To The Beautiful You Episode 2 Recap

Woahhh, second ep and there is a kiss already! Ahahahahas! This drama is sure moving. ūüėõ It is safe for me to say that this ep is better than the last because there is the kiss here! Cute, cute, cute and very light-hearted! Oh, and there was the appearance of EXO-K! Ahahaahahaas!

Jae Hee refutes doctor Jang’s¬†accusations¬†but he tells her that even by looking at her wrists shows that she is a girl. She tells him she is a guy and hastily makes her way out.

Tae Joon sits by himself in the quiet eerie gym. Manager Jang comes trying to comfort him. Maybe they rushed things. He tells her that he is fine, it’s not like he will do this for the rest of his life.

Eun Gyul catches up with Jae Hee and asks how she is. She answers that she is fine, though how can she be when he identity is known? He also informs her that Tae Joon failed his jump. Jae Hee immediately rushes back to her dorm to find him not there.

A car pulls up and stops Tae Joon in his tracks. Out appears his father who slaps him in the face¬†and¬†is curious as to whether he did it on purpose. His father tells him that there are many ways to rebel against him, just don’t act immaturely. He tells him that this is his own decision.

Seeing that Jae Hee has not packed shows that she has no intentions of moving out. Tae Joon is not that heartless. He tells her that she can stay as long as she doesn’t make any noise over 40 decibels. Oh, and that are not equals. He is the owner and she is nothing.


Later that night Tae Joon dreams about how he placed his 2010 World Championship medal on top of his mother’s grave. Jae Hee sees that he is frowning in his sleep and blanket-less so she decides to to cover him up. He takes hold of her hand and pictures her as his mother. He doesn’t let go so instead she decides to pat him to sleep. He wakes to see Jae Hee asleep on the side of his bed still holding his hand. She wakes up and he quickly tosses her hand away.

Jae Hee is in her bathroom minding her own business when Eun Gyul and Seung Ri come in one after another to use the toilet. (LOL, do they not have their own toilet?) So she leaves them to occupy her toilet.

Busy manager Jang arrives to her office only to find another issue that she has to deal with. Reporter Yang Seo Yoon (Ahn Kae Kyung) asks her about Tae Joon. Isn’t Tae Joon all better now? She tells her that they just overdid his schedule and eventually changes the subject.

Jae Hee is¬†navigating¬†her way around school when she spots doctor Jang. So she decides to hide behind his car. When he leaves, she tells herself that she must avoid him. (Isn’t she lucky that he didn’t reverse?)

Seung Ri has gathered his dorm together to plan out how they should tackle the athletics competition. They have to win it again this year. He tells Tae Joon that his is their representative for high jump but Tae Joon tells him to remove him off the team because it is too trivial. Needless to say, Seung Ri is not happy.

The three dorm leaders gather to sort out the prize for winning, that is the winning dorm gets to use the central cafeteria (which dorm two is currently occupying) while the losers has to use the annex cafeteria.  They each boast that their dorm is going to win and dorm 1 and dorm 3 deny that they have secretly been training but of course that it all lies. Only dorm 2 admits that they have been practising a teeeeeeeeeny tiny bit. They manage to engage in a thumb war that they are going to play fair. (Ahahaha, fair!?)

Jae Hee is at the cafeteria with Eun Gyul when she spots doctor Jang. So she engages in her food. Jong Min is not happy to see that Jae Hee and Eun Gyul are having such a friendly time together.

Tae Joon spots his rival practising when reporter Yang tells him all about his rival. Hyun Jae’s record is only two centimetres short of his and he is the hard working type while Tae Joon is the genius. She tries to coax some detail as to why he didn’t jump but he brushes her off.

Jae Hee is on her bed wondering how the doctor knows that she is a girl.

Meanwhile, Han Na is practising her rhythmic gymnastics. She is with the girls enjoying her bland lunch when she suggests that maybe she should retire. The girls are glorified to hear this. She explains that she will just marry Tae Joon and take care if him. Since Tae Joon is in such a mood, she decides that she is going to give him a present with the help of her Min Woo oppa.

Jae Hee returns to her room to find a big present there. Suddenly out pops Han Na who demands to know where her boyfriend Tae Joon is. Oh, boyfriend? This saddens Jae Hee’s mood and she asks Han Na who she is. Han Na is shocked that she does not know who she is. She has to explain that she is the nation’s fairy, the gymnastics fairy, the nation little’s fairy. Nope, still no idea. Tae Joon arrives as is annoyed to see Han Na there as he struggles to rid her. As Jae Hee is watching all this, she wonders if Han Na is really his girlfriend.

