Alice in Wonder City Episode 14 Recap

Can we ever get an episode where it is not all mismatched? The stories are more distinct than ever and it is much more confusing because nothing flows. This ep really overused the theme of dream and hallucinations. Ahhahahahas.

Jin Cang makes up the excuse that Ting Yu is feeling unwell today but Ting Yu is not going to let himself get away with a creation that is not his own. He comes clean with who the real composer of the song is. This leaves the media in a franzy and wondering if Ting Yu can still play the violin any more. To prove that he can still play the violin, Jin Cang wants him to play it in front of the media but he is baffled by his emotions and chooses to run away. 

Jin Cang basically asks him what he wants. Ting Yu asks him if he truly understands the person standing in front of him. Oh, he understands because he met him since he was twenty. But that is not the issue here. Jin Cang tells him that in a week’s time this will not be a problem any more except they will all be living in cardboard. Ting Yu tells him that if he really cares about Ketagalan, he would not have used such methods. Jin Cang explains that this is fairly common, artists autotune their songs, so what’s the big deal? Ting Yu counteracts that all he ever cares about is the result and not ever how the victim is feeling. But, Ting Yu is not this type of person.

Ting Yu arrives at the hospital and tells Hai Jie that he hopes he will be satisfied with the result. From today onwards he will not make any public performances. He has finally found a reason to not play the violin. This comes as a shock to Hai Jie.

The issue with Ting Yu has become a hot media topic and Jin Cang is not satisfied with the result. He returns hope to find that Yu Shu has fallen asleep waiting for him. He wakes her up and requests that she return home for a while. Ketagalan will fall. The issue is more serious than what it appears. Yu Shu takes it that he doesn’t want her any more. He explains that this is not the case, he only has her left right now. She is not going to leave him in this time of need. He gives her a credit card and some important documents and tells her to return home, he doesn’t want to have to worry about her on top of all his current worries.

Yu Shu’s sudden return home does not shock Daddy Lan. Instead, he is very smooth about it. He even gives her some of their family heirloom to keep safe. He no longer opposes her with Jin Cang. As long as she is happy that is all that matters.

Jin Cang packs his bag and is making his get away with Yu Shu by his side.

Ketagalan is on indefinite stop. Now that Jin Cang is gone, Ting Yu has to take up all responsibilities. All deposits have been transferred to a Hong Kong account and the orchestra’s budget is not that much… Also, at the start of the year the orchestra had some repayment money (for the lost violin, remember?) of about $5 million which has also been transferred to the Hong Kong account.

This is really something. The crew at the orchestra are all wondering what is going on and where Jin Cang is. He tells them that Jin Cang took all the money for himself and he is no where to be found right now. All companies are requesting for returns so he has decided to drop his new album. There is announces the dismissal of Ketagalan Symphony Orchestra. He decides to give up his violin to pay for everyone’s wages.

He watches as the orchestra make its final pack-ups. In the practice room, he hears a voice that is Die Fei so he runs down the hall. He sees a little girl holding a bunch of balloons with a key. He goes to reach for the keys but he can’t reach it. It is only his imagination. Awake from his imagination is an empty room. He then finds some music sheets on the ground and starts living to the music.

SJ makes a visit to Lisa wondering when she is going to get him the x-seed. He “threatens” about going to the hospital and she threatens that he will not get what he wants if he bothers her Alice.

Die Fei is worried about Ting Yu while Ting Yu is needless to say not having a very happy time. He decides to take some sleeping pills when Ash calls to inform him that Jin Cang is in Cambodia. However that doesn’t matter, he just wants more sleeping pills right now. Die Fei calls his home but he doesn’t pick up because he is too busy in his backyard drowning himself in alcohol while thinking about his life and music career.


Sleeping pills and alcohol is not a good mix because they cause him to fall in the pool. Don’t worry, he is fine and can swim. He hallucinates Lisa talking with him telling him that everything is fine, he didn’t do anything wrong. She tells him that when she first met him he was in a much devastating situation than now. He needs to trust her that in time he can stand up again. He tells her that time no longer holds any meaning to him. He can’t play the violin any more nor does anyone needs him to play the violin. She tells him that he doesn’t need to play the violin, he needs to rest. He then says to her that he sees his mother who is here to take him away. Where else can he go? Lisa tells her that there is a place where he can help others. It is a place where he can relax and where it holds meaning for him. This wakes him up and he jumps out of the water to get a phone call. It’s from a worried Die Fei.


