To The Beautiful You Episode 12 Recap

This ep has redeemed itself from the solemn ep 11. There is jealousy, friendship and even the teacher relationship is heading on its own boat. Ahhh, Eun Gyul continues to rock my boat! I just love this guy! It’s ashame that Jae Hee doesn’t like him. But that’s okay because I am here!

After hearing the confession, Jae Hee tries to shake it off as a joke but Eun Gyul is standing firm that this is not a joke. Tae Joon walks in on them like easing the now awkward moment between Eun Gyul and Jae Hee asking them how they ended up together. She explains that they came back from Eun Gyul’s house together and she went there because she was worried about Eun Gyul’s absence. Now that the explaining is done, Tae Joon tells Jae Hee to go in. 

As soon as they head inside, he asks her what she and Eun Gyul talked about. She tells him that nothing happened between them and instead asks if he has to head back to the hospital tonight. She is more than happy to learn that he doesn’t have to. He then explains that he and Han Na is not what she thinks.


So each of our leads all have something on their minds. Jae Hee is left wondering what it means if Tae Joon and Han Na are nothing. Tae Joon goes to the bathroom and is left thinking what Eun Gyul and Jae Hee talked about. Eun Gyul…couldn’t possibly have… Eun Gyul replays the confession in his head for the millionth time and tells himself that he did well.

Suddenly, Hyun Jae starts changing in the middle of the room. Eun Gyul immediately yells at him to stop because although they share the same room, he would like them to be cautious when going around in only their underwear. Hyun Jae continues to change anyway regardless of his protest. Eun Gyul finds himself staring at Hyun Jae and discovers that he has no attractive appeal towards him. LOL!

Jae Hee is replaying Eun Gyul’s confession time and time again in her head and can’t get to sleep so she decides that her best therapy is to call Tae Joon when she could just talk to him from her bed. She tells him that she has been her for quite a while and being a nuisance to him. He discloses that she is no pest and thanks her for letting him jump again. She smiles at this and looks down from her bed asking what he just said. He doesn’t reply but instead asks her about her encounter with Eun Gyul and what they talked about. She gives no indication and ends the call claiming that she is going to go to sleep now. She just smiles in the thought of what Tae Joon said to her.

I’ve missed Tae Joon and his practice days and now that is back. (: He makes a great jump at 2m 28. Even Coach Baek is proud of him telling him if he keeps this progress up, the Olympics should be no problem for him. Meanwhile, it is a different story for Hyun Jae. He does well but fails when it counts with he records dropping.

At the lockers Tae Joon gives Hyun Jae the advice to keep the records at the back of his mind. As long as he is conscious of it, it should be no problem. Hyun Jae tells him not to act up just because his records improved. Tae Joon apologises for being offensive just as he leaves. When Tae Joon leaves, Hyun Jae decides to take his frustration out by give the lockers some punch. He recalls getting an sponsored offered that was originally meant for Tae Joon. It’s just that there is one condition – he must beat Tae Joon at the upcoming competition.

Jae Hee is walking to class when Eun Gyul appears. She just makes up an excuse to be away from Eun Gyul. Tae Joon sees this encounter and must realise that there is definitely something up between the two friends, right?

Jae Hee makes an unexpected visit to Han Na. Han Na doesn’t bother with the ‘get well/injury talk’ and cuts to the chase asking her if she can trust that she isn’t sharing a room because she likes Tae Joon. She assures her that it is nothing like that. Han Na then surprisingly that she will keep her secret as a girl for her and asks her if she came to see her because of that and because she has become like this now? Jae Hee tells her that it is nothing of that sort and takes her hand, encouraging her not to give up on sports because she is the prettiest when she is doing gymnastics to a point where she smittens her. She hands Han Na a note which Han Na grudgingly accepts. She gets up to leave and tells her that she will come to visit whether she likes it or not. (Naaaws, a friendship in the making!)

Han Na opens the note that reads “Miracle is another word for hard work.”

