Tiger Cubs Episode 13 Overview

I would say this is a stellar ep. What a brilliant ep. This and ep 1 have got to be my favourite eps. Just amazing. If you want action, this ep has totally lived up to it. You want friendship and rage? This ep has got that all ticked. I love this ep but there was just one heart breaking moment… Again, praises to Kenneth Ma for putting on such a brilliant character. This is what an ending should be, one that leaves you wanting more and one that leaves you in awe. It’s an opened ending so who knows?

This has been a brilliant drama! I would love for more dramas in this type of style. (:

  • Flashback: Remember ep 1 with Do Tin Yu (Kenneth Ma) and Yiu Mei Lin (JJ Jia)? Well, welcome back!
  • Mei Lin has her lawyer represent her to divorce Tin Yu. However, he rips up the papers and states that he will not divorce.
  • The team and Chin parents are curious as to the progress with Hon To and Cheuk Wah. Fry and egg while the pan is hot! Ahahahaa, the team tells him to confess to Cheuk Wah telling him to make a move on and ask her to be his girlfriend already. It’s Chin daddy’s turn in two days and Chin mummy suggest that he invite Cheuk Wah over for dinner in two days. Peer pressure much? He calls her and invites her to the birthday which she happily agrees to.
  • Cheuk Wah really does care this ‘date’ and is really choosy for what she should wear. Cheuk Yuen tells her that Hon To never asked her because he wants to give her space in case she has not let go of her deceased fiancée.
  • Even the prisoners aren’t too friendly with Tin Yu. The prisoner head and Tin Yu get into a fight. Tin Yu uses the prisoner head to stab himself (with a very sharp toothbrush).
  • Work is seriously more important than even her ‘date’. She decides to go check on Tin Yu.
  • Ben notices that madam is all prepped up and of course notices that she is supposed to go on a date.
  • In the ambulance, Mei Lin is there and manages to kiss the officers while freeing her husband. Cheuk Wah demands that her team search everywhere.
  •  Mei Lin threatens a doctor to save her hubby or else the doctor will be the one to die. (LOL, so ummm, his heartbeat was 0 for a few seconds then suddenly pumped to 70. LOL!) Aren’t they happy to see each other. She tells him that she will do anything for him, furthermore, he was the one who saved her. Who have thought that Mei Lin would be able to get the Mr. Zhueng to cooperate in this? Well, she held pregnant Mrs. Zheung as hostage. Tin Yu also has one more request for the Mr. Zhueng, a place to stay where the police won’t investigate.
  • Chin parents aren’t happy with the Cheuk Wah and Hon To, the workaholics. She arrives and explains to Hon To that ever since left the prison he disappeared like air.
  • Something clicks and decides to investigate the Zhueng’s place. She discovers that Tin Yu;s hideout must have been here but she is one step too late, he has left already.
  • Tin Yu tells Mei Lin that they can still continue their game but she tells him that they should stop. She doesn’t want to lose him. He agrees, or does he? He tells her they will leave soon out of Hong Kong.
  • Cheuk Wah is unassured that Tin Yu has escaped and neither is Hon To.
  • They also discover that Mei Lin is an orphan but she doesn’t have any orphanage records. She cannot rest assure to leave her caretaker, Ping Jie, here alone. Mei Lin goes to visit Ping Jie and hands her over some money. Of course the OCTB are already hot on her heels.
  • The two teams are ready to stop them any moment now. Tin Yu goes to investigate the silent and eerie place before they leave and sense abnormalities. He sends his gang out so they will be their scapegoat while they make their escape.
  • Hon To goes to stop the escapees and gets knocked down by a barrel that Tin Yu knocked down. Chun Hin arrives and shoots and hits right on the boat, watching it light on fire, badly burning Mei Lin. They are lost but not dead.
  • So while Mei Lin is badly burned, Tin Yu is still handsome. They are not going to let go whoever has hurt her like this. No, no, no! Noooooo! Not my Chun Hin! Noooooo! Noooooo! Noooooo! Noooo!
  • Chun Hin gets a chance to go to England for sniper training. Chun Hin is going to his car and suspect someone following him. He goes to find his target but Tin Yu shoots him right in the back. But Chun Hin is still alive but badly bruised as he is held hostage by Tin Yu.
  • Hon To receives a video from Tin Yu of Chun Hin. He then gets a message to leave his phone and hop onto the van if he wants to see Chun Hin. What choice does he have? He can’t even stay to get Cheuk Wah’s message of where Chun Hin is.
  • Hon To arrives to see Chun Hin to advises him to leave. Tin Yu comes out and tells him to tie himself if he wants any chance of seeing Chun Hin.