Die Fei goes to visit him, still worried. He tells her that he has no way out of this. She tells him that his current state really worries people. He asks her what people, he has no people. He still has her. She tells him that she can do anything he wants. He wants night. He wants a world that will never change. He wants to hide in that world. She tells him not to be in that dark world. She kisses him which he does not kiss but but eventually gives into. He suddenly pushes her away and tells her to leave. Her staying here will only make things difficult for him He tells her to forget him but she is not buying this. The one who wants to see her is him. The one who forced her to face her talents is him. She can’t forget this.

He tells her what she can’t forget is that stage. He warns her that once she is up on that stage, her life won’t be easy. She can’t stand on that stage, it is not suitable for her.

She tells him that what she can’t forget is him. She can’t leave him nor the stage. He tells her that sitting below the stage and watching her laughing as she holds onto her dreams is the real her. He advises her to be a commoner once a again. “Don’t you want to hear me sing any more!?” He tells her that he already cannot hear anything. She tells him that they need each other but he tells her that he has already started to forget about her.

Lisa tells Hai Jie to take good care of Alice while she is away.

Die Fei meets with Hai Jie and tells him that Ting Yu is not himself. He tells her that in time he will come back. She then queries how he knew Alice would come back while she has no confidence. He tells his secret – a spell. He then shows her his spell  which caused Alice to return to his side.

Ting Yu locks up his house for the last time and leaves.

Die Fei is devastated. Everyone is disappearing from her; her sister and now Ting Yu. She asks her book store friend to take her in. Her friend has a big idea, she wants her to sing at her store.


Ting Yu goes on a hike that highly resembles a dream garden. He just can’t seem to get Die Fei out of his head. He just wants to sleep and dream. He enters his dream garden and meets the angel from his dream garden. She is here to make an exchange for his sleep. He then has a dream within a dream (?) that he is up on stage holding the violin but not playing it and then all of his colleagues start laughing at him. And one of these people laughing at him is another version of him. The angel has received his dream and makes the exchange telling him that he will have happy dreams from now on but he must willingly sleep himself. There, appears the key from his previous imagination. He arrives at his penthouse which contains light.


Die Fei arrives at the deserted Ketagalan and imagines it being lively with a full orchestra and a happy Ting Yu there. She then recites Hai Jie’s spell.

Ting Yu can’t sleep and decides to go for his sleeping pills but resists against it. Instead, he decides to write some music with no luck.

Daddy Lan is worried about his daughters. One is missing and one has no energy. Like Ting Yu said, everyone will soon leave her side, including him. Left? Daddy Lan explains to him that her definition of leaving is not correct. Leaving is being non-existent in this world. So she goes to find him with no such luck.

It’s morning and at last Ting Yu finished writing his song. At last, he falls asleep willingly. In his world, Die Fei is there, coaxing him to sleep.

Alice tells Hai Jie that her father was a horticulturist. One of the biggest and best outcomes for a horticulturist is to see a plant that they didn’t thought to exist to actually exist. She explains that her father got a request from SJ’s father to find a plant called Alice…


My Opinion:

With the amount of dreams and hallucinations used here, it really feels like they are trying heavily to change the mood, which IMO, is not working very well. The dreams don’t even connect, let alone make any sense. Ting Yu had four almost continuous dreams which leaves me thinking if I am watching a dream or a drama. Ahahahahas. I applaud the writers and directors for trying to connect and smooth out the story but it just makes it more mismatched.

The stories just don’t work no matter how much I want it to. There are just two many individual stories here. There is Ting Yu and his music, Alice’s secret, Lisa’s secret,  Hai Jie and his love for Alice, Die Fei and her confusion and Jin Cang’s money line. Nearing the end of the drama, I would have hoped that some of these stories come to there nearing end but instead, more stories are being introduced or that they are just starting to move along. The problem here is that there is too much things happening at once that does not actually work with any of the stories.

