Alice in Wonder City Episode 15 Recap

Considering the progress of the drama, you cannot expect to get a spectacular ending. I wanted a decent episode or at the very least, a decent ending, but you are not going to get that here. This ep will probably leave you with more confusion and questions than what was answered. Oh, well, at least Aaron had normal kind-of good looking hair at the end.

Alice explains that her father finally found plant Alice but someone took it just as he found it. The speciality of it is that the smell would make anyone who smell it feel real genuine happiness. Hai Jie tells her that the sacrifice is just too big which she agrees to. He assures her that she will be able to see her mother again.

Hai Jie tells Die Fei his good news that Alice has woken up which to she is proud of. She tells him that she envies his relationship with Alice. He explains that Ting Yu just doesn’t know where his heart lies but at least she knows where her one lies. She complains that she isn’t as confident as him but he tells her he sees her confidence when she sings. She counters that she only sings for Ting Yu’s ears which he encourages her to search for Ting Yu. The problem is that she doesn’t know where he is and she can’t ask Lisa. He suggest that she ask Alice who ends up giving her a very valuable source of possibility.

Yu Shu has sent a postcard but daddy Lan complains that he doesn’t get why people would push themselves to a position with no room to manoeuvre. Die Fei tells him that maybe they do this because this is better than facing reality. Daddy Lan asks her about her problem of Ting Yu. He sees her luggage and she asks for his permission to find Ting Yu which he gives her permission to do so.

She finds him and immediately gives him a hug telling him that no matter what happens in the future, she wants it to be like what it currently is, just being with him. He remembers her previous promise and hugs her back telling her that by hugging her, he is afraid of nothing.

Hai Jie goes to visit his angel who complains that it is very boring in the hospital, she wants to have some fun. So he decides to sneak her out. He blindfolds her and takes her to the bridge to reminisce their former memories. When he removes her blindfold, her memories are much stronger and happier.

Lisa is back but sends her cafe worker guy to tell Hai Jie some very interesting news. She arrives at the airport with SJ’s bodyguards closely guarding her. Though, her secretive and tentative skills allow her sneakily exchange her luggage. Successful, yes? Nope, SJ’s bodyguards quickly get on the woman (Hai Na) who she exchanged her luggage with while she gets forced to meet SJ. He demands for the seed but she demands for her safety before handing it over. However, her plan goes pear-shaped when she sees Hai Na under SJ’s guard. When he threatens to harm Hai Na, she throws him over the case that contains plant Alice. But that case contains no Alice, just five baked goods. She makes a deal to tell her where the seed is if he will let Hai Na go.

Actually, Hai Na had made a smart exchange of the luggage with her husband before heading off to the car. Now the luggage that contains plant Alice is in Hai Jie’s hands. In a flashback we see Lisa explain to Hai Jie that the seed left with her husband but they just lied about the seed to SJ’s family. Alice’s father wanted an insured future for Alice but that year only America had the equipment to keep her blood so before Alice was even born, he arranged to have Alice’s blood stored in his friend’s biotech company. That was her reason for heading to America. He hands the blood over to the doctor giving hope to Alice but is concerned when his sister and Lisa is not yet here.

SJ’s way of freeing Hai Na is throwing her out on the road with her hands tied. Lisa gets forced to tell him where the seed is. So she takes him to a populated street. There she smacks him and calls him for being perverted. With this commotion, people gather and she takes this chance to make her escape. Too bad she doesn’t get very far when SJ’s bodyguards stop her.


They meet again, this time on the rooftop of a very tall building. He gives her one last chance and this time she takes out a seed which she mocks him with. Next she falls and lands on some cardboard boxes filled with fluffy feather. Now mother and daughter are undergoing surgery.


Ting Yu wakes to find Die Fei not by his side by outside singing out to the night sky. This gives him strength as he is able to write freely and without stress. Meanwhile, Lisa’s hospital room is plastered with get-well cards while Lisa is on a speedy recovery. Hai Jie comes to visit her and she requests that she wants to get her hair washed and tells him that she dreamt. She dreamt of a doctor wearing a rabbit head. He tells her that he is no rabbit doctor but the rabbit head’s handsome doctor. Alice is devastated for what has happened to her mother and blames herself for it. If she didn’t come back, none of this would have happened. No, he explains to her that her appearance only makes her mother’s life a wonder.

