Alice in Wonder City Episode 12 Recap

After a long hiatus from the Olympics AIWC is bad. But was the wait worth it? Sadly, it wasn’t. After the long wait I kind of forgot I was even watching this. Ahahahahahas. Again, this ep did not flow. The kiss was out of place. Just watch and you will see for yourself. But hey, at least it’s progressing more than the previous eps.  Hmmm? What do you have to look forward to in this ep? Die Fei’s other song!

One by one the contestants sing and finally it is Die Fei’s turn. Whilst singing, she adds some of her dancing flare to the song. Oh, and the song is a different song! Ahahahahas! As Ting Yu watches her sing, he recalls all the encouragement her gave her. Hai Jie also recalls the belief that he has in her. Father Lan is in full support of her. Dream, her dream is to fly. When she was little her father would hold her and spin her, allowing her to fly. The host then brings up her mother’s accident. She is reluctant to face it but she faces it anyway. She says that her father is her wings, she now knows how to fly. George has been affected greatly by her performance and has non-stop praise for her. Ting Yu directs to her that he likes people with dreams and her dream is…very beautiful. Of course, even the interviewer guy has praises for her. 

And the winner is … Lan Die Fei!

It’s a celebratory party for Die Fei and Yu Shu gives Hai Jie the role of coaxing Die Fei to come down. He knows her too well and brings her a cup of hot instant noodles. He tells her to quickly eat because from today onwards she will be the topic of the paparazzi. She tells him to wait for her when the party is over because she has something she wants to tell him.

Die Fei gets a warm welcome. She tells her audience that if she knew that there would be so much people, she would have left long ago. A few months ago she believed in ordinary happiness. She thought that life only needs family, family and delicious food to be complete. She is very satisfied with her life but because of a person’s relationship her ordinary life became extraordinary. LOL, both Hai Jie and Ting Yu think that the person is them. She thanks that person for giving her such a dream. Ting Yu gives her a smile at this. She explains that she has thought about it and ever since she was little and participated in reading competitions, there was not this many people quietly listening to her talk. Furthermore, that time she was just a replacement for the original contestant who fell sick that day. She really thanks the other participating contestants allowing her to not dream solo.

A drunken George spills to Die Fei that  the competition was organised for her to win, to give her a career pathway.

She pulls her sister aside and confronts her about it. Yu Shu tells her to not be lead by the nose. She then asks her sister if there is anything else she should know about this competition, nothing misleading about the criticism? Die Fei can immediately tell that her sister is lying. So it is true, what George said is true. Die Fei is not satisfied with her win and storms off to find Ting Yu.

Ting Yu is writing music with his inspirational Die Fei photo by his side. Die Fei comes home and confronts him why it was arranged. Initially Ting Yu denies it but then tells her so what if it is. He wrote the drama so he has the right to choose his leading lady. She asks him how can she face the other contestants? He explains to her that she won by her abilities. Ability, if she had the ability then he wouldn’t have to create the competition to lie to others. He tells her that the competition is fair and asks her if she still wants to sing now? She tells him that she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t want any of it now. She doesn’t want it right? He shoves her the music of Dream Garden and tells her that if she doesn’t want it then it is all rubbish now. She hands it back and out flies her photo.

He tells her that when he was writing Dream Garden the only person he thought about was her, she is his leading lady. She tells him even so he shouldn’t lie, she doesn’t want to lie. He tells her that he isn’t lying to other people and he also doesn’t want to lie to himself. He pulls her around, tells her he loves her and literally shoves her a kiss.

She pulls back and slaps him. After gathering her thoughts together, she pulls him into a kiss. Well, well, well, what do we have here? Meanwhile, Hai Jie is alone calling Die Fei who is not picking up. (Just a mention, the song she sings here is really beautiful. It is probably my first/second favourite song that she sings. Ahahahahahs!)

Why, aren’t our OTP having a passionate night together?

Father Lan tells Yu Shu to remind Die Fei about her love life and basically don’t fall for the wrong guy. The Lan sisters are really something. This time it is Die Fei’s turn to be on the news headlines. Yu Shu and Jin Cang are on the search for Die Fei. Just as Yu Shu leaves, Die Fei’s bookshop friend arrives to borrow a few of Die Fei’s clothing.

Die Fei makes a no show. She texts her sister that she won’t be signing the contract. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, Ting Yu is depressed now thinking about what Die Fei told him. Jin Cang tells him that they have another person for the role but Ting Yu is adamant that Dream Garden cannot be without Die Fei. No one can replace her. Jin Cang says he can give Die Fei some time but he needs to quantity news to pressure the current issue. He will advertise the annual event earlier than expected.

Die Fei is hiding at her friends place and tells her that she is not the real winner.

Jin Cang is listening to the violin covers and actually likes Hai Jie’s cover better than Ting Yu’s cover. He explains to Yu Shu that this Ting Yu is not the one he knows. There is no feeling to his music. Yu Shu tells him that there is one place that Die Fei might be. He tells her that if she is not there, they will have to pay a compensation fee and they don’t have any more money left.

