Divas in Distress Synopsis

If only friendship could sustain as long as a diva’s feud…

There is nothing like a long strive for superiority and this is just what former divas, Seung Ying Hung (Liza Wang) and Miu Sing Ho (Gigi Wong), have been fighting over each other for over the last 30 years. It all began 30 years ago when these retired actresses worked under the same company. Now, even though they are retired, they are still constantly on the verge to outwit each other. It it was not for their respect for their master, Fung Hang Man (Chung King Fai), they would have cut off all relations with each other.

Without the intervention of their master, they would eventually have to cross paths again because most ironically is that Miu Sing Ho’s LCD’s news cameraman son, Chiang Ka Long (Chin Ka Lok), is Hung’s son-in-law and the husband to her daughter who risked and lost life to give birth to their son. Hung’s daughter’s death has left her grief stricken and ever since then she has held a firm prejudice against Long and more determination to surpass Hung.

Wealthy TV reporter, Heung Nai Hing (Eliza Sam) suddenly finds herself crossing paths with Long. Seeing that he has found his new happiness and for her own desires to destroy Hung, his mother encourages him to remarry. Hung is not willing to let herself get destroyed so she deliberately sabotages Long’s relationship with Hing and even made him personally swear on her daughter and his wife’s grave that he will never re-marry again.

Aside from not willing to allow Ho to overstep her, Hung also spends all her attention to raising her youngest interior designer son, Chak Yau Sing (Him Law), to lead a successful life. To her shock and surprise, she finds him falling for Hung’s renovation worker niece, Kwai Yi Hee (Mandy Wong). Hung naturally self-destructs seeing her son repeating the history of her daughter and Long. She is not willing to let this happen so she comes out with difficulties for the young couple. Sing and Hee’s relationship only adds fuel to the already flaming fire between Hung and Ho. When Sing and Hee manage to get out of Hung’s controlling difficulties, the couple create difficulties for themselves with Hee who thinks that she is suitable for Sing.

If this inter-relationship is not complex enough, there comes So Gei (Koo Ming Wah), Sing’s godbrother and Hung’s godson who suddenly discovers that his family is not all that he knows.

The two divas engage in a long and hatred battle between each other all the while leaving the younger generation sandwiched in the middle like the filling inside a sandwich. Will the two divas be able to sort out their sandwich fight and free the youngsters or will the youngsters be forced to choose sides? What must they all do to lead a feudless life?


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