Tiger Cubs Episode 11 Overview

Sweet ep! Ahahaha. After a long wait it is finally Man Keung’s turn. It was quite sweet actually, there was some pretty cute moments between Hok Lai and Man Keung. It goes to show no matter how strong Man Keung is she still needs someone to support her. Naaaaws, but there wasn’t much development from the OTP.  This ep also employs a smooth transition from the previous ep absent that Hon To getting back his leader role did not really fit in.

  • “It doesn’t matter who they are. If they have committed a crime, it is up to us to stop them.” It also flashes back to when Hok Lai told Man Keung that she is not qualified to be part of the assault team.
  • Yay! Hon To is leading back again! Oh, and it’s training time again. He gives the team 30 seconds to climb up to the terrace and then jump back down. Cheuk Yuen and Hok Lai are caught talking and are given the task of 100 extra push ups. Man Keung watches her team mates with envy. Hok Lai sees her envious face.
  • She attempts to jump but it taken back when Hok Lai calls her back causing her to injure her foot. Turns out she was afraid to jump because she has acrophobia.
  • This time it is action time for the OCTB team. They go to arrest a criminal when suddenly the roof collapses and a person falls in. Cheuk Wah goes to investigate and sees a bunch of gangster guys with their leader, Ding You Tin (Derek Kwok) who supposedly witnessed the man, Lee Youn Chou, jumping down. You Tin is also the village’s mayor’s son. She suspects that the two men are related.
  • Considering that Hok Lai did cause Man Keung’s injury, he decides to accompany Man Keung back to her village which is the same village as You Tin, I think. She also meets her so-called police friend, Caai (Alex Lam) who the son of the lady, Caai Ma, who looks after her family home. Caai Ma tells Man Keung to bring Hok Lai home more often. Ahahahas! Caai Ma mentions that You Tin ruined her melon field because she doesn’t want to sell her land to him. Hok Lai and Man Keung offers to fix it.
  • Man Keung and the others arrives to see Caai Ma in despair as You Tin used Caai to trick him into selling the land to him. He used Caai to give the seal of approval to him.
  • Caai goes into hiding in a up high place. She is going to wait until he comes down. He tells Hok Lai that when she tried out for SDU, she failed the jumping part because when she was young, Caai got scolded by his mother and went to hide in the high up place and she climbed to reach him. However, the young Man Keung slipped and fell.
  • Hok Lai has a way to get Caai down. He brings in the SDU team to demonstrate their training.  They became the human ladder for Caai.
  • The team decides to have hotpot at Hon To’s place and is interrupted by Caai who has come to report as a member of SDU. Hon To agrees to allow him to do so but he has a one year trial period where he has to look after the village.
  • You Tin was involved with the “suicide” of Youn Chou and vows to take back all the money that he owes him.
  • Man Keung or well Hok Lai tells Hon To that she wants to switch to the assault team and hands in her application. Hon To happily accepts it. However, Man Keung is not so happy with Hok Lai’s doing. She still has her phobia and even if she does get through to the selection she won’t be selected.
  • No need to fear, Hok Lai is here to help! It doesn’t matter how scared she is, she has to conquer this fear. He holds her hand and together they jump.
  • Caai comes to You Tin’s place as a SDU to retrieve back the house contract. Instead, they just mock him. He covers him in fireworks and actually lights it.
  • Caai Ma is really worried about Caai who has locked himself in his room. Man Keung and Hok Lai gets down to the bottom of this.
  • You Tin and his gang come down to Hon To’s bar to hit on Wai Wai. Cheuk Yuen comes to her aid, even claiming she is his girlfriend. The team isn’t very happy about this and neither is the gang. One of You Tin’s friends spikes a nail in the drinks. This causes a commotion between the two sides. The gang even pushes Hon To’s daddy back into a table and even goes as far as wanting to report Hon To. However, mummy Chin comes to the rescue and kicks the gang out.
  • The OCTB gets down to the bottom of Youn Chou’s death and comes to the conclusion that it has got something to do with You Tin. They ransack his night out and Cheuk Wah even brings in the paparazzi which I am sure has some sort of personal attack. Yeps, it is a personal attack alright when she opens the air con up to max during questioning.
  • Cheuk Wah and Hon To are out fishing and he invites her out to dinner to thank her. (Why didn’t they show the dinner!?)
  • You Tin decides to gun down Cheuk Wah. He is smart enough not to do this himself so he gives this role to Caai. Caai is forced into this because they have kidnapped his mother.
  • Ben and Cheuk Wah are at her carpark when Caai opens fire. Oh, the gun is real and it shoots Ben.
  • One of the villagers alert the police of Caai’s whereabouts so he runs into hiding. He secretly trails You Tin who has a lot of guns on him while Man Keung and Hok Lai are on the hunt for him. Caai calls Man Keung and she manages to coax out where he is.The SDU make their grand entrance.
  • Caai confronts You Tin asking for his mother. Instead he gets kicked and punched. Why hello, Man Keung and Hok Lai comes to his rescue. Working together, Man Keung and Hok Lai takes down two of the four gangsters. However a problem arises when Hok Lai has a gun pointed to You Tin and one of the gangsters has a gun pointed to Hok Lai. The SDU arrives and they are forced to surrender.
  • Caai is regretful for his actions and now he has to pay for it. Man Keung reminds him not to give up. Caai evens praises Man Keung for his work and even supports her to enter the assault team.
  • On the trip home Hok Lai thanks Man Keung for saving him.
  • The team has full support for Man Keung.


