To The Beautiful You Episode 6 Recap

I was not wrong. This ep is really better than the last. The lack of oomph that the previous eps lacked in, this ep made up for. Though the start was quite neutral, the momentum and power crept up from the second half. This still appears to be very unsequential and  leaves me to wonder how the second half of this drama will turn out. I feel that this drama has started halfway from the Taiwanese version. Nonetheless, this ep really blossoms and for those who wants to see Suili singing and/or back with her long hair, this is the ep to do so.

Jae Hee tells her brother that she doesn’t have to see Tae Joon jump. It is because of her that he is having a hard time.

It’s competition time and reporter Yang is here to catch all the latest gossip. The bar is set at 200cm and Hyun Jae jumps over it with ease. Tae Joon just sits and passes as he watches as each other the other contenders jump. Hyun Jae jumps past 210cm while Tae Joon still chooses to pass.

Han Na is repellent to her newly returned uniform. She shoves it aside but a surprise present comes out – the glow bracelet.


The bar is at 215cm and Hyun Jae clears that as well. Tae Joon finally decides to jump (oh, and he is using Jae Hee’s shoelace. How cute!). He runs and leaps and jumps… but fails to clear it. (It’s only the first attempt, he still has two more.)

Daniel tells Jae Hee to watch Tae Joon jump. She once said that a friend was going to jump because of her. “Pain is pain and strength is strength”. He tells her not to avoid and she listens.


Tae Joon has gained courage from Jae Hee’s appearance. He runs and leaps and jumps… and clears it! This brings on smiles from Reporter Yang and Coach Baek and applause from the crowd.

In the aftermath, he tells her that didn’t she say that she wasn’t going to come and watch? She explains that her roomate is performing so she has to watch. He tells her that she must be disappointed that he didn’t do so well but nope, she is really touched by it. She then gets something that is even more touching than the jump – a message from her brother that she can stay. She is in joy and pulls Tae Joon into a hug, though he doesn’t hug back and instead brushes it as no big deal.

Ohhhhh, so Eun Gyul is out on a movie date with Red Radish! He asks her what is the name of the movie they are seeing and she sure gets to the point fast. She asks him if he wants to go out. That must be a big shock.

In the pack-up room, Hyun Jae says to Tae Joon that it must be a relief… 230cm. Instead, Tae Joon congratulates him and he vows to beat his record. At the moment, Reporter Yang asks Hyun Jae for an interview which of course he agrees to. Oh, and before Hyun Jae leaves he tells Tae Joon that it looked like he had enough faith in himself not to cry. Tae Joon tells him that things are going to get interesting between them because he is going to make it interesting.

Han Na shows Jae Hee the bracelet which Jae Hee does not respond to but it is obviously her. Han Na confronts her for stealing her uniform; could it be that she is a pervert or a girl? Tae Joon arrives claiming that it is nonsense and asks Han Na what proof she has. She shows him the bracelet and he shows her his one telling her that it was sold in front of their school a while ago.

As they are walking back to their dorm, Tae Joon tells her that she is making it too obvious that she is a pervert; the teddy bear panties and now Han Na’s uniform. It doesn’t matter, it’s lucky that she didn’t get found out.

The girls are now obsessing over Hyun Jae and downgrading Tae Joon. Han Na is not happy to hear people bad mouthing her oppa and takes drastic action (pouring juice on the girl’s tablet).

The dean is having a meeting with the dorm leaders and wants to cancel the “weird” event, Miss Genie. However, the leaders wants to keep the event as it is a school tradition and furthermore, Seung Ri is convinced that this year’s Miss Genie is going to come from his dorm.

Eun Gyul explains the Miss Genie event to Jae Hee at the laundry room. Afterwards, they start talking about each other’s other potential halves. She asks him if he is dating Red Radish now which he big smilingly denies. He asks her about Tae Joon and how he must be in shock this time. She admits that she is worried too.

It’s late and Tae Joon is worried why Jae Hee isn’t back yet so he decides to check on her. When he does run into her, he makes an excuse saying that he is going out. Oh, but before she heads back, she tells him that he is the most handsomest man on the track. He tells her that he isn’t, not yet.

Looks like Seung Ri has his perfect Miss Genie candidate – Miss Goo Jae Hee.

Eun Gyul’s relationship troubles has caused his focus to be diverted elsewhere causing him to kick the ball right on his coach’s head.


Jong Min asks Jae Hee about the pool incident which she is reluctant to reveal details about. Luckily, she is saved by a sunbae when she gets called away. Seung Ri sure takes time to get to his point this time around. He shows her the picture of her which he drew on long hair and asks her if she has wanting to be a girl for their team. Nope, no interest and she runs away.


