Alice in Wonder City Episode 11 Recap

Tell me, why do even I bother watching/recapping this? Ahahha, LOL. Even I don’t know. I think I have discovered why this drama is so unfocused. There are too many subplots which does not flow with the actual plot of this drama. (Well, that’s if you know what the actual plot is.) Ahahahaha. Well, this episode still doesn’t flow much. More subplots arise.


After hearing what she heard, Die Fei grows uneasy.

One by one the singers sing and finally it is Dei Fei’s turn who is singing ‘Don’t Dare Cry’. (The first girl sang really nicely) She sang this song much better with more feelings. So much feelings that even she cried during the process, singing out of line and forgetting her lyrics. Hai Jie watches this eyefully which Ting Yu watches Hai Jie with a scornful eye. George comments that she can forget the lyrics but when she makes a name of herself, the audience won’t forgive her. The other judge comments that the singer they are searching for is one that is perfect and if she can’t focus, then she doesn’t have the right to sing in the next round. He gives her a 6. George looks over and sees Jin Cang. He spins the flaw in her singing into some positive and gives her a 9. Ting Yu asks her one question – whether she wants to still sing or return home. After a moment for hesitation, she replies that she wants to stay. He tells her that she is honest and he heard her heart’s words in her song. So he gives her a 9. However, backstage it is not all as happy.

Ting Yu gives Die Fei a lashing about why she forgot her lyrics. She is not singing for everyone but only one person. She doesn’t deny it. He tells her that if she only wants to sing to Hai Jie then why must that waste so much time and money on her? He asks him if she went on stage and felt glory. She nods her head and he asks her whether it is the stage or her voice that is letting her shine gloriously. He asks her is the love adoration in Hai Jie’s eyes her or her voice? So she has to prove it to him that she is better than this. He tells her that this contest was arranged for her but they could find a more suitable person than her.

Jin Cang happily tells the person on the end of the line that Die Fei did in fact forget her lines. He will e-mail the pictures later. He tells the person that Die Fei forgetting the lines is a form of expressing her love.

Of course Die Fei is the news headline of the newspapers. One writes that she forgot her lines because she thought of the person she likes yet she can’t be together with him. Yu Shu wonders when she got interviewed; it is so realistic. So she decides to hold her own interview asking Die Fei why she really cried, is it related to Hai Jie? Die Fei answers that it has nothing to do with him. Even Die Fei wonders why the news is so realistic. Yu Shu uneasily answers that it is just random writing or they based it on online comments but deep down she knows it is more than that.

Die Fei has won the second round of votings and sees online that some people think she is ridging votes. Her sour mood sweetens when she sees people saying that her voice is the most beautiful sound. Die Fei wonders how she should respond and Hai Jie suggests that he should make a celebrity blog for her called Die Fei Feng Wu but she suggests Die Die…

Die Fei is and Hai Jie is with Yu Shu at a pub supposedly discussing the blog. A++ then comes to perform shocking Hai Jie. It also shocks the two girls to see Hai Jie here. Yu Shu wonders when the girls came back and why they didn’t tell her. But Hai Jie’s shock is shock of happiness. He asks them why they returned so soon, aren’t they supposed to be touring in Mainland? The brown haired girl wants to tell the truth but the blond hair girl stops her saying that they just like performing on streets better. Yep, suspicion now.

Ting Yu calls Hai Jie while Ting Yu remembers Alice telling him not to call her.

Alice meets Ting Yu at the theatre and nots that it is her without turning around but is unsure whether he knows her. He confronts her, Miss Fei Niao Wen. He then starts doing some sort of sword fencing and asks her why he never has an opponent. She answers that he doesn’t like to lose, just likes to win. He tells her she is half right; he doesn’t like to lose nor win. He learns the sword fencing thingy because it gives him peace. She asks him why he invited her here, he won’t be in peace. He doesn’t want to be in peace. She explains that she doesn’t want him to know too much and both his lifestyle. So that’s why she broke up with him? (What? Since when did they break up or officially started dating? I must not be paying attention at all.) She tells him since he knows all about her now, he should forget about Seiko. That’s easy. He asks her what his purpose it, why did she come to Lisa?

Hai Jie arrives and Ting Yu throws him the sword forcing him into a fight. Alice goes to protect Hai Jie admitting that she is Fei Niao Wen and Alice. Alice! Alice! Hai Jie is overly happy to discover the truth. Alice tells Ting Yu that her admitting that she is Alice will only cause greater pain for Hai Jie. Hai Jie tells her he has been waiting for her all along. She tells him that it was all an accident. If she cared about him she would have went to find him. He tells her that she does care about him. They had such beautiful memories together. So what? She tells him he is too naive. Alice no longer exists. He tells her that it might no exist but he will never forget that Alice and their beautiful memories. He tells her he believes the Alice he loves will come back.

