 10. Their relationship has not started yet, probably in next eps 11. Just wonder that Hon to is now friend with chak wah why he calls her Madame and she calls him Chin Sir?
    Is that so casual in HK? Why not name?

    • misscupcakees August 5, 2012 at 4:49 pm Reply

      Thank you. (:

      Really? Wow, but it’s ending in ep 13…

      Ahahaha, I guess they aren’t as close that’s why they address each other as Madame and Sir.

  2. heisui August 6, 2012 at 1:29 pm Reply

    Ummm am I the only one not really feeling anything more from Cheuk Wah & Hon Tou? I feel like Hon Tou’s concern for Cheuk Wah is just because they’re comrades/colleagues. But maybe this is the stepping stone to their relationship because Hon Tou helped Cheuk Wah move on from the past.

    • misscupcakees August 7, 2012 at 7:01 pm Reply

      I don’t know. I feel it, but it’s progressing slowly because Cheuk Wah does have to unravel her heart’s knot.

      • heisui August 8, 2012 at 1:50 pm

        Well I’m glad that Cheuk Wah is becoming a part of the SDU family!

      • misscupcakees August 8, 2012 at 6:08 pm

        Well, she kind of always is since she is Cheuk Yuen’s sister… Ahahaha, but yeahh, they have more links now.

      • heisui August 9, 2012 at 4:29 am

        She starts hanging out with the SDU more though. 😀

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