To The Beautiful You Episode 3 Recap

After a stable introduction for eps 1 & 2, this ep has just started to lift things up. Things are becoming more hilarious by the minute on Eun Gyul side while Tae Joon is starting to show some affection fro Jae Hee. (: Naaaaws, and Lettuce! I love this dog! There is more than just friendship here but there are cases of less than friendship. Our OTP are heading to some progress which is good to see.


Let’s relive the kiss shall we? Meanwhile, someone takes a picture of this. Hmmmm, who is this mysterious person? Jae Hee freezes for a moment before pushing him back. He then gives her a greasy smile before passing out to her arms. What other choice does she have than to dump him in a wheelbarrow and wheel him home. Sang Chu Lettuce (let’s call him Lettuce shall we?) comes licking his owner which means Jae Hee has to wheel twice the weight.


Eun Gyul is still looking for Jae Hee but she is no where in sight. What better time than to take another self portrait of himself? Han Na, who is still looking for Tae Joon, sees the back of Eun Gyul and mistakes him for Tae Joon. When she discovers that he is not her oppa, the two get into a firey argument which doesn’t end well for him as he gets kicked by Han Na.

Tae Joon wakes up from his drunken hangover and realises that the champagne was alcoholic. Jae Hee decides that she must clear up the misunderstanding between her and Tae Joon. She stalks him, not having the courage to face him. She finally does but can’t get the words out. She only manages to tell him that yesterday he kiss… He flashes back to his kiss with Lettuce. He then betrates her fir not stopping him but she protests that she didn’t have enough time to stop him not knowing that by ‘kiss’ he is referring to his kiss with Lettuce.

He then asks her if she enjoyed but she tells him it’s not like that, not knowing that he is referring to her watching him get licked up by Lettuce. He tells her to forget it, it was his fault even if it was gross and disgusting. She gets mad and tells him that it was also gross and disgusting for the other person involved. He asks her why she is all worked up, wasn’t it with Lettuce? “Isn’t it” “Yeah, you two were really heating things up!” So he decides to walk off with a darkened face while she wonders if he really thinks that he kissed Lettuce.

Everyone at school, including Tae Joon and Eun Gyul gets a text message of the kiss from last night. Eun Gyul is not so happy about this… It even gets around to the girls campus. Actually, no one is happy about this. Everyone but Jae Hee got the text. Eun Gyul stops her in her path and asks if Tae Joon was the one who made moves on her. She questions how he knew about the kiss and he explains that there are rumors floating around school.

Tae Joon is doing his normal business, buying a drink from the vending machine when Hyun Jae confronts about his kiss with Jae Hee. (Ahahaha, just saying, the background song was ‘One Thing’ by One Direction. Ahahahahahs!) Tae Joon looks around and sees that the others are too, talking about his. He decides to take out his temper on Hyun Jae but is stopped with the arrival of Jae Hee (and Eun Gyul) who immediately rushes to Tae Jun’s side. (Woah, way to complicate things!) She tries to resolve the issue by claiming that she was the one who kissed him. What’s the big deal? Kissing was pretty normal back home and she was the nicknamed the kiss master. To prove her point, she kisses Eun Gyul who I am pretty sure is on cloud nine. Now Jae Hee is the one being called a pervert.

Hyun Jae decides to vent his failure to humiliate Tae Joon by practising his high-jumping which isn’t going so well. Reporter Yang arrives and thanks him for Tae Joon’s information. She starts to ask more about Tae Joon and this annoys him as it is always Tae Joon, Tae Joon and more Tae Joon.

Eun Gyul is at the cafeteria when he finds himself staring a very tall and slick girl. Jong Min and Seung Ri arrives and Seung Ri tells him to stop staring. He admits to then that he has a very serious problem and he has just found out the answer to his problem – he is perfect.

Eun Gyul drags Jae Hee on a double date. The dates decide to play a lie detector game and Eun Gyul gets shocked multiple times. Ahahahahahas! Jae Hee gets asked ‘I have never liked a boy before.’ Eun Gyul takes her hand off the lie detector and questions what type of question is that? He suggests that the go off on their separate dates.

