To The Beautiful You Episode 9 Recap

Oh wow, this ep really brings on a turning point for the drama and it establishes a dilemma for the viewers. It it filled with curiosity, eagerness and desire. Our leads are establishing where they stand and what they are feeling. They are not only content with what’s going on in their lives but are also thrown with questions that and problems for them to solve. Both Tae Joon and Eun Gyul and put in a situation where they can no longer deny their feelings any more. This ep really makes you look back and consider all the ups and downs and roundabouts that the leads have been through. Since the appearance of Jae Hee a lot has changed hasn’t it?


(Is it me or a very long review?) After a long review of the last half of the drama, it finally heads back to the camp site where Eun Gyul goes to admit his feelings but as you know, the shooting stars appear just at the right time to stop him from doing so. She makes a sincere wish while Eun Gyul chooses to watch her instead of using this time to make a wish.

Han Na watches the shooting stars from the car with no enthusiasm whatsoever while Tae Joon watches the shooting stars possibly and probably wondering what Jae Hee is up to.

Back at the camp site, Eun Gyul asks Jae Hee what she wished for. She happily replies that she wished that Tae Joon can fly as dashing as he once was much to the disappointment of Eun Gyul. She explains that her reason for coming here was for Tae Joon. It’s absurd but she somehow managed the courage to come here and if she didn’t she just wouldn’t have been able to handle it any more. She goes on to explain that Tae Joon may not know it but she has gathered a lot of strength from him.

This has put off Eun Gyul from admitting his feelings. Instead, he asks her if she would have done the same thing if he was in the position that Tae Joon was in. She takes a decent second to think it over and then replies that she would have done so much to the satisfaction of Eun Gyul. Extremely happy with this answer, he unknowingly caught his shoe on fire… Luckily there was no damage done.

Tae Joon has spoken with his daddy and has agreed to head to Canada with Han Na is not happy to hear. She can’t bear to see him go. He explains that Holton was why he started jumping and reassures her that this is not definite yet. (It better not be…) He then asks her why she likes him. She answers that it is because that he has been by her side since forever. He smiles and thanks her for telling him about the Canada matter beforehand before patting her head and leaving. (No, not to Canada)

Ommmggg, Eun Gyul got himself a haircut which makes him strikingly more handsome. (Y) He asks Jae Hee if she remembers this haircut anywhere but it appears she doesn’t to which his mood drops. Turns out he got this haircut due to her recommendation after seeing it on a magazine. Naaaawss, Eun Gyul!

As Tae Joon is in class, he thinks about the conversation with his daddy. He got the recommendation to head to Canada under the guidance of Coach Holton because Coach Holton received an e-mail claiming the very best of Tae Joon. Anyhow, everything is prepared now and he has no option but to accept this.

(Maybe I am hearing things but I swear when Jong Min was complimenting Eun Gyul’s new haircut he said “oppa gangnam style” -.-‘) Anyway, Jong Min mentions that the girls school has a pervert lurking around somewhere who dragged a girl into his car. Tae Joon hears this and I am sure this is becoming a concern for him now.

Jae Hee is playing basketball with the boys. Tae Joon swings by to secretly watch and take some snapshots of her. When she spots him, he immediately swings the phone elsewhere like he wasn’t secretly taking pictures of her. Together with the boys, they head back to their dorms but Miss Forgetful Jae Hee left her phone at the courts and has to go back to get it. However, she doesn’t head very far when a guy with sunglasses swiftly stops his convertible car, and in Eun Gyul’s terms “kidnaps” her. Recalling what was mentioned earlier, Tae Joon assumes that this is the pervert. So together the boys give the car a chase but even for Tae Joon the car is too fast for him.

Jae Hee questions who the kidnapper who he is. He removes his sunglasses and she immediately recognises him as Johnny. Though, she is startled by his sudden appearance in Korea. Before he could explain, Tae Joon catches up and gives him a punch, worried for Jae Hee. Johnny learns that this is the Kang Tae Joon. Jae Hee explains that she Johnny is one of her close “hyungnim” back in the States who loves to pull pranks (which this one is) before he gives Johnny any more injuries.