After a billion calls, Die Fei picks up a call from Hai Jie. She apologises for his long wait last night and burst into tears as she tells him that she doesn’t want to sign the contract any more. She doesn’t know what to do any more. Hai Jie comes to comfort Die Fei and tells her that really she is a winner. However, she has no way to accept this kind of win. Die Fei then half confesses to Hai Jie what happened. She asks him if it is possible that you discover that you like someone after you have had a relationship with him.


She was originally going to yell at Ting Yu but then she thought about everything that has happened during this time and him writing the music for her. Then she suddenly understood that she loves him. Ting Yu also loves her and wrote Dream Garden for her. Meanwhile, Lisa comes to visit Ting Yu. Die Fei explains that in some world there is a block of Dream Garden. People who come here bring their nightmare balloons and exchange it for colourful dreams. One day a boy arrived at this garden and the garden’s guardian angel and exchanged their nightmares for colourful dreams. However, the boy didn’t have any dreams so the guardian angel took him to the fountain to create his dream. For his dream he is willing to pay at all costs. However, in order to help the boy, she lost her wings and ability to exchange nightmares for dreams and soon became just an ordinary person. Ting Yu explains that he didn’t write it, it was the boy who used his hand to write it out. Lisa asks him who he thought of when he wrote it and he replies that the person in his mind is a person who can really sing.

Die Fei tells Hai Jie that she finally understands his feeling for Alice. Hai Jie tells her that even if Alice doesn’t return, it is enough that they have loved each other.

Yu Shu comes to find Die Fei and apologises saying that this is just be for her. It is very hard for people to make their breakthrough these days without packaging. Die Fei is still not happy about this. Yu Shu breaks it to her that even the contestants knew that this was not going to be a fair game. So it’s just her who doesn’t know. Yu Shu tells her that they need her. Ting Yu will only give her the role and lots of company have invested a lot of money into the production. Without Dream Garden and her they will fall. She cares about Ting Yu right?

Father Lan is not happy when he discovers the news of Ting Yu and Hai Jie. He is going to get to the bottom of this.

Die Fei announces to her bookshop friend that she is going to participate in Dream Garden after all and earnestly face Ting Yu. Hai Jie arrives and shows Die Fei the magazine and tells her that people who know her will not believe the magazine but she is not so sure.

Jin Cang is not so happy with Ting Yu’s cover story while Ting Yu just spends his time fencing. Jin Cang just wants to know who the girl (Alice) is but he is not going to get it out from him any time soon.

Hai Jie admits to Die Fei that the other cover girl is his Alice but she was just toying with him. Die Fei asks if Ting Yu and Alice are serious then. He tells her that they may be; they both have a mysterious characteristic. Oh boy, more love complications. Hai Jie suggest that they both leave Ketagalan Symphony Orchestra and create more lively music. She explains that ever since she participated in the competition she understood more and more about her heart. She was afraid but now she is courageous. She will find Ting Yu to get to the bottom of this.

Die Fei finally makes her appearance home and decides to plaster her room full of Ting Yu posters.

Die Fei arrives with Hai Jie to work to resign (just clarifying, Die Fei is the one retiring and not Hai Jie). Die Fei explains that she doesn’t want to be a contracted artist nor does she want to partake Dream Garden. Her decision will affect everyone but she has made her choice.

Alice spots her mother and decides to spend some time with her. Nope, no motherly-daughter bonding time. Here comes the SJ guys. Lisa sure knows how to pick a fight. She whacks one of the guys with an empty beer bottle and he takes out his knife. Alice takes in the stab just as the police arrives. (LOL,, what bad polices! Don’t even come to help.)


My Opinion:

This drama is soon becoming two separate stories. One ep it is about Die Fei and the next is about Alice. Looks like it is Alice’s turn next. It would be better if they focused it one either Alice’s side or Die Fei’s side throughout the entire drama and then add the love square. This is just stuffed up. The storyline doesn’t flow. There is just the string out of place with every ep. It just misses that tie to link the entire ep together. It feels as if scenes are just being slabbed together. There is no solid bonding between any of the scenes.

What can I say about the kiss? Firstly, it lacked chemistry and secondly, it did nothing to fit in the scene. I actually found it to be unnecessary in terms of the plot development. It was just bland. LOL, what? She just likes him now? Since when did that happen? Ummm…? Yeahh, I don’t get it. She pulled back and then kissed him. If it is like what she said well, that it unreasonable. Yeahh, she figured it out in that one second of space. She didn’t show any intentions of liking him and then bam, she goes and kisses him. Makes no sense. Or maybe I am just interpreting this drama differently…

I thought Die Fei liked Hai Jie and Hai Jie liked Alice, Ting Yu likes Alice and Alice likes Hai Jie/Ting Yu. Apparently, I am wrong. See, you can’t even tell who likes who. In good dramas you can tell who is supposed to like who (no, not the obvious like, but you can tell with chemistry) but the other characters make you divert the pairing (or in some cases, root for both OTP and second OTP). However, in this drama there is none of that. Actually, I think this drama would be better without any of the relationship lines. Ahahaha, at least you can actually tell what is going on.