LOL, I feel sorry for Jae Hee’s date. She third-person asks her date on some of her problems to do with Tae Joon. Her date advises her to do it or else she will regret it later on. Jae Hee happily tells her that ‘girlfriends’ are good to hang out with and they should see each other again but her date doesn’t quite get Jae Hee’s meaning of ‘girlfriend’ thing it means ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ and not ‘girl friend’. Meanwhile Eun Gyul’s date admits that she already has a boyfriend which actually seems to hurt our Eun Gyul. So he decides to post a picture of his miserable face with a comment asking if there is such a thing as transferring the heart in lover?

Lettuce is at the vet getting checked out. He sees a cat and decides to make a run for it. Tae Joon chases after him but loses him.


Eun Gyul and Jae Hee both come back early from their date. They have some brotherly hugs, punches and hits when he sees that she is the one shining in his head again. So he excuses himself to use the bathroom to establish where his heart should be. While waiting Jae Hee sees Lettuce and goes chasing after him. She manages to save him in time from getting crashed. (Bad Lettuce, bad!) She doesn’t know where she is and she doesn’t have her wallet or a mobile phone to call for help. In spite of time, it starts to pour.


Lettuce sees his owner and runs off with Jae Hee following. They make their way back to school in the rain and things are very awkward between them from the kiss. He apologises for yesterday (the kiss) and thanks her for today (saving him from embarrassment and taking care of Lettuce). She sudden remembers that Eun Gyul is still waiting for her! She makes Tae Joon call Eun Gyul but got as Tae Joon calls him, Eun Gyul’s phone died. Oh, how the structure of timing. Aahahaas!

Tae Joon tells her that Eun Gyul probably went back to his dorm and so they decide to head back to school. They stop in the middle of a pathway . Tae Joon goes to cover her from being splashed by a bus. (Man-to-man don’t do that… Ahahahahas!) Poor Eun Gyul is still waiting. He gets his phone charged and receives a call from Jae Hee asking if he is still waiting for her which he lies saying he isn’t. Naaaaw, poor guy!


There is plumbing repairs for the dorm this weekend and the boys have to make arrangements to stay somewhere else for a few days. Jae Hee complains that she has no where to go and Eun Gyul imagines taking her home. Jae Hee then suggest that they shower together which brings up her Kiss Master status. Back in reality though, Eun Gyul walks into a pole and gets a nose bleed instead. Seung Ri appears out of no where and suggest they all head to his place. It’s a pension by the nude beach and there will be many girls there. Everyone agrees, including Hyun Jae, but Tae Joon who has his own plans that he does not plan to tell Jae Hee.

As the crew is loading the car, Jae Hee has a moment of shock with the guy who is here to pick them up. He touches her hand which she immediately flinches back. They arrive at Paradise Pension to be informed by Seung Ri’s mother that they are her workers.

Daddy Kang’s has got his assistant to come pick Tae Joon up but he makes his escape and jumps into Dr. Jang’s passing car who doesn’t really have much of a choice than to take Tae Joon along.

The crew are painting the pension. Messy Jae Hee has got her hand all covered in paint. She goes to get off the ladder only to fall into a hug with Eun Gyul who I am sure is more than happy to receive. The boys aren’t so happy with their free work that they have to do but are motivate because they can see the bikini troop after their paint job. The boys (Jae Hee excluded) arrive at the beach to try their luck on the bikini troop but aren’t progressing well.

What a coincidence, Tae Joon arrives at Paradise Pension. Tae Joon stares immensely at the pair of painted wings and recalls his high jumping. Jae Hee arrives and welcomes him and asks for his phone which she uses to take pictures of him and the wings. Seeing that Jae Hee is dripping wet and half shoulder bare, he takes off his jumper and tosses it to her telling her to go put it away for her which is just an excuse for her to cover up.

 The creepy guy who picked up the crew sees Jae Hee changing and her bandages which can only mean one thing – her secret has been discovered.

Han Na finds out where Tae Joon is and this strikes a smirk to her face.


It’s dinner time and the crew (Tae Joon included) are having a night barbecue prepared by the creepy guy. Creepy guy uses this chance to hit on Jae Hee. Meanwhile, the crew is shocked to find out that Dr. Jang is Seung Ri’s mother’s younger brother which means that he is Seung Ri’s uncle. Oh, who would have come to ruin the fun? Han Na!

