Alice in Wonder City Episode 13 Recap

It still feels like two separate stories here. No, actually it is two separate stories. Ahahahahas. Well at least the kiss here had more essence than the other kiss.

A badly injured Alice gets immediately gets sent to hospital and has extensive blood loss. Alice is blood type A and so is Lisa. Lisa offers to donate her blood but cannot do so as she is her direct relative. She comes to confess that she can because she is not her biological mother. Lisa goes to visit Alice who has gotten a blood transfusion and is now in a stable but critical time to her survival.

Lisa gets questioned about the incident and is shocked to find the suspects left without a trace. When asked if Alice has any enemies and she immediately recalls Alice’s suspicious actions. Hello to SJ who is stalking Lisa.

Die Fei goes to knock on Ting Yu’s door who doesn’t open up but is clearly at home. She slips him a note apologising for declining the role of ‘Dream Garden’ but she does not want to hide from him.

Jin Cang is not happy with Ting Yu’s music and has some tricks up his sleeves…

DNA testing has come in proving that Alice is in fact her daughter.

Lisa goes to visit Alice telling her that she has never abandoned her and even sings her a song. Things aren’t looking well for Alice and she goes possibly require marrow donation. Ting Yu comes to visit Alice and might actually consider that she is not a bad person after all.

As he goes to leave he bumps into Die Fei and her father. If things aren’t awkward between Die Fei, her father and Ting Yu they get a lot more awkward between her and Ting Yu when father Lan decides to give the couple some alone time. They actually manage to get a conversation happening and is relieved to find that she is not ill but here to accompany her father for a check up. However, Ting Yu can’t seem to get the words out when she asks him what he is doing here.

Lisa makes a call to open her storage account.

Hai Jie makes a mad parting from A++ when he discovers from Die Fei the condition that Alice is in. He cries as he sees her and Alice also lets out some tears.

Ting Yu makes some changes after listening to his demo and Jin Cang seems to play along with this. However, when he leaves Jin Cang makes some big changes, switching DX5 for DX4.

Die Fei is looking at her dress that she wore to the competition and recalls his compliments and their sweet time together. She explains to her father that her relationship with Ting Yu is complicated. He advises her to give him some more time. She apologises for being jobless again but he tells her that he doesn’t care about that, he just cares about not being able to see her perform on stage again. It doesn’t matter about the lies that Jin Cang told, he just remembers seeing her happy on stage. He tells her not to be hit down by what she enjoys, what she chooses is correct, they can’t lie in a world of lies forever. And also, love cannot be rushed.

Hai Jie tells Alice of his quest for her in Japan and how he met a little girl also called Alice. The little girl might even know her. It doesn’t matter, he will wait for her and be by her side.

Jin Cang calls Hai Jie to have a talk with him but Hai Jie immediately cuts off the call opting to accompany Alice instead.

Ting Yu’s CD has come out and Die Fei goes to support it. When listening to it, she notices something different about it and suspects that it may be Hai Jie’s playing instead.

Alice wakes up and Lisa tells her that it is now her turn to protect her. Alice apologises but Lisa tells her that she is her daughter so she has no need to. Hai Jie visits Alice and promises that he will never leave her, he will accompany her everyday.

SJ comes to face Lisa and demands x-seed in exchange for Alice. She tells him that it is in America, she has to go get it herself. She also tells him to stop bothering them once he gets the x-seed which he agrees to.

Ting Yu gets a celebratory party for his success and it is then he realises that the music is not his but Hai Jie’s. Ting Yu confronts Jin Cang who tells him that he will just explain to Hai Jie that he made a mistake in the printing process. Ting Yu is not happy with this. With what right does he think he is not good enough? Jin Cang explains to him that it is not just him who understands music, the buyers too. Everything costs money in this world. What about his ‘Dream Garden’? Die Fei is not going to sing, so he is not going to yet it come to life. What’s the consequence of this? Reparations. Money, money, money. Everything costs money! He is mature but what the market needs right now is Hai Jie’s softness.


Ting Yu comes to visit Die Fei and makes her come out for a walk with him. She asks her about his parents and he explains he doesn’t know who is father is. His mother just wanted her own child and her own replication but in the end she discovered that he could not be her replication and committed suicide. He strokes her hair and tells her he couldn’t bear to use the shampoo that she left behind. He asks her if he was a passerby would she still have rejected him? She answers that she didn’t reject him. He complains that he can’t sleep and she asks if it is because of Alice. He tells her that Alice was never in his heart, because she has always occupied it. They then share a kiss and hug.

After that he tells her that he is going to take a leave for a while. Ohhh, she congratulates him for it. He asks her if something felt weird when she heard it and she pretends that there isn’t. He then asks her to promise him two things – 1. Not to give up music and 2. Not to misunderstand him. She agrees even though she doesn’t know what number 2 means.

Die Fei brings Hai Jie the CD and Hai Jie immediately picks up his own music. Hai Jie is angry that Ting Yu does not know about this. Die Fei explains that when Ting Yu came to find her he had a weird expression but didn’t mention much about it. She tells him that she trusts Ting Yu.


Hai Jie goes to Ting Yu’s place and throws him a punch asking what right do they have to do this. Ting Yu is ready for his punch but Hai Jie resists and tells him that this is his much. This CD will forever change him.

Hai Jie finally arrives and Jin Cang gives him a check to represent his sincerity which he rejects. Money, money, money, everything to Jin Cang is money. He could use A++, lie to Die Fei and now he can mistreat Ting Yu. They all depend on Ting Yu unless they have a better master. He laughs and tells him that he has no interest. Ting Yu may be stupid but he sure isn’t. People will soon find out that his music is not Ting Yu’s. Jin Cang explains that they won’t because the world is very real. Him, Ting Yu and Die Fei all have to use him to climb. Maybe Hai Jie can’t ruin him but he has a condition – he wants a termination. He is officially a free man now and tells Jin Cang that his plan will backfire.

