Alice in Wonder City Episode 10 Recap

If only the plot flows and there were some decent scenes that that actually moves the story then this would be a decent ep. But sadly, it is not. Each scene feels very out of place. There is no flow any more, it’s all very mish-mashed. Oh well, at least Die Fei sings in this ep.

Hai Jie is watching some kids practising music with his teacher and recalls his teacher giving him the violin and teaching him how to play. Hai Jie is dragged back to reality and sees that his teacher has gone blind. However, his teacher doesn’t need to see him to recognise him and knows that something must have happened in Taipei. (What’s with Hai Jie’s haircut?)

Hai Jie goes to return the violin to his teacher. His teacher tells him that he has seen the world for over 60 years and that’s enough. Hai Jie asks him what happens now that he can’t see the spectrum? He says that the spectrum is in his heart. As long as he can hear these beautiful music then that’s enough. Hai Jie goes to return the violin saying he doesn’t want to play any more, he can’t do it. His teacher tells him no, he can return it when he is invincible.

Hai Jie explains that he can’t play any more because each time he does he will only think of her. His is afraid that she might exist and could just be his hallucination. Every time he plays he will think of her. His teacher reminds him that he once said that he will wait until he is invincible and is wowed before he returns the violin.

The teacher laughs and opens up Hai Jie. He tells Hai Jie that he plays violin not to be invincible, in his heart he must laugh and think of her. He can bring out the most splendid music. The teacher asks him to play for him which he does.

Ting Yu who is on the other side of town is also practising his violin. Die Fei leaves him a note telling him that she knows that he doesn’t want anyone near right now so she will go to find her singing courage.

Well, as expected, her courage is Hai Jie. She goes to find Hai Jie and is met by his father who directs her to some purple flower field and lends her a bicycle to reach the field.

He asks her who asked her to come find him and she tells him that she wanted to come herself. He tells her that he doesn’t even have the energy to make a joke. Of course Die Fei deduces this is all because of Alice. He tells her that he had hope she would find him but now… She tells him that even so, the real Alice will come to find her one day. He tells her that he is honestly telling her this. She understands but she is not going to give up. He tells her that he too wants to happily play the violin but every time he does he will think of Alice. That aside, Die Fei tells him that manager Cang is holding a competition for the music scores that Ting Yu wrote and she will participating in it. She tells him to return to Taipei and then he can listen to her sing but he is not going to go back giving her disappointment. In his world only Alice matters, his friends aren’t as important so it is no wonder Ting Yu looks down on them. He tells him that Ting Yu told her to ask him what is music to him, what is playing the violin to him? She leaves, leaving him to him.

Hai Jie arrives at the train station to find Die Fei there. Looks like he has decided to return to Taipei with her. He even manages to persuade her to sing for him. He is amazed with her singing and thanks her for finding her today.

A worried Ting Yu goes to find Lisa to discover that Alice has returned to Japan. He tells her that he doesn’t understand Alice and asks Lisa if she understands her. Lisa hesitates saying that she is her long lost daughter. He asks her if she ever thought Alice is not her daughter but that thought has never once crossed her mind. The feeling is just there.

Alice is accompanying her ill grandmother in hospital when SJ arrives. She kicks him out of course. Later he tells her to rest assure, he will take care of all the fees if anything happens to her grandmother. She tells him she knows what he has does. He tells her that the company did it and if she doesn’t accept it, he will be her husband. She tells him he is nothing in her family. He tells her that it doesn’t matter, a contract is a contract. She can’t get away from it. He leaves telling her to do her job well.

Die Fei returns home to find Ting Yu sleeping his depression out. She tries to get him up with the food she bought but it doesn’t work. I guess her annoying-ness finally manage to wake Ting Yu up. She tells him she is going to be participating in the competition. He tells her that if was she who said she was going to find her courage. She leaves saying that it is rare for her to care about him and this really jerks him awake.

Alice’s grandmother has passed away and she and SJ actual remain some peace at the funeral. She later screams her heart out at the village and SJ stops by watching her from afar.

Alice reminisces her grandmother as she looks through one of their past photos. She discovers an envelope and recalls her grandfather telling the young her that her mother is a dishonourable person. She looks through the envelope and finds photos of her mother that her grandmother saved when her father tried to burn it all to ashes. She also remembers her grandmother’s last words were to tell her that she is not alone and telling her to find her mother. They were the ones who were wrong; they were the ones who took her away from her mother.

Ting Yu is with Lisa but he is clearly absent-minded. He asks her if she has ever wondered by she suddenly came back to Taipei and suddenly left for Japan. He gets straight to the point and asks Lisa why she suddenly left Alice that year and came back to Taiwan. She tells him to cherish every encounter. Twenty years ago, someone took away her Alice and she never thought she would see her again. Now, she is very happy. If Alice chooses to be by her side she will be very happy but if she chooses to live with her grandparents she will support her decision. She tells him that no matter what he has to believe that Alice is a good person. Alice!?

Can it be a coincident that it is the same Alice as Hai Jie’s? Lisa explains that she has asked Alice but she has denied it. He then asks her if she [Alice] is afraid of the truth with leaves Lisa in a shaky hand. (Not getting this…)

Ting Yu makes a phone call to his friend Ash to investigate a  certain someone.