No, no, no, actually I think the drama would work it it started from scratch.

Is is me or me who finds Lara’s acting very bland and emotionless. She always has that energyless face. Her acting is mediocre and doesn’t do much to help shape the character. I do like it when she sings. I think soft ballads really suit her. I really like the insert song she sang (Metamorphosis (蛻變)). It really suits her voice.

Well, well, my Aaron. I am getting really annoyed with his hair! It hides his handsome face. 😦

Aside from the episode’s mess, I like it when Die Fei is all dressed up. She looks really pretty. Will the next ep be better? Well, we can only hope.

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10 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 12 Recap

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) August 21, 2012 at 10:30 am Reply

    i love can see he s trying hard to get his character right.i always thought ting yu likes die fei .he was just playing with alice and she still like hai jie.

    • misscupcakees August 22, 2012 at 7:49 pm Reply

      In some ways… Ahahahaha, this character doesn’t really suit him. It completely blocks off Aaron’s personality.

      Yeahh, I knew that Ting Yu likes Die Fei but he just doesn’t show it that way.

  2. heisui August 21, 2012 at 1:45 pm Reply

    Ahahaha the kiss scene made NO SENSE whatsoever but Aaron’s kissing was great O___O

    • misscupcakees August 22, 2012 at 7:47 pm Reply

      LOOOOL, ahahahahas! That it so true! Really? It didn’t really evoke the chemistry but considering it is a kiss from Aaron, it will be excellent. Ahahahahas!

      • heisui August 23, 2012 at 4:56 am

        Yeah during that scene I was thinking, “What in the world is happening?” But I was appeased by Aaron’s kissing.

      • misscupcakees August 23, 2012 at 4:52 pm

        Ahahahahaahs, same here! I really don’t get Die Fei. She was the one who pulled back from the kiss then she goes and kiss him. Then after their night she is like, yeah, I’ve discovered that I love him. Then after that she decides she is not going to be his leading lady.

      • heisui August 24, 2012 at 2:40 pm

        I have no idea where AIWC is going with this…so Alice is out of the picture for Ting Yu?

  3. chocolate布丁 August 26, 2012 at 10:31 am Reply

    Haha really! I haven’t watched the episode, but when I watched the preview I thought the kiss was pretty good. I particularly liked it when Die Fei slapped him and he backed off. Omg, just a few seconds of preview but it felt so electrifying.

    I agree about the separate stories. Then again, I always expected it to become separate afterwards because I couldn’t find a way to tie the two stories together the way the drama was going.

    And yes the relationships are confusing. I never figured out who Ting Yu liked. I knew Alice liked Hai Jie. I think Alice and Ting Yu are just 2 people stuck in the same relationship situation, and they were conveniently there for each other.

    I wish the connections between all the stories were stronger. I expected so much from this show. I was quite disappointed after finishing the book.

    Given that I can’t wait to continue watching the show again. Aaron looks so good even if his hair is like this. Hahaha.

    • misscupcakees August 26, 2012 at 8:35 pm Reply

      LOL, we have very opinionated opinions on this. The kiss was no where near electrifying. Ahahahahas. It was just…bland and out of place. There was no connection between them.

      I do not like the separate stories. There is no focus or drawing point.

      Omggg, do not get me started on the relationships. Arrrrghhhhh! It just makes no sense. Ting Yu doesn’t show the feelings. We all know that he likes Die Fei but he just doesn’t show it. Really? Naahhh, I don’t think of Alice and Ting Yu’s relationship that way. I happen to think that Ting Yu happened to get in between Alice’s plan but what am I to say?

      I just want connections with the separate stories and each of the characters!

      Oh? Is that so? I want to see how this will end now.

      Ahahahahhas, enjoy! LOL, no sweetie, no. Aaron does not look good in this hairstyle. It makes him look old. Ahahahahahs. But considering it is Aaron, I’ll take it as it is. (: Hehehehehe!

      • chocolate布丁 August 26, 2012 at 11:37 pm

        Aw no, I don’t know how the kiss developed, but I LOVED his expression and his messed up hair when Lara pushed him away after the slap. Hahaha I don’t know, maybe I feel the electricity because Aaron is like some magnet pulling me in LOL. 🙂

        I think I’m very very let down by the lack of Siren, and well, I thought the music part would be emphasized more. I thought the ending was… well I didn’t feel much for the plot near to the end. I hope the actors can bring the plot alive for me.

        Ting Yu got in Alice’s way only later in the show I think. After he finds out she’s Hai Jie’s Alice, and Ting Yu starts to check up on her and all. I have no idea why they got involved at the start. But well, Alice and Ting Yu are people whom you would expect to be attracted by each other, if you know what I mean.

        Not his best hairstyle but he doesn’t look too bad! Whenever I watched this I kept pausing in his scenes to screen capture his face hee.

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