To The Beautiful You Episode 7 Recap

After a wonderful hype from ep 6, this ep just fell to a steady bump free car ride. There are moments that you want to just fly by, there are the times that would leave you questioning what is to come and then there are times that would leave you questioning how could she not know that he knows already. Tae Joon is really trying to figure out his feelings for Jae Hee. He is falling for her, no doubt, but he can’t openly show it to her so he has to be by her side and be the tentative guy saving her from every trouble like her superman. Compared to everyone and especially Eun Gyul, his care for Jae Hee is very different and is slowly growing into an obscure love whether he wants it to be known or not.

Poor Eun Gyul cannot even identify himself any more. He is struck by his yearning for Jae Hee but in many ways he is trying to pull himself back and change all that. 


After the incident from the last ep, the four head back to the dorm together. A shocked Han Na tells Tae Joon that she thought he was doing it with a girl. LOL! They then encounter Seung Ri with the others and she asks to be in the dorm with some oppa whinny-ness which he buys into. So Tae Joon gets dragged away by Han Na with the crew following behind leaving Eun Gyul alone with Jae Hee.

He confesses that he is dating Red Radish (Da Hae) which evokes genuine congratulation on Jae Hee’s behalf. She lets it slip that even as a girl she would accept her but luckily she is able to spin her accidental slip up by mentioning that she is dressed as a girl, that’s why. He then takes a picture of her in her girl self before she leaves to change.


Dorm 2 is still celebrating such an interesting day and Tae Joon doesn’t appear to be in the mood with Han Na by his side. She decides to take the microphone off Jong Min and sing a song dedicated to Tae Joon. She invites him to sing with her which evokes the boys to cheer her on and clap a ‘Date her’ cheer which causes Jae Hee to leave.


She mentions to Lettuce that she can also sing a song to Tae Joon and she goes to prove it by singing the same song as Han Na to Lettuce. Speaking of the devil, he arrives claiming that it was too loud. Seeing this from afar, Han Na is growing more jealous. Tae Joon asks Jae Hee if she is uncomfortable dressed like that, as in the girls attire. She replies that even if she is, she had to do it any way. He then thanks her for her plead to Seung Ri but tells her not to worry about it.

The dorms are getting plumbing reconstruction and Eun Gyul is going to have to share a room with Tae Joon and Jae Hee for the meantime. In a flashback, we see the sacrifices that he gave (he gave up his prized possession of a signed soccer ball)  just to get this opportunity to share the same room with Jae Hee.  The three roomies (for now) are having a debacle on where Eun Gyul will be sleeping. He offers to share a bed with Jae Hee but Tae Joon has a better idea – a makeshift swing bed – which he ends up accepting.

Jae Hee is on a canoe in the pool still searching for Tae Joon’s necklace when Eun Gyul comes to join her. They have a fun time and she pushes him off into the pool and only offers to help him up if he calls her ‘hyungnim’.

Han Na is suspicious of Jae Hee and decides to have her search to even the most minute detail.


Jae Hee and Eun Gyul are having some delicious ramyun when Tae Joon arrives and kicks them to eat elsewhere because you cannot eat in dorms. So Jae Hee and Eun Gyul have their meal in the bathroom… Jealousy spikes when Tae Joon hears what a fun time Jae Hee and Eun Gyul are having so he decides to overhear their conversation but the bathroom door isn’t working all that well and he falls through into their adventures and makes up an excuse to kick them out.

Night falls and Eun Gyul gets a text from Red Radish saying that she misses him. He insincerely replies that he misses her too. He then sneakishly makes his wake upstairs to see a sleeping Jae Hee and questions who is she and what she has done to his heart.

It’s morning and the three are in the bathroom brushing their teeth with Jae Hee standing in the middle. This causes an indirect brushing teeth competition between Tae Joon and Eun Gyul.

Time for training! Coach Baek is glad to see competition yet cooperation between Tae Hoon and Hyun Jae. At the lockers Hyun Jae questions him the authenticity of his Yips Syndrome which he replies that he did not start jumping again because of him but that doesn’t seem to be the case for him.

Tae Joon arrives back to the to discover that Jae  Hee is touching on of his DVD’s which he immediately snatches back. She comments that she likes the ending of the movie and asks about his opinion. He answers that he doesn’t know because he did not have the chance to finish it.

Manager Jang is talking with director Michelle Kim when Han Na’s chafferer friend mentions that she is better off asking Michelle Kim about because “they” went to the same middle school in the US.

Jealously kicks in when Tae Joon hears what a fun time Jae Hee is having with Eun Gyul. They invite him to bowling which he initally declined but ends up going to. They arrive at the bowling centre to see Seung Ri, Jong Min and Hyun Jae already there. It’s a 3 on 3 challenge. Turns out Tae Joon is a pro a bowling minus a slip up. Ahahahahas. Eun Gyul watches with jealousy when Tae Joon and Jae Hee give each other some cheering.

Eun Gyul arrives back to the dorm to grab some shorts and discovers that Jae Hee is showering. He goes as far as to opening the bathroom door but is stopped by Tae Joon before he could do so. He arrives at the pool to search for the necklace that Jae Hee has been searching for. He goes to post a picture of his phone but accidentally drops his phone which is covered in waterproof material. Lucky has it that when he goes to retrieve his phone, he picks up the necklace too.