Jae Hee is searching up flights to LA when Tae Joon arrives so she quickly slams shut her laptop. He mocks that she was watching porn which she immediately and strongly denies. She leaves to go take a shower when her phone rings. Tae Joon peers over and sees that it is from Eun Gyul. She takes her phone but just let the ring die.

Seung Ri is at the hospital lingering in the hallway to “coincidentally” meet Han Na. He starts introducing himself and rambling how their “coincidental” meetings must be destiny but that does not seem to impress her. All seems to be going well for Seung Ri when a nurse comes if he can fart so he can eat. He tries to shoo the nurse away when he farts. People walking but congratulate him but well, I think he would rather not eat than give an bad impression to Han Na.


Knowing that Jae Hee broke her jar of cream that he bought for her, he buys another one for her and leaves it on her desk. Then he hears the showering running and he starts to have some wild and wicked imagination. So he does some vigorous exercise to calm himself down. When she comes out she praises him for he diligence. He clarifies that he is not doing this to show off to her. He then takes another look at her and his imaginations start pumping up again. Yeahhh, now you really show your feelings towards her!

She sees the cream on her table and asks Tae Joon if he bought it for her. He tells her that he was buying his and they gave it as a “free” gift. Regardless, she thanks this and promises to cherish it for 1000 years. She smiles as she recalls their gift exchanging but sours when she recalls Eun Gyul’s confession.

She announces that she is going to make a brief trip out and a thoughtful Tae Joon gives her a cute beanie to wear. Though, he is worried that the streetlight hasn’t been fixed yet.

She consults Dr. Jang about her love problems. She tells him that she doesn’t know what to do about Eun Gyul; she doesn’t want to hurt him because he has helped her so much since she arrived here. He questions if she feels bad because she likes Tae Joon? She replies that it is because Eun Gyul thinks that she is a boy so he must feel bad because of her. Dr. Jang asks her if her solution is running away. She replies that she came here as a male so she is working hard not to have these feelings. He reminds her that people are going to find out one by one and now things are going to get harder. Her days are numbered so she must start tidying up around here.

Tae Joon just finished fixing the streetlight when Eun Gyul arrives. Tae Joon asks about what happened yesterday. Eun Gyul answers that nothing much happened but then tells him that he confessed to Jae Hee. Tae Joon tells him that Jae Hee is a guy but that does not change Eun Gyul’s love for her. He is going to stick to it till the very end although he is not sure where the end actually is but that doesn’t matter.

Jae Hee is walking back recalling Han Na’s question and Dr. Jang’s advice. She tell gets a message from Dr. Jang saying that he knows a method if it is too straining for her to see Eun Gyul. She happily discovers that the streetlight is fixed.

Dr. Jang asks Miss Lee out for the weekend. At first she plays hard to get but considering that it is Dr. Jang, she throws herself at this opportunity. He explains that it is for work and the kids are going to be there too. Since Miss Lee is going, Coach Baek is coming too.

Eun Gyul delivers some strawberry milk to Jae Hee and tells her that if she like he can deliver milk everyday like Florence the dog. Tae Joon corrects him that it’s Flanders. Tae Joon sees that Jae Hee has got her luggage all packed for a volunteer trip tomorrow so he decides to tag along. This means Eun Gyul too. When Eun Gyul leaves, Tae Joon asks her if she doesn’t want them to tag along which she replies that it is nonsense and gets up to leave.

Manger Jang messages Tae Joon to check his mail. Since Jae Hee’s laptop is already up, he uses it out of convenience. Also conveniently, he discovers that she is searching for flights back to LA.

Han Na reveals to Manager Jang that she and Tae Joon aren’t dating which makes Manager Jang very furious. She takes the blame that she broke up with Tae Joon. Seung Ri overhears this conversation and needless to say, he is happy about it.

It’s volunteer day with another tag-a-long passenger – Lettuce and as they are unloading the luggage, Tae Joon offers to carry one of Jae Hee’s and so Eun Gyul does the same.