The three decide to head out for some coffee to ease the tension and situation. Tae Joon decides to clean up for a bit leaving the buddies to catch up. He calls Eun Gyul to inform him that it was all a prank much to his relief but he still should have beat the crap out of the guy. Tae Joon replies that he kind of already did. Ahahahahas, LOL! In a flashback, it is revealed that Jae Hee had to whine her way for Johnny to forge her transfer papers which he now regrets.


Johnny pinches Jae Hee’s cheeks just in the nick of time for Tae Joon to see so he makes his way to the table to break the catch up. Tae Joon apologises for what has happened earlier but she tells him it’s alright. She then asks her oppa why he came here to which he replies that he came because he misses her. This causes her to spit out her drink. Tae Joon goes to hand her a napkin but Johnny is too quick and even wipes her mouth for her. Oh, jealousy! On the serious side, he came her for work too. She doesn’t appear to be hurt about this so he goes on that he is her first love and her first kiss. She literally has to command this guy to stop blabbering off anything else. Tae Joon just munches down his drink while harshly crushing the ice.


A deflated Eun Gyul wonders what he should do. Should he just act crazy and confess? In his imagination, he barges into Jae Hee’s dorm, pushes her against the bed and confesses with Tae Joon as a witness. Things don’t end well when he ends up in the polices’ hands… Or should he make himself as the nation’s soccer representative and confess then? In his imagination this ends well with her agreeing to go out with him so in reality he decides that this is what he should do.

The three are in the car park and ready for Johnny to drive them back to school but Tae Joon gets a text from his manager requesting to meet to discuss about Canada.

Johnny asks her if Tae Joon knows that he is a girl yet which she happily replies that he doesn’t. He asks her if she is sure because guys a sharp in that sense. Nopes, she is certainly sure of this because Tae Joon is unlike him who thinks about women 365 days for the year. He tells her that it is not women but a woman which makes her feel a bit uneasy.

Manager Jang advises him that he should go to Canada because it will be advantageous for him, it will be better than wasting time training with Hyun Jae. He then asks her to treat him to something yummy because his mind is complicated lately. (Naaawwws, she is like his other mother!)


Tae Joon is up late searching about potential life in Canada. He heads up to Jae Hee’s story and does a quick clean up of her bunk. He is about to head back down but stops when he hears hear calling out to him even in her dreams. So he tucks her covers in and thanks a sleeping Jae Hee for her exaggerated e-mail. He asks her if heading to Canada the right thing? He recalls their first encounter to all their other significant times together.

Johnny pops up at school just outside the window enough to shock Jae Hee and causing her to get in trouble.


Tae Joon is at the cafeteria with Eun Gyul eyeing Jae Hee and Johnny. She asks him what he is doing here to which he replies he misses her. He then pinches her cheek which causes jealously to arise in Tae Joon and Eun Gyul. This also causes their departure. On a serious note, Johnny has a job to do. He is going to take pictures of the sporting students.

He heads out capturing the sporting scenes to the annoyance of Tae Joon. He doesn’t like to have his pictures taken. However, Johnny counters that he got permission and plus it is only natural that he wants to shoot the best picture from his perspective. Jae Hee has to step in for Tae Joon breaking the argument between the two guys.


Tae Joon heads back to the dorm to find the that the entrance light died on his arrival. It’s getting late and Jae Hee is not back yet… He wonders what she might be doing. Maybe she is having a kiss with Johnny? So he decides to go and look for her. He opens the door and ta-da, there she appears! He asks her what she had been doing which she answers that she had dinner with Johnny. Oh, dinner aye? He manages to get an all-clear from her that nothing happened. He then makes his way to the bathroom to clear his head. (Oh, nice body there! ;))

Johnny pesters Jae Hee to show him around Seoul. Tae Joon discovers that they will be sight-seeing alone so he decides to tag along. And so does Eun Gyul.  So it becomes a field trip. Tae Joon protects Jae Hee of her every little mis-movement while Johnny captures every scene. Eun Gyul just happens to hop a long.


