To The Beautiful You Episode 10 Recap

The crucial point of the drama and the part that I have waiting to be revealed – the discovery of her secret. Honestly, there if no way now that she does not know that Tae Joon knows that she is a girl or else she is really screwed in the head. This ep really shows how much Tae Joon cares for Jae Hee and the lengths that he will go to to protect her. Eun Gyul is just left outside of this love shape. If anything, Tae Joon is just an inch off from revealing what he feels for her.


It’s awkward at the OTP’s dorm as Jae Hee tries to keep her distance from Tae Joon. Tae Joon decides to break the awkwardness by asking Jae Hee how she is feeling. She tells him that she is fine but when he goes to touch her forehead she backs off a little. She then decides to go to the bathroom but drops her girly products. Tae Joon sees this but turns around as if he saw nothing.

He then gets a text from his manager reminding him about the interview this morning.

Jae Hee is in the bathroom telling herself that she can’t keep on developing feelings for Tae Joon.


Eun Gyul returns back to his dorm deflated. He tells himself that it is normal to happen when two friends share the same room. Yeps, that’s his logical thinking. In his imagination, he imagines Tae Joon and Jae Hee knocking heads when they both dive for a 500 won coin and thus they ended up sleeping together. Or, Jae Hee sleep-threw herself from second floor to Tae Joon’s bed. Or, the roomies have a big night of pillow fighting leaving Jae Hee too tired to sleep on her floor. He depressingly assures himself that these situations could happen.

Surprisingly, Reporter Yang is the one interviewing Tang Joon. She questions him about his Ipswich syndrome which he confirms that it is just a slump. Regarding his refusal to head to Canada under Coach Holton’s guidance, he tells her that it would be better for him to remain here and plus, he has can get all the training here. Reporter Yang isn’t this and suggest that maybe there is someone who he couldn’t leave behind. He admits that there is someone who he has come to want to show his jumping to which comes as a big shock to Manager Jang.

Manager Jang quires if he is dating anyone, Han Na perhaps? He denies this but refuses to admit who the person is.

Johnny is staring thoughtful at the picture of Jae Hee. His assistant comes and comments that Jae Hee looks like a girl. (See, why can Eun Gyul and all the other guys for that matter, see that she is a girl?) He tells her that she is a girl, a frog princess and he is here to break her from that spell.

Tae Joon flashes back to the basketball match but is interrupted by Eun Gyul’s appearance, hoping that it is Jae Hee instead. Eun Gyul returns Jae Hee’s book asking where she is. He tells her that she is at the laundry but Eun Gyul tells him she is not there. Anyway, he tells Tae Joon that there will be a dorm inspection soon and advises him to rid anything that the inspectors can catch him on.

After Eun Gyul leaves, dorm inspection really hits Tae Joon because of Jae Hee”s girly products. So he hurriedly goes to one of the other dorms asking to borrow a couple of porn magazines. Tae Joon quickly does his secret business just before the entire dorm is called to gather outside the hallway.

When the search comes to dorm 303, Jae Hee starts to grow anxious as the search begins. The principal finds the magazines halting the search process. She is unsure that the magazines are Tae Joon’s but is relieved that she wasn’t discovered.

Jae Hee goes to visit Eun Gyul who tells her that he told Tae Joon that there was going to be a dorm inspection. This leaves her to wonder. So those who are caught are made to run laps under the night sky.

Han Na reads Tae Joon’s interview and her fellow classmates comments that “the person” is Han Na though she is not so sure.

Eun Gyul and Jong Min are reading the interview and comments that “the person” is Han Na. Jae Hee wearily mentions that Han Na is not bad. However, Eun Gyul and Jong Min thinks so otherwise. So Seung Ri stands up for Han Na which gains quite some weird looks from the others.

A depressed Jae Hee sits with Lettuce (oh, Lettuce! You are back!) but not even Tae Joon’s appearance seems to cheer her up. She tells him that she read the article and asks him why he decided not to go to Canada. She knows that he wanted to learn from Coach Holton and it is such a rare opportunity. He tells her that he had a change of heart and a reason to stay behind but it has nothing to do with Han Na. She asks him for his reason if it is not for Han Na. He doesn’t answer so she apologises for butting in at the wrong time and leave crying.

Tae Joon chases after her but Johnny reaches her before he does. He kidnaps her and tries to cheer her up though his joyful attitude can’t even seem to do the trick. He heads back to his dorm to receive a call from Han Na inviting forcing him to go with her to his cousin’s, Chan Jo, exhibition.

Eun Gyul is practising really hard and his “entrance exam” is coming up this week.

Han Na indirectly asks Tae Joon’s reason for not going to Canada but doesn’t get much from him.


Eun Gyul then goes shopping for a couple’s shirt and prepares how he is going to ask Jae Hee to wear that shirt in the bathroom. Hyun Jae arrives back to the dorm and thanks him for his birthday present. But when Eun Gyul tells him that the present is not for him, he tries to brush it off as if he never mentioned anything.


Johnny has Jae Hee all prepped up as a girl to accompany him to Chan Jo’s exhibition. Tae Joon spots girl Jae Hee being hauled away by Johnny. Johnny takes Jae Hee to a special part of the gallery that consists on portraits of only her. He tells her that he has been watching her from the side since she was little and he continues to do so now. He hopes that he will be able to continue to do so in the future. He tells her since he started it he should continue it, right? She doesn’t seem to get this so he has to reveal it black and white and tell her that he is confessing his love for her. He will give her time and he will wait.