Tae Joon is walking ahead leaving Jae Hee and Eun Gyul. He explains that his talk might have made no sense but he was just being honest. He asks that they be comfortable like before because there is nothing different. He likes her the same as he did. She lets this sink in while Tae Joon looks back wondering what are they talking about.


They arrive at the house and are looking at the owner’s deceased husband when she comes out to treat this place like their own. Tae Joon tells her to change into something comfortable and drags Eun Gyul away so she can do so in peace. After she changes, she puts on some moisturising cream. (Totally not a girl action with that mirror…) She tells Lettuce that she should enjoy her time here even if she does have to head back to the States.

Each of the teachers and students work hand in hand with each other to help the villagers with Tae Joon and Eun Gyul trying to outdo each other while being the one to support Jae Hee.

It’s lunch time with some cutesy moment among the teachers and students. Coach Baek offers Miss Lee a kimchi and requests for one too but Coach Baek just licks his fingers and doesn’t give him any. Meanwhile, Tae Joon offers Jae Hee some food which sparks jealousy from Eun Gyul.

After some hard work, Tae Joon asks Jae Hee to give him a back wash with a house. (Oh, smexy looking body there!) He goes to ask her about the tickets but decides against it. She discovers that his pants is ripped on the the knees and tells him to strip it off so she can mend it. LOL, I thought he was going to do it then and there!

Tae Joon eventually takes it off and wears some granny pants instead. So Jae Hee decides to take a picture of it as memory. He mentions that it sounds like she is going somewhere far. She avoids this statement/question and goes off to mend the pants while he sits and watches her.

Han Na is by the balcony side starring at a picture of Tae Joon with Seung Ri watching her. She accidentally drops her picture and leans over to try and pick it. Seung Ri who thinks that she is trying to do something stupid goes to rescue her by holding her back. So she punches him right in his appendix area. He starts to bleed and she apologises for her mistake. As they are wheeling him to the surgery again, he reminds her that there are better guys than Tae Joon…like him… and then he faints.

It’s dinner time at the village but the teachers are no where to be seen. Anyway, they have a whole feast of food which the main bowl of food being chicken. Tae Joon mentions that he doesn’t eat chicken. (What’s the story behind this? And he eats eggs but not chicken?) Jae Hee mentions that she only likes the breast and Eun Gyul announces that they must be in harmony because he likes the legs and together, that makes a chicken. (No, sweetie, no. You forgot the wings and everything in between.)

It’s night time and Eun Gyul is charging the three Samsung S3 three phones side by side with 2 being blue and one being white. Tae Joon is making the bed and Eun Gyul offers to help. The two boys try to out do each other and eventually tear the sheet, the one that the grandma cherishes the most.

Out of the blue, Eun Gyul asks Tae Joon what Jae Hee means to him. Friend? Room mate? Tae Joon asks why he is suddenly so curious. He replies that he doesn’t see them as mere friendship. He doesn’t answer and instead goes out to Lettuce.

There he sees Jae Hee who is a bit afraid to use the bathroom outside so she asks him to look out for her. She tells him that his position is too close so he moves back which is too far to her liking so she adjusts him to the position that satisfies her.

As they are walking back, he asks if she is planning to head back to the states because he “accidentally” saw that she wanted to reserve a ticket. She reveals that she isn’t so sure what she wants to do. She came here to see him jump and he is doing just that, diligently as well;  so what can she do now? She can’t stay here forever. He asks her if it is uncomfortable around here and tells her to think over it more.

Suddenly, an old man appears and Tae Joon jumps defensively in front of Jae Hee. Naaaws, and he is scared too! (Yeah, that would have scared the daylights out of me!) The granny reveals that her husband went to a better place…the hot springs…

Miss Lee is having some indigestion and both doc and coach are tending to her. Coach tells her that plum extract are best for these times and goes outside searching through mysterious barrels with no luck. Turns out the plum extract was in the fridge all along.

Jae Hee is outside because she can’t sleep. Eun Gyul joins her and ask her if she knows what a bamboo forest is. He explains that he is her bamboo forest, he will always be there to listen to her. Meanwhile, Tae Joon watches all this. Eun Gyul asks her what her concern is. He learns in and she speaks loudly that he is really dumb. Eun Gyul does the same thing to her with Tae Joon growing more and more jealous.