At at cafe Jae Hee decides to order orange juice which Eun Gyul tags along with which Tae Joon also decides to do the same for leaving Johnny alone to order espresso. Hearing this, Eun Gyul decides he better order espresso as does Tae Joon leaving Jae Hee alone with orange juice. Eun Gyul takes a small sip ultimately deciding that coffee isn’t right for him so goes for Jae Hee’s orange juice to take away the bitter taste. Tae Joon drowns the entire drink in one sip but doesn’t appear to enjoy his coffee very much. LOL


Johnny takes them to his studio leaving them to wander around while he finishes off some work. Tae Joon finds a big canvas picture of Jae Hee smiling brightly when Johnny comes up and comments that he has never met someone who could smile so brightly yet be emotionless. That is until she met him. Tae Joon decides to make a getaway but Johnny stops him. He tells Tae Joon that Jae Hee still thinks that he thinks of her as a man but he knows that he knows that Jae Hee is a girl but is keeping his knowledge a secret. (LOL, ummm, bad sentence here. Ahahahas!) He tells him that he helped Jae Hee because she wanted it so badly but now that he knows that she is a girl, the situation changes. He confronts him about how he feels about Jae Hee but before he could even get an answer, he is dragged back to work. Yep, the situation has changed now that he has been confronted about it.

Looks like Seung Ri has a girl on his eyes – Han Na. Speaking of the devil, he gymnastics her way into the school to see her oppa of course. Seung Ri is adamant that she is not to be here but lets her in when his heart softens at her sight.


The shoot are short a couple of male models but that’s okay, we have our replacements consisting of Tae Joon and Eun Gyul. Eun Gyul watches Tae Joon photo shoot and asks Jae Hee what happened with Tae Joon, does Johnny have something up against him or something for getting him to participate in this shoot? Tae Joon actually got cajoled into this by Jae Hee. Johnny tells Tae Joon that he is going to do a shoot wherehe is in love with someone and tells him to think of a person who he likes. Immediately, his eyes divert to Jae Hee.

Johnny is driving the trio back to school with Eun Gyul fast asleep. Jae Hee starts to cough and rub her shoulders so Tae Joon goes to offer her his jumper but is beaten at the punch by Johnny.

Back at the dorm Jae Hee starts to cough again so Tae Joon checks her forehead and tells her that she has a temperature. However, she is in disagreement, she has no temperature. Pffftttt. He just pats her head and reminds her to wear something warm before she goes to bed. He then heads to the bathroom to take a breather realising what he just did.

Eun Gyul is out at soccer practice, training really hard to be the soccer representative for the nation. When he goes to score a goal, it rebounds from the goal post and hits his coach right on the head.

Tae Joon heads to the infirmary to get his ankle bandaged up with Dr. Jang questioning him about his move to Canada. He replies that he isn’t certain of this yet. Dr. Jang tells him that it should be an easy decision; this is what he always wanted and for the effort that Jae Hee put in, he should go. Tae Joon agrees but it is not an easy decision for him. Dr. Jang tells him about Occam’s razor which means to look at it simply and the answer will be there. If he doesn’t want to go to Canada, then the answer is there in front of his face. Maybe there is something more worthwhile than Holton.

Tae Joon heads back to the dorm to find that the light has been burnt out. Jae Hee goes to change it with Tae Joon watching her. Out of rashness, he goes to hug her and excuses that he “slipped a little”. He tells her that he has sort things out and leaves to clear his thoughts some more. After he leaves she wonders if he knows that she is a girl but shakes her head dismissing this possibility. (Arrghh, this girl!)


Johnny looks over the photos and comments that Tae Joon could actually be a professional model. He then discovers that one of the shots Tae Joon was looking at Jae Hee. Just then Tae Joon arrives and admits that he knows that Jae Hee is a girl. He only kept this a secret because he wants to be her by his side. Johnny smirks at this and challenges him to a game of basketball. Ohh, this is going to get rough!