My Opinion:

So the form of action here is the SDU truck arriving!? What is with this!? The amount of action has dropped dramatically since the beginning. There used to be precise aiming and bullets flying but now the only form of action that you will get is the SDU truck arriving or watching the SDU shoot targets. Where is all the action!? I miss it bad. It just seems so bland without it. I want to see action like ep 1 had. That is what you call action.

Naaaaaws, how sweet was it when Hok Lai held Man Keung’s hand and encouraged her to conquer her fear. I think she does like him. 😉 Who knows? Ahahaha! Hok Lai really has changed a lot. He is no longer that spoiled brat who only considers himself but he would actually go out of his way to help others. Man Keung might just have a thing for Hok Lai. At the bar when their team mates asked them if they are going out she didn’t immediately deny and actually gave a bashful look. Ahahaha, whatever, I don’t care. They are cute! (: I ship them, though I wouldn’t mind if she went together with Cheuk Yuen.

I love Cheuk Yuen! He is so brave and handsome. I love how he just stands up for Wai Wai and how he even claimed that she is his girlfriend. Sweet, right? So protective, so manly. Such an intense scene. I may be one of the few but I ship him and Wai Wai together. They just seem to be right for each other. It’s just timing that separates them.

LOL, this means Chun Hin will be left with no one. 😦 Poor guy!

Ummm, interaction between Cheuk Wah and Hon To? None. Okay, I lied, maybe there was like one scene between them but if since they are the OTP, there should be some romantic relationship between them. Even Cheuk Yuen is progressing better than her. I’m not sure, but I don’t buy Cheuk Wah and Hon To as a couple. I mean, I want them to be a couple, they would match each other well. But that’s the point, they are both professionals, too professional for each other that maybe they would be better suited as friends. I would like to see them together. I am just missing from connection and feeling from them. The most connection they had was in ep 9 and that is still not enough for them to progress as a couple.

I really hope Man Keeung will be able to pass and get into the assault team. She would make a kick ass team mate, not that she isn’t one already. Ahahahas!

I also like how Shu Fai is back on the team. This is what the complete SDU team is. Though, I have always wondered why the other technicians aren’t included on the team. It’s just Man Keung there.

I can’t wait to see the finale. That I am sure will be where the action lies. And guess who’s back? Kenneth Ma! 😀 It’s going to be one spectacular finale.

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6 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 11 Overview

  1. heisui August 13, 2012 at 4:23 pm Reply

    YES, I WANT MAN KEUNG TO JOIN SO MUCH!!! She’s so awesome! Plus I admit it, she and Hok Lai are so cute together! When Hok Lai held her hand and JUMPED with her I was floored.

    As for Chuk Yeun, I’m really confused about his feelings..does he like Wai Wai or not!? Is he protective of her as a friend, or as a man?

    • misscupcakees August 13, 2012 at 9:09 pm Reply

      How can they be without Man Keung? She will definitely make a really good member. (:

      Ahahahaha, yeahhhh! How sweet was it when he held her hand!? Swwwwweeeeeeet! (: I really would like to see them together. (:

      Ahahaha, I’ll take it that he does like Wai Wai. Well, he does show feelings towards her but in a way I think he feels like he is overstepping the boundaries because Wai Wai was Hon To. He likes her, I am sure. (:

      • heisui August 14, 2012 at 8:51 am

        I don’t really care about the love triangles at this point. T_T I JUST WANT A GOOD CASE!!!!!! I’m so frustrated with Tiger Cubs right now!

      • misscupcakees August 14, 2012 at 9:09 pm

        Ahahaa, same here. I want a case with ACTION like it had at the first few eps!

  2. dramagirl August 15, 2012 at 1:53 pm Reply

    Sorry I know this is off topic but any chance that you’ve seen Love Actually with Joe Cheng and Lee Da Hae?

    • misscupcakees August 15, 2012 at 11:35 pm Reply

      LOL, no worries! Ahaaha, nopes, though it seems quite interesting. It has Joe Cheng and Li Yi Feng!

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