Jae Hee and Eun Gyul is out digging up sweet potatoes. He goes to take a picture of them when his phone rings. It’s his coach and he doesn’t want to pick it up because he didn’t say that he was coming up but with the good luck from Jae Hee, he picks it up. Yeahh, he luck is good. He got into the nationals because a guy pulled out.

Tae Joon is sitting with Lettuce thinking about his love rival – Eun Gyul.

Eun Gyul is packing up to leave early and thanks Jae Hee because this good news is all because of her. As he leaves, he picks up the white phone…


Jae Hee is in the kitchen reaching for some bowls that are very high up which she can’t reach so Tae Joon comes to her aid. Eun Gyul realises his mistake and goes to return the phone. Tae Joon goes to confess to her but when she hears Eun Gyul’s call, she makes leave but Tae Joon stops her. He tells her not to think about Eun Gyul when she is with him and not go to America but to stay by his side. *Squeeeeeeeeeeal!*


My Opinion:

Ommmggggg, so Tae Joon confessed? Definitely not the best confession ever but still it’s a confession. Oh, Miss Popular, two guys crushing on you now. Yes, he confessed. I’ll just ramble because I am still trying to process my thoughts. Oh, on another side note, this is two consecutive eps both ending in a confession. Anyway, back on track, well not really, but Tae Joon confessed. I wonder how he is going to “neutralise” this considering the preview. Tae Joon confessed. Hmmm, now how is Jae Hee going to choose between this?

Why do I feel like Tae Joon is so nosy this ep? He just wants to know everything about her and when she wants to know about his business he keeps it locked away. Sure, he is protective about her but this isn’t fair.

Ahahaha, ohhh, I do wish Eun Gyul’s confession was more “open” like Xiu Yi’s in the Taiwan version. I’m not sure, but I liked it better there. Ahahahas. I guess it is not in Eun Gyul’s character to be such a widely open character. I mean, I do like his confession and really, it was better than Tae Joon’s by like a billion times. This confession does suit Eun Gyul but I don’t know, I just like the confession in Hana Kimi better.

What can I say about Seung Ri? I love him! Ahahahahahas, he is one adorable guy!

Where is the brothership here? I want to see friendship between them. They just feel bleak with each other like they aren’t even friends which technically they aren’t. I just miss the friendship with Yi Quan and Xiu Yi in the Taiwanese version. That was friendship there. They are lively around each other and actually helps each other out. Here, they are merely classmates with only Jae Hee tying them together. I would bet that if Jae Hee was not around, these two would hardly even have a talk with each other. I do appreciate that some friendship were introduced here but it is just too late for that too happen now. It should have been established at the start of the drama.

So now doc is playing a part to help Jae Hee. Even so his help still feels quite distant. I want to see him actually go to extreme lengths to help. LOL. I think his involvement here is too little and really, someone else could have taken his role instead. Maybe it would be better if Jae Hee got her help from Miss Lee instead. Also, I did some research and discovered that in the manga doc was gay and that’s how he found out that she is a girl but here there isn’t any explanation as to how he found out.

I actually really enjoy the “love triangle” between the teachers. It is kind of cute. Ahahahas. I like that Coach Baek is so tentative towards Miss Lee while she is head over heels fro Dr. Jang while he is just doing his own thing. I like the interaction here and how they all share a special connection. I like that Coach Baek shows jealousy because it is kind of adorable like this. 😛 I really liked that this relationship is included here because it is like a parallel to Tae Joon, Eun Gyul and Jae Hee’s.

Ps. I apologise for all the reference to the Taiwanese version. Sorry! I just can’t help but compare. 🙂 So for those who haven’t seen the Taiwanese version, watch it!

Ps. Is it just me or that everything at the final picture, Jae Hee and Tae Joon always have such a bland emotionless face?

Ppps. I still hold hopes for Jae Hee and Eun Gyul to be together.

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