There is a press conference for Ting Yu and he comes clean about his music.


My Opinion:

How much better was the kiss!? I actually felt this one had essence and feelings. Though the feelings is not there as much as I would like a kiss to be. Kisses should give the wow factor and draw you to see feelings between them but it just lacked it here. I do enjoy this one much better than the last. It has character and you can see that they are trying to put some chemistry together. They actually appear to be more comfortable around each other this time. I don’t know but they still feel stiff around each other. I think they would have more chemistry if they can loosen up around each other.

I can see that Lara is trying. She is really trying to get into character. She really has improved throughout the drama. She has feel more relaxed around now. At the start when she delivered her lines they feel to be emotionless and doesn’t touch the audience but now as I watch her deliver her lines I can sense some sort of emotion.

I was waiting to see the fight/punch off but I am disappointed. There wasn’t any ‘throw’ or ‘boom’. I expected something more to happen but it didn’t… LOL, why does Ting Yu look like a vampire at that scene?

The two stories here just seems to grow more and more apart. There isn’t any connection here at all. It is all very varied and unrelated in any way. I just feel that Ting Yu is running two lives sometimes. Ahahahahas. It is very very separate now. There isn’t a single overlap or anything that could relate these two stories.

Hmmmm, music? I expected it to play a bigger role and have more of an influence on the characters but it just seems to shy away after ep 3… I wonder how this violin issue would resolve. LOL

I want something that would magnetise me but there isn’t. I had high hopes for this drama but my hopes don’t seem to be held high any more. Next ep doesn’t seem to be so attracting…

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7 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 13 Recap

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) August 28, 2012 at 2:23 pm Reply

    thank you so much because the subs take too long to come out

  2. chocolate布丁 August 29, 2012 at 5:43 pm Reply

    o.O The show is slightly different from the book. In some way I’m relieved, because the show seems to be nicer. In the book well… you would have been really frustrated with the lack of Die Fei-Ting Yu interactions and yet they still love each other so much.

    Was the CD part really like that? I thought it was supposed to be something about how Ting Yu’s music is more and more lacking of emotions? Ah well. For some reason I feel like the characters are all not getting enough air time. I feel like the plot can go deeper but it isn’t!

    I like the relationship between Die Fei and her father though. It’s like Die Fei had grievances against him for so long and it’s nice to see how close they are now.

    Aw, that kiss looked sweet. I love the screenshots. Die Fei looks pretty. ^^

    I never expected the pace to be as such. But it’s coming to a close and I like the pace of how things are moving along. And I actually don’t find Alice very compelling after her secret is revealed.

    Hm I guess the relation now is just held by the characters – the fact that they are similar people? I think Hai Jie and Ting Yu needs more scenes together. Cause in both stories Hai Jie hates Ting Yu, and if this relationship is more emphasized I think it would make more sense. Btw just wanted to ask, does Hai Jie know that Die Fei ever liked him?

    And rmb when Ting Yu first received Siren and there was something about how Siren can bring him down? None of whatever is happening has relation to Siren at all. -_- But I think Ting Yu will break down next episode. ><

    • misscupcakees August 29, 2012 at 6:37 pm Reply

      Woaaaah, if the book is much better then the story is…well badly written.

      Ahahahaas, yepps, I like this daughter-father relationship too. She finally allowed herself to open up to him because of previous incidents.

      This kiss was much sweeter than the last. It seems a lot more relaxed.

      See, this drama really errrks me. Each ep is like completely two stories, either Die Fei or Alice. It doesn’t hold any connection whatsoever. -.-

      LOL, whatttt? What secret? Nah, jks! Ahahahahs. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know what her purpose it. She came back for the secret but well, things change.

      That’s one of the biggest problems here. You can’t tell from teh emotions that the characters give! Yes, well supposedly Hai Jie does know because there was one scene where Hai Jie indirectly mentioned it (I think it was ep 12?).

      • chocolate布丁 August 31, 2012 at 10:31 pm

        That’s surprising. I like Hai Jie though, he’s the type of person that makes you smile the moment he appears. They picked the right actor for the character. 🙂

        Actually the secret is just the X-seed, which well, doesn’t seem to be a very big secret. Hahaha. I mean you would think that by the way she acts, she’s back for a darker purpose.

        Maybe the emotions need to be less subtle. Like, more actions and more things to happen to show how they’re feeling. It’s cause there’s not a lot of action in this drama, unlike in most idol dramas where so many things happen, and everything is direct.

      • chocolate布丁 September 2, 2012 at 11:48 am

        Btw, I want to ask you something that I cannot figure out. Why did Lara push Aaron away and then kiss him again during that scene? I thought it would work better if Aaron tried to kiss her again and she stops rejecting him.

      • misscupcakees September 2, 2012 at 1:49 pm

        Umm, yeahh, I got confused there too. Watching that scene I was like, “Woahh! But is going on?” It made no sense to me. Why did she push him back? Because from previous episodes, she showed no signs of liking him and then bang, they kiss…

      • chocolate布丁 September 2, 2012 at 2:04 pm

        Did they have that scene before she told Hai Jie that she wanted to sing for Ting Yu? I think she does realize that she actually loves him, though I’m not sure when. But I don’t get her emotions there… I’m assuming when he first kissed her she was still confused and pissed about the competition, and then after that… I don’t know, overwhelmed by her own and Ting Yu’s emotions?

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