To The Beautiful You Episode 11 Recap

If anything, this ep is bland and leaves you wanting things to develop, like, now! The only thing that you would actually get out of this ep is that Han Na is injured and using this to tug and pull Tae Joon. Other than that, each of the characters are in stuck in a hole that they are each trying to come out of. I really felt like this ep was a huge downfall from the previous ep, and last ep was everything but a downfall.

Tae Joon walks out in a not-so-good mood furious at Han Na. Jae Hee goes to tell him what she should have said earlier but the words don’t come out in time. Seeing her reluctance, he tells her to tell him later. And with that, he leaves. 

Tae Joon arrives at Han Na’s place and forces her to talk. He tells her that she went too far with the joke but she tells him that this is no joke. Before Jae Hee arrived he didn’t push her out like now. She gives him an ultimation – to date her or push Jae Hee out.

Jae Hee is letting her heart out with Lettuce. She wonders how Tae Joon would be if he finds out that she is a girl knowing that she lied the entire time.

Eun Gyul is kicking soccer balls, saddened that it is only Tae Joon on Jae Hee’s mind and that he lost his opportunity to express his feelings.

So the two deflated friends find themselves heading on the same path, both figuratively and realistically. They accidentally meet each other and Eun Gyul tries to break the awkward tension between them by starting their conversation. She asks him how the match goes but he lies saying that all is well. He asks if she cried and she too lies, brushing it as nothing happened.

It’s raining and Jae Hee is out waiting for Tae Joon to house him under her umbrella. The next day, Han Na and Tae Joon are top of the news with very opinionated opinions coming from everywhere. There is even a group (which the trio is apart of) who opposes Tae Joon and Han Na dating.


Jae Hee is watching the laundry spins and recalls her meeting with Johnny. He tells her that he wears that baseball cap to watch a match it has never been a loss. This is why he is wearing it today, to hear her answer. He takes it off and tells her that he needs to hear her answer without the cap on. However, he doesn’t need to hear the answer because he already knows what it is. He reminds her that he will always be on her side no matter what happens. Eun Gyul sees a deflated Jae Hee there and decides to cheer her up by putting on a sock puppet show.

As she goes to retrieve her laundry, Eun Gyul discovers that it is all Tae Joon’s clothing. He recalls their campfire talk and how she told him that she came here for Tae Joon. So he asks her if she likes Tae Joon. She doesn’t appear to be shocked but just emotionless as she tells him that he is talking strange. Though Eun Gyul is not convinced.

Han Na and Tae Joon are on their way to meet Manager Jang with some heavy explaining to do. He tells her to just tell the truth. Han Na details what the truth would be which consists of revealing that Jae Hee is a girl. Looks like Tae Joon has no choice but to go with Han Na’s truth.

Eun Gyul discovers that Tae Joon and Han Na are dating so this what has been upsetting Jae Hee. He takes Tae Joon out for a talk and warns him not to make Jae Hee cry again. He doesn’t want to see the person he likes to cry again because of Tae Joon.

Jae Hee invites Han Na out for a talk. She wants to know why she didn’t reveal to Tae Joon that she is a girl but Han Na is not giving any information. She also requests a favour – she wants to personally tell Tae Joon herself. Well, that’s not going to happen. Han Na wanrs her that if she tells Tae Joon anything, she won’t sit back. Until she permits, she is a boy.

As if their relationship wasn’t awkward enough, things turn a whole lot more awkward when he accidentally touches her chest… She then feels a sensation of pain when she realise that it must be her period. He leaves for a jog to ease the awkwardness while she makes her way to Dr. Jang to get some period pads. He comes back with some pain relievers for her which she thankfully accepts.

Tae Joon tells Lettuce that he can’t let himself get dragged along by Han Na. This is not good for any of the parties so he will hasve to look for a way out.

With her mind on Tae Joon and Jae Hee, it affects her practice and she twists her ankle. Tae Joon tries to reach her but she is out of contact. Meanwhile, Jae Hee is wondering where Eun Gyul is. Tae Joon returns happy and invites Jae Hee to dine with him but instead he gets a phone call about Han Na’s injury.


He visits Han Na in hospital but Manager Jang got hold of him first and had a talk with him. She told him not to tell Han Na that she may not be able to do sports any more. In a turn of events, he treats her with new attitude and agrees when she requests that he stay overnight with her. He goes to the bathroom when his phone receives a message from Jae Hee. Of course, Han Na sees this and deletes the message.

Poor Seung Ri is in hospital for appendicitis who is worried to learn that Han Na is in hospital but saddened to discover that Tae Joon is not here to visit him. (Naaaws, cute!)

So Jae Hee waits and waits but gets no reply from Tae Joon. It’s morning and she learns that Tae Joon will be staying in hospital with Han Na for a while. Manager Jang tells Tae Joon that they have to break it to Han Na soon; she needs treatment as soon as possible. Tae Joon decides to be the one to break it.