Alice shows SJ a complete family picture and explains to him that her mother is a good person. He tells her that she was a the one who caused all the trouble. It was her who left for Taiwan after her father died. He warns her to do her job well or he will tell her mother that she hates her. So she agrees to get the x-seed. She asks for a month and she will persuade her mother to go with her to America and get the x-seed. No, a month is too long for him. He gives her a month.

Alice gives Lisa a call telling her that she will be home to see her soon which brings happiness to her face.

It’s a press conference for the competition. They are looking for the lead for ‘Dream Garden’ and the winner will be getting a $1,000,000 contract. Ting Yu gets asked why he changed career paths and decided to write music. He says that writing music is also a part of music so it is not actually a career change. Manager Cang answers that Ting Yu spent a lot of effort into this and this makes Die Fei recall how Ting Yu never writes music. Manager Cnag gets asked about his recent gossip which causes uneasiness from Yu Shu. He apologises for the effects of his gossip and answers that everyone makes mistake. But for love, all will be washed away and this is what ‘Dream Garden’ is about.

Die Fei is worried about having to sing in front of a large audience tomorrow, so worried that she forgot to boil the water to cook the instant noodles. Ting Yu then gets a call from Ash and has to leave the house leaving Die Fei to worry about herself.

Ting Yu goes to retrieve the USB. He discovers that Alice’s original name is Fei Niao Wen but there is none of her discrepancy information. However, there is a person very similar to her whose fiancée is Sasaki Junior who is the successor to a large biotechnology company. Before he can look further to see whether she is really Lisa’s daughter, Die Fei returns.

He tells her that the night before the competition is not for relaxing but more practice. He tells her to image that there is a dull flower in front of her and she has to sing it alive. He leaves telling her that anyway, his dream female lead has liveliness.

It’s competition time and Ting Yu is one of the judges. (Why such a serious face there? Ahahahaha!) It’s Die Fei’s turn to sing and she is singing ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’. Hai Jie watches, immersed and impressed while Ting Yu grows jealous seeing Hai Jie watching with such envy. The feedback come and Ting Yu said she sang beautifully but not perfectly. The other two judges are divided on this; George thinks she is missing some feeling while the other guy thinks she is perfect.

Hai Jie asks them why must they comment so disrespectfully yesterday to Die Fei. Ting Yu tells him that Die Fei is not a child and can speak up for herself. Hai Jie chases after Ting Yu asking why must George have said such words to hurt people. He must have thought Die Fei sand really good so how can he stand George being like this to her? Ting Yu asks him how he views Die Fei and he says that she is their good friend. Ting Yu tells him that saying that means he underestimates her. If he wants to help her, he must let her stand up by herself and anyway, she won’t lose because he trained her.

Die Fei asks Ting Yu what’s the feeling of dreaming. He tells her that sometimes dreaming is like being in somebody else’s body. It is much scarier than when she was on stage and it cannot be manipulated. Maybe other people can but he can’t. He tells her to leave and start dreaming whether it is a nightmare or a sweet dream.

Die Fei is generating a lot of media debate, it’s just that people aren’t really keen on her singing English songs.

Die Fei leaves with courage from Ting Yu. She is in the change room and overhears someone saying that one of the contestants have worked in the orchestra before.


My Opinion:

Is it just me or am I seeing things? Hai Jie clearly had a different haircut when he went to meet his violin teacher but then when he went back to his village, his former haircut came back. LOL, weird? Or maybe it’s just me. Ahahahha

Sorry for the delay in recap. I got busy in SOP Queen and I just the momentum for this drama. There is no drawing essence. It’s just bland and makes no sense. Honestly, I don’t even know why I bother to continue watching/recapping this. Ahahaha, I’ve just lost excitement to watch it.

LOOL, maybe the dark side of this drama is having a plot that does not flow? Ahahahha

Anyway, so Hai Jie does know that Die Fei likes her. So he does know! I guess he can read girls. Although his heart only opens for Alice but he really does care about Die Fei. I just found his exaggeration at the end of the ep really overbearing. Did he have a need to act that way? The judges are free to voice their opinions.

Ahaha, well Die Fei sang here. Yeahh…that’s all… It was good but lacked any sort of emotion. Ahahaha, but I must say, Die Fei is pretty when she is all dolled up.

I don’t even know what to say. What is there to say about this drama?

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4 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 10 Recap

  1. heisui August 7, 2012 at 6:18 am Reply

    Wait…so Die Fei just sang the same song again in this episode? I want her to sing some new stuff! (Even though I already dropped AIWC..)

    • misscupcakees August 7, 2012 at 7:02 pm Reply

      Yeahh, same song. I kind of wanted her to sing a different song too. They aren’t using her singing voice to the advantage.

      • heisui August 8, 2012 at 1:51 pm

        Yeah!!! They’re just giving her safe songs..I want her to sing something that will leave a lasting impression on me.

      • misscupcakees August 8, 2012 at 6:08 pm

        LOL, it’s the same two songs over and over again.

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