The first one to reach five goals wins.  Rough it does get. The boys aren’t treating this as a game but as a win or lose situation. Johnny asks him what he meant by wanting Jae Hee to stay buy his side. Tae Joon warns that this is not something that he should get involved in. He goes to shoot his three-pointer goal but Johnny corrects him that it is only two points. Johnny tells him that he knows what he feels towards Jae Hee the girl and now that he knows, he is not going to give up so easily. He is going to take Jae Hee back. (So, how exactly won this game?)


Jae Hee wakes in the middle of the night to get herself some water also waking Tae Joon up. She apologises but it’s fine to him. She stumbles in her footsteps so he has to steady her. He guides her to his bed and decides to go and check it the infirmary is open but is stopped in the process when Jae Hee grabs hold of his wrist and tells him not to go. So instead he sits down accompanying and tending her. He puts a cold towel to her head and pats her like a baby.


It’s morning and Eun Gyul is left toilet-less so he decides to head over to Jae Hee’s but his urgency is put on hold when he discovers that Tae Joon and Eun Gyul sleeping next to each other. The OTP wake, wide-eyed and in shock.


My Opinion:

Oh dramas, everything just happens just at the right time doesn’t it? If only the shooting stars didn’t appear at that moment. If only… then Eun Gyul would have been able to admit his feelings. Eun Gyul has to come to terms that he likes Jae Hee who he knows is a male which means that he likes guys. Oh, so close, just bad timing. He is able to comprehend this and no, he doesn’t hide it. Instead, he is willing to go for it and come to face with his sexuality. I like how this drama touches on sexuality yet it does so it a light and upbeat way.

Poor Eun Gyul! Nothing ever works for this guy does it? He just has the best imaginations ever that isn’t even reality. With each ep I am just loving him more and more. I still remain to say that he is the best character in the story.

Ommggg, how much more handsome is Eun Gyul with his new haircut? Now I was never a fan of his previous haircut but it did suit him This one just makes me want to pinch kiss and kiss him! 🙂 Ahahahas!

Tae Joon has really changed a lot in the way that he treats Jae Hee. We have slowly got to see that he is falling for her, though it is not a dramatic kind of fall rather everything just falls into place and it just happens. With his competition of Johnny, it has finally cracked it come out of his shell. He probably realised that he fell for Jae Hee already but he decided to keep this a secret because he wants her to himself yet his is afraid what will change if he reveals her identity.

Ommmggg! How can Jae Hee not know that Tae Joon knows her identity already? -.- She must be really dense or has been surrounded by guys so long that all the actions that they present to only her is normal. Seriously, who pats another guy on the head, holds their hand, offers their jumper to you or protects you from whatever?

I actually like the appearance of Johnny because he helps the characters to establish their standings. He has a story of his own with Jae Hee and I am pretty sure he holds some sort of feelings for her. He helps to open Tae Joon up and help him to find his place. All of the appearances of these characters (past and present) helps each of our characters delve deeper into themselves and bring out what their inner self thinks. His character here is pretty neutral but is bound to cause some conflict in the now love square, or well love triangle because for everyone’s concern, Eun Gyul’s feelings towards Jae Hee is non-existence. I would love to see Eun Gyul join in the challenge. Ahahahas!

The storyline of Hana Kimi has been manipulated so much that there is not much to relate to it than girl disguised as a guy, a guy who falls for a disguised guy who is a girl and a lacking high jumper who keeps the girl’s identity a secret from the world. The other pieces and characters to the story has been changed so much. Especially with the doc. Arrrrghhh, I am so annoyed with this. The doctor is supposed to play a much bigger role than this. He is supposed to be there for Jae Hee to help her through this. He is supposed to support her. Instead, she seems to be afraid of him. Even when she was sick she did not want to go to the infirmary because she is afraid of him. Where is the one who is supposed to stand by her side? Come to think of it, I don’t think doc ever gave an explaination for how he knows Jae Hee is a girl. With the introduction of all these characters a lot of the supposed characters and plots have been lost in the dump. I really would like to see more from doc rather than these other side characters.

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