Jae Hee arrives at the hospital with a bunch of flowers to visit Han Na but Seung Ri sees her first and is once again devastated to learn that she is not here to visit him.

Tae Joon coddles Han Na as he breaks the news to her right when Jae Hee comes to witness all this. So now he has made two girls miserable. LOL

Eun Gyul is still no where in sight. Hyun Jae tells Jae Hee that Eun Gyul failed to make the national finals and is probably back at home. So she decides to go and personally find him. She asks him if he isn’t going to school and not picking up his phone because he didn’t make the finals? He explains that that isn’t the reason. He isn’t going to school because his mother is a bit ill and he lost his phone on the way here. He then reveals that this is all an excuse. He was scared of running into the same thing at school everyday so he decided to hide her. But even here, he thinks about this everyday. She tells him that she came here for Tae Joon but maybe she should not have come. He just can’t bear to see her aching any more.

Han Na looks through the photos on Tae Joon’s phone and sees one of Jae Hee. She asks him why he continued to jump after the qualifier, is it because of Jae Hee? He has no reason to lie so he just nods his head truthfully. This just makes her realise how much he likes Jae Hee. However, she is not going to let him go. She can’t. She has nothing left but him.


Han Na shows Tae Joon her routine that she would have used to compete in the competition today if she wasn’t injured. It in flashback it is revealed that Han Na got into gymnastics because Tae Joon said that gymnastic unnies are pretty. She falls and thanks him for everything but now it is a goodbye.

Tae Joon goes to tell her the truth but she shoos him out before he can say anything. It is tiring to chase after someone who doesn’t like her. There is no reason for her to hold onto this unrequited feeling any more.

Jae Hee brings Eun Gyul back to the dorms and here he admits his feelings to her just in time for Tae Joon to witness this.


My Opinion:

I seriously feel like the only obstacle here now is Han Na though clearly, there is so much more happening. She is the only one preventing the relationship from moving on. Nothing else appears to be an obstacle here. She is the one plotting and stopping their relationship from taking off. Jae Hee and Tae Joon could admit their feelings to each other but Han Na just appears at the wrong time. I am not too fond that Han Na is the driving force here. I would prefer it if the story revolved more around Jae Hee, Tae Joon and Eun Gyul. Arrrghh, I just want to kick out of this already so things could develop without her intervention.

Seriously? Making Tae Joon date her when she clearly knows that his heart lies elsewhere? No matter what she does she is not going to get Tae Joon. The most she is the hurdle to Tae Joon and Jae Hee’s relationship.

Eun Gyul is such a subtle character who has so much more to develop as a character. He always put Jae Hee first. He cares for her, though he does not know that she is a girl. He is an inferior character who puts his feelings inside of him because he is afraid to reveal it. I love that he cares for her no matter what and has come to terms with himself. Though, coming to this half of the drama his sexuality issue has died out almost completely which I am not happy about. I want to see them put more emphasis of it and maybe more of Eun Gyul discovering who he is as a person. He seems too accepting with himself or it is like he knows that she is a girl. I want to see him have a sense of realisation which they lack here.

There is Jae Hee who is a girl surrounded by guys all the time but cannot tell that guys are crushing on her. -.- She didn’t even know that Johnny likes her until he told her face-to-face. Jae Hee is either really shallowed mined or these feelings are just all too normal for her. I seriously wonder how people does not know she is a girl already. Isn’t her behaviour all too obvious?

So what happened to Johnny here? He just left? Personally, I really like his involvement to get Jae Hee to face what she came here to do and why she came here. I am disappointed that he just kind of left without a trace. There was so much more that he could have added to Jae Hee’s storyline but he just leaves?

What I discovered that this ep lacks is character interaction development. Jae Hee suddenly has a “close” friendship with Dr. Jang. I did not see that coming. I really want to see more of them as friends. I want to see her want to help her and is friendly towards her rather than be the resilient and cold doc. I want her to be able to rely on him to help her but instead he just tries to push her back. They share a close  friendship. When Jae Hee when to ask for period pads I was immediately brought back to the Taiwanese version when Rui Xi when to ask Dr. Mei Tian for period pads. It was such a lively atmosphere when he gave her a whole box full of it. However, here he just feels obliged to help her.

What this drama lacks is character development and flow of the storyline. What this drama has too much of is too much characters. The storyline just feels confused a lot of the time. There are a lot of scenes that don’t appear to happen sequentially or does not work well with the plot. There a just too much characters for there to be proper character development which would really have made this story work so much better.

Well, at least Han Na chose to let go and now Eun Gyul is coming into play. Hmmm, what could happen next?

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One thought on “To The Beautiful You Episode 11 Recap

  1. shinee'minho November 4, 2012 at 1:54 pm Reply

    i want something that eun gyul become confused to his gender and act like a gay!
    i don’t feel so much for this ep.

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