He goes to tell Jae Hee of his finding but stops when Jae Hee explains that the necklace is Tae Joon’s. She wanted to find it for him because it means so much to him.

Eun Gyul is out shopping with Red Radish and she immediately detects that there is something wrong with him. He explains that he isn’t a good friend because there is something that would make his friend happy but it makes him feel jealous. She immediately recognises that friend is Jae Hee which he admits to. She complains that this makes her feel jealous because all that he talks about relates to Jae Hee. He tells her not to get jealous because of a man which she tells him she hopes is this way.

Meanwhile, Jong Min makes another plan to sabotage Jae Hee. He tells her that he found the necklace and accidentally dropped it in the art room. So of course Jae Hee immediately makes her way there. Jong Min and some other sunbaes are dressed as ghosts to give Jae Hee a shock. Instead, the ghosts end up scaring themselves at dorm 1.

Tae Joon is waiting and waiting for Jae Hee’s return but she doesn’t and can’t return because she gets locked up by the guard man. Eun Gyul returns and gives Tae Joon a false alarm that it is Jae Hee. Eun Gyul gets a message from Red Radish wanting to meet so she goes to meet her.


Tae Joon goes on a mad search for her when he discovers her existence in the art room by her clever morse signal. So he smashes the glass of the door even though the building is locked up. He breaks the lock to the door and she comes running out to him with which they both share a hug. She is so scared to even take a step that Tae Joon has to hold her hand to give her some security. Nawwwwws!


Once outside he tells her that there is not a day that she does not get into trouble. She tells him that it would be better if she had found his necklace. He makes the decision to forget about it because even if she did find it, it would not have changed anything. He tells her that the movie she asked him about, he saw it with his mother. It was his mother’s hobby to watch movies. In a flashback, it is revealed that Tae Joon was in the middle of the movie with his mother but had to leave to compete in the competition. He won gold but he lost the chance to see his mother for the last time. His father didn’t inform him about this because he wanted his full concentration to be on the competition. If he could rewind back time now he would, even just for that moment to finish the movie together. Hearing this heartfelt story, she gives him a hug while in tears herself.

Michelle gives Han Na her yearbook and she goes through it but finds no male under Jae Hee. Before she can look any further, she gets called away to see something on the internet but not before she lands on a page with Jae Hee as a female under the name of Jay Dawson.

Eun Gyul is not back yet so Tae Joon decides to invite Jae Hee to watch the movie with him which I am sure brought back a lot of memories for him.

Tae Joon encounters the delivery man with his deliveries and a package for Jae Hee to celebrate her birthday.

Miss So Jeong asks Eun Gyul about how he feels about sharing a room with two people which he replies is fun. Ahahahahas. Seeing his intelligence, she asks him to do some filing work which he agrees to in exchange for a leave pass. Going through the files, he sees that Jae Hee’s birthday is on the 5 of September 1995 which means it is today.

Eun Gyul watches Red Radish’s performance and accidentally meets her father there. He then takes her out shopping to get her something for her performance. He also gets the necklace wrapped up and tells himself that he is going to love Da Hae and end things with Eun Gyul.

Meanwhile, Tae Joon takes a sneaky trip to a make-up store to get something for Jae Hee – some unisex moisturising cream.

Eun Gyul finds Jae Hee in the laundry and just gives her a back hug.


My Opinion:

Eun Gyul is really in a dilemma isn’t he? He is using Red Radish to help him clear his heart of Jae Hee but that is not working. Jae Hee really has done something to his heart. He is trying so hard to dismiss what he feels for her but no matter what he does and tries to do, she always seems to drag him to her. He wants her but he isn’t ready to face all this yet. Poor Eun Gyul is in a big maze that he cannot find the exit to.

It’s dramaland and of course everyone is oblivious to their sighting and own knowledge. Jae Hee is naive and really, she can just take Tae Joon’s way of treating her as friendship. Yep, no biggie because when a man holds another supposedly male’s hand that is completely normal. Yeps… Even with every save that Tae Joon gives her, she doesn’t question it. He will always be the one to rescue her. I like his caring but yet not-caring attitude towards her. He is trying to make it known that he doesn’t know that she is a girl and that he isn’t too friendly towards her. Even at this episode, at near half way mark, he has changed so much towards her. He is no longer that distant room mate from her but her friend who cares about her. I really do wonder how things would be if he had not known that she is a girl or had he reveal that she is a girl.

Ahhhh, how cute were their two hugs this ep? I love how the first thing she does when she get out of that room is run herself into a hug with him. How adorable! How much more cuter was it when he took the initiative to hold her hand? That ticks all the boxes! Ahahahahas, this does reminds me a lot of Korean and Taiwanese dramas where the girls are saved by the girl, but then they are they are in female form. For me, this just seems to reveal a lot that she is a girl. Though, as much as I love them together, I still want Eun Gyul to end up with Jae Hee.

I think that Red Radish can see it within Eun Gyul that he doesn’t like her but she is pushing it. She likes him and wants her to like him too. Poor Eun Gyul really doesn’t know what he can do about this.

I’m not really a fan of Han Na and neither am I am convinced nor sure of her role here. She is what, a clingy girl who likes Tae Joon? I don’t get what he doesn’t just flick her off already. Why is he leading her on? So far, he role has not done much to grip onto anything important. Whether she is here or not, she does not affect the plot much.

I think we are going to see some big changes in next ep where Tae Joon is beginning to show his inner feelings. (:

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