Die Fei has fallen asleep watching him so he carefully blankets her and goes over his story. The boy has dreamed, countless dreams. He thanks the angel for giving him courage and the ability to dream. He thanks for giving her full hope and future. The angel tells him that there are actually other paths; one requires even more courage. He has a wish to bring the fresh smell of flowers and the smell of her to reality. So he happily took hold of her hand and together they left Dream Garden. They decided to make this the biggest dream garden, giving everyone the opportunity to dream.

Ting Yu has a request for Die Fei. He hands her the Dream Garden script that he composed especially for her and asks her to take it back with her. He is not coming back with him yet, he requires some time.

Ting Yu is impressed with the new Dream Garden and is happy with how much more open minded and optimistic Ting Yu has become. They will find a way to make Dream Garden a reality and come on stage.

A pregnant Yu Shu arrives home to the joy of her father. She is now Mrs. Tang. And Mr. Tang? Well, he admitted his guilt. Daddy Lan is just happy to have his beloved daughter by his side now.

Alice’s sincerity has failed to touch her mother. Instead, Lisa decides that it is time for her to meet her husband.

Hai Jie promises to take good care of her and never leave her side which Alice accepts. He also recollects that they might have possibly met when they were younger, he was the little boy she met.

Ting Yu has finally made his return and paid his respect to Lisa. She was always there for him. He knows that being alone will make people worry so from now on he won’t hide any more, he will courageous face what is ahead. Furthermore, he will love, love the one that he loves.

Die Fei is making Dream Garden come on stage and on the day of the performance, Ting Yu makes his return. So Hai Jie plays the piano while Ting Yu plays the violin and sings. He promises to be by her side for ever. The performance ends on a high note.


My Opinion:

Okay, I know a lot of you would be thinking that I am banishing this drama but I am not, at least I hope I am not. It just doesn’t seem to click in any way or form and this ep had a lot to prove. This drama just didn’t work at all. As much as I love Aaron, this drama just didn’t work for him. There were a lot of holes that are still yet to be filled and contained several puzzles that just did not click. This last ep just never worked and it felt really separated. No matter how much I want the stories to work it is still separate stories mashed together to be as one.

The ending and this ep held no hype. Ever since the “seed” was revealed, it did not play a role in the story any more. It was just left to the side. I commend the writers for wanting to use it to create a hype but it just lacked a bit of something. There was not anything to draw it to the plot. It could have been more suspenseful but it did not work well with the plot and the genre of the story.

Ummmm…since when did Ting Yu become a singer and drama writer? I thought this drama was supposed to be about Ting Yu and his music as a violinist? Now I really do think this would be better if Ting Yu and Hai Jie had to fight for their position. Hahahas! Yeahhh, it just did not even transition right. So, Ting Yu is a violinist who decided it would be better if he is writes a play? I wanted to see how music would change him as a person but it did not seem to have much play.

I don’t feel the chemistry between out OTP. I actually feel more chemistry between Die Fei and Hai Jie. They are much more comfortable around each other and more carefree. However, with Ting Yu she is quite stiff around him. When they talk to each other there isn’t any of the romantic feeling or closeness. Even when he hugs her it doesn’t feel present. Sometimes, it just looks like Die Fei is in pain or been taken elsewhere. To be frank, they did not have any chemistry from the start but they do try to bring the chemistry. It just did not work. The chemistry between Alice and Hai Jie wasn’t there either. Yiu can see that Hai Jie really loves her but not the other way around…

My most favourite character relationship was Yu Shu and Jin Cang and they disappoint me in this ep. All we see is Yu Shu and that’s all!?

Sooo, at one scene there was a flashback to the little Alice that Hai Jie met while in Japan and then he says to Alice that they probably met before when they were younger (ahhh, so typical isn’t it?) but it still does not explain little Alice!