Eun Gyul is at the shoe shop with Red Radish hoping to get his shoes repaired but is saddened when he discovers that they cannot be repaired. At dinner Red Radish asks him about his attachment to the shoes. He explains that it makes the ball really easy to control and has earned him three free kicks. Eun Gyul sadly has to leave his broken shoes behind. Of course, I am sure Red Radish has other plans.

Tae Joon is using the second floor to do some chin ups. Jae Hee tells him to give her a shout out if he needs any help. He tells her that he doesn’t need any help but she doesn’t seem to quite catch it so she leans down giving them quite close contact and shocking them both causing them both to back off.

Teacher Young Eun is organising their fundraiser event and chooses Tae Joon to be their barista which causes Jae Hee to volunteer which causes Eun Gyul to volunteer which causes Jong Min to volunteer. LOL!

Tae Joon is doing his individual training (with Jae Hee trying to help him) but grows envious as he sees the athletic team all training together.

Jae Hee tells Seung Ri that she will be a girl under one favour…

Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are at the shops shopping for things for their fundraiser. Eun Gyul goes to get the grape juice leaving Jae Hee alone. She discovers that lemons are really good for fatigue recovery and goes ahead and purchases a whole box (using her own money). She uses it to make some yummy candied lemons for Tae Joon.

She leaves it in the pile of presents that Tae Joon received from his fans and goes to bed first. He returns immediately knowing that it is from her because of her sticky note.

Jae Hee’s favour is really working its way in Seung Ri’s head. She wants him to help Tae Joon get back on the athletics team. So Seung Ri has a favour to ask Coach Baek.

Jong Min faces Jae Hee and announces that she is running for Miss Genie, much to the shock of Tae Joon and Eun Gyul. This guy here boasts about how he was Miss Genie once and tells her to forfeit which he fails to do so.

Tae Joon kneels down in front of Coach and begs him to take him back as part of the team because he wants to jump again. Seeing his sincerity, Coach Baek agrees to allow him to return under the condition that he is Hyun Jae’s training partner. It doesn’t matter to him as long as he can return to the the team. Oh, and Coach Baek tells him that Seung Ri also put in an effort, requesting for him to be back on the team.

The festival day is finally here and guess who is part of the crowd? The trio! The cafe is running well and Jong Min has a plan to attract more customers – a white tiger costume! Who’s going to wear it? Jae Hee! Eun Gyul goes to take a picture with tiger Jae Hee and even that makes his heart beat.

Eun Gyul has decided to take over as the tiger. Tae Joon, not knowing that the tiger is Eun Gyul, goes to offer him a cup of coffee and even pats his head. Red Radish has come to visit Eun Gyul with a present in hand. Eun Gyul goes to make her some waffles and confess to the boys that she is just a friend. Tae Joon takes it that she is his girlfriend because girl+friend=girlfriend. Jae Hee has come back and is sitting in front of the air conditioner. Eun Gyul looks over and finds himself staring at her rather than Red Radish.

Eun Gyul takes Red Radish to his soccer field. He goes to explain about last time’s date but she changes the topic. It appears that she has also learnt a lot about soccer since the date. She gives him the present – the shoes that are fully repaired. He is touched by this and he invites to watch a match later and she asks if this means they are dating now. He doesn’t answer but only offers to hold her hand. Naaaawwws!


It’s final the nearing end of the festival. Dorm 1’s leader, Young Man, puts on a spectacular taekwondo performance while the school’s best band, Shut Up, also puts on a brilliant show. Tae Joon goes to take a breather while Jae Hee goes to prepare herself. Outside, Tae Joon expresses his thanks to Seung Ri who reveals his should be expressing his thanks to Jae Hee and not him.


Tae Joon is near the change room and decides to head in the opposite direction when he spots a creepy bully walking towards the change room. Jae Hee is in the make-do change room making her transformation to a woman when creepy bully person takes her clothes from where she left them, leaving her naked. It’s time for her showcase but she is nowhere in sight. The guys go to look for her but she has locked herself in the change room. Tae Joon trips the creepy bully over and it turns out that the person behind all of Jae Hee’s misery is the muscular guy (from the toilet scenario in ep 1) whom she started a fight with. Tae Joon lets him go and warns him that there shall not be a next time.

Tae Joon has gotten the key to the room before Seung Ri and secretly returns her her clothes. Seung Ri and the boys are shell-shocked at Jae Hee as a girl.

