Tiger Cubs Episode 10 Overview

This episode had a lack of action and epicness but there was an increase in the bond between the team. I always knew that the team has a very close bond but this ep shows that the bond between them is concrete. Hon To and Shu Fai have such a tight friendship. However, this ep really did lack action. If ep 6 lacked action then this ep literally had no action. This ep also lack Hon To. ūüė¶ Ahahaha, at least there were lots of SDU connection. (:¬†

  • Flashback time to how the SDU commander, Yat Fung, was not satisfied with the team’s performance in ep 1, how Shu Fai comments that they may be SDU’s but they are also other’s friends and family and how his wife doesn’t like him being a SDU.
  • It’s SDU training again and Hon To is not happy that one of his subordinates had a slow reaction time. He tells the team that Shu Fai is leaving the team soon so they have to get used to the change.
  • The team are at Hon To’s place for hotpot and Shu Fai announces that he is going to be a father again. Hon To receives a lashing from his mother basically telling him to find his other half ASAP.
  • Hon To and Shu Fai are at his new house. Hon To asks Shu Fai to stay for another month which he agrees to. Uh-oh! Something is going to happen… I can sense it. Ahahahaa!
  • It’s action time again. It’s another hostage case.¬†The kidnappers try to make their escape but the SDU quickly gun them all down. Shu Fai goes to alert Hon To when a grenade explodes. His wife is not happy about this and blames this all on Hon To. Even though it was an accident but he still does not feel any better. He and Yat Fung also meets¬†a previous SDU member, Gin, who is now working as a bodyguard protecting the victim from the hostage case.
  • ¬†Yat Fung gets numerous messages from reporters wanting to interview him to know whether the standard of SDU has declined.
  • It’s training time and the team are practising their sniper skills. Hon To gets a call about Shu Fai and due to his¬†neglection, he commands his team to resume practise not knowing that the technician team are inside the house. Luckily, Man Keung manages to alert the team saving them from harm. However, this neglection has earned Hon To a demotion and Yat Fung decides that it will be better if he leads the team.
  • The team are at the bar for a day out when Yat Fung calls the team for an emergency training and he comes to the conclusion that their skills are not up to his standards. So from now on he is going to train them according to his methods until they reach his standards.
  • Wow, he is one strict commander! The team is going to be out before they can even pursue their next mission.
  • Yat Fung and Gin are having tea time together. He asks Gin if he ever blamed him. If he never got injured he would not have left the team and the commander position would have been his. Gin tells him he doesn’t blame him, there are no ifs.
  • Training and more training but the team still fails to shoot the target. He proves to his team that his training are doable by bring Gin and actually shooting down all the targets. Gin tells the team that they have to be the best of the best.
  • Gin asks Hon To how he is dealing and to say the least, he isn’t dealing very well. Gin tells him that it doesn’t matter if you fall, you just have to be able to stand up again.
  • Now it is Cheuk Wah’s turn to untie Hon To’s heart. She invites him to go fishing with her to relax his heart. It does manage to open his heart.
  • Yat Fung gets a request to uses Gin as a lure to find out the details of his client.
  • Gin goes to pick up his boss and his boss is not very happy when he drops his boss’ girlfriends’ crystal angel.
  • Yat Fung requests Gin to be his undercover. Gin tells him he will consider it. Or maybe not, because his is a druggie. Flashback in time. It was a stormy day and Yat Fung demands Gin to rope climb down the building which caused his spinal injury and wife’s kidney failure.
  • Hon To offers Shu Fai’s wife some money ¬†for their house renovation but she doesn’t want his pity. So Hon To, the team and Cheuk Wah decides to come do some free labour.
  • Gin offers the police some¬†valuable which will be beneficial to his¬†jewellery¬†robbery plan.¬†¬†His is using the SDU team to do some of his dirty work.
  • The team discover that Yat Fung’s inconsiderate actions towards Gin and are even more eager to have Hon To lead them. Anyway, it is action time. Gin purposely leads the SDU team elsewhere so he can successfully execute his plan. Or maybe not.
  • Yat Fung finally realises that Gin is not as clean as he appears to be. He confronts Gin. Gin tells him that he owes him. Yat Fung tells him that is doesn’t matter what, he should not do this. If he had to make the same decision, he would have still made the same choice. As an SDU, it doesn’t matter what they have to do, they have to ensure the safety of those who require safety. Gin gives in to the police, finally realising what is right and wrong.
  • The team apologises to Yat Fung. Yat Fung tells them that he will not change his methods. As a SDU, they have to continuously increase their abilities. He actually praises the team for this successful mission.
  • Just in time too because Shu Fai has woken up. However, his right leg will be permanently damage. That doesn’t matter though as long as he can live happily with his family. His wife agrees to allow him to continue working in the SDU seeing that he doesn’t want to part from them. She apologises to Hon To telling him that Chuek Wah allowed her to see the video of him renovating her house and she discovered the team’s gratitude for Shu Fai. Oh and Hon To gives Cheuk Wah a very nice happy smile.


My Opinion:

I want Hon To to lead the team back! There wasn’t much of him this ep. ūüė¶ He showed more connection to Shu Fai than the rest of the team but I guess that is reasonable considering that much of this ep is about Shu Fai. TBH, Hon To is a much better leader than Yat Fung. He pushes his team but he would never make a decision that would put them in danger. He cares for his team and seeing any of his members injured is sure going to pierce a hole in his heart.

I am glad that Cheuk Wah becomes the one to open up Hon To. After everything he has done for her, it is only just that she does something for him. He is much easier to open up than Cheuk Wah was. Ahahaha! He always gives her really grateful smiles,¬†especially¬†at the end of episodes. Ahahah! However, I didn’t really find their fishing outing that cute… It just seemed like a friendly outing but this means progress is happening!

I am disappointed with the amount of screen time that Hon To got in his ep. What happened!? I want to see him lead the team and be a sure fire. He was hardly even there for majority of the time. ūüė¶ I am also disappointed with the screen time that Cheuk Wah gets. She hardly even appears for more than five minutes. ūüė¶ It would be better if they could incorporate more of her into the drama. She should play a heavier police role here.

I would hardly call this a SDU case. There was hardly any action. Seriously. Ahahaha, there was more action during the training than the actual mission. LOL, well to say the least, this was all Yat Fung’s fault. Ahahahs, it is. If he didn’t make such a decision in the first place then he would not have to make such a decision at all.

In terms of action, this ep lacked it but in terms of friendship this ep aced it. Hopefully next ep has more action. (:

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 10 Overview

  1. heisui August 13, 2012 at 4:19 pm Reply

    I really like Shu Fai’s little character arc because it shows how much everyone cares for each other in the SDU. It also gives us a bit of a wake up call to remember that the SDU isn’t invincible.

    • misscupcakees August 13, 2012 at 9:06 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, and it leads in nicely from one of the previous ep about Shu Fai.

      The SDU bond is just really really strong. They are always there for each other. (: And yeps, it does remind us that SDU is not invincible.

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