I actually forgot about Hai Na and her family problems and their existence but here they are again. They placed such a big role at the start that it just feels so weird to see them again. They feel very misplaced because they don’t do much here.

This drama just does not lie anywhere on the scale of romance or music. It’s not even in between. I don’t know where it lies. It was more music orientated then it turned into a huge mess. Die Fei’s singing came in too late and Alice’s role was supposed to be the one linking Hai Jie and Ting Yu but instead, it became a separate story of its own.

It’s not that the actors and actresses don’t glue, it’s just that they don’t have a platform of the glue to stick. I am sure if the story was well written it would really showcase the individual characters in a much better dynamic.

Alice in Wonder City. Personally, I think the story is far from the title.


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19 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 15 Recap

  1. chocolate布丁 September 10, 2012 at 11:56 pm Reply

    Stories don’t glue but I thought individual stories weren’t too badly resolved. Okay I kinda got teary at the last part when the musical was shown. Ting Yu was always a composer, no? Well never knew he was a singer but I’m not complaining. I love Aaron’s voice.

    Oh yes the appearance of the Hai Na’s family was totally random. I kinda forgot about them too. I don’t get the little Alice too. I guess it’s cause Hai Jie saw the little Alice in his dream before? Something like they’re fated to be tgt?Haha.

    I don’t feel that much chemistry between Die Fei and Hai Jie. :/ I liked the lines in this drama though, some of Die Fei’s lines really left an impression on me (the part where she was at Hai Jie’s house and they were saying stuff about how the city is too bright and how she’s too ordinary and Ting Yu’s lines about music <

    I don't like the X-seed story. I rather they made Alice bad to add tension and excitement that would fit the story.

    I wish the actors will act together again. They're my favourite cast ever because they seem so close to each other, even exceeding the cast of MIT.

    • misscupcakees September 11, 2012 at 6:53 pm Reply

      Yeah, I guess individually they ended decently but together and if you compare it from start of the plot, it has progressed and ended quite confusing such as little Alice and Ting Yu, both in terms of his violin and singing.

      Ahahaha, so typical but I still don’t get the role of little Alice.

      Really? I thought Die Fei had much more chemistry with Hai Jie than Ting Yu. Ahahahas, the lines are good but it doesn’t make up for the lack of chemistry and poor storyline.

      Maybe the story would have been better minus the existence of x-seed?

      • chocolate布丁 September 11, 2012 at 7:50 pm

        Maybe it’s cause Alice and Hai Jie looked good tgt? Haha. I still can’t forgot the first time they met. I swooned. They were so sweet. There are so many loose ends not tied but but overall I like the development of each character. Esp Ting Yu hahahaha. 🙂

        The script needs rewriting and refining. The relationships and problems are too complex and have too many layers to be put into a 15-episode idol drama. They could have given the drama more episodes so they have time to put in more scenes to make links better. I think the writer was too ambitious to want to put everything together in such a short time.

  2. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) September 11, 2012 at 4:35 am Reply

    what a crock of mess.i love Aaron,he tried his best.that s all i can drama please

    • misscupcakees September 11, 2012 at 6:54 pm Reply

      Ahahahas, what can I say? 😛 Just good job to them for making the drama come to life.

  3. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) September 11, 2012 at 4:39 am Reply

    1 more thing.please let me shoot the writer

  4. wormsoup September 11, 2012 at 10:37 am Reply

    Agree. Feels like Hai Jie and Die Fei, also Ting Yu and Alice make better couples. You can see the chemistry from their BTS as well.

    • misscupcakees September 11, 2012 at 6:55 pm Reply

      Oh yeahh, they do! I find Die Fei and Hai Jie has more chemistry as a couple than Die Fei does with Ting Yu. In actual fact, I think she had more screen time with Hai Jie than with Ting Yu.

  5. heisui September 11, 2012 at 1:29 pm Reply

    The only part of the episode I watched was the final performance at the end. I really liked the performance especially when Ting Yu started singing with Die Fei. *swoons at Aaron’s voice*

    But maybe it sounds like the rest of the episode was a disappointment..I think AIWC didn’t really know where it was going.