Dorm 2 is out practising their athletic skills. Jong Min is up against Jae Hee for sprinting. Since Jae Hee is winning against him, he decides to accidentally trip her. (Seriously? Now other tricks up your sleeve?) Jong Min does his best to portray a sincere apology. Tut, tut! Seung Ri sends Jae Hee too get checked out at the infirmary and the doctor is not there. She sees the doctor and Tae Joon entering so she quickly hides herself. However, the doctor spots her shoes unveiling her hiding spot.


Anyway, the doctor continues his talk with Tae Joon. He asks him if he felt the pain. He honestly answers that he did. The doctor suspects that he has Ipswich Syndrome’. It is where¬†athletes¬†are unable to play out of the blue anything that requires mental concentration. It has no treatment. Tae Joon tells him he doesn’t know if it is because he doesn’t know if it is because he has no expectations or nothing to be disappointed about. Once Tae Joon leaves, the doctor orders her to appear.

Eun Gyul is talking on the phone in the middle of a soccer match and still manages to score a goal.

The doctor is trying to confront her while she is trying to know more about Ipswich Syndrome. The doctor threatens to get her kicked out but is deeply affected by her story. She explains that she came here because of Tae Joon. She wants to see him jump again. She is in debt towards him so she can’t just ¬†leave like this. She has to see him jump again. She will do whatever it takes to see him jump like he used to.Doctor Jang buys this and tells her to return to class. He is going to have to think about this. He does warn her that her secrets are bound to revealed soon.

Jae Hee returns to her room to find Tae Joon fake asleep. She tells him that she accidentally heard his talk with the doctor and not to be so hard on himself. Ipswich Syndrome or not, she is going to make sure he jumps again. He tells her not to overreact, he has given up already. She knows that he is lying and continues to offer her help. He tells that if he wants to help her, she should leave the room. Over 40 decibels and she is out.

Seeing Jae Hee’s down mood, Eun Gyul takes her out to the soccer field. He tells her that if she can take the ball from him he will grant her one wish and if she can’t then she has to grant him one wish. She just isn’t in the mood but that all changes when he starts to show off his excellent skills and tells her that she is giving up too easily. Though, instead of scoring any goals, the two drop sweat dripping to the the ground. Eun Gyul man, attention seeker much? He takes a picture of them and , posts¬†it on Genie Social. LOL, love sparks for Eun Gyul.

Reporter Yang Seo Yoon comes to coax some information out of Jae Hee.

Hyun Jae arrives at the infirmary to place a document there. Since the doctor is not there, he decides to take pictures of Tae Joon’s injury scans. (Uh-oh! Sneaky! He is going to sell this to the reporter!)

Manager Jang is on the phone with reporter Yang and is furious that she has posted an article suspecting that Tae Joon may have Ipswich Syndrome. It’s not just her who isn’t happy, daddy Kang isn’t either.

Manger Jang calls asking Tae Joon who could have leaked the information. He suddenly remembers seeing the reporter’s business card in the laundry and confronts her about it. She tells him that it wasn’t her but he doesn’t believe it.

It’s Genie High School 34th annual athletics competition. It’s dorm 1 at 2 wins, dorm 2 at 2 wins and dorm 3 at 0 wins. All the while, Tae Joon is keeping his cool from Jae Hee while Eun Gyul keeps his eyes on Jae Hee. The last even is the marathon and¬†Jong Min has injured his leg and cannot run. ¬†Tae Joon is pulling a now show and gossip about his article arises. Seung Ri tells Hyun Jae to take Tae Joon’s high jump position but he resists because he wants to see Tae Joon¬†embarrass himself. Instead Jae Hee offers to run the marathon. If she wins then Tae Joon wouldn’t have to jump. Dorm 3 has¬†plans¬†to win no matter what.

Yeahh, dorm 3 has some evil plans up their sleeves. They knock down all the water for the other runners (ummm, how will that benefit them? They would be waterless too), switching¬†members¬†and…

Finally, Tae Joon shows up and Eun Gyul informs him that because of him Jae Hee is running the marathon.


… knocking out Jae Hee who is in first position. No, she doesn’t give up. The finish line is approaching. She runs and falls. Doctor Jang notices that she has sprained her ankle. But her Tae Joon gives her the persistent she needs. She recalls how Tae Joon once said “If there is such thing as a miracle that would be another name for hard effort.” She steps up and runs the last straight taking home the winning position. Even Tae Joon shows signs of happiness.