  • Cheuk Wah arrives to see Hon To’s abandoned car and immediately goes to locate him.
  • Hon To also played a part to injure Mei Lin so Tin Yu orders him to bow down and ask for Mei Lin’s forgiveness which he does. Tin Yu then kicks and bruises him. He makes him watch as Mei Lin burns Chun Hin who, interestingly, is pinned to a cross . Mei Lin then shoots some bullets at Chun Hin before shooting him right in the heart. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!
  • Tin Yu then makes aim for Hon To but Hon To’s power skills kick in. The OCTB arrive to find that Tin Yu and Mei Lin has escaped already.
  • The team does not cope well with this news, especially Hok Lai. They are determined to hunt Tin Yu down. The team go to intervene a triad gathering asking to know where Tin Yu is. Hon To arrives to stop them from causing any trouble.
  • Hon To gives them all a lecture telling them that by entering SDU, there are risks to be taken. Tin Yu killed Chun Hin to avenge for his wife and if they do that too, then they will be of no difference to Tin Yu. He tells them what they should do is what they are meant to do.
  • Hon To goes to find the triad leader, determined to find out where Tin Yu is. He has stopped his subordinates from stepping over the line but that doesn’t mean he won’t. He will not let go unless he knows where Tin Yu is.
  • Hon To gets a lecture from his Yat Fung. He explains that he doesn’t want his subordinates to risk their own lives nor does he want SDU to lose a bunch of geniuses. It doesn’t matter what method he uses, he will hunt down Tin Yu. Instead of lashing out at Hon To, Yat Fung actually supports him.
  • Hon To gets news of Tin Yu and goes to find the doctor who treated Mei Lin and Tin Yu. He informs Cheuk Wah that he discoverd that they took a month’s worth of medication and took the Yellow Fever vaccination. He deduces they could be heading to South America by boat.
  • Mei Lin and Tin Yu are dressed up as oldies to make their escape. Hon To and Cheuk Wah arrive at the boarding station. Mei Lin informs Tin Yu that the police are here and tells him to escape. Hon To’s watchful eyes locates Mei Lin. They slowly make their way up to her and she opens fire. Cheuk Wah then shoots Mei Lin with Hon To demanding to know where Tin Yu is. Tin Yu is not happy with the sight that his wife has been taken into police care and things aren’t looking well for Mei Lin.
  • Even in this state Chin parents are encouraging Hon To to express his love to Cheuk Wah. They have given them some personal space by going on a sight-seeing boat trip with Wai Wai. Of course this is where Tin Yu is. He holds everyone on the boat hostage.
  • Cheuk Wah arrives on scene and goes to speak with Tin Yu. Tin Yu request that they bring his wife to him and prepare a helicopter for them within an hour or else he will start to kill.
  • The SDU are all in position and Cheuk Yuen grows worried when he discovers that Wai Wai is also on board the boat. What they have to do now is delay time.
  • Daddy Chin has plans but it doesn’t go well. He drops his wallet and lets Tin Yu know that Hon To is his son. No, not good.
  • Mummy and daddy Chin have been cuffed to the window with grenades. To make  matters worse, Mei Lin has died.
  • With fifteen minutes to go, Hon To gets a call from Tin Yu via his father threatening to kill every five minutes if he doesn’t see his wife.
  • Mei Lin has died but Cheuk Yuen has got a good plan. Someone has to pretend to be the injured Mei Lin which will divert Tin Yu’s attention and possibly lead him out of the boat. Then the sniper can do their job. Hmmm, who is this someone? Cheuk Yuen! Meanwhile, there are two of the crew working under the boat to free it.
  • Cheuk Yuen arrives on the boat but it unsuccessfully in taking Tin Yu down. Tin Yu goes to shoot him but Wai Wai shields him, taking the bullet instead. A fight picks up and shooting occurs. Cheuk Yuen also gets injured. Tin Yu reveals that he is covered in bombs and starts the timer. But how can all the victims escape? So Hon To takes Tin Yu with him and together they jump into the waters. Boom! It explodes.
  • Cheuk Wah runs and runs. How can she bear to know another that she has loved has died through a bomb explosion? She screams out to the waters her feelings and up appears Hon To.
  • A big hug from our OTP, but no kiss?
  • Man Keung is getting ready for the selections and all her training has been supervised by Hok Lai. Naaaaawsss, they share a very cute smile with each other.
  • If course it’s Cheuk Yuen and Wai Wai together. And she calls him BB. Ahahahahahs
  • Hon To and Cheuk Wah are out on an overseas trip where he is to confess. He is about to propose when commotion occurs during their flight. Looks like they will never get away from their hectic life can they?
  • It’s ACTION time!