Really, nearing this end of the drama you would have expected to see story developments and some relationship progress but instead none of that is happening here. Alice and Hai Jie are just non-existent. -.- They are just there, with a bland connection with each other. Actually, right now I feel that Hai Jie has lost some of his feelings towards Alice. They don’t really appear to have any connection. He still loves her of course and vice versa but she isn’t really showing much of it while Hai Jie has cooled off his feelings towards her. I guess they didn’t get that much time to connect because their storyline is moving so slowly. Ting Yu and Alice are trying to put chemistry into them together as a couple but they are just awkward and once again, bland, around each other. He is just quite cool and ummm, has a very weird way of expressing his love, which in this case does not appear to be love for her. You just know that he supposedly likes her, but he isn’t showing it well. She is trying too but from from previous feelings, they really don’t work into her character. She just suddenly has a change of heart and likes Ting Yu now. I don’t get it. Ahahahahahs!

I am really really really uber super duper disappointed with the lack of music and the role that it plays. I thought this was music based! Where has that all gone? It is now just a story of their issues. Music, does Ting Yu even like his music? It is not even about his music and as for Hai Jie, it is just about Alice.

Okay, ummmm, x-seed is a seed? LOL! Seriously, the entire time I thought it was a DVD or something…

Just two more episodes.

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8 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 14 Recap

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) September 4, 2012 at 3:46 am Reply

    i m literally only watching for Aaron.what a danm mess .

    • misscupcakees September 5, 2012 at 10:46 am Reply

      Ahahahaas, yeahh, let Aaron be the striving power!

  2. chocolate布丁 September 4, 2012 at 5:52 pm Reply

    Lol I’m actually quite drawn by Ting Yu’s story 😛 He’s such a poor thing right now, I wish he’d let Die Fei stay by his side. And I bet Jin Cang was the one who sold Hai Ou. How can he just throw the mess he created into Ting Yu’s hands? D:

    Alice’s story loses its attraction after everything is revealed. :/ But I don’t think there are that many individual stories. For me it’s just Ting Yu and Die Fei, Hai Jie and Alice and Lisa.

    But I thought this episode sounded pretty good. Hahaha. They stories don’t connect well, but I like the thin line between dreams and reality.

    I think there’s only one more episode though.

    • misscupcakees September 5, 2012 at 10:48 am Reply

      Really? Ahahahahas, I think you are just obssessed with anything Aaron. Ahahahahas, I don’t know. I don’t find any of the stories attractive.

      And I thought Jin Cang was a good guy. -.-

      Arrrghhh, I am so disappointed! Nothing works in this drama! 😦

      Really? I heard there are 16 episodes.

      • chocolate布丁 September 5, 2012 at 5:06 pm

        Hahahaha yes you’re probably right. 😛 And nope, coming episode is the last, the previews are out. I’m actually quite obsessed with Die Fei and Ting Yu right now, though it’s more like I’m obsessed with Aaron and Lara rather than their characters.

        Haha really! I never thought he was good. He has a bad guy face LOL. He looks like he’s always hiding something. But his relationship with Yu Shu is real 🙂

        I’m excited for the last episode actually, because I’m guessing that Aaron and Lara might be singing together 😀

        I think it is about Ting Yu’s music though. It’s cause he can’t express himself in his music that his music is now emotionless, which I think leads back to the question of why he’s playing the violin – and that he didn’t even know at the beginning of the drama. That probably explains the turmoil within himself.

      • misscupcakees September 5, 2012 at 6:03 pm

        Ahahaha, really? Well, that is good to hear. Ahahahahahs!

        Well, I just all for Aaron! ❤

        I did, ahahahas. I just follow the path that people lead me to. 😛 At least he is good to Yu Shu. (:

        Really? They look like they are going to perform together and that Dream Garden is going to come to life.

        Yeahh, it is but then it's not. There isn't a real distinct indication of it and it hasn't held much of a role until recently.

        Please, let this drama end on a high note!

      • chocolate布丁 September 6, 2012 at 12:34 am

        In the book, the Dream Garden is an actual place o.o Lisa brought Ting Yu there earlier, and he gets to stay there if he registers his name. And somehow he can have nice dreams there. I’m not sure what’s going on there.

        Yeah it isn’t very distinct, but at the beginning Ting Yu kept saying he didn’t know what he was playing the violin for.

        Yay, I want them to sing. 🙂

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