After Hai Jie leaves, Ting Yu tells her she not only lied to Hai Jie but wiped out all of their past. He tells her that if Hai Jie was an accident, then he is one too right? He tells her to tell her plan or he will bring her to Lisa. ALice tells him that Lisa only wants a daughter. He tells her that if she is going to hurt Lisa, short term pain is better than long term. She tells him to trust her. He pulls her into a hug and tells her that Lisa is the person he cares about the most. He will not let her get hurt.

The top 5 contenders get a week to practice and bring out the theme ‘I Have a Dream’.

Ting Yu shows Lisa what he has discovered about Alice causing her grief. She too, wonders what purpose she has. However, what Ting Yu is most concerned about is why she is faking to be her daughter. (LOL, what? I thought she was her real daughter?) Lisa says that maybe her daughter is not here and just wanted her friend to accompany her or maybe God is pitying her  and sent her an angel. He asks her if there is anything suspicious during their encounter. She tells him that although they haven’t met for twenty odd years, they still are very in touch with each other. He breaks the news that Alice is Hai Jie’s Alice. She assures her that she has her reasons.

Later that night Lisa sits there wondering and thinking about Alice.

After a hard day of practice, Die Fei decides to have a night out with the other contestants but Yu Shu is not so keen on her making friends. Jin Cang tells Yu Shu that if Die Fei wins it is her defeating the other people and not the other way around. She tells him not to let Die Fei know that she will be winner because she likes to think she is the one who has to apologise.

Hai Jie is recording for his music album but all that is on his mind is Alice affecting his performance.

Hai Jie’s life is a mess. Die Fei calls but he won’t even open the door though she finally persuades him to do so. He decides to ease her song choice troubles by taking her to an amusement park. Hai Jie and Die Fei both gets an ice-cream but his one get knocked down so he decides to take her one instead. The two go to lick the same ice-cream resulting in a near kiss that the camera doesn’t even capture! They then go on an upside down roller coaster.

Well, Die Fei’s relationship with her father is all good now.

Lisa goes to find her daughter asking her how are things between her and Ting Yu. She explains that she doesn’t like to be tied and he won’t be able to accept her leaving for Japan. She tells her that Ting Yu actually really likes her, he just has a weird way of showing it. She invites her to come back and stay with her which she ends up agreeing to.

Lisa sees the photo of the young her with her husband and young Alice. She asks Alice if she has pictures of her grandparents which she does not causing suspicion to Lisa. She leaves Alice saying has a headache so Alice makes her some soup. She tells her mother that with her by her side she feels really happy.

Ting Yu is recording his music album and is too having trouble as he is recalling his mother. Oh, and the owner of Siren told him not to play Siren if he is not prepared.

Ting Yu gives Die Fei a call in the middle of her sleep. He is once again insomniac so she decides to sing for him which unsurprisingly puts him to sleep.

Jin Cang has a meeting with George telling him that it depends on his reliance to him. Meanwhile, Hai Jie is getting himself drunk with A++ because of Alice. They tell him that the one Die Fei likes is the him. He tells them that it is just random news from Jin Cang. Jin Cang again? They basically tell him that Jin Cang used them making them perform shows that they didn’t want to. They tell him to be careful of Die Fei now since she is famous now and has connections.

A drunken Hai Jie calls Die Fei and warns her to be careful. He also tells her that he knows how to forget about her now. Constantly spinning…and spinning… Yeahh, drunk!

Daddy Lan is in full support of Die Fei.


My Opinion:

Woahhh, next ep! Woaaah, big woah. Where is the progress to get to the next stage. Ting Yu has showed more feelings towards Alice than towards Die Fei. Yeahh, just not making any sense.

I think this would be better if the drama chose to focus on just one plot with several subplots that help to shape the plot. There is just too many subplots that has nothing to relate to the plot. Well, first thing is that I am not even sure what the plot is. Ahahahaah. Well, Die Fei’s singing has nothing to do with Ting Yu’s violin thingy which in turn does nothing to shape Alice’s plot. Yeahh… There is just too many introduction of subplots that are unanswered even in this late of the drama. What happened to mini Alice? And what’s with A++?

What’s with Alice? Why did she lie to Hai Jie? She clearly still likes him. What is her plan? What does she want with Lisa? Hmmmm, very suspicious.