My Opinion:

I knew it. I knew it. And I was right. I knew ep 1 was unfinished! I love how this ep ties in really nicely with ep 1. There was a dramatic change of events but that’s okay because they both had action. That’s what I want to see. More SDU and more action. That there is an ep!

Okay, so I find Mei Lin and Tin Yu as a sweet couple. They are willing to do anything for each other even risking their own lives. They will not leave either behind. How sweet is that? That is amazing. Just the passion and dedication to each other is sweet. They are sweet, even for a law breaker couple. Ahahahahas! I knew it, I knew that Mei Lin would not leave Tin Yu behind. Together, they are unified but as separate ones they are individuals. I expected them to part from each other and die but I kind of hoped that they would be able to die together.

Is it me or what? I find that her acting in ep 1 was more consistent and bolder than here… And when she speaks here she doesn’t have that strong of an accent as compared to Ghetto Justice II… Anyway, I think this is her best role ever.

NOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not Chun Hin! Why Chun Hin!? Why my baby? Why? Nooooooo! He was a good man! Why does he have to die? Why him? Why did they have to kill him off? Chun Hin! The ep would have still worked without having to kill off Chun Hin or they could have create a different storyline but no, they decide to kill off Chun Hin! Fine, I’ll take that but after his death there was no mention or commemoration of him. It is as if since he died he played no particular role any more. No one seemed to care any more. Everyone just went their separate ways from him. Naaaaws, poor Chun Hin. He could barely celebrate with his father his good news and prove that he can strive high too when he is killed. Noooo, why Chun Hin!?

I love the bond between the team. They just unite and unify. They stick up for each other and just share very close siblingship. It is just splendid. They can do so much. They can break so much but at the end of the day they are a team. Together they are one.

This drama is very action packed, at least some eps were. Sometimes I felt that the romance did not play much of a role here but I am glad that they did choose to include it because it helps to give dimension and break up the intensity. It may be unnecessary at times but it really does help to connect our characters. I do however find that our OTP didn’t have as strong of chemistry for their relationship but rather a stronger one for friendship. Any how, I still ship them. And Cheuk Yuen with Wai Wai. And Hok Lai with Man Keung. I am glad everyone has found their other half. (:

LOL, at the very ending. So close to proposing. I would have loved to see him propose to her but oh well. They can never escape from their world of crime can they?

Beautiful drama! I am so glad that TVB decided to make this. This is easily one of the best TVB dramas that I have seen in ages. It is just so different yet so amazing. There are cinematography and editing that I have never seen in TVB before. I just love this. I would love to see more of this type of dramas. I also wouldn’t mind a sequel. A sequel, as in, same plot, same characters, different eps.

Thank you for this amazing drama! (:

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 13 Overview

  1. heisui August 25, 2012 at 5:44 am Reply

    I think this episode should’ve been after ep1 so that the return of this subplot wouldn’t have been so random. But I agree they did put in an effort to make this episode more shocking and action-packed.

    Chun Hin’s death was probably to get an emotional response from the viewers…something to show us just how much the SDU members care about each other. But this should’ve been done earlier in the drama, not the very last episode. That being said I really miss Chun Hin already. 😥

    • misscupcakees August 25, 2012 at 4:46 pm Reply

      Really? I actually like it this way. I knew that ep 1 wasn’t finished and was eager to know how it will end. I think that by putting it at the end it allowed the audience to regain the action that the drama had and see more of Kenneth Ma. Luckily they put this ep at the end or else Chun Hin would have died earlier. 😦

      Chun Hin, omggg, Chun Hin! Why did they have to kill him off? I miss him so much already! Also, they didn’t hold a funeral for him. It is just like he played his part now everyone has forgotten about him. Chun Hinnnnnnn!

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