Tiger Cubs Episode 12 Overview

I am so sorry for the belated belated belated Tiger Cub overviews! Sorry! Thanks for the wait and here it finally is. (: Happy reading!

What an episode. I knew that no matter what, from all the previous help she has had, she would not be able to left go of her deceased fiancée. She still has a knot that is still tied in her heart. Hon To tried to untie it but failed to do so because the knot it very tight in Cheuk Wah’s heart. She needs to get through this herself.

Cheuk Wah and Hon To are progressing well and make a matching couple. With Hon To’s help and her own persistent she is able to overcome her heart’s barrier.

Action? This ep surely had more than what previous eps had but still not enough. Ahaahahahs!

  • Flashback: Cheuk Wah is devastated by her deceased fiancée’s death. She blames herself for this and uses work to numb herself. After Hon To’s help, she is able to unravel her heart’s knot.
  • Hon To and Cheuk Wah are out fishing and Cheuk Wah proves that she can multi-task as she fishes and cooks. He asks her if she likes fishing? She answers that you can’t she she likes it nor can you say she can’t. He is just happy that she is out and about.
  • The team suspect that something is up with he and Cheuk Wah. Even his parents are in the game. He clarifies that they are just friends. Ahahaha, even Cheuk Yuen plays along. He tries to explain him the meaning behind love – it requires action.
  • Cheuk Yuen does some dirty work. He scratches his sister’s car causing her to be carless for a week. But that’s okay, she has a personal chauffeur, Hon To who arrives just in time for breakfast! (LOL, Hon To is so bright and in agreement! Ahahaahahs, obviously Cheuk Yuen’s words has hit home.) Hon To tries to get his words out to her but he isn’t progressing well. When work arises all affairs are left aside.
  • There is a bank robbery and it’s another SDU and OCTB cooperation. The SDU manage to successfully rescue everyone only to come to a dilemma. Chun Hin and Hok Lai find a woman tied to a ticking bomb with less that a minute remaning. Chun Hin realises that it will not explode and goes to cut the wire only to have a connected phone explode and killing the owner of the phone, Gu Duk Sing. Cheuk Wah also gets her team to investigated the bank robbery of two years ago in which her fiancée died.
  • Hon To takes Cheuk Wah out to dine but her full concentration is on the two related robbery-bomb case. She will not allow her deceased fiancée be an innocent scapegoat. Hon To suggest to her to see his previous uni engineering professor.
  • Professor (Joseph Lee) tells her that not many people know owe to do this type of technology.
  • Professor gives his girlfriend, Ching Yun Ting, (Yoyo Chen who is also Vincent Wong’s wife) a lashing. Two years ago professor lost his rights to continue experimenting because so Yun Ting, who is a keen engineering student decide to take revenge for him.
  • Yun Ting is at a hospital and accidentally knocks the nurse over switching the medicine. The victim, a person who did not grant professor the funds, takes the medicine and immediately dies due to medicinal explosives.
  • Cheuk Wah goes to question professor who discovers that he can create explosives and also discovers that he is related to the case two years ago.
  • She brings him to police questioning and asks him about his connection with Gu Duk Sing. She even goes as far as accusing him of doing this. However he denies of killing any of them.
  • Busy Cheuk Wah forgets that she has a lunch date with Hon To so he becomes her delivery man. However, their lunch doesn’t progress very far as Cheuk Wah is adamant that she is going to make professor admit that he did do it.
  • Cheuk Wah has the professor’s lawyer locked in the toilets while she takes him to the morgue to some him the phone that killed Gu Duk Sing. She pins him to a corner and is agitated as she tells him that one of the person he killed was her deceased fiancée. She needs him to admit it. She is about to shove him in the morgue case when a bomb case arrives, reported by Yun Ting.
  • They arrive on scene and the bomb explodes but there is no big injury. She just has a twisted ankle.
  • At the hospital she explains that she went to the neighbour’s place, got whacked on the head and fainted. When she woke, she got tied to a chair and called the police. Cheuk Wah immediately shows her an image of professor but she denies knowing professor.
  • Professor has to be released and boy is Cheuk Wah not happy. She discovers that professor could have a next target. She also discovers that Yun Ting is related to professor.
  • So she questions her and Cheuk Wah is eager to get to the bottom of this.
  • She gets an hallucination of her deceased fiancée wanting to know who killed him while fishing with Hon To. He accuses her of not caring about him. She decides to leave.
  • Hon To goes to the Chong household to find Cheuk Wah not there. He and Cheuk Yuen suspect that she must have gone to find Yun Ting. Cheuk Wah has gone to harass Yun Ting and even needs Hon To and the police to stop her. Cheuk Wah gets stripped of investigating this case and lashes her anger out on Hon To. She will not let her fiancée die innocently.
  • Professor blames Yun Ting for not listening to him. If it wasn’t because of her then they wouldn’t have to be followed by the police. He tells her that they cannot head back, they must put an end to this.
  • Professor has committed suicide by an internal bomb. Even by his death he would not say if he killed her fiancée. (Who did then?Yun Ting?) Hon To immediately arrives but Cheuk Wah still wanted to investigate this. She wants answers. She cannot let her fiancée die innocently! He chooses this time to kind of half confess his feelings to her which results in her persistent.
  • Ben has come to steer Cheuk Wah to the right path after the rampage for evidence. However she will just continue to investigate. Cheuk Yuen tells Hon To and Ben that they cannot blame his sister. The two cases has too many similarities. To assure her they need to help Cheuk Wah to uncover the truth.
  • Yun Ting gives Cheuk Wah a call telling her pay her a visit if she wants to know who killed her fiancée. The three men head to Yun Ting’s place to discover that she is related to professor and has plans to make a bomb to kill Mr. Szeto (one of the guys who stripped professor of his experiment rights).
  • Cheuk Wah arrives on scene to find Mr. Szeto with Yun Ting. Oh, and she stepped on a bomb which means if she makes one wrong step the bomb will explode. Yun Ting admits that she was the one who created the bombs, she has to avenge for professor.
  • Yun Ting goes to press the button to the bomb when Hon To arrives, enough to delay the bombing. Two years ago, she used a man she loved to enter the jewellery store to evoke the bomb but Gu Duk Sing left just as the bomb exploded causing the death of Cheuk Wah’s innocent fiancée. Thereafter, professor was very angry and she doesn’t want to hurt innocent people either so she listened to professor and decided to let go of the avenge. But then a month ago she saw Gu Duk Sing’s despicable face and decided that she has to avenge for professor. Cheuk Wah just got in her path and Hon To just chose his own death path.
  • Yun Ting goes to press the button and Hon To’s protective instincts come in as he goes to cover Cheuk Wah. But there is no need, the SDU arrives and manage to tackle her down. However, not all is well for Hon To and Cheuk Wah as Yun Ting has set some high-tech thingy to the bomb and it will explode it two minutes.
  • Mr. Szeto is freed which is not to Yun Ting’s delight. Hon To tells her that everyone’s life is precious, including hers and professors. He believes that professor will not want to see her like this, he died to keep her life. Before she is dragged away she tells them that cutting the red string is the right one.
  • Cheuk Wah tells him to leave but he tells her that they leave together or die together. He goes to cut the red string but resists asking her if she trusts him. Yeah, she does. He takes her hand…decides not to cut any strings. (LOL, D.I.E Again!)
  • And together they are alive. (:
  • Cheuk Wah finally opens her box from one of the first few eps and inside is the rings. She has not truly let go of this.
  • “No matter where you go or how far you go, this chauffeur  of me will always be by your side.”