    • misscupcakees September 11, 2012 at 6:57 pm Reply

      Hello! Haven’t spoken to you in a long time!

      Ahhh, yeah I enjoyed that too but I thought Ting Yu was a violinist. :/ Yeahh, AIWC had individual stories that spanned off in all directions with no connection.

      • heisui September 12, 2012 at 10:39 am

        I thought it was really sweet to have Ting Yu, Die Fei, and Hai Jie all come together in a performance. But I guess it was kinda random for Ting Yu to be singing when he’s a violinist T_T

      • misscupcakees September 12, 2012 at 6:42 pm

        Yeahhh, that’s where it stuffed up. LOL, but it was good to hear his voice. (:

  6. Lola September 11, 2012 at 2:14 pm Reply

    Even though the entire plot didn’t develop properly, and was actually quite a mess, I still had a good time watching Ting Yu’s story since it was quite touching at times. If Ting Yu’s story was well written and developed properly, I would have been strong and interesting enough to stand on its own. However, there were many unanswered questions left in Ting Yu’s story at the end. How did Siren contribute to Ting Yu’s down fall as a famous violinist? How did Siren caused its prior violinist deaths? What is the story behind Siren? Wasn’t Siren a cursed violin? What happened to Hai Ou? Wasn’t Hai Ou very important to Ting Yu at the very beginning of the drama? Doesn’t Ting Yu want to know what happened to his beloved violin? So many unanswered qustions, so little answers. I guessed the rest is left for our imagination.

    However, the ending wasn’t a disappointment for me. It actually left a memorable impression for me, mostly Ting Yu. Many may be wondering why Ting Yu gave up playing the violin as a profession. Well, we all may be aware of that Ting Yu was forced by his beloved mother to become a famous violinist as a child, it was never Ting Yu’s decision to become a violinist neither was it his dream to become a professional violinist. As a matter of fact, it was his mother’s dream for him to become a professional violinist so that he can perform with her. In one of the earlier episodes, Ting Yu mentioned that he didn’t know what playing the violin means to him. Therefore, in the end, Ting Yu is trying to signify that “an individual can only live each and every day at its fullest only when they put meaning into their existence.”

    Ting Yu’s existence used to be loney, dark, and meaningless until he met Die Fei. Therefore, in the end, Ting Yu said that he would only write plays for her, would only record and release a CD with her, and would only play the violin for her. In short, Ting Yu is only existing for her and only her. In some ways, it was quite touching. But cannot imagine what would happen when Die Fei eventually decides to leave him . . . he may decide to escape this tragic world altogether by choosing to leave this world. Ting Yu just seems to be a person who needs a lot of love.

    Overall, this drama can be classified as one of the worst drama with some very unique ideas and thoughts that could have been turned in one of the best drama if it was developed into a drama that only focused on Ting Yu’s story and its musical aspect.

    • misscupcakees September 11, 2012 at 6:59 pm Reply

      Oh yeah, Hai Ou! I kind of forgot about it… Considering the hype about Hai Ou during ep three, I am surprised with the lack of development thereafter.

      Yeahh, definitely not the best drama, we can all agree.

  7. Lola September 12, 2012 at 1:49 am Reply

    Not only were we disappointed in this drama . . . Aaron was quite disappointed as well, as he had stated in the following news article:

  8. Ann September 12, 2012 at 6:47 am Reply

    I felt like Lara and Aaron had more chemistry than Die Fei and Ting Yu, I couldn’t get enough of the behind the scenes footage! lol
    I only started watching this drama because of Aaron but the storyline was just a mess, it seemed quite obvious that they changed directors (as mentioned on Yu le bai fen bai) while watching the episodes.

    • misscupcakees September 12, 2012 at 6:41 pm Reply

      Ohh, really? I haven’t seen much of the BTS. On screen, I think Hai Jie and Die Fei have the most chemistry than any of the couples.

      Yeahh, the storyline was a mess wasn’t it? Poor Aaron, I think he kept the drama up for me. Ahahas!

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