Though while everyone is gathered around her, Tae Joon takes off. Not caring about her sprained ankle, she runs after him and tells him that she won, she remembered what he said. She then falls and Tae Joon goes to steady her just as Eun Gyul arrives to see this. She tells him ¬†to believe her, she didn’t sell out his condition. (Naaaaws, poor Eun Gyul!)

Yay! Dorm 2 has won the athletics carnival and it looks like they will be continuing to use the middle¬†cafeteria. Ahahahas! It’s the celebratory party and EXO-K makes their appearance for five seconds as… EXO-K singing Mama.

Finally, the star, Jae Hee makes her appearance. She tells Eun Gyul that she finally feels like like a student here. She smiles which causes him to leave. Han Na comes up and rudely asks him where Tae Joon is but he gets angry with her rudeness. He wonders what is wrong with himself, getting stirred up by a guy and then angry by a girl. He then decides to do some dancing which just scares off the girls. LOL!

Tae Joon is moody as he re-reads the news article about him and decides to go to the bar and grab a drink. Jae Hee goes to look for Tae Joon while Eun Gyul goes to look for Jae Hee while Han Na is still on the search of Tae Joon. Meanwhile, teacher Baek confiscates the alcoholic drink that Seung Ri and Jong Min are about to drink which Tae Joon just drank. Seung Ri tells Jong Min to keep the drinks away from Tae Joon because crisis occurs when he drinks alcohol. He will kiss the first person he sees. (This reminds me of Wu Chun!)

Guess who he kisses as fireworks explode? Jae Hee!


My Opinion:

Sweet and cute! Yay for the kiss. (: Well, I am always for kisses. Ahahaha! This kiss was light and bubbly but lacked the feeling that other kisses give. Anyway, it was cute and gave off that shocked feeling that happens in all sudden Korean kisses.

One thing that I don’t feel from this drama is when people pat Jae Hee. I’m not sure but it just doesn’t feel right. She doesn’t give that cute, shaking feeling. Ahahahas. It just feels…weird?

Ahhh, Eun Gyul. My heart goes out to him already! Poor guy! He is falling for her already but we all know he is going to get his heart broken. But I still root for him and Jae Hee. Actually, bianess aside, I think he has more chemistry with Jae Hee than Tae Joon does. They just appear to be more friendly and comfortable with each other. Whereas with Tae Joon and Jae Hee they appear to more stiff with each other.

I think the biggest difference between this version and the Taiwanese version is that Tae Joon’s injury plays more of an ongoing impact to his life. His father also plays a big role to his life. It’s not that I don’t like this but it’s just that I have seen too much of parental impact that I think it would be better if his father had less of an impact so there could be more development with between the major characters.

Hello EXO-K! I was disappointed with their lack of screen time and such a small cameo role. I wanted to see more of them and see them play a bigger role. But hey, at least they made an appearance. Ahahahahas.

I wonder when he will discover that she is a girl…


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4 thoughts on “To The Beautiful You Episode 2 Recap

  1. ajel August 20, 2012 at 1:39 pm Reply

    Ahh Eun Gyul is falling for her already! He’s so adorkable! =P Plus I think he has more natural chemistry with Jae Hee. Tae Joon so far is pretty stiff but we’ll see how that goes especially since they “kissed”.

    I’m not sure how much I like that the K version has Tae Joon part of an agency with commercial deals, endorsements etc but I suppose it’s more realistic? I like the J-version where it mostly just focuses how he’s a high school student. But yeah the dad also did not play a major role either. I wonder how they are going to make the mom’s death play a role in Tae Joon’s hesitancy to jump.

    • misscupcakees August 20, 2012 at 10:39 pm Reply

      I like your word. Adorkable! Ahahahahs! He is so cute! ‚̧ Yeahh, Eun Gyul is much more loose compared to Tae Joon.

      I'm not a big fan either. I would rather they focused it more on just him being a high school student. Really? Realistic? Nahhh, I don't think so. It just gives it more stardom. Ahahahahas!

      His injury and parents have much much much more of an impact towards him than the T-version. I wonder how it will play out.

  2. baek hee October 1, 2012 at 3:27 pm Reply

    not going to lie having more exo-k would have been kind of pointless its not a kpop concest

    • misscupcakees October 2, 2012 at 7:25 pm Reply

      Yeeaaahhh, you could hardly see their faces but at least you could hear them sing. (:

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