Jae Hee walks along the beach night market and gets lured buy one of the sellers to but a pair of glowing bracelets to share with his girlfriend. The seller tells her that even if she doesn’t have one yet does not mean that there is not one waiting for her.

She sees Tae Joon and decides to give him one of the bracelets but Han Na reaches him first. Han Na gives him a box of macadamia cookeis that he used to really like when his mother was alive. Seeing this, Jae Hee decides to retreat. Tae Joon hesitates but does accept the cookies and tells her that it is ‘not bad’.

Jae Hee runs into Hyun Jae who informs her that everyone has taken their turn at the spa already (or have they?). She asks him if he was the one who took the picture of the kiss which he denies though he was the one who did it.

Jae Hee goes to take her secret shower, door locked and all. Creepy guy goes to open the door, ready to make a barge in when Han Na arrives wanting to use the spa stopping him from barging in. Han Na sees Jae Hee’s bandages and curiousity arises. She goes to look around to find no one so shrugs it off. Meanwhile, we see that Jae Hee has hidden herself in a damper covered with towels.

Jae Hee makes her hiding and change just in time as Eun Gyul arrives. Eun Gyul sees the back of Han Na and thinks that she is Jae Hee so he hopes in the spa which results in a lot of smacking, screaming and bubble throwing from Han Na. The whacks result in some weird and whacky dreams of his deceased grandmother. After removal from the spa comes some more whacking from Han Na. (Aren’t there separate spas for girls and boys?)

It’s morning and Tae Joon finds the glow bracelet from Jae Hee. It’s another day and it’s more work. However there are some fun. The crew is eating watermelons and Han Na and Eun Gyul are still at each other’s ends. Creepy guy makes his move on Jae Hee and Tae Joon is not happy with this sight. He invites her out to grocery shopping which she innocently agrees. He goes to warn her about creepy guy which she doesn’t get. He tells her that they have gotten close to which she replies that he is nice to her unlike ‘someone’. Instead he tells her to buy a pair of thongs for her while she is grocery shopping with Mr. Creepy.

Before she takes a step into the car, she discovers that one of her glow bracelets have gone missing. Anyway, Mr. Creepy lures her to the car which she follows to.

Not a good ride as creepy guy keeps on eyeing her.


My Opinion:

Poor Eun Gyul! He really thinks he has fallen in love with a guy little knowing that she is actually a girl. Poor guy! He has already fallen for her yet he is trying to tell himself that he does not like her. He is trying to distract himself from her but it doesn’t work. Poor guy, I just feel for him. I really want him to end up with Jae Hee but that’s not going to work is it? Lee Hyun Woo is doing a really good job portraying Eun Gyul as the one with sadden moods and the one who is trying to tell himself something that does not reach him. Naaaaws, I enjoy his sad looks, it hurts to see him like this. Poor guy!

Are Eun Gyul and Tae Joon supposed to be friends? If they are they aren’t doing a very good job of brothership. Tae Joon appears to be tied off from the world. He doesn’t show much of friendship to anyone. I kind of hoped that he would have a friendship with Eun Gyul like the friendship in the Taiwan version. Yi Quan and Xiu Yi actually had a brothership whereas Tae Joon and Eun Gyul do not appear to be friends.

What has been really bugging me is when Tae Joon is going to discover that Jae Hee is a girl or when Dr. Jang is actually going to tell Jae Hee that he knows that she is a girl. I really want to see what would happen and how things would change once these discoveries are made.

The downside to having seen a version of this is that you already know the plot of it but what keeps me attached here is that the plot is quire different from Hana Kimi. Different parts of the story happens at different times to Hana Kimi. Just this Paradise Pension happens at a much earlier time than Hana Kimi. I really want to know how this will develop and differentiate from Hana Kimi.


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2 thoughts on “To The Beautiful You Episode 3 Recap

  1. HooiTeng98 October 7, 2012 at 7:47 pm Reply

    the place that they go is Paradise Pension? izit the real name?

    • misscupcakees October 7, 2012 at 11:27 pm Reply

      If you are wondering if it is the real name of the pension in the drama, then it is but if you are wondering if it the real name of the actual place, I’m sorry, I’m not sure. (:

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