Jae Hee goes outside and sees Tae Joon. She goes to say hi to him but stops herself when she remembers her identity. So she enters back inside and Han Na sees a familiar face. So she runs, Han Na runs after her and Tae Joon runs after Han Na. Jae Hee has come to a dead end but Tae Joon comes in time to reach Han Na to bid some time. However, it is not working and she is about to give chase after Jae Hee. Luckily, Johnny arrives and saves the day.

Johnny waits for Tae Joon outside the school and tells him straight and simple that if he is not going to make Jae Hee happy and if Jae Hee is not happy by his side, then he should let her go. He admits that he likes her and is confident that he is not going to let her suffer like he is.

Eun Gyul spots Jae Hee and manages to lighten her mood. He hands her the shirt with the excuse that someone gave it to him but it is too small for him. He tells her that he has something to tell her but now is not the right time, when he gets picked for the national team then it will be the right time.


However, her joyful mood doesn’t last very long. She tells Lettuce that she feels sad whenever she is around Tae Joon. He appears and takes her out on a picture-capturing “date”. He comes prepared with food! On the bus they eat some boiled eggs and she offers to eat his egg yolks for him. They go to a park and take numerous pictures together which lightens her mood. They take a leisurely chit-chat time where he tells her his reason for not going to Canada is not because of Han Na but he can’t tell her the reason yet. He tells her that since he is not going anywhere, she can’t go anywhere either. On the bus ride back he falls asleep on her shoulder. (It’s Rich Man, Poor Woman!)

Han Na lies in bed depressed and trying to process the sighting of female Jae Hee. She looks through the yearbook  and spots her there as female Jay Dawson.

Coach Baek has a pretty sweet moment with Miss Lee when he flaunts his ramen making skills. She, who does not eat process foods ends up sharing his processes noodles. She questions why he quit sport, he had a pretty good track record scoring silver in the world championships. He tells her that it was because of an injury and it was after that that he knew that high jumping was all he knew about.

Eun Gyul heads on the bus ready to go to his “entrance exam” but it disappointed that a particular someone has not come to send his off. She does arrive though, at the very last minute. She gives him a shirt with the nation’s flag that she sewed on herself.

When she goes back to her dorm, she sees a very unhappy Han Na there. Han Na empties out Jae Hee’s girly products right in front of her face and tells her that she is going to alert the school.

The first person that Han Na comes in contact with is Dr. Jang which means things are going to be solved quite easily. He alerts Jae Hee that he has Han Na so she needs not worry too much.

Dr. Jang explains to Han Na that it would not be very logical is Han Na goes to reveal this. Since Tae Joon shared a room with a girl for a while people are going to make a fuss out of this. He prolongs her of revealing this by telling her that they need to verify this first.

She leaves and runs into Tae Joon and tells him that Jae Hee is a girl. However, his expression says that he knows already. She figures that this is his reason for not leaving and needless to say is devastated by this. He can only apologise and tells her that the person who should tell is Jae Hee.

Dr. Jang advises her that it will be best if she comes clean.

Han Na is preparing for her live broadcast and messages Tae Joon that she will keep it a secret like he asked. But in exchange he has to do a favour for her which will soon be revealed.

Eun Gyul wears Jae Hee’s gift with pride and is determined to gain the national representative position. However, he doesn’t make it, failing to fulfil his dream and ambition.

Jae Hee goes to admit her lies to Tae Joon but before she can do so, she is interrupted by Han Na’s live broadcast. She announces that she is dating Tae Joon which comes as a shock to him, Jae Hee and the entire school.


My Opinion:

I guess Tae Joon really has taken on board Johnny’s words and is trying to make Jae Hee happy to be by his side. You can see that he likes her but I guess he is not ready to change his current relationship with her as a not knowing to knowing. He has decided that he is going to stay by her side whether that means as a ghost or as an opaque ghost. However, that all changes when her secret threatens to be revealed. He decides that he is going to tell her but as you know, timing is so convenient in dramas. I love that he is treating her more than a friend now. He shows appreciation towards her and most of all he shows that he cares about her. I am glad that he is treating her differently now.

Oh wow, Kim Ji Won cannot cry. Her other expressions are mediocre but her crying scenes are just feeling-less. When she cries it feels like she is loosing her voice or something. Ahahahs, but really I find her quite alright here. She suits that sassy overbearing type of character. However, I don’t really like her role here as the clingy girl who wants to get what she wants. I find her character a tedious addition to the plot. At least the addition of the other characters aren’t as heavily weighed as hers. Her involvement changes what the original title is about.

Eun Gyul can always make Jae Hee happy but that is only temporary. He is able to make her smile even in the saddest of situations but it is only Tae Joon who can make Jae Hee truly happy. Jae Hee only longs for Tae Joon. Hehehe.

Everything that Eun Gyul has done for Jae Hee has just come crashing down. I really feel for him. He won’t admit his feelings towards her because he feels that he is not good enough for her and I am sure he knows that she has more liking towards Tae Joon than him. He wants to be someone who she can rely on and be the shining star to her life. I really felt for him when he discovered that he did not make the team because where does this leave him and his plans? What are his plans any more? He only had plan B which was to make the team. He had so much hopes for it but now they are nothing.

The only other storyline that I really enjoy here is Coach Baek and Miss Lee. Even though they have not had much screen time together but I like it when they are together. They are cute and Coach Baek is just adorable towards Miss Lee.

Finally, Mr. Doc gets to play his part to protect Jae Hee. I still yearned to see more of him and his involvement in all this but we get nothing.

I do wonder how this is going to play put with Han Na now in the complication.

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