My Opinion:

I find Hon To and Cheuk Wah’s relationship progressing quite quickly and is very one sided. Hon To is the one putting feelings into this relationship while Cheuk Wah is still very tied to her deceased fiancée. She just can’t seem to let him go. She looks like she has let him go but she hasn’t. She still holds grieve towards him. She is still tied to him. She seems to be be attached and devoted to him.  She still loves him and cannot open her heart unless she is able to resolve all ties with him. I just hope now that she has discovered the person who really killed him that she would be able to open her heart to love. It still appears to be that Hon To is the one who is openly pursuing her. She just appears to be in neutral ground with him. I think that they are more suited to be friends. See, this is where the relationship is progressing quite quickly. They were fine being friends but then when it progressed to their love relationship, it just happened so suddenly from Hon To’s side. It was like, ‘yep, I have discovered that I like Cheuk Wah so now I will pursue her’. I still find them to be more suited as being friends. They appear to be more smoother with each other and their relationship suits them. However, I do root for them. (:

I actually really enjoyed this ep because it helped to open up Cheuk Wah, like really open her up. After discovering the truth she is able to let go and open her heart out to someone else. I am glad that she is able to finally clear her deceased fiancée’s name because she will always hold a special spot for him and if she doesn’t solve his issue, then she will never open to love again.

Omg, it’s Yoyo! Ahahahahaha, aren’t I glad to see her. I wanted to see some of her interaction between her and Vincent. Chun Hin could have at least been the one to arrest her. Ahaha, but her acting has improved quite a bit since I last saw her. (:

I actually like the plot of Cheuk Wah’s fiancee’s death. It’s quite interesting and innovative. Ahahahaas, but seriously, it’s always the bomb and cut which string? None. Same old, same old. I predicted it before it even happened.

I wonder how the next ep will plan out. Please be a stellar ending!

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 12 Overview

  1. heisui August 25, 2012 at 5:41 am Reply

    I was cringing when Cheuk Wah did things that could jeopardize her job. And when Hon Tou & Chuk Yeun were all, yeah we should help her…by going into a suspect’s house without a search warrant.

    I just with this episode was after the one when Cheuk Wah supposedly got over her fiance. The organization would’ve made more sense then.

    • misscupcakees August 25, 2012 at 4:43 pm Reply

      Yeahh, but I guess her deceased fiancée really has a big impact to her. She can’t open her heart unless she uncovers the truth to it.

      The loyalty, friendship and care that these people have for Cheuk Wah. She is so lucky!

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