Eun Gyul is taken back by Jae Hee’s appearance. Jae Hee performs a cover of IU’s Peach which mesmerises everyone. Dr. Jang who is watching from afar, comments to himself that she should just come out as a girl or is she really that innocent? (How can no body tell that she is a girl from her singing voice?) Eun Gyul literally almost falls back as Jae Hee gives a wild wink. 😉

Han Na gives Tae Joon a text that she is going to come see him. She is not very good with directions and the first person she runs into for help is Eun Gyul. Needless to say, the two start off with an argument which he eventually gives into.

Jae Hee goes to the gym to thank Tae Joon for his help earlier, still dressed as a girl. He asks her if she won but she sadly tells him that she didn’t because according to the judges, she lack femininity. He then asks her to leave but she slips and as always, Tae Joon is there to catch her. This is just in time for Han Na and Eun Gyul to witness too.


My Opinion:

Ummmm, it’s very logical to sing isn’t it because people will totally not recognise that her voice is definitely not a guy’s. (Sarcasm here, just saying. Ahahahahas) But really, these people are either deaf or well, deaf. Ahahahahahas. I can’t believe that she would actually do it either because it would potentially reveal who she is. She really had the guts to take this risk.

Anyway, I really like her with her long hair. She looks really pretty and it matches her voice. (: Ahahahahas, or maybe it’s because I am so used to seeing her this way.

I am not really fond of Eun Gyul’s relationship with Red Radish. Actually, I think that Red Radish is not suitable for him. She likes him but she is too direct with things whereas he is not closed up with his feelings. He is actually in one way using her to help with his troubled heart and in another accepting her because she really does like him and he doesn’t want to disappoint her.

I still hold it that Eun Gyul is the most three dimensional character here. He has a different side to himself where he is left wondering what his heart and head is battling at. He doesn’t want to hurt or disappoint Red Radish but he can’t come to follow his heart which leads to Jae Hee. He is trying to discover himself and who he really is.

Hyun Woo also has the most natural portrayal than the other actors of their respective characters. This is just what makes me love him more and more. He is able to portrayal Eun Gyul so smoothly and naturally that it seems that really in his style and character. I just want to hug him! He is still my favourite character. (:

It’s ashame in Korea that this drama has not been getting the reception that is expected despite the huge publicity and idol stars. This drama just lacks something to grab your attention. Or it could be due to the fact that there has already been previous remakes of the manga. This ep did manage to make a increase in viewership. (: Hopefully this sets out for a bigger audience.


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4 thoughts on “To The Beautiful You Episode 6 Recap

  1. bella September 2, 2012 at 6:08 pm Reply

    o well! As l like Nakatsu more than Sano for Japanese version, its the same for liking Eun Gyul more than Tae Joon. However, l am a really crazy fan of Minho, so he still be the first on whatever character he’s onto. Also, l feel that Minho is the best leading in this manga drama compare to Wu Chun for Taiwan and Oguri Shun of Japan (l did love him in Rich Man poor Woman).

    What to say about rating since dramas currently airing on Wed night are all good, like Arang and Bridal Masks. Both dramas are quite heavy drama compare to light To the Beautiful You. cheer my day, l love Sulli, Minho, Hyun Woo and others in this drama, they make me laugh!! Fighting!!!

    • misscupcakees September 2, 2012 at 6:13 pm Reply

      Ahahahahahas, me too. I lie Eun Gyul better than Tae Joon. He is so cute and bubbly! I just love him!

      LOL, maybe you are bias. 😉 Ahahahahahs, I actually fine Wu Chun and Min Ho to be nearly on par with each other with their portrayal of their respective characters. Though, I feel that Wu Chun had more connection with Ella Chen than Min Ho has with Sulli.

      Yeahh, from what I heard the other two dramas are both brilliant and very strong in both plots and acting wise. This drama just lacks some of that.

      Ahahahahhas, fighting to all the crew and actors!

      • bella September 2, 2012 at 6:21 pm

        l agreed Wu Chun had more connection with Ella (Taiwan is really good in doing the connection part between the leadings casts, be it in other dramas as well, Korean should learn). Its just l find Wu Chun too matured for a high schooler compare to Minho.

        But for Oguri, does he has feelings or not. Really a robot boy for Maki.

      • misscupcakees September 2, 2012 at 7:36 pm

        Yeahhh, they seem more comfortable and easy-going with each other but contributed to their chemistry on screen.

        Ahahahahas, yeahh, I thought so too. Actually, I thought all of the actors in the Taiwan version were a bit too old to be high schoolers. But I’ll just take it that they are in university.

        LOL, sorry, I’m not familar with the Japanese version…

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