The feelings of this drama is all mixed up because of the cinematography. I realised that the cinematography is all very stable. There is not much variation to showcase the different feelings that it is supposed to evoke. There was the all important Die Fei-Hai Jie kiss but wow, the camera was very out of shot of the kiss. Isn’t that supposed to be one of the main drawing points? The cinematography is very eye-level so it only evokes neutral feelings.

Oh Ting Yu. Does he love Alice or Die Fei?

Hopefully next ep wll ease things out. I am seriously losing any excitement for this.

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10 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 11 Recap

  1. heisui August 7, 2012 at 6:29 am Reply

    So I went off to watch Die Fei’s singing in this episode and I didn’t think she made a huge mistake. o_o But I was a bit disappointed, I thought this would be Lara’s strong point but her acting still seemed mediocre. And WHY did they put in flashbacks while she was singing!?!? I WANT TO HEAR THE SONG!! T_T

    BUT!! The scene with Die Fei singing Ting Yu to sleep is SO CUTE!! And with that really intense preview..I think I’ll tune in for the next episode!!

    • misscupcakees August 7, 2012 at 7:06 pm Reply

      LOL, I thought you dropped it. Ahahahahas.

      Yeahh, her acting and singing is mediocre. But this song suits her much better than ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ Ahaha, and she looks pretty dolled up.

      Really!? I didn’t find it cute. I found it so-so. Noooo, not the preview! Nooo! This makes no sense. -.- The feeling is all wrong.

      • heisui August 8, 2012 at 1:52 pm

        Ahaha actually I did drop it…but I really want to see Ting Yu’s ‘confession’. So I’ll probably watch a few scenes in the next episode!

      • misscupcakees August 8, 2012 at 6:09 pm

        You did but you continue to watch it? Ahahahahas!

  2. chocolate布丁 August 8, 2012 at 12:30 am Reply

    Hi! 🙂

    You’re back! I thought you dropped the show. I have a holiday for the next three days so I’ll definitely catch up. Oh man is it really so bad? It didn’t seem too bad in the book. But yes, I agree there’s too many plots, and none of them really stands out as the main plot. Although somehow, I think that’s the point. But yeah, it’s really messy.

    I don’t know what’s the point of A++’s role, but I’ve been trying to find the song they sang on the streets to no avail. I like it 🙂

    Hai Jie… sigh I don’t know what to think about him. He annoys me yet at the same time I feel so sorry for him. And nah, I don’t think Ting Yu really loves Alice. At least, he’s not supposed to. He’s supposed to be deeply in love with Die Fei.

    Oh well 4 more episodes. I won’t be dropping this one for sure, because it’s important to Aaron 😉

    • misscupcakees August 8, 2012 at 6:06 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, no. I was busy with SOP Queen. Ahahaha.

      Yeahh, it kinda is. Ahahaa, I don’t like this point. Really? A++? I’m not sure. Ahahaha

      I don’t know what to think about HJ, TY, DF, Alice, Lisa and everybody else in between.

      Yeahh, confusing relationships with everybody.

      LOL, I am getting annoyed with Aaron’s hair. It makes him look old. -.-

      • chocolate布丁 August 9, 2012 at 12:15 am

        Haha his hair isn’t THAT bad! Definitely not one that I would like to see on him though.

        Is Lisa confusing too? I thought she’s the least messed up character for now, at least. Alice is confusing me. I don’t like how the show is shifting the focus to all the emotions and relationships, especially when they’re confusing. Wish they could give a little more about the music. I don’t really enjoy dramas purely about relationships because I find them craggy and I find it difficult to empathize with the characters when they do the stupidest things.

      • misscupcakees August 9, 2012 at 9:08 pm

        Well, ahahaha, that’s hard to debate. It’s like hair sprayed up and covers his eyes. It makes him look older than he really is.

        Yeah, she is. Ahahaha, at least her storyline isn’t as confusing as the others.

        I don’t really mind. I just want it to have a focus which it currently does not.

  3. Deeno August 10, 2012 at 1:30 pm Reply

    I watched the start of this. Then I realized there was a better way to spend my time and decided to start reading your recap, which I’ve been reading the start and end of each time. Thanks for the recap. I watched the preview for next episode because I had to know what you were talking about. It looks exciting but a bit cheesy. I’m waiting for that kiss though.

    • misscupcakees August 10, 2012 at 9:18 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, that’s good. I’m glad you appreciate it. (:

      Really? I think it just ruins the emotions and feelings. Ahahaa